Affiliate Advisor Group Review: Fool Proof Money Making System or Just Hype?

The Affiliate Advisor Group website claims you can make $100’s per day online, using a fool proof “done for you” system that very few people know about.

Apparently, all you need to do is “click a few buttons” and watch the money roll in.

To me, the whole thing sounded a bit too good to be true, but I was curious, so I decided to take a closer look to see if it was a legitimate system or just another scam.

And in this review, I’ll show you what I found. But before we get into all the details, here’s a quick summary of The Affiliate Advisor Group so you know what to expect:

  • What is Affiliate Advisor Group? Affiliate Advisor Group is a site that claims to help you make $5k or more per week online, with a “done for you” website. In reality, it’s a basic training course on making money with affiliate marketing.
  • How much does it cost? The program costs $37 one time however, to get access to the website, it will cost you an additional $15 for the “Nerd Firm Partnership”.
  • Are there any upsells? Yes, immediately after buying you are presented with upsells and your “VIP Business Coach” is tasked with upselling you higher ticket products over the phone.
  • Can you get a refund? According to the website (, customers are eligible for a 60 day money back guarantee. However, I have doubts as to whether or not this is honored and if it covers purchases made over the phone.
  • Who created it? It is unclear who owns the site, and the domain is registered anonymously. However, the company behind this program is Oritz Capital LLC.
  • What do you get as a member? As a member, you get access to some training on making money with affiliate marketing. And, if you choose to pay the extra $15, a replicated website and “Fast Track CD” that is delivered to your address.
  • Is everything really done for you? No. This is a common marketing gimmick low quality offers use to make it seem like you won’t need to do any work to make money. You may get access to an existing site, but these are not worth using to begin with.
  • Do you really get VIP coaching? No. What you really get, is a telemarketer who’s sole purpose is calling you to offer you higher and higher priced products. In order to make as much money off of you as humanly possible.
  • Is this program really featured in the news? This program has absolutely NOT been featured on the news. The site uses a generic news clip (which is real) as a way to gain your trust, but the news video has nothing to do with Affiliate Advisor Group whatsoever.
  • Are the testimonials real? Nope. As I will prove to you in a moment, the testimonials are completely fake and are the same ones used on other sites I’ve reviewed.
  • How much money can you make? There is no limit to how much money you can make with affiliate marketing itself, but I doubt anyone who buys into this, makes real money.
  • Who should buy? Someone who knows literally nothing about online marketing and doesn’t mind blowing some cash on something that doesn’t work.
  • Is Affiliate Advisor Group a scam? Whether or not you consider it a scam is up to you. You do get something in return for you money, but it’s certainly not as advertised either. Which in my opinion makes it very unethical at best.
  • Comparable programs: Insiders Cash Club and Profit Point Autonomy.

Read on for the full review.

My Full Review of Affiliate Advisor Group

I came across the Affiliate Advisor Group website earlier today after receiving multiple emails about it.

The site claims you could make $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 per week online using a “fool proof” money making system.

There’s also a news video that talks about working from home on the page, and an “as seen on ABC, Fox News and CNBC” section. Which makes it look as if the program has the endorsement of reputable news networks- which is most certainly is not.

Sales Page

This is really just a marketing gimmick to gain your trust, so that you to put your full name and email into the box and proceed to the next page.

Which is a page that consists of a “get rich quick” sales video that never explains what you are really buying into or how it really works.

Instead, you are just told how easy it’s going to be to start making money hand over fist. And shown some testimonials that aren’t actually real.

Like this testimonial from “Sarah” who claims to have made over $37k with the system:

Fake Testimonial

But she’s just a stock photo:

Stock Photo Results

I knew this as soon as I saw her because I remember this SAME sales video on another program I reviewed in 2018 called Insiders Cash Club (review linked to earlier).

That site uses the same video of the same woman. So not only is that a stock photo but her story is clearly fake because they are using the same story across multiple “systems”.

Anyways, I could go on but my point is that the whole thing is HYPE.

And unfortunately, if you do buy, you are going to learn the hard way that systems like this do not work. And they can actually end up costing you a lot of money.

Let me explain…

How It Works

By clicking on the “Get Instant Access Now” button you will end up on the checkout page for Affiliate Advisor Group:

Checkout Page

The cost of the program is $37 (plus an optional $15 one time upgrade). And if you do decide to buy, you will get access to a members area that contains some (very) basic training on making money online with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model in and of itself. This is what I do myself to earn 6 figures per year online.

It’s pretty simple too.

The way you make money as an affiliate is by promoting other companies products for a commission. So if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buy something, you earn commissions. I explain the process in more detail in this beginner’s guide.

Anyways, affiliate marketing may be simple, but it does take time and effort.

You should never (ever) expect to just signup to some “done for you” system and just watch the money roll in. That simply will not happen!

You need real tools, training and support to make money with affiliate marketing.

And unfortunately, that is not what you get as a member of Affiliate Advisor Group. You get some very generic training, a website that will not get you any traffic and “support” that is really just sales people who want to upsell you.

The reason duplicate sites won’t get you any traffic is because you need to create helpful, unique content on your site if you want to get quality, free search engine traffic.

Duplicate sites do not rank in search engines like Google.

Which means you’d need a huge budget for paid traffic, which can cost you a LOT of money very quickly, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.


  • Affiliate marketing is a great business model
  • The initial costs are relatively low
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee


  • Lots of BS hype in the sales material
  • Done for you sites are a waste of time and money
  • Hidden upsells and no mention of costs such as traffic
  • Probably won’t help you make any money
  • The VIP coaching is not coaching at all, it’s salespeople

Bottom Line

I’ve seen a lot of these “get rich quick” offers online over the years and while they may all look a little different, the way they work is always the same.

As in, they use unethical marketing to convince you to buy a low ticket product ($37 in this case) and work on selling you more and more stuff after you buy.

Literally none of the promises they make come to fruition.

Which is why they need to use fake testimonials, because real people are not making real money using the system.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending this.

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