Can You Really Work From Home Posting Ads Online?

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising each year.

The reason is simple, it works. But does this mean you can work from home posting ads online and make a legitimate income doing so?

The answer to this comes down to your definition of this ‘job’ and what it entails. As you’re about to learn, the majority of ad posting jobs are either fake, or grossly unprofitable.

Work From Home Posting Ads Online- The Reality

Simply copy and paste a few ads and post them online. Then, sit back and watch the money roll in! That’s a nice story, but here’s the reality…

Real Ways To Make Money Posting Ads

The following are real ways to make money placing ads, but they all require learning and effort. In some cases, they require a good amount of capital.

Advertise Products and Services

It goes without saying, you can make money by creating ads to sell quality products and services across many different platforms. When you know what you are doing, paid advertising can be used to make as much money as you want.

Place Ads On Your Site

Many companies allow you to place ads on your website for free. When people click on these ads, or in some cases just view them, you make money. One popular example of such a company is Google Adsense.

Placing the ads is easy, but it’s getting people to your website that’s the challenge. In other words, you need a website and real marketing skills to make this work. Anyone can do it, but it’s not copy and paste simple.

Affiliate Marketing

Whether you use a website, social media, or any other channel, you can post ads in text or banner form. When someone clicks on your text link or banner, and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is a great business model, and something that actually works.

Social Media Shoutouts

If you have a decent following on a social media site like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people will pay to reach your audience. They offer you an agreed amount for you to post a ‘native’ advertisement that acts as an endorsement from you. There are other ways to make money posting ads on Facebook, but this is a very simple strategy.

Apply For a Real Advertising Job

If you have skills in creating high converting ads on one or more channels, you can earn money this way. Companies pay an employee or freelancer to develop winning campaigns, it’s that simple.

The thing is, you need to know you stuff and you do NOT need to pay anyone for the privilege of working for them. Period.

Low Quality Ad Posting Schemes

Unfortunately, this is where the majority of so called work from home jobs fit into. These are not real businesses or jobs and they’re a far stretch from legitimate.

Spamming For Pennies

Some websites are setup to pay people an insanely low amounts of money (and I do mean mind blowing insane) to post ads in a spammy way. This is not legitimate, and it does not pay you much of anything.

This is the best case for the majority of these so called ‘jobs’.

Outright Scams

These websites ask you for money to access to a ‘job’ that in reality does not exist. These scammers make their money when hopefuls pay them. It’s that simple.

Read on to see some of the most common examples of these sites.

4 Companies That (Apparently) Pay You To Post Ads

To show you what I mean about low quality schemes and outright scams, the following are some of the more popular sites. These make everything sound super simple, and make all kinds of crazy income claims.

This is definitely among the worst of them.

According to this website, you sign up and make money posting ads for companies you know and trust. Companies like Nike, Coca Cola and IBM among others.

How To Post Ads Online For Companies

The website was supposedly registered by a guy named Ross Williams, who claims his program was voted as the #1 work from home opportunity.

It wasn’t.

He remains completely anonymous and there is no proof of this having been voted by anyone. Except maybe the BBB which gave it an F rating and flagged it as a work from home scheme.

There any proof this program even works. You only know what it’s really about after shelling out $34.95. But apparently, he’s making $9k per month and says you can earn up to $70 per ad placement… Scam Income Calculator

I’m sorry, but this is nothing short of ridiculous.

Unless you have actual skills to run actual marketing campaigns in one form or another, no company is paying you this much. But according to Ross, it’s all too easy and “you can go play golf with your friends or go shopping at the mall with your family”.

Good luck with that.

I didn’t purchase this program because I’ve been around the internet long enough, and been scammed enough times, to know what I’m looking at. But don’t take my word for it, a quick Google search reveals many negative reviews from people who lost money to this scam.

Equally as dubious, this website claims people can make money posting ads for google and earn upwards of $10,000 per month. They say they have access to over 100,000 companies and that you can quickly start making money this way. With little effort. Scam Income Calculator

Without explaining how this really works, they ask you for $49.97 to access this ad/link posting job. I decided not to buy this, so I can’t say for sure what’s on the inside.

What I can say, is that no one is being paid that kind of money to post ads. Period. I don’t need to join a BS program like this to know that much. This is very similar to the age old link posting scam which I have published many articles on.

They may give you some training or a system to post ads, but it’s very likely about spamming ads on various websites and will not pay you anywhere close the $10k per month.

I’m yet to find a single ‘copy and paste’ data entry job that pays this kind of money, since this work is easily outsourced to people in under developed countries. It comes down to the basic economic rule of supply and demand. The easier the job, the more people can do it, and the less you will be paid as a result.

Despite the name, this website simply leads people into an email processing job scam.

I thought it worth mentioning though, given it runs under a similar premise. It costs $25 to sign up, and your entire job is posting SPAM ads on social media sites to lure people into the same system.

The frame it as email processing/ ad and link posting depending on which site you visit, there are many versions. When you break it down, your job is to chain recruit as many people as possible who (personally) pay you the 25 dollars per referral.

Copypasteads Scam Income Calculator

This is known as a cash gifting, and chain recruiting. Neither of which are legitimate or sustainable ways to build a business or make money online. Period.

This was the only website I found where I could join without paying anything.

Assuming people actually get paid, this doesn’t classify as a scam. But it does show just how insanely low the income of doing such a repetitive, mundane job of this kind is.

At best, this pays you 3 cents per ad you post on your social media account, within a forum or some other channel.

MoneyToPost Ad Posting Rates

The maximum you can post on any social account in any one day is ONE single ad. This makes sense, since it is duplicate content and would easily be flagged as SPAM by the majority of popular forums and social platforms.

You can only post 5 ads total in any one day. In other words, your max income potential is 15 cents per day! Cool.

They also have other ways you can earn, such as by viewing ads. This is similar to how a PTC website operates.

I did the math on this, and what I found was nothing short of crazy.

They pay you 0.01 “coins” to view one 7 second ad, and you can view as many of these as you like. So, to earn just ONE of these coins you need to watch exactly 100 ads.

Low Income Potential Example

You must reach 2000 coins to earn $1, and the minimum cash out amount is $2 which means you need to earn 4,000 coins to cash out just $2! How long does it take to earn 4000 coins?

You would have to watch:

  • 1 ad to earn 0.01 point
  • 100 ads to earn 1 point
  • 1000 ads to earn 10 points
  • 10,000 ads to earn 100 points
  • 100,000 ads to earn 1000 points
  • 400,000 ads to earn 4,000 points

This equates to around 777 straight hours watching ads to earn $2. If you factored in breaks and worked a standard 40 hour week, it’d take you close to 6 months to earn 2 bucks!

You can start without an investment, but doing this would be crazy.

They do have a system where you can earn more points by referring others and completing trial offers. This is very common and has nothing to do with posting ads. Referring people into a system like that requires real internet marketing skills.

In any case, it goes to show the disgustingly low money these sites pay people.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to make money posting ads online. Yes. It’s just nothing like these misleading websites tell people.

You’re either paying money to access to a ‘job’ that almost certainly doesn’t exist, or working an insane amount of hours for pennies. If they really do pay this well, why not let people try it out first, before asking for money? Because they know it’s BS.

I recommend steering well clear of online ad posting jobs unless you know for a fact they are legit. While there are many real ways to earn money online, the majority of ad posting jobs are designed to line the pockets of the scammers behind it.

Save your money, and your precious time. These jobs aren’t real.

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