Why Chasing “Quick Money Online” Is Actually Slowing You Down…

What if I showed you a 'secret' way to start making quick and easy money online that very few people knew about, would you be interested?

A system that can bring in BIG profits for you, just for pushing a few buttons in a few minutes per day...

What if I revealed the ONE simple 'trick' I use to stuff $1000's per day into my bank on complete autopilot, that you can use right now- would you pay me 5 bucks to get your hands on it? 

If you answered yes, this article is for you. But not for the reason you might think...

You see, this kind of "get rich quick" stuff is simply not the reality of how things work, building a successful business takes time, online or offline.

I will admit, even I feel the excitement, the buzz, the 'what if this is the one' when I come across a cleverly crafted sales page. The truth is, the marketers behind those pages know their stuff, and they know it well, so you don't beat yourself up if you've been suckered into a scam! It happens.

Sometimes the product they are pitching is good, most of the time it's not. It's only natural to want to make lots of money without as quickly as possible. I get it.

I've personally lost my fair share of money to overhyped rubbish online, so I know first hand what it's like to be desperately searching for a way to make real money on the internet. It's a bit of a nightmare!

Whatever the case, if you are still chasing quick results, I'm going to show you how this is actually slowing down your success significantly, and what you can do to overcome it.

Unethical Marketers and a Desperate Audience

When it comes to the plethora of overhyped "make money" products online, should we blame the sketchy marketers, or are they simply giving people what they are already searching for?

Well, it goes without saying, there is no excuse for obviously unethical marketers pushing out overhyped products to make a quick buck! Period. And unfortunately, this is very common online.

But here's the thing, they are marketers. A big part of being a good marketer (in any niche) is understanding your target audience well, and giving people what they want.

Heck, even if you hired a respected marketing firm to create a sales page for an overhyped product, they would work hard to make it convert. They would be classed as doing a 'good job' if they created a page that converted as many visitors into paying customers as possible!

To be clear, marketing itself is not unethical in any way, it is all about adding value.

So, should we start calling the marketing firm unethical because they did their job? Or should we point fingers at whoever created the actual product just because it was sub par? Hey... it was only 5 bucks!

Are you starting to see how the issue is not as clear cut as you might have thought? It gets worse...

Let's turn our attention to the consumers for a moment... unfortunately, there are a LOT of people chasing the "quick fix" online and who want EXACTLY what these marketers are selling them. The quick fix doesn't exist, so they provide the next best thing, a 'quick fix of hype' and a nice does of false hope.

Make Money Hype and False Hope

So, is it the marketers fault who are merely filling an existing need (people looking to get rich quick), or the mindset of the person who is actually buying the product? Personally, I think it's both.

In no way am I justifying the behaviour of unethical marketers online, not at all. But I think it's naive not to think they won't capitalise on the 'evergreen' desire of a hungry audience for many years to come too. For this reason, I strongly believe it's up to YOU to change your mindset in order to avoid the rubbish.

It's Amplified By Profit Hungry Affiliates

Not only do we have hundreds of new products, tools, softwares and programs launching every single day that offer very little value, but we have an army of affiliates willing to promote whatever converts the best into dollars for them at the time.​

Don't get me wrong, I love affiliate marketing! And there are many great and ethical affiliates out there.

However, the wrong affiliates promoting the wrong products is a recipe for many people losing money.

Probably one of my biggest pet hates is the many fake reviews online. Being someone who does product reviews, I see the new launches and product reviews daily. What do I mean by fake reviews?

I mean affiliates who "launch jack" every product being launched. As in, they review almost every product being launched and rate it a 9.5/10 or higher, and promote them all! Without exception.

They clearly didn't buy it, and it's really more of a glorified sales pitch.

People look for reviews after seeing the sales pitch to make an informed decision about buying, which means reviews like this are not helping people because there is zero objectivity. They simply re-enforce whatever the sales page claims, and earn a commission when people buy through their link.

Note: I do reviews myself and I promote products that I use and know are legit. I am not saying my reviews are better than everyone else's... not at all. But when I review a product, I buy it and give my honest feedback on it, good or bad. What I am talking about, is affiliates who rate every product coming out as "amazing" and promote almost all of them. That is hardly unbiased and it doesn't help you.

Shifting Your Mindset Is Key To Avoiding Junk Online

The cold hard reality is that overhyped products will continue being launched well into the future, so the best thing you can do is change your mindset. Believe me, I've gone after the scams and tried to warn people, in some cases this really does help, but ultimately, it comes down to you and your mindset.

You can't change what other people are going to say and do, but you CAN change what You do and you can shift your mindset. It really is possible to make money on the internet, yes. But it takes time and effort, and there will be failures and setbacks along the way. Anything worth having takes effort!

I'm not saying we should 'accept' unethical marketing and do nothing, but I strongly believe the best course of action is to work on yourself by refusing to chase shiny objects any longer. Think long term.

Even if it took you 3 full years to reach your income goals, would it be worth it? Would it be worth not having to clock into your boring job, to be able to spend more time with your family, to travel wherever you want and live life on your terms? I can't answer that for you, but if you ask me, I say hell yes!

Final Thoughts

It would be nice to push a few buttons and watch the cash roll in, but that is just dreaming. Real success takes real work and real effort. Plain and simple. Anyone telling you otherwise is looking to line their pockets with your money. The best solution? Don't give them the chance to begin with!

There are many great opportunities to build a business within the online space, so you also don't want to be too skeptical either. You may avoid scams that way, but you sure as heck won't achieve your goals either!

It's really a matter of doing your due diligence and not buying into the hype, but there are legit ways to build a business. Learn from people that are actually trying to help you, and you will win.


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