The Ecom Freedom Blueprint – Scam or Legit Opportunity? [Review]

Looking for an honest review of The Ecom Freedom Blueprint?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this review, I’ll show you exactly what this system is all about and how it works, to help you decide if it’s a scam or legitimate opportunity.

Here’s what you need to know before buying…

The Ecom Freedom Blueprint Review

I came across this site today ( which claims to reveal the “#1 money making secret of the highest paid online business owners.”

The site is presented by a guy named Teo Vee, who is actually someone I’m familiar with. He’s behind a number of sites I’ve looked into such as Get The Discovery, Get This Plan, and Passive Money Miracle, among others.

The truth is, Teo uses dozens of different sites to promote ONE program: My Ecom Club.

All of these sites appear to be selling something unique, but that’s simply not the case. They ALL exist to promote this one underlying program.

The reason he uses so many different sites is because it allows him to use different marketing ‘hooks’ to sell this program. So one site might appeal to a younger audience, while another will appeal to retirees and so forth.

But they ALL lead to the same underlying program- My Ecom Club.

In any case, the cost of the program is $47 and apparently teaches you how to crush it with ecommerce. On the sales page, there’s also couple of convincing testimonials from people who claim they’re making $1k per day.

So it certainly sounds exciting.

But does it really work, and if so, how? Read on…

How Does The Ecom Freedom Blueprint Work?

The Ecom Freedom Blueprint works like every other ‘My Ecom Club funnel site I’ve reviewed.

The first thing that happens is you receive an email about an amazing opportunity as I did. And if you click the link in the email, you end up on the sales page.

The sales page basically tells you everything you want to hear about making lots of money online, with a small amount of effort and in no time at all. I’ve seen ‘spammier’ sales material to be fair, but this is about your average ‘make money online’ pitch.

If you click on the ‘buy button’ you wind up on the same order screen that every site promoting My Ecom Club uses. A very generic page that doesn’t even give you the name of the program you are buying.

My Ecom Club Order Screen

If you buy, you get access to some training on making money with Dropshipping.

This is an ecommerce style business model where you sell physical products with an online store. In this case, with a Shopify store.

The way this works is simpler than selling products the ‘traditional’ way. Because the idea is to partner with wholesalers who fulfil the orders for you.

So when someone comes to your store to buy, the order is shipped to them firstly from the wholesaler. And you profit from the difference between what the customer pays, and what you pay the wholesaler.

Anyways, this is a legitimate business model and you can earn money this way.

But it’s not as simple as using some ‘wierd trick’ or ‘secret system’ as the site implies. It is like any other business- it takes time, effort and persistence.

The other thing I want to mention is that there are some HUGE upsells within this program. The inital $47 is just the beginning, the first major upsell is about $2k and it only goes up from there. Not to mention there are significant costs involved in getting traffic to your store.

Is The Ecom Freedom Blueprint a Scam?

The Ecom Freedom Blueprint isn’t exactly a scam, because it’s nothing more than a sales page that leads you to buy My Ecom Club. I will say that I don’t believe it’s very ethical though.

Because for one thing, you aren’t even made aware of what you’re really buying. You are led to believe you’re buying The Ecom Freedom Blueprint, but in reality you are not because this is just a funnel site.

Second, the upsells are very high (into the $10,000’s) and you don’t become aware of this until you’re well into the program. This is seriously over the top in terms of cost and unethical given the way it is done.

Third, the people in the testimonial videos claim to be making $1,000 per day and that is possible, but I’m not buying their story of making that money right off the bat. Especially considering how every other testimonial I’ve seen across all of these sites are made by Fiverr actors (see links to reviews above).

In any case, whether or not you believe this is a scam, is up to you.

My opinion is that it’s unethical and sketchy at best. Legitimate businesses don’t need to be using so many different sites to promote the same thing, pretending to be something different each time.

They also don’t lure you in at $47, only to hit you with $1,000’s in upsells shortly afterwards.


The Ecom Freedom Blueprint is a new site that is setup to promote My Ecom Club.

The initial price is $47 which gives you access to training on starting a Dropshipping business. But the upsells are far higher than this. Either way, it’s not a ‘secret’ and it will not be your ticket to quick and easy money online.

Real businesses take time and effort to build, and this ‘system’ is no exception.

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