Is My Ecom Club a Legitimate E-Commerce Opportunity or Just Another Scam?

I came across My Ecom Club yesterday while reviewing the Job Killer website.

There is some real buzz about this program right now, so I decided to take a closer look to see what it’s all about.

What I found was both good and bad…

On one hand, there is some decent training for free and the business model itself (dropshipping) is legit. On the other hand, there are substantial costs involved and there are some red flags to consider before diving in.

Read on for the full review.

My Ecom Club Review

The first thing I did was visit the My Ecom Club website.

I did some browsing to scope it out. The site basically says that the My Ecom Club platform is all you’ll ever need to “start, build, and grow a e-Commerce business: quickly and easily”.

Bold claim.

Anyways, I eventually created a free account. And from there I was taken to a video presented by Teo Vee. Who said I now have access to an exclusive $200 training program…

Free Training

He also said I should spend $37 to “add an advisor” (AKA coach). I didn’t buy into that though. Because I like to see what I’m (really) getting myself into before spending money.

So after skipping that sales pitch, I landed on the ‘welcome page’. Which is literally another sales pitch to get me to buy that same $37 upsell.

At this point I was wondering if there was going to be any real training!

But thankfully there was. On the next page, the actual training begins, which is step 1. There are 6 steps in total and to my surprise, some genuine value here. Over 4 hours worth of training in total.

Here’s what the training steps are all about…

The ‘6 Steps’ Inside The Members Area

My Ecom Club Members Area Training

There are 6 step by step training videos within the members area. Each lesson is made of up a video, which runs for around 40 minutes, and some text.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each step/ lesson contains:

  • Step 1- Overview of the training and general concept of dropshipping.
  • Step 2- Niche and product selection, using Facebook.
  • Step 3- Developing the right mindset as an entrepreneur.
  • Step 4- Finding the right suppliers on AliExpress.
  • Step 5- Setting up your Shopify store and integrating with Oberlo.
  • Step 6- Importance of product selection, online store optimisation and traffic.

I have to say there is some great value here, especially considering it’s free. Teo walks you through the basic process of dropshipping with AliExpress and Shopify.

I think if this is a business model that interests you, you will learn something.

With that being said, it’s really just that- the basic process.

I would be very surprised if anyone was able to take that information alone, and turn it into a profitable e-commerce business. There’s a lot of moving parts with an online business like this, so you definitely need more comprehensive training and support.

Which is precisely what the last ‘bonus lesson’ is about.

Once you get past the first 6 steps, you are met with a final video which they call a “strategy session”. This is where both Teo Vee and Jordan (more on him later) talk about upgrading to a “done for you” version of the program.

Apparently, they build two e-commerce stores for you, help you choose winning products and get everything setup for maximum profit. And the cost is $1,997.

High Ticket Upsell

This, ladies and gents, is what everything has been leading up to. The true cost of this program is into the thousands of dollars.

It’s not uncommon for programs to start for free, or a low price point, and eventually lead you into a very high ticket program.

I can’t say I’m a fan of this. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam either.

What’s My Ecom Club About and How Does It Work?

My Ecom Club is an education platform that shows you how to build an e-commerce business. Specifically, a drop shipping business using Shopify and AliExpress.

Along with the free training, you can upgrade to get access to coaching and a ‘built for you’ business. Where everything is supposedly done for you.

How does this business actually work?

Dropshipping is where you setup an online store that lists a set of products for a given niche. Such as ‘dog’ related products for example.

When someone buys the product, they are paying you into your bank/ PayPal account. However, you don’t actually stock inventory or ship the product yourself.

Your Shopify store integrates with AliExpress. So when a customer buys, your AliExpress supplier ships it directly to your customer for you.

So the customer pays you, you pay the supplier, the supplier ships it to your customer. And with the help of a tool called Oberlo this process is streamlined.

This video is helpful to give you more insight into dropshipping with Shopify:

The good thing about this model is you don’t need to spend lots of money on inventory. Since everything happens in ‘real-time’.

The downside is, you are very reliant on your suppliers so you have less control over your business. Which means more that can potentially go wrong.

Either way, this is a legitimate business model and you can make money online this way. Potentially significant amounts of money over time and with solid effort.

How Much Does This Really Cost?

The free My Ecom Club free training contains over 4 hours of introductory training. So you could literally just signup, go through that training, and leave it at that.

However, there are considerable costs involved if you take action on that training. Such as a Shopify and Oberlo subscription, advertising costs and additional training as I will now explain.

There are two upsells within the members area. One was the $37 ‘add an advisor’ upsell and the other was the $1,997 “done for you” package.

However, I also found a product page that shows that there are yet other upsells (

That page outlines three upsells and I’ll break these down for you here…

My Ecom Club Gold Membership ($97 one time): This apparently gives you access to extra training from “Rocky Lin” and helps you build a more profitable business.

Inner Circle Monthly Membership ($37 per month): I’m pretty certain this is the same as the ‘add an advisor’ upsell I mentioned earlier. This apparently gives you access to a monthly coaching call, Facebook group and the ability to ask questions in a live setting.

Instant E-Commerce Website Template ($37 one time): A template of a high converting Shopify store.

The strange thing about this- nowhere on the website or within the members area, is any of this mentioned. Neither is this “Rocky Lin” character.

Why they are not more upfront about the true costs, I am not sure. But when you factor all of this in, you could easily be up for thousands of dollars to get this business into profit.

Who’s Running The Show?

There is actually some very real confusion as to WHO exactly is running this company/ program.

I personally like to be sure that the people behind a program are legit. This can be a good indicator of how worthwhile the program is (or isn’t).

In this case, the main website ( does not disclose who is running My Ecom Club. Period. There is zero mention of anyone. The site also uses an anonymous domain registration.

So we have to dig a little deeper to figure out who’s running the show. And that’s exactly what I did.

Turns out there are SEVEN names associated with My Ecom Club:

  • Teo Vee (main guy in the training videos)
  • Jordan (the ‘coach’ within the members area)
  • Rocky Lin (apparently the owner of the program)
  • Glen Cheramie and Ash Ali (host the weekly ‘Ecom Freedom’ calls)
  • Austin Daniel (Director of Operations)
  • Michael A. Giannulis (Manager)

Teo Vee is the guy doing the training and up until now, I’d never heard of him. He certainly seems to know his stuff though and he does provide some great training. So I think it’s only fair to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

Jordan is apparently my ‘coach’ and shows up during the $1,997 upsell video. I immediately recognised his voice though. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but after doing some digging, I realised that he is actually Jordan Daniels.

I’m pretty sure that is an alias. But either way, the name Jordan Daniels is connected to a string of unethical, overhyped, scam sites.

The main site he promotes (or should I say DID promote) was MOBE. Which was recently shut down by the FTC for being a fraudulent scam.

Rocky Lin is also connected to a number of MOBE scam promo sites, the most recent one I reviewed called My Hidden Pages.

So when you look at this, it makes me wonder if these guys are jumping ship and now promoting the next shiny object.

I have no idea about the last four people. Glen and Ash apparently apparently do the weekly audio training calls but that’s about all I know. Austin and Michael are listed on the BBB website as the Director of Operations and ‘Manager’ respectively.

So I really can’t say for sure who is really running My Ecom Club. Which in and of itself is not a good sign. You really want to know who you’re buying from when such big money is on the line.

Is My Ecom Club a Scam or a Legit Platform?

On one hand, My Ecom Club is not a scam. Because there is some genuine free training about setting up an ecommerce store. This training could be worth going through if you want to learn about dropshipping.

Then there’s the upsells. But just because something has a high price tag, doesn’t make it a scam. There are some very good high ticket training programs out there.

For example, I recently bought an Amazing Selling Machine membership for over $4k. This is all about selling products on Amazon, with FBA. This is probably the most up-to-date and comprehensive training on FBA out there. It’s absolutely not a scam.

You definitely don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to build a successful e-commerce business like this though. But my point is, a high price tag doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

On the other hand, there are some red flags here.

First of all, some of the marketing tactics used on the sites that promote My Ecom Club, like Job Killer, are in my opinion a bit unethical. This site uses fake countdown timers and “limited positions available” BS to convince people to buy on impulse.

Second, I don’t like how the company is not upfront about the REAL costs from the outset. It’s one thing to charge a high price for something, it’s another to keep it hidden for as long as possible. Which they do.

Third, it is unclear who is really running the company. And as I said earlier, some of the people behind this are known for promoting scams.

Fourth, a number of people are complaining about the company not honouring refund requests. I found this while on the BBB site I liked to earlier.

At the end of the day, whether you think My Ecom Club is a scam is up to you. I think this is only something you can really know for sure if you buy into the higher levels.

Which I chose not to do, since personally I don’t need or want this program. I have enough on my plate running my existing online businesses, and I don’t trust this program enough to fork out thousands of dollars for it. But that’s me.


My Ecom Club provides people with some great free training on creating a dropshipping business. Teo appears to know what he’s talking about and offers people value.

So in this respect it’s legit.

But there are some things I didn’t like about the program too. Such as the lack of transparency about the real costs and who’s running the company. And I think these things become especially important given the real price tag.

In any case, I won’t be recommending this to you. I only recommend products I use myself and that I know are legit first hand. But I am keen to hear your thoughts and experience with My Ecom Club. So by all means, leave a comment below. Positive or negative.

42 thoughts on “Is My Ecom Club a Legitimate E-Commerce Opportunity or Just Another Scam?”

  1. Consumer’s Original Complaint with Better Business Bureau:

    I purchased 2 websites as I was led to believe that with a bit of work I could expect a reasonable income but I did not make one dime. It’s a scam.

    On August 9, 2018 I purchased the two website, “Done For You”, package with check #1017 from my Sunmark FCU account for $1997. My Ecom Club stressed that with their constant supervision and support, a person like myself could expect to earn a reasonable, moderate income. I did not expect to get rich or anything outrageous like that, I just thought that things would go as I was led to believe, namely that if I took the online classes and applied myself, I could expect to earn a moderate income given time.

    However, They make you sign documents that state you only get 3 days to request a full refund. I wanted to give this a chance to work so for the next year I took their online classes and consulted with their advisers. Because of the constant drain on my limited finances, not only was I not able to open the 2nd website, but the first website never made one thin dime. On August 16, 2019, I contacted their executive offices and demanded an immediate refund. All I got back was an email on the 19th from account manager Denise Pitts saying that they were denying my refund. I am now convinced that My Ecom Club is a scam directed at separating senior citizens like myself from their limited, fixed incomes. Please assist me in obtaining a full refund.

    Consumer’s Desired Resolution:

    I was led to believe that with the coaching and constant support they give you, a person like myself who applied themselves could expect to make a reasonable amount of income over time. However, the contract that they have you sign only gives you 3 days to cancel for a full refund. I now believe that this is a major scam designed to rob senior citizens like myself of the limited funds they have available on a fixed income.

  2. This is almost exactly the same thing that happened to me! I got a refund for $97.00 but it took like ages cause I have to find who can give me a refund.

  3. So happy I came across your site. I just don’t understand why people can’t help one another.
    I’m a 55yr old struggling widow and would love to have an online store but because of people like this afraid to take up any offers.
    Bless you for sharing.

    • Yeah unfortunately there are a lot of scams online which makes it difficult to know what’s legit and what’s not. Appreciate the comment and all the best going forward.

  4. Just wanted to say this company is not real–it is a scam and they are thieves. I found this article when searching the company who somehow gained access to my debit card and charged me 97 dollars. I had never heard of this company. I had never gone to their website. I had never sought out anything from them. They were able to steal money from me. Also, seconds later, another company called sigma gamma tried to also pull 97 dollars from me. Maybe the two “companies” are ran by the same criminal. I do not know but BBB also had posts claiming the same thing–that their account had been drafted when they had never heard of the company and certainly never gave them card information. Sadly, of course these people will not be reachable, and to get your money back, you will have to call your bank to file the fraud claim.

  5. I am thoroughly confused as to whether this site is a scam or not! The couple people on here that have made money. What specifically did you sign up and pay for, and did you use PayPal or a credit card that you could dispute the charges if needed? Please be specific and tell us what the name of the kit or program or training you paid for and by whom were you trained and how long did it take to get trained and then to make each dollar amount you have made to reach 60k in 4-5 months. What ecommerce site did you use that shipped your products to customers? I want to do this so bad but I am scared. I can’t afford to be taken advantage of. I had a car accident that ruined my ability to work now and I was making 6 figures. I need the money so bad but when you are desperate is when you get taken advantage of.
    Please help! I need to find a legit way to make money to provide for my 2 small children. I am a single parent with no support. It’s been hell on Earth since the accident.
    Thank you in advance for support and advice from anyone who will be honest with me an direct me to a legit ecommerce site. I need money so badly right away.
    Bless you all!

  6. Someone used my elderly father’s credit card number today to buy the $97 kit and the $47 startup. The bank flagged them all and contacted me – we will have to replace the card now. Teo Vee and Ben Argyle were the names I was sent as well. No thanks!!

  7. donna molnar I just called the number you provided and it did not take long a lady answer. Thanks for posting the number. With no hesitation, the lady who answered the phone said for me not to worry. I got her name and confirmation number and wrote it down. She also e-mails me 3 times proof of refunding what I paid for. I started with this company last year. So donna molnar don’t give up. Maybe try the number again…by the way HAPPY EASTER!

  8. Well, e-com club wants me to take out a $15,000 business loan with fundwise, whom by the way is not an accredited loan institution. (Red flag). I’m not doing that. (2nd red flag)
    They tried to charge my credit card for another $1,133.00 when my balance is $8??.??
    I myself don’t know how people can do this to other people. I’m sick to my stomach.

  9. I had a completely different experience. I went through Teo’s training and actually implemented what he said. My store is women’s fashion. I don’t want to give out the name but I was able to do 60k in sales in about 4-5 months. So… yea. It’s not for everyone but it definitely works for me. I met Teo at a live event and he is definitely a real person who is super nice. Sorry if my comment isn’t in line with everyone else’s experience. But I would say its not wise to keep secrets from your spouse.

    • Hi Carl,

      I am an Myecom member and I am at the point of choosing level 1,2 or 3 to continue. I was completely into this program and was just getting ready to purchase the ‘mall program’ for 40K. I decided to do much more research and 90% of what I am reading is negative. Most say to stay away from them. I am very excited about it all and doing well. Yours is the first review that was positive. My coaches are great so far and the communication has been excellent. I am so very skeptical to proceed after my research tonight. Please tell me more about your experience with them. Where are you holding right now? 60K in sales – if you don’t mind me asking… how much net profit after your FB ads, monthly fee and anything else? Would you recommend the ‘mall ‘ or do you think the level just below is fine – Big Box program.
      How many stores do you have with them??
      Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible.
      Thanks in advance,

  10. Hello, I recently paid the startup fee for this E-club and started watching my training right away. I was so excited to be apart of a potential avenue to make money from the comfort of my home. I even invisioned myself no longer having to clock in to work for anyone ever again. So, I was off to a great start based on the information that Tao provided in the introduction video.

    I got started right away with Part 1, then onto Part 2 everything was going smoothly up until the ending of Part 2?! During the ending of part two, a red popup flashing instructions for me to STOP to reach out to the assigned coach/ trainer waiting for me to reach out to him right away! I was also told that without making this URGENT connection, I could not further access the remaining lessons until I reached out to this assigned coach/trainer. So Ms. Eager Beaver over here, called the number listed for my assigned coach/trainer a Mr. Ben Argyle. When I called, I got a voicemail that had a lady’s voice on the salutation/introuduction message. I immediately thought that I may have dialed the wrong number, because the voice message of this lady, didn’t identify herself as being affiliated with this company and from the casual way she sounded, there was NO evidence that she was even connected with a bussiness, or the company that I just signed up for?! So I called the number again and got the same lady’s voice mail.

    So I waited a while and I was later contacted via email, and text, from the Ben guy telling me welcome to this company and that he’s my assigned coach/trainer that will help further in navigating to get sucessfully through my training and that he will help me to be one of the many that have been successful in this opportunity to be a entrepreneur. He then proceeds to express that he’s already been proactive in doing me a favor by opening up training steps 1 and 2 so that I could get started. “GET STARTED”????Problem number ONE with this interaction with Ben the assigned coach/trainer is that “I’ve already STARTED and COMPLETED the training he states he has opened up for me to begin?! I’m thinking to myself, “why wouldn’t he already know that part 1 & 2 are accessible from the beginning?” Why wouldn’t he already know that I have completed BOTH parts?” “Why wouldn’t he do a more formal introduction via a phone call?”

    So without a choice to call him, I emailed him right away to thanked him for emailing
    me and then I informed him that I am requesting to be assigned to a different coach/trainer. I found it strange that he wouldn’t already know that I’m well on my way to completion and now needing parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 opened. I wasn’t comfortable wasting my time and definitely not trying to waste my hard to come by money?! I needed to be sucessful with someone that was more knowledgeable on what I needed.

    Over the next two days , I get more texts and emails stating Ben the trainer has tried to reach me via phone but he has been unsuccessful. He even stated that he has left me voice mail messges in each of the times he has supposingly been reaching out to me via phone?

    Things started to get even more problematic and what was stranger is that he never ONCE addressed my statement in not wanting him to be assigned as my coach/trainer?! His dialogue/conversation proceeded on as if I never mentioned my dissmay with dealing with him as my coach/trainer. Which brings me to problem number TWO! I’ve had no calls from him but I have had texts, and emails, from him telling me to teach out him at that same number listed that has a female’s voice whenever I called his number.

    Finally on day three, I receive a call from a whole different number (Arizona) with a female voice telling me to setup an appointment to speak with Ben the coach/trainer. The caller stated that she’s the appointment setter for Ben the coach/trainer, and that she would go a step further make sure that steps 1 and 2 are opened for me to “BEGIN” my wonderful exclusive training. At this
    point, I paused to collect my thoughts. At this very moment, you could hear crickets on my end of the phone. I slowly, and clearly, reinformed her of my request (3 days ago) in the email to Ben the coach/trainer that I am requesting to be assigned to a “WHOLE ENTIRELY” different coach/trainer. Again, I said all of this via an email responding to Ben the coach/advisor/trainer. She asked me if I was having issues with getting into the site to begin my training which she equated to that being the sole/minor reasoning of my issue that led to me requesting another coach/trainer?!

    After only three days, I grew more leery of what I had signed up for?! Especially since I paid my hard to come by money for something that should have been enough to open ALL the steps for training that was advertised at the beginning.

    The short unfriendly passive conversation wifh the appointment setter ended with a verbal assurance that she would forward my concerns to the customer service for this company. Since she meantioned getting customer service involved, I assumed that customer service is the avenue to getting a new coach/trainer assigned to me. In a perfectly legit world, one would think this was going to he resolved! Which now brings me to problem number THREE, I received a email from the support team telling me to try logging in with the same exact information already provided to me three days ago. I thought to myself, I apparently don’t have any issues with logging on because I complete the first two steps?! Or, maybe I do have issues that I am not aware of yet?” The email also provided a emai addres for this support, along with a contact number. The message in this support email, suggested that I to reach out to them directly if I needed help that wasn’t resolved. Well since I paid for a training that I had hoped was legit, I kept that theory in mind as I dialed the number listed in this support email message. I thought that I could at least inform support that getting into the site isn’t a issue but instead I needed access to the rest of the training. Since I had already wasting alot of time, I figured that I would worry about having a different coach/trainer at a later date/time Well, guess what I discovered? I’m sure you have guessed correctly…Ladies, and Gentlemen, entering from the center stage is PROBLEM NUMBER FOUR: The phone number listed in the support email leads to a dead end!!! In this email that had every touch to appear totally LEGIT outside of no meantioning of E-Commerce, had absolutely no chance of a resolution
    I dialed a NON WORKING PHONE NUMBER to conveniently contact support at least 6 times?! “I feel like one is asking me why dial that same number 6 times instead of dialing the number couple of times?” Well, because I couldn’t just not give it a benefit of a doubt and I may not have been dialing the number correctly?! So I tried it 6 different times looking for a different outcome.

    O, but it doesn’t stop there! Remember,we all don’t get the opportunity to live in a perfect world….Not only is the support number not legit, I get another email from Ben the coach/trainer telling me that he’s made several attempts to reach me again and to call him as soon as possible at the same number that belongs to a female that sounded like the same female that contacted me earlier the same day. The following is a copied paste of the last email from Ben the assigned coach/trainer:

    Hi Emia, Just tried to call you for the 3rd time. I really want to help you take
    advantage of the coaching and one on one help you get with us
    here at My Ecom Club.

    Email me back or give me a call and let me get you moving on down
    towards success. I am here to help.

    Please give me a call right away so I can get you started on your training
    and show you what we’re doing here to create income quickly.

    Here’s how to reach me:

    Ben Argyle
    (contact details removed for privacy reasons)

    I look forward to talking to you and helping you as you are getting started.

    Speak Soon,

    Ben Argyle

    In a text, he further stated that he’s excited to help me and that he’s easily accessible and eagerly waiting for me to contact him but I am not answering his calls?!….at this point, I am thinking that a REFUND for this never ending circle that has sucessfully helped me to confirm that I not only need to keep my legit job, but to truly appreciate the fact of me having a LEGIT legit job at a LEGIT company! At least I can count on getting a check every two weeks and any training needed is always included and provided!

    • HI can you tell me how to cancel the number 833-206-9026 is not picking up so I can cancel by phone.
      Can you email me the cancelation phone number or respond to this comment please.

      • Hi Donna, I do not know the cancellation number so unfortunately I cannot help you here.

        If the company will not respond to your phone calls or emails, then I suggest you contact your attorney and/ or financial institution to get your money back and/ or stop further billing.

  11. I just started myecome paid the $47 to start. The man name George say I’m doing good with my training and should schedule a meeting on his calendar from email. Thing it I just did the first to start part and just never went back on. Keeps email me to see how my training is going and when we could schedule a meeting.

  12. I have been in Myecom for a few weeks. I have the two stores. I got stupid and said I wanted the “mall package”. Yes, that’s the $40k package.
    I have done the “compliance call”, but have not secured the funding completely, but am in the process.
    My question is this: Since I did the compliance call, can I legally back out?

    • Hi Perry,
      I am a member of MyEcom club and am up to the point of choosing which package to continue with. I was totally into it and following all directions and advice. I am researching more about it now and am finding too many negative reviews. However, nothing I’ve read has lead me to believe that anybody took it to this level. Most opted out within a few weeks. How do I know it won’t succeed?
      You mentioned the ‘mall package’. That is the highest level and I was planning on going that route.
      I am not that concerned with who has most of the control providing it is making profits. I have been doing this for almost 8 weeks. I am about to cross the line into spending much bigger bucks. I am now extremely skeptical. How do you know it would not be successful? I would love to hear from people who took it that far and then said it was a scam etc.

  13. Yes, I experienced the same issue. Paid for the training, which I did see some value in, however, it was when I was hit at the end with the 2k plus in cost with the “let us do it for you” offer…. this is something that was never mentioned when I discussed the total cost with my “coach”. Not very fond of these kind of surprises. I probably should have done more research before I spent any money but at least put on the breaks at the last minute Hard sell! Not a fan of this approach, at all

    I’m still interested in e-comm but Leary of their tactics and feel taken advantage of!

  14. It’s a scam because done for you really isn’t done for you, and when I found this out I couldn’t get my money back based on a refund policy. They failed to deliver and allowed me to discover this after spending money in advertising from one of my customers. Totally pissed off.

  15. I had 2 credit cards flagged and shut off because of MyEcom Club. My bank did this because the funds are sent to a bank in Cyprus, and the destination isn’t a real word. The lady on the phone from the bank said “It’s just a bunch of gibberish”.

    Another thing about Teo is that in watching 3 1/2 hours of training videos I was presented with a total of 15 minutes of useful information. The rest was mind-numbing repetition.

    I would suggest avoiding Teo and his gang.

    • Thank you for sharing this Pete. Each comment I am receiving is giving me more and more proof that My Ecom Club is a scam, so I appreciate this as will many others.

  16. My Ecom Club may not be scam for some people, but they definitely aren’t legit in some respects. When my advisor was trying to get me to buy the $2k upsell, he told me to buy it without my wife knowing since I took the training, I’d be able to earn the money back with how well my stores did, and could see the value in it. It sounded convincing, so I did. My next business coach also told us that he “didn’t tell his wife either but she didn’t complain since he was making $27k a month”. It seems that all of the advisors/coaches want you to be sneaky about how you spend your money and somehow “not let anybody find out”.

    Long story short, my wife wanted me to get a refund (she definitely found out). And just like what other people have said, it’s been an ordeal. I asked for a refund about 2 weeks ago, and they keep bouncing back and forth between employees, dropped calls, and saying that they’ll have someone named Mary Kate from Customer Experience call/email (she’s never contacted me) since the amount I’m requesting is so much. I’m starting to think I may never get the refund back, so be very wary.

    • Hello Daniel

      I am believing from your statement that you proceeded that 2k upsell, what i would like to know since you proceed it how has your store coming along. I am doing my research before i proceed. Can you please tell me about it unless you got your refund.

  17. Hi I’m beck, and I am doing the business plan video…. my husband looked into the whole ecom business and he said it wasn’t a scam, but they are asking for way too much money to learn how to do all of this. I haven’t made money yet because I’m not done with the whole steps/lessons but I want to know if it is?

  18. Before investing the $2k I read this article that was fine, but I did my research and eCommerce is booming, I went ahead and took the risk of investing in the 2 stores and is doing wonderful, made my first sales in couple days, people need to understand that is not magical they need to do their homework and apply what they learn in the training.

    I went to the live event and was amazing! go for it get your 2 stores it worth every penny

  19. My concern is my daughter is looking into this Econ club, she has already spent $2000 for the beginning and now they are telling her that for between 15,000 and $40,000 she can get all of the information more life coaches and five more stores to continue to build her business and they will give her all the training she needs seminars and everything else.
    My name Teo Vanyo is on her information. So he has changed his name…WHY, if it is legit.
    Also, now they want much more money and act like they aren’t pushing her, yet telling her if she doesn’t act within the next few weeks, she will lose the available discount and have to pay the full price, which is 20,000 to 40,000 plus!
    This is absolutely the same company and the same supposedly owner Teo, I recognize his picture. If you look up his name “Teo Vanyo” he has a complete website.
    I am having a hard time trying to explain to my daughter that I have a “big pit” in my stomach about this entire situation.
    They also told her that Michael is not involved with the company anymore because of his unethical practices.
    I have been looking for someone to help me get to the bottom of this and I am hopi g you can…
    Thank you and God Bless…

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Wow. That is definitely very alarming to say the least.

      I’ve been seeing some seriously scammy ‘promo sites’ lately (like Passive Money Miracle for one) and after hearing your story, I am starting to think this IS a scam after all.

      Either way, I definitely do NOT recommend spending $20-$40k on this business.

      That is absolutely outrageous and extremely concerning. You do not need to spend that sort of money to be successful within the online world. Not at all. This is a way for these guys to make money off of you- period.

      The fact that they are pressuring your daughter (giving time limits) is also a red flag in and of itself. This is something pushy sales people do to close sales and it’s very common among online scams.

      They start off at a low price point (in this case $47) then gradually lead the customer through more and more upsells, getting higher in price every time. And make it seem as if you have to ‘act now’ or you will miss out or pay extra. The ONLY reason they do this is to maximise their sales. That’s what it is really about.

      It’s totally up to you what you do but this is eye opening, so thank you for sharing. I am sure others are going to find this information helpful too.

  20. I just ended with Teo 6 steps videos and maybe I will cancel this thing to request my refund because I have lot of doubt about it. It is looks so easy to get that money that I don’t believe it

    • I’m running my two stores my self and doing quit good, is not easy or hard is just matter of focus in one thing and master it, For me is great

        • My mother was scammed out of $40,000 from this company do not deal with them. I have reported them to the federal trade commission

          • Thanks for sharing Michelle and that is good, the FTC is the best place to share this sort of thing with. They may investigate it and if they do, and find it’s a scam, which is looking more likely based on the comments I’ve been receiving, they will put a stop to it.

  21. I signed up because i was interested in making extra money just like all of us and i knew it was a catch because u had to pay 47.00 to start your business which i thought was weird. It seems nice to get so much money in such a short period of time but if u look at the bigger picture who actually really have the money..every comment I’ve read said i just started and can’t wait..with same coach George.. and same issues not able to reach anyone.. Well he did call me but my issue is being on disability you can’t have an income so i wanted my refund..he gave me the information. Now i read it’s hard to get. As long as you have patience.. I called time almost an hour and second time almost 2 hours. But i got it.. Her name was Gym…so its possible.. I don’t know if it’s real but too good to be true. Be careful folks.. I have been caught in a scam..once for almost 12,000…trust me not good Smooches?


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