Surveys2Cash Review: Legit Way to Earn Money Sharing Your Opinions?

Hello and welcome to my review of Surveys2Cash.

I came across this site while surfing the web today. According to the site you can earn top dollar by completing surveys and you get paid via PayPal or gift cards.

Sounds cool, but is it legit or just another survey site scam?

Let’s take a closer look to find out..

What is Surveys2Cash About?

Surveys2Cash (located at is a fairly new site that claims to help people find high paying surveys.

The site does not actually provide you with any surveys itself, but rather aligns you with companies that do offer paid surveys.

Apparently, once you complete the “consumer questionnaire” you will be directed to the best possible paid survey opportunities based on your answers to these questions.

Anyways I ended up going through the process. And my overall thoughts were that it was a complete waste of my time.

Basically what this site does is gets your personal information (name, email, phone and address) and uses it to send you endless offers that they are affiliated with.

They’re not really providing you with anything of value.

Instead, you are put through a boatload of annoying questions and offers to “qualify”. And then eventually get redirected to other sites that do the same.

It’s like a never ending rabbit hole of offers that make you zero money.

I guess if you stick with it for long enough you may find an actual paid survey somewhere that is at least halfway legit. But I really think that you’re going to be better off going straight to the survey site you are wanting to signup with.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time, SPAM and frustration.

How Does It Work?

The way Surveys2Cash works is like other sites I’ve reviewed in this space such as Survey Freedom, My Survey Jobs and Survey Approved for example.

They claim to help connect you with the highest possible paid surveys. But in reality, they don’t actually provide you with anything of value.

Rather, they exist to get your personal information and throw as many offers in front of you as humanly possible.

Because first of all they profit by sharing your information with third party companies. Companies pay top dollar to access lists of people they think will be interested in their products/ services.

So this inevitably results in lots of annoying email SPAM, calls and texts.

They also profit by putting offers in front of you as progress through the “questionnaire”. And I really do mean lots. I must’ve answered dozens upon dozens of redundant questions, and viewed dozens of spammy ads throughout the process.

And the funny thing is that, at the end of all that, you get sent to the SAME page as literally everyone who goes through this.

surveys2cash questionnaire results

This is a set page that you will see regardless of how you answer. Or what offers you agree to participate in throughout the so called vetting process.

And the ONLY site that is even close to offering a paid survey opportunity is called Paid For Research ( The other few links either didn’t work or were not relevant.

Anyways I clicked through to that site and it was essentially the same setup: website

No surveys, nothing of any real value, just more annoying questions that lead you down yet another rabbit hole. I also checked reviews from others and it doesn’t look very legit.

Is Surveys2Cash a Scam or Legit Site?

I don’t think Surveys2Cash is a scam, but it’s not exactly worthwhile either.

I mean, you are giving these people your personal information, answering a ton of questions and viewing dozens of ads, for what?

At the end of all of this you do not get access to any paid surveys.

At least, nothing you couldn’t simply go out and find yourself. For example one company they recommend is Vindale Research which looks legitimate but you can easily just go straight to their site and signup directly. And in the process save yourself time, effort and a ton of annoying SPAM.

So I won’t call it a scam but it’s a complete waste of time in my opinion.

Sites like this exist to earn money off of you. Because they profit by sharing your personal info with third parties AND if you join/ buy stuff they are recommending.

The truth is (at best) you’ll only earn a few bucks doing surveys anyway.

This is just something that requires very little thought or effort, so the money you can make is just incredibly low. And that’s if you’re working with legit sites.

What you decide is up to you but that’s my take. Hope you found it helpful.

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