Simple Income Method Review (Legit System or SCAM?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Simple Income Method.

This is a new ClickBank product that supposedly helps you make $784 – $1,472 per day online, and all you need to do is send one email per day.

Sounds cool, but is it a scam? Simple Income Method is not a scam, it’s a legitimate training course for $37 that shows you how to do build an email list using paid traffic, and promote affiliate offers to that list. Which is a proven method for earning affiliate commissions.

With that being said, there are drawbacks to this method in general. It may be “simple” but that doesn’t mean it’s the best approach either.

Read on for the full review.

Simple Income Method Review

The moment I landed on the site, I knew I was looking at a ClickBank product. They just have a certain look and “feel” about them.

ClickBank is an online marketplace where affiliates go to find products to promote, and vendors (like this) list their products. They also handle the transactions. So if you buy this, you are handing your money to ClickBank.

That’s a good thing though.

Because they have a solid 60 day money back guarantee in place. One which I have taken advantage of a few times over the years.

Anyways, I watched the sales video which features a guy named “Tim” who says he’s an internet millionaire. Apparently, he’s made millions of dollars online as an affiliate.

Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not.

It’s hard to know for sure when you don’t even know the person’s surname. But my personal feeling is that he is telling the truth. I think because I’ve seen a LOT of sales pages over the years and this is one of the better ones.

It’s not very hyped and he actually goes into detail about what you’re going to be getting access to. Instead of the typical get-rich-quick hype I’ve come to expect from most “make money online” systems.

So I’m more inclined to believe what he’s saying.

What’s It Actually About?

Simple Income Method is a course that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing with an email list.

Instead of using a regular website, the idea is to setup a simple capture page. Which is basically a one page site that collects someone’s email in return for something of value, like a free eBook for example.

Anyway, the idea is to choose a niche, setup an email capture page, and get traffic to it to build your email list and promote affiliate offers.

And you don’t just promote offers immediately after the person subscribes. You also make money by sending emails to those on your email list, months and even years down the track.

This is a legitimate method of making money online.

But it’s nothing new.

This is the same formula many other internet marketers teach. And while it can work exceptionally well, there are definitely some aspects of it that make it less than ideal for beginner’s.

Let me explain…

How Does It Work?

The cost of the program is $37 one time and if you do decide to buy, know that there’s going to be some upsells immediately after. This is how all ClickBank vendor’s (and affiliates) make their money.

As a member, you get access to a series of training videos that give you an overview of the process, and then walk you through the individual steps you need to take to make the system work.

The first main step is to choose a niche. A niche is just a group of people and in this case you’re going to be choosing a larger niche. Like health, wealth or relationships.

The second step is about selecting a product to promote. There are tons of products to promote as an affiliate. And digital products are generally what you’d focus on with a system like this, since these pay 75-90% commissions.

Third, you setup your funnel. Which consists of an email capture page and an email followup sequence that you use to promote affiliate offers. Tim provides some landing page templates, so you don’t need to learn how to code or anything.

Lastly, you need to send traffic to your capture page. Without traffic, it is literally impossible to make money. And with this system, it’s all about using paid traffic, so you will need an advertising budget.

You also get access to live weekly training webinars from Tim, to continue educating yourself. As well as access to a private Facebook group and some sort of “tech assistance” team which is cool.

Which I think is very cool considering the price.

There’s also talk about getting a one on one advisor. But let’s face it.. there’s no way you’re getting access to a real personal coach for $37 one time.

Not a snowflakes chance in hell.

So I’m willing to bet this is a sales rep who’s goal is getting you to buy higher ticket products. Which is very common in this space.

Either way, I think for $37 this is great value for what you get.

Can You Really Make Money With This System?

Yes. Not only can you make money, but you can potentially make a lot of money over time (once you get the process dialed in). However, I wouldn’t buy into the notion that it’s going to happen easily or quickly.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, and I’ve purchased far more advanced programs than this, for a lot more money, like Inbox Blueprint for example.

So I know what goes into this method.

On one hand, the income potential is high. And it can become very automated and scalable once you get the process dialed in.

On the other hand, it’s not as simple as you might think, even if you do use existing landing pages.

For example, you need to learn how to do email marketing properly if you want to be successful. Which is an entire skillset in and of itself.

And you need to learn how to create funnels that actually convert, and that continue making you money long after someone subscribes. Or you won’t get into profit. Which means learning how to write good copy (etc).

Then there’s the fact that you need to either learn how to get free traffic in a separate course, or be prepared to run paid ads.

When you’re using free traffic, you can take your time, learn all of these skills, test out your funnels, and you’re not risking much.

Whereas when you’re paying for traffic, the stakes are much higher.

Everything needs to be converting well, because you are investing money into paid traffic. So it is very easy to lose money and quit with this model. Which is why many people do.

So you can make money, but there are pros and cons like anything.


  • Method of making money is legit
  • Quality video training
  • Live weekly videos which add a lot of value to this
  • Low price
  • Sales pitch isn’t very overhyped which is rare
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Done for you funnels aren’t a viable longterm approach. You need to be creating unique capture pages and emails to be successful longterm.
  • This method involves using paid traffic which can be amazing but is also risky for total beginner’s, so it pays to be cautious if you’re on a budget.

Summing It Up

Overall I think Simple Income Method is a legitimate program, and one that teaches you how to make money in a viable manner.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent business model because it’s simple, low cost, and can be very lucrative over time. And this is certainly a method that many people use to run successful affiliate businesses.

However, it’s not as “simple” as you may think.

If it were, everyone who tried this method would be wealthy. And it is certainly not a new method, so there’d be a lot of rich people lol.

My point is, like any worthwhile business, you will need to devote time and effort to learning all the necessary skills. Such as email marketing, writing copy for your landing pages, getting traffic… on and on it goes.

It’s not hard, but it does take time and effort.

Like anything worthwhile.

Is it worth $37?

I think so if you think this method is what you want to do. I also think that for roughly the same price there are some good alternatives to consider.


What Is Simple Income Method?

Simple Income Method is a ClickBank product that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing, using an email list.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions promoting other people’s products. It’s simple and it works.

How Does It Work?

The basic idea is to choose a niche, select a product to promote, create your funnel (landing page plus email campaign etc), and send traffic to it. In doing so, your aim is to make more money through affiliate offers than you spend on ads.

Who’s Behind It?

A guy named Tim, who says he’s an internet millionaire.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is $37 one-time (but there are some upsells).

Is It a Scam?

No, Simple Income Method is not a scam in my opinion. It’s a legit course that shows you how to earn money with a legit business model. And there’s a 60 day refund policy in place.

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