Review: Email Processing System (EPS)- Scam or Legit?

The Email Processing System (EPS) website says this is a legitimate ’email processing job’ that allows you to make a substantial amount of money working from home.

Unfortunately, the real story is far different to this as you are about to discover.

Email Processing System Review

First off, I want to be absolutely clear that this is not a legitimate email processing job or business. No one is getting hired, and schemes like this are not legitimate ways to build an online business. Period.

So what is it exactly?

EPS is a chain recruiting scheme, you pay $25 to join and recruit others to do the same.

Essentially, these people are selling you the ‘privilege’ to promote a bag of air. After you buy your bag of air, you then go out and attempt to convince others to buy the same bag of air, at which time you’ll make a cool $25.

Sounds silly I know, but you aren’t actually selling people anything other than the right to sell the same system you just bought. It’s very similar to a cash gifting scheme in that, you pay your sponsor directly and anyone you recruit pays you directly.

How EPS Works (2017 update)

There are many websites promoting this ONE scheme, but they all operate in the same way.

Email Processing System Payments
  1. Sign up for $25 which is paid directly to your sponsor
  2. Jump onto Facebook and SPAM people into joining the same scheme
  3. Once they pay you, send them an email explaining how to do what you just did

This is the reality of how this scheme works.

But since members pay members, what’s in it for the people behind this scheme? This was unclear when I originally published this review, but after finding newer versions of this scheme it has since become clear.

EPS Version 1 |

This is the version I originally reviewed. On the above site, there is no mention of fees to participate in this, beyond the $25 signup fee.

The only other (optional) cost mentioned was a $10 fee for a duplicate website to promote this. After doing some digging, they are actually selling people a free Weebly website ( with their sales page template pre-installed so they make 100% profit on selling you this. They would make this money off everyone who signs up regardless of who signed them up.

So, according to this version, the company only makes money when they sign members up directly. Since no company does anything without chasing a profit, the only logical conclusion of their agenda beyond selling a $10 website is:

  • It’s a complete scam and no one actually get’s any commissions
  • They sell your personal information and/or;
  • They upsell you more and more products once you join

After stumbling across the newer version though, the real fees became clear.

EPS Version 2 |

This is where the truth comes out. These people “actually” take a 25% cut out of any commissions you earn:

EPS Admin Fees

They were also banned from using PayPal and as a result they’re now using PaySpree which charges a $2 fee on any transactions.

In other words, you do not make $25 per sale, you make $16.75 in profit whenever someone you recruit into this scheme pays you.

There’s nothing wrong with legitimate companies taking a percentage of the sale of legitimate products and services. This is perfectly normal. But legit companies are upfront about their fee structure, and they sell real products and services.

There is nothing legitimate about EPS or the way it operates. Plain and simple.

Why Schemes Like This Suck

It is possible to actually make money with EPS, but it is not sustainable and does not help the majority of members make money.

Whenever a system is focussed solely on mass recruiting and there are no tangible products or services being sold, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. There are only so many people willing to join a scheme like this, which means there is (mathematically) a time limit on any such scheme.

Not to mention, spamming people on social media is both unethical and lame, and it sure as heck will not help you achieve long term results in your business.

Aside from the obvious pitfalls in the model itself, and assuming you want to promote this without spamming, there are some very real barriers to making this work.

You need targeted traffic.

You can have the best offer in the world but without getting people in front of that offer you’ll make nothing.

These people are teaching you to post links in social media and craigslist etc which is not only spammy but totally useless if you’re looking to make real money. Social media can be awesome if you learn how to add value to people and connect with them over time, but to think you’ll sign up and push your offers to make money is not going to be very profitable.

Either way, there is no legitimate training on traffic generation within this program.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a real way to make money online I can honestly say this is not the way to go. There is no product and the whole set-up is sketchy at best, not to mention you are being taught to spam social media and classifieds to get traffic which is useless.

It might only be $25 to join, but to make money with this you’ll be buying a lot of traffic. If you are new to internet marketing you’ll have no idea how to make those advertizing dollars count and I can say from experience that is not a good boat to be in.

If you are going to pay all that extra money for training and advertising then you are far better off promoting a more legitimate and worthwhile program. There are many free affiliate programs you can join which allow you to promote real products people actually buy on a daily basis. There really is no need to join some spammy scheme like EPS.

39 thoughts on “Review: Email Processing System (EPS)- Scam or Legit?”

  1. How is Adriana Villegas still getting away with this pyramid scheme? I am seeing her all over facebook and youtube now repeating the same patronizing message to people about how she wakes up to $1600 while enjoying her vacation in Mexico.

  2. Thanks a lot for that wonderful review.

    Am looking forward to knowing the legitimatacy of google admob. Can you be of help if you don’t mind?

    • Google AdMob is a tool that helps app owners serve ads within their app. It is not a ‘make money online’ program and it is definitely legit, since it is run by Google.

        • Hey Pal,

          Wealthy Affiliate isn’t my site, it’s the #1 platform I recommend because this is how I learned to create an income online from scratch. If you join through my site (my affiliate link) you’ll receive my personal help and mentoring while you progress through the training.

          To clarify the membership options…

          WA has a free Starter account which is free for life, and with this you get a website, training modules and help and support for 7 days. What you get for free rivals most paid programs I’ve come across so it’s worth your while.

          Premium is an optional upgrade, which costs $19 your first month and $49 per month thereafter, which gives you literally all the tools, training and support you need to go from newbie to profitable website. You don’t have to upgrade but it’s well worth it if you’re serious about building an online business. There are no other costs other than buying a domain name, which is about $14 per year, which is also optional but I do recommend this.

          You can learn more about the difference between Starter and Premium here.

          Hope this helps!

  3. is there an actual product or service being offered? It sounds like you are referring just for the sake of referring with no actual product or service involved. watch out

  4. This review is LEGIT and the real is EPS is a BIG scam, I wish whoever invented this type of shit their souls will be burned into the hell. My desperation to earn money online pushed me to buy a training on the website named owned by ADRIANA VILLEGAS, mind that there are 3 levels you need to choose, the $25 the basic, $50 the elite, and the last is $100 the pro and I choose the pro level, I followed her step by step training about the strategy on how to post pre-written shit ads and guess what I look like a dumb who posting some boring ads and viola! I was scammed hahaha I realized that desperation will push you to make a bad decision and I hope that everyone will be alarmed and don’t fall their sweet claims.

    • Thanks for sharing Anton.

      Don’t sweat it man, we’ve all been scammed at one point or another. It’s a shame to say but it is almost an ‘essential’ part of learning what is legit and what isn’t online. Appreciate you sharing and all the best going forward.

  5. Why would I pay someone $25 to teach me how to promote a product online we when I could learn it for free, that sounds ridiculous lol, however colleges charge 18 year old kids $30,000 a year to teach them something they can learn in a library lol.

  6. so true… i tried that ones, but as always, i failed. But now, I have discovered this really great site that offers a free marketing system that gave me leads to my online business.

  7. Hi,
    Which site is good for EPS. I am interested to start business.
    I am from india. otherwise share the site for data entry/formfilling /data proessing.

  8. Everything you said in your article is true as far as I’m concerned. It just confirmed my original thoughts about the opportunity. But you know what? I’m joining anyway. Why? Because I see it as an opportunity to raise the required funds to involve myself in a more ethical, stable, and sustainable online business. If you or any of the people who may read this comment have a better suggestion for an opportunity where the investment is as low as $25.00 to $100.00, I’ll be glad to lend you my ear. EPS will be a stepping stone for me; no more. Sometimes one finds themselves in a position in life where one must choose the best available option at the time.

    • You can get started with affiliate marketing for VERY little money. I bootstrapped my entire affiliate business for less than 50 bucks per month, all the way to a full time income. I will admit it took me over a year and a half to get to that point, but it was worth it.

      The thing with EPS is, you’re essentially just promoting something as an affiliate. So regardless of how legit it is, you still need to learn how to promote it, just like ANY other affiliate offer.

      From what I’ve seen, EPS teaches people to SPAM social media with their affiliate links, which will not work. Unless you have a HUGE social following, this is a very poor strategy that will not work. The most likely scenario doing that, is you might make a sale or two (at best) and then have your FB account banned.

      Going beyond this and you could follow in the footsteps of the ‘big guys’ who promote EPS. I won’t mention names but I’ve seen a number of them. And from what I have seen, they use mostly solo ads. This is where you pay money to send promo emails to other people’s email list. It can work, but be prepared to pay minimum $0.50 per click on your affiliate link. Which means spending $1000’s on traffic to actually get anywhere.

      They certainly won’t be helping you create a proper website, nor teaching you how to generate traffic with your site for free either. So this will be the reality.

      If you are going to be buying traffic, and learning how to do affiliate marketing anyway, which is the only possible way you can make money, regardless of the ‘system’ you’re promoting, then why not promote something legit? There are lots of great programs out there you could promote.

      In any case, there are WAY more legitimate, low cost ways to start an online business. I can say this with absolute confidence. Whatever you decide is up to you but hopefully this gives you a bit more insight before you start your online business endeavours off on the wrong foot.

  9. Have you ever heard of these people? They claim to have job’s processing worksheets by hand and
    Then mailing them to Federal Account Recovery 79405 highway 111 suite#9 box167 La Quinta, CA. 92253 with a 5 dollar processing and handling fee per worksheet. They claim they charge a 30% finder’s fee in which I would get paid 75% of that for searching the website for unclaimed property and filling out the form and send it to the address above to find these people and recovery these funds and pay me as an independent contractor!! Seen this one before?

    • Hi Leonard,

      I hadn’t heard of these guys until now, no. I did some preliminary research and the FTC has several warnings regarding these types of ‘recovery’ sites though. So I recommend being extremely careful with it.

      I plan to look further into this within the next week or so, and post an article about it. So feel free to check back on the blog if you want to see what I found.

      Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate you letting me know. Cheers

  10. I was skeptical of EPS too. I actually paid the 25$ just to prove the promoters wrong. I found that EPS is a legitimate company but just like everything else online you have to be careful because scammers can easily use this as front , to get you to do all sorts of crap; EPS gives you ccopyrighs which makes it legal for you to sell the ads for 25$ which 100% goes to you. The only way EPS actually profits is from people who buys a website from them, YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO PURCHASE THE WEBSITE FROM EPS. I happen to get a EPS that actually focuses on financial readiness , technology, and marketing which is great if your fairly new to the industry. WE HAVE MANUALS SHOWING YOU EVERYTHING EVEN HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE , TELLS YOU WHEN , WHERE , AND HOW TO PROMOTE TO GET SUCCESSFUL LEADS. I also have done a lot of affiliate programs and the thing about them is if you don’t already have marketing and technology skills you will not understand the training making it impossible to make income, EPS covers that, so your not paying for air , which I thought I was paying for because of all of the beware and even a close NETWORKER friend of mine warned me , but I discovered that people have not done research and are spreading around false claims because they had a bad experience. Just like the lady who was just working for amazon and scamming people for the information, you have to be carefully. P.s. The prewritten ads are NOT the lies you see all over on those crappy photos and you can actually report people false claiming EPS with the link attached.

    • If EPS does offer you some training to promote EPS, good and well. But the problem is in the way it’s marketed and how the entire ‘system’ is all about recruiting others into the very same system.

      Every sales page for EPS I have seen says it’s either a ‘job’ or a system that pays you to ‘process emails’. Which is absolutely not true. You are earning commissions to promote the same system you just joined. There may be training, cool. But it ONLY teaches you how to promote the same system. In reality, you want to educate yourself to build YOUR business, so you can create an income online regardless of whether one ‘system’ succeeds or fails. Not to mention, the business model of mass recruiting, versus promoting tangible products and services, is not sustainable.

      EPS aside, it’s cool you are making money. But there are companies out there that show beginners how to be very successful with affiliate marketing, in a much more legitimate and longterm way. So EPS is never going to be something I recommend to people.

  11. unless i’m mistaken and things have changed (very) recently, schemes like this are illegal. if the MLM aspect is secondary to a legitimate business model, then it’s permissible – this is how companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, and more operate. they sell a legitimate product(s), and also have an MLM aspect that is neither required to do business with the company as a customer nor the primary way “members” (contractors, affiliates, however you want to call them) earn their incomes from the company.

    if there’s no legitimate product or service though, or if the primary method of making money is through the MLM side, then it’s 99.99999……..% likely to be illegal, under US federal law (so it doesn’t even matter what state). even businesses that had legitimate products/services have been killed by the courts, just because it was unlikely that a member would earn any money from simply selling the prduct or service, or it was unlikely that potential customers would view the company as a place to buy stuff from rather than a place to get other people to buy stuff from (legitimate companies require membership, such as Costco, but people look at those as a place to spend money, not a place to make money, generally speaking).

    • Absolutely. If there is an MLM component to this business (ie earning on multiple levels) then it would be a clear cut case of a pyramid scheme. Without a doubt. I’m not sure if affiliates are getting paid on multiple levels with EPS though, but it’s still a recruiting scheme. So at the very least it’s not sustainable and it’s unethical.

  12. Scam or not, do people really do get paid for all these? I think people worry more about getting paid, not so much on the scamming. They would earn easy money if people were to get scammed and sign up, that’s how they earn ain’t it?

    • I’m pretty sure people do get paid with this, but I can’t be certain.

      You are right about that. Many people (understandably) just want to make money so that’s all they think about when evaluating something like this. But getting paid from something doesn’t make it legitimate or a good idea. Scams pay people every day. It’s just a matter of who makes the money and for how long.

      Without a doubt, you can make just as much, if not more money by building a real, legitimate online business. And doing so sets you up for longterm success, rather than selling yourself out just to make a few bucks with something like this.

      Deciding whether or not to promote something like this is not just about ethics either. Not at all.

      Firstly, the methods they teach consist of spamming people anywhere and everywhere you can. Which is not a valid, profitable or sustainable way to build any online business. If you do take the time to learn how to do real internet marketing, you’d never waste your time promoting something like this, when you can make just as much money promoting something legitimate.

      Second, promoting this means promoting a recruiting scheme. Which means your reputation is eventually going to be tarnished. In the online world, that’s not a good thing. This is one of the main reasons why many of the people who promote this type of thing remain anonymous. Case in point, the people running this are anonymous.

      Third, these schemes simply do not last. Eventually they close up shop and people move onto the next ‘shiny object’.

      So you can make money promoting this, but in my opinion it’s not a smart way to create an income online. Rather, it’s a very short sighted approach.

      Unless you want to become a full blown scammer, you are better off trying to actually help people. This is a win win approach and a sustainable way to build your online business. There really is a wealth of opportunity online, and there is money to be made within perfectly ethical, legitimate business models/ niches.

      That’s my take anyway, hope it helps πŸ™‚

  13. The website shows you get 100% commissions. Your Facts must be wrong. Go check out the website for yourself if you don’t believe me….

    • My facts are correct. These people run multiple versions of the same site, changing the details as they see fit. If you visit the web archive you will see that the REAL commissions as shown on that website at the time of this review, were 75%.

      Here is the link….

      What it appears they have done now, on, is switch to ‘version 1’ as I explained in the review which shows they’re now claiming to pay out 100% commissions. In other words, they’ve either changed it or they simply leave that part out of the sales pitch.

    • drew, please remove your head from the sand , it’s clearly a scam 25%-50% or 100%

      the only thing thing for sure is it’s scamming

  14. The EPS scheme has several major scammers within their setup, please beware of these two fraudsters in particular who both have been documented to have scammed many people for a long time, they are Nicole Derksen a.k.a (Nikki Derksen) and Adriana Villegas, they are both wicked, evil and deceiving villains and should be reported by anyone who was scammed by them, the more you report these crimes, then the quicker criminals like this Dissapear.
    Type their names in Google and put SCAM at the end, you will see what I mean.

    • The URL you provided is NOT the real URL at all, it redirects straight to the sales page tagged with your affiliate link. Nice try, but did you really think I’d publish your affiliate link on my site? Especially for this crap? Amateur hour or what.

    • Yes, you can earn an income online. I show people how to get started for free here.

      It does take time, effort, and some money to build your business. But in my opinion, it’s well worth it.

      The trouble is finding legitimate programs. Sifting through the noise to find real ways to build a business. I personally recommend people get started with affiliate marketing because it’s simple, legit, and the profit potential is there. You can promote real products people already buy on sites like Amazon with their affiliate program for example.

      Hope this helps!

  15. “There are only so many people willing to join a scheme like this, which means there is (mathematically) a time limit on any such scheme.”

    This is not true, because there will be more and more people born… πŸ™‚

    Hey! I am willing to… [self promo content removed].

    • For a fact, recruiting schemes like this are unsustainable. Any reasonable person that knows anything about this subject will agree. These schemes come and go. Yes, people are born everyday, just as people die everyday. And yes, the global population continues to increase, but the important number is those willing to join a scheme like this. Which is exactly what I pointed out.

      The market size for this is not infinite. Assuming this is nothing short of ridiculous.

      Time and time again recruiting schemes like this have come and gone. They are either shut down or fall apart naturally. It’s only those who join the scheme early enough, and who do enough mass recruiting, that make any decent money for any length of time.

      Dress it up how you will, but this is FAR from a legitimate operation of any kind. The model is unethical and involves spamming people to join a mass recruiting scheme.

      And if you think I’m going to post your self promo “join my team” crap on this site mate, guess again.

  16. This is a great, honest review of EPS. I however think this is a great opportunity for someone to start getting their feet wet so to speak making money from home.
    I made 500 dollars in the month of october just by following the training in the email processing for cash member’s area.


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