Real Profits Online – Scam or Legit Way To Make $500 Per Day Online?

Real Profits Online is a new site that claims you can make $500 per day online, at the push of a button. Which certainly sounds exciting.

Since you’re reading this review though, you might be wondering if it’s really just another scam. If so, I don’t blame you. There are a LOT of scams online, so it pays to do your homework.

Here’s what you need to know before buying…

Real Profits Online Review

I was surfing the web today when I stumbled across a news article about an “Amazon work from home job”…

Fake Amazon Job News Article

The moment I saw this page I knew it was sketchy though, because I’ve seen this SAME “news article” before. Except running under different names such as Amazon Cash Websites

Amazon Cash Websites - Scam or Legit Work From Home Program

As you can see, these are the same sites but with a different name.

If you read the above review, you will see that this is a FAKE article promoting a FAKE work from home job. And it is absolutely a scam.

So as you can imagine, I was immediately skeptical of Real Profits Online. But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and click through to the sales page to see what it was all about.

Real Profits Online Sales Funnel

I landed on a site with a video presented by a guy named “Mark”. Who says he’s showing people how to make $500 or more per day (over $15k per month) at the push of a button. Apparently, he’s giving 250 people a free site that will start making instant money.

I’ve honestly seen enough at this point to know this is complete and utter BS.

Because making money online with ANY website is not that easy, and it doesn’t start making you money that quickly. I earn a full-time income doing affiliate marketing with a website, which is what Mark is pitching here.

So I KNOW first hand that this is complete nonsense.

How Does Real Profits Online Work?

Real Profits Online works by luring in unsuspecting people to a fake news article, about a fake work from home Amazon job.

If you click through to the next page you will land on what is called a ‘squeeze page’. This page is designed to get your name, email and phone number. So that even if you don’t buy, they can repeatedly contact you to convince you to buy. It also allows them to sell your info to other marketers for a profit.

Anyway, if you submit your information you will be taken to the next page in this ‘funnel’. Which is another video, but a much longer video that puts a lot more effort into selling you the program.

Misleading Sales Hype

In short, Mark claims to have been a broke struggling newbie. Who met a guy named Tim, that showed him how to create a “money making website” in a couple minutes, and with just a few of clicks of the mouse.

Now he’s rich and wants to share the same system with you.

Cool story.

And that’s what most of the video is- a fictional story.

It was very difficult to find ANY tangible information on how this “secret system” actually works. But after continuing to sit through that pitch, I learned that it’s about becoming an Amazon affiliate.

Which as I explained earlier, is nowhere near as simple as he is making out.

Anyway, the website is NOT free like he claims at the outset either. To gain access to this ‘system’ you need to pay $47. There is absolutely NOTHING free about this whatsoever.

And the moment you buy you are hit with a $197 upsell. Which is apparently going to give you “20x your results” with 20 websites in total. All in all there are 3 major upsells and they come in at just under $700.

I know this because I found the YouTube account where all the sales and upsell videos are located:

Upsell YouTube videos

In any case, the initial $47 is just to get you in the door. It is through this aggressive upselling that these people really make their money off of you. And it is how you end up losing your money, because NONE of this actually helps you build a real online business.

It is just a way to make more money off of you.

Are The Testimonials Real? Nope!

One thing that unfortunately sucks a lot of people in, are the testimonials on these sites.

When you see a bunch of everyday people making big money with the system, you naturally assume you will too. Which might true if the testimonials were real- but in this case they are NOT.

I don’t expect you to just take my word for it though, so i intend on showing you proof.

Here’s a random selection of 3 Real Profits Online testimonials:

Now here’s the same folks over on a site called Fiverr- selling their ACTING services:

As you can see, these are just paid actors who give fake testimonials for a living. Which is unfortunately very common among scam sites, because real people are not making money with the system at all. So they need to hire people who pretend they are crushing it.

Verdict – Is Real Profits Online a Scam?

Yes, Real Profits Online is a scam in my opinion.

I say this because the entire charade starts with a fake news article, which is extremely misleading in and of itself. Which then leads into a misleading sales funnel. One that has you believe you will simply “push a few buttons” and start making $500 per day. Like it’s some sort of magic trick.

This is simply NOT the reality of how real online business works.

And it most certainly is not the reality of making money with affiliate marketing. I know this because I do affiliate marketing with a website myself, so I know what it takes to get results.

It takes hard work and effort over a consistent period of time.

There is no “secret” or “weird trick” to building a profitable online business. This is something scammers say to make money off of unsuspecting people, who are just trying to figure out a real way to get started online.

What you decide to do is up to you, but there’s no way I could recommend this to you in good conscience.

48 thoughts on “Real Profits Online – Scam or Legit Way To Make $500 Per Day Online?”

  1. To get your money back on a scam, you send them a text message or email stating that you discovered from the BBB that they are a scam and you want your money back asap! All of it, not a portion, all of it. I have had to do this twice already.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, i don’t have a single cash on my accounts but because of the daily income and the testimony I was contemplating of borrowing money am glad I never did,thanks for the eye opener.

  3. I got the VM about amazon and working from home and got sucked in. Paid the 47$ is there anyway I can get my money back??? Next time I’ll be sure to read the reviews??‍♀️

  4. Thanks, Tim. I really wanted to believe but at least had enough sense to Google it before paying. I appreciate you so much.

    • Yeah I can totally understand that. Most of these scams tell you exactly what you want to hear, which makes it super easy to buy into, simply because you want/ need it to be real.

      In any case, glad you did your homework Latonia and thank you for commenting.

  5. Great article, Tim. I saw the add and thought it felt fishy so I Googled for reviews and found your work. You spent a good amount of time on the research and writing a piece that was easy to follow and convincing. I learned a few things from you I didn’t know, like actors paid to pretend to be real customers! Of course! Makes complete sense! Grrr.

    Thanks again.

  6. THANK YOU! I was this close to giving them my money, I even purchased a prepaid card just to be safe, because I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right from the voicemail they sent. I told myself that 50$ wouldn’t hurt to test it and see if it’s legit, so I purchased a prepaid card at 7/11 then typed in the info, and not to my surprise they wouldn’t take it, they wanted my actual debit card or credit card info. That raised a major red flag, so I googled them and BAM your review pops up. Thanks again Tim, you saved a sucker from being licked??

  7. Hi Tim thanks: I’m a truck driver for over 30yrs,tryed dabbling in real estate,needs a lot of time and lot to learn about it,made no $ so far. I’m still driving and now in mlm witch doesn’t sell some over priced products that makes people have less money,but sells services we all already have,need and are already paying for anyways,but at lower prices and some can get for free. It is a simple business but hard. These are big corporations like AT&T is one of them. Also every time some becomes my customer and every month they pay there bill a child gets fed in USA. This is legit with no hidden fees… I’m not doing as well at it as I could be but I got injured at work, than was diagnosed with cancer, I beat cancer and almost ready to get back in the rig to drive at work again. If your interested in doing this full or part time go to your App Store (free download) acn compass. Dose not lock you into ANYTHING when you put your info in.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Appreciate the comment, but I’m not into MLM’s, even ‘legit’ ones. Just not my cup of tea, so to speak.

      What you will find with MLM is that getting leads into your business is the hardest part. You need to talk to every living breathing person to try to recruit them, which is very difficult to say the least. This is why I prefer internet marketing, much smarter way to build any business. Platforms like Wealthy Affiliate show you how to generate leads for virtually anything you want to promote, so this is what I recommend if you want to grow your business because without leads you have no business.

      All the best and thanks for commenting.

  8. It didn’t take me long at all to know that Real Profits Online was a scam. What’s in the add does not measure up to what is being said in just the first 60 seconds of the video ad. The online ad states ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING or marketing. Go over to the video ad and what does it say? You will make money by selling products.
    People, wake up and stop being turned on by easy sales tactics. If you want something bad enough you will either steal it or work your ass off so someone else can steal it from you…Just kidding about that last part. Butg you will work for what you want if you want it bad enough. There is no such thing as a free ride and yet everyone seems to think there is.
    How many times do you need to get screwed over before you learn your lesson? Some will actually put a number to this question. Ha!
    Do the work by doing it yourself and stop listening to these gimmick video ads.

  9. I got a VM leading me to after message said Amazon was hiring work from home employees. I fell for it as I thought it was affiliated with Amazon. I have since requested via email for full refund. I have also contacted Amazon and let them know this company is luring in their customers for a scam. I appreciate this article and wish I had found it before I paid the $47. Thank you. J

  10. Tim,
    Thanks for the very helpful information and warnings.
    So you have your own free website and what do you sell? Items you make, items you purchase at cost and sell for retail? Just wondering if I’m way off in what you do with your business.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Glad you found the review helpful and thanks for commenting.

      I don’t sell any products of my own online, I promote other companies products as an affiliate. Which means if someone buys something I recommend I receive a commission.

      I recommend this business model to people who are looking to get started online because it is simple, the startup costs are very low and it can be lucrative over time.

      Hope this helps!

  11. Thanks Tim Yes I looked at this and right away I checked the reviews Just because I went with a Canadian Company that did the same thing Skyped me phoned me Emailed me they failed to send someone to my door though and all these people wanted was to up sell me on something that I couldn’t make money on probably even after I bought all where do all these thieves come from and why can so many A holes bunch up to sell the same non profit shit. thanks for the review chicken chow Bruce from Hell

    • Yeah sounds like some pretty aggressive selling tactics which is often a red flag in and of itself. If the system is SO good then why are they so desperate to sell you into it, and then sell you even more crap after you buy? All these people care about is getting your money into their pockets, that’s it.

      Anyways thanks for the comment Bruce and all the best going forward.

  12. Tim, here’s what I just don’t understand about this scam and so many others, but particularly the many Amazon scams as of late: They can be easily shut down, so why aren’t they? I see one simple solution that will put some serious doubt in the minds of others who might consider the route of defrauding people to make money. Doesn’t the FBI have a unit that investigates online fraud and/or money scams? Wouldn’t it take only about 30, 20 or even less consumers to call for the special investigative unit to contact Amazon for verification of a list of websites and organizations that dish out this hooey? …thereby now having the ammunition to demand that they cease business operation the name of major companies that no knowledge or affiliation of there band of exploitation? Hmmm? Well wouldn’t it be that easy to get the ball rolling on bringing this type of corruption to an glorious end? …starting with this website making the first of many serious requests to see a real effort of the FBI?

    • Hi Germaine,

      I imagine it takes time to shut down a site since it is a legal process. But in any case, these sites actually ARE getting shut down.

      However, since these scammers anticipate getting shut down, they simply re-launch the site under a new URL once that happens. This is why there are literally dozens of URLS that I have seen this SAME scam on and this is why they continue to get away with it for months and in some cases years on end.

      Also, another trick they use is re-launching the scam site under a new site name, which makes it difficult for people to find real reviews.

      So it is not that law enforcement and other 3 letter agencies aren’t aware of this crap, they most certainly are, but as with most crime it is not that easy to just stamp it out once and for all. It is a process and scammers are often times one step ahead so they are able to continue running. Sometimes they are caught, but then other scammers take their place since there is money to be made scamming people. As sad as it sounds, this is the unfortunate reality of the online world.

  13. If a company is making $640 billion then they shouldn’t be charging people money for their system, if they want you to work for them.

  14. I just received a call saying it was Amazon work at home and if I wanted to make $500 a day. I went to the website and began reading through it. I knew it was a scam the moment I heard it on my voicemail. First of all, you should not have to pay to get a job! Second, I totally agree with you Tim, in order to earn big money like that, it is HARD work! If you were able to make money like that so quickly everybody would be rich! If it sounds to good to be true, then something is definitely wrong with it! Thanks for posting this Tim because you will be getting a lot more people on here who will have lost their money because of this scam!

    • You are spot on here Tracie. You should never have to pay to get a job and if there’s one thing most scams have in common it is that they all promise people ‘quick and easy’ money. Which is not the reality of how real online business or legitimate work from home jobs work.

      Anyways glad the review was helpful and thank you for commenting.

  15. I made the mistake of trying this out. I paid the $47.00, bought a domain name, started out my website and when I got to the point of becoming an Amazon affiliate could not find the code keys you are supposed to use to link your page to Amazon. So I tried again a few days later and couldn’t even sign on to my account. So I called the help number. They said they removed my account due to suspicious activity. That they could put it back but it would cost me some fees. That is where I decided the only suspicious activity was this stupid scam. So I am eating $47.00 but they are not getting any more money out of me.

  16. Go to Wealthy Affiliate to try out affiliate marketing. They are legit and you don’t have to pay anything. You choose what you want to promote! They have all the free tools you need per affiliate program. You can also use a few free websites and get the word or product rather out there with a link that goes thru you to the product and when they buy, you get a profit Bc of your link!!
    Also, bitly is great for shortening your links or customizing them. And there was one more called WordPress I like. You get a FREE site that’s all yours. And you can even buy the site if you want for a small fee! That you can blog and advertise there as well. All free! They do have an option to upgrade but no need as a starter. It’s not easy either way. It does take time and work finding a niche and audience platform. I’ve just started digging in about 45 days ago and I’m still trying to get the swing of things.
    Basically you have to start from the ground up. But you can do it for free. The money comes in when you find your spot and audience and the right product.
    Bluehost can give you a website as well but you’ll pay. It’s not a lot. But that will come later.

    • Yeah Wealthy Affiliate is legit, I can personally attest to this since this is how I got my start online. You don’t really need anything else because WA gives you all the tools, training and support you need to build a profitable online business.

      Affiliate marketing is great because it’s simple yet lucrative. You just need to be willing to put the time and effort in, because it takes time for the money to start coming in.

      Thanks for commenting Jill and all the best!

      • I’m just writing to say Thank You Tim, for saving my husband and me from falling for this fake amazon sales scam via real profits online. The grammar errors were my first clue that something was fishy. Your article confirms my suspicions. Thank God for websites that expose these bad actors – and good people like you that step up to educate us so we can avoid being ripped off!!

  17. Why is it every dam time i decide to get into an online business i get this rip off site that tells you how much more money i need to invest before things can get stated. Yah it says 47.00 now and then they ars gonna hit me up for more money like 700.00 or more what the hell is going on these companys is all a dam rip off and they making money off poor people like us were only trying to get by in life and all these people is such a scam for people like us, what if this is all the money we have and when you take it it will set me back 47.00 less then i had before i gave you this money im on a set income every month and really cannot afford to give any on this money, what can you rwply for this?

    • Hi Madeline,

      If you want to get your money back and stop future billing, I suggest you contact your financial institution and go from there. You could also try emailing or calling these people but not sure how far that will get you.

  18. I joined many business similar to this one. At the beginning cost $47.00, but they have more cost after I pay $47.00. Many people have the same issue like me. When they see $47.00 that will make $500.00/day and they join, but later it cost more and more to get $500.00/day. This make me confuse. Please tell me the total cost for the entire business system so I can be prepare myself to cover all the cost.

    • The real cost of this depends on all the hidden upsells once inside the system, which only become known AFTER you pay the $47. This is a common tactic unethical sites use to trick people into paying more and more money, well into the $1,000’s or even $10,000’s in some cases.

      Either way, you don’t need to spend that sort of money to learn how to build a real online business.


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