Prosperity Income Network Review (Earn $20K Commissions?)

I came across Prosperity Income Network (PIP) today.

It’s a new MLM business opportunity promoted by a well-known marketer, Mack Mills, who says you can earn $350 to $20,000 commissions “within weeks” of using the system.

Is it legit? It might be possible to earn commissions promoting Prosperity Income Network, but there are some major red flags with the business model itself. In my opinion, it’s essentially a modern-day pyramid scheme.

Let’s take a closer look at the company, its products, and its compensation plan. Then we’ll discuss some of the positives and negatives of joining PIP, to help you decide if it’s worth it.

What’s Prosperity Income Network About?

Prosperity Income Network is a multilevel marketing (MLM) system where members “buy in” at a given membership level, then recruit others into the same system, to earn commissions.

Membership costs between $597 to $25,997 and how much you earn depends entirely on which membership “level” you buy in at. The higher membership level you buy, the more money you can earn.

For example: If you join at the “Starter” level for $597, you qualify to earn $350 recruitment commissions. Whereas if you join at the “Executive” level for $25,997, you qualify to earn $20,000 recruitment commissions. Which works out to 70% and 80% commissions respectively.

There are products involved too…

For example, according to the PIP website, the main product is the “Guaranteed Advertising Rotator” which helps you get traffic to the landing pages you use to promote PIP. As well as a various “E-Learning Bundles” and tools that help you promote the system, like Lead Tracker Plus.

But let’s face it… nobody is joining PIP for these products.

They join for the “hands-free wealth on demand system” that PIP promises to deliver. One that pays 70% – 80% recruitment commissions. The products are just a secondary element, designed to help you recruit more people.

That’s what this is all about.

And it’s similar to other high ticket affiliate programs I’ve reviewed like Digital Income System for example. Same deal, different name.

Who’s Behind It?

There’s no information about who owns or runs PIP on their website.

Which I think is a little odd.

Especially considering they claim to be offering such an amazing opportunity, and especially since they’re asking for more than $25K.

No company name, no personal names, no headquarters… nothing.

However, what we do know is that a man named Mack Mills is promoting this.

Mack says that the people behind P.I.P asked him to become an affiliate. Which makes sense, because he’s a very successful internet marketer and someone who has promoted many online systems over the years.

Here’s a screenshot of Mack in his PIP promo video:

Mack Mills PIP Presentation Video

He basically creates marketing funnels to recruit people into existing business opportunities, like this one, and he has become very good at it.

For example, he created Instant Income Method to promote a network marketing company called myEcon. And he created a similar funnel called Instant Payment Method to promote an MLM system called The Fearless Momma.

As far as I know, he didn’t create Prosperity Income Network. He’s just promoting it as an affiliate. So it’s anyone’s guess as to who’s behind this.

Understanding the PIP Membership Levels

There are 6 membership levels to choose from within PIP.

Each membership level comes with an extra position in the Advertising Rotator and an extra level of access to the Development library. Exactly what is contained in that “library” isn’t disclosed.

Here’s a breakdown of what each membership level costs and what products you get with each:

  • Starter ($597): Costs $500 plus $97 admin fee and gives you 1 position in the Advertising Rotator and Level 1 access to the Development Library
  • Deluxe ($2,197): Costs $2,000 plus $197 admin fee and gives you 2 positions in the Advertising Rotator and Level 2 access to the Development Library
  • Premium ($3,797): Costs $3,500 plus $297 admin fee and gives you 3 positions in the Advertising Rotator and Level 3 access to the Development Library
  • Master ($6,497): Costs $6,000 plus $497 admin fee and gives you 4 positions in the Advertising Rotator and Level 4 access to the Development Library
  • Diamond Elite ($12,697): Costs $12,000 plus $697 admin fee and gives you 5 positions in the Advertising Rotator and Level 5 access to the Development Library
  • Executive Elite ($25,997): Costs $25,000 plus $997 admin fee and gives you 6 positions in the Advertising Rotator and Level 6 access to the Development Library

How do you join?

In order to actually join, you need to call the number the company has setup and quote the ID you were given by your referrer.

That way, they know who sent you and will give them the commission when you buy. Just like when you refer others, they will call that number, and quote your unique referral ID.

How Much Money Can You Make? (Comp Plan)

How much money you make with PIP comes down to three main things:

  • The level you buy in at yourself
  • The level your referrals join at
  • How many people you can recruit

The higher level you buy in at, the higher level your referrals buy in at, and the more people you recruit, the more money you’ll make. That’s the name of the game with this system.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can earn at each level:

  • Starter: Pay $597 to qualify for $350 commissions (70%).
  • Deluxe: Pay $2,197 to qualify for $1,400 commissions (70%).
  • Premium: Pay $3,797 to qualify for $2,450 commissions (70%).
  • Master: Pay $6,497 to qualify for $4,200 commissions (70%).
  • Diamond Elite: Pay $12,697 to qualify for $8,400 commissions (70%).
  • Executive Elite: Pay $25,997 to qualify for $20,000 commissions (80%).

Most people don’t have $10,000’s laying around, so many will join at the lower levels. Like Starter or Deluxe for example.

And this is where the “Success Coaches” come into play…

These are phone sales people who work to get your referrals to upgrade. They go by the name “coach” but in reality, they’re sales people. And if they manage to convince one of your referral’s to upgrade, you get the commission.

But only if you’re “qualified”.

See, in order to earn the higher ticket commissions, you must be at that level yourself, or you miss out.

For example, if you join at the Deluxe level and someone you recruit joins at the Executive Elite level, you will only make a $1,400 commission. Because you’re not at that level yourself. The remaining $18,600 is “passed up” to someone else, who is qualified.

And that’s what makes this a “pay to play” system.

You must buy whatever level you want to promote. And these “coaches” use that fear of missing out as a way to convince people to upgrade. You are told that “if you don’t upgrade you will miss out on commissions”. Which is true.

Is PIP a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

On one hand, PIP isn’t a scam because you can earn money promoting it. And you do get some “products” for your money. Such as self development training, a back office, and a position in the traffic rotator.

On the other hand, there are some major red flags here:

For starters, the whole thing is about buying the highest level membership possible, just so you can earn higher commissions recruiting others to do the same. That is not a legitimate business model – plain and simple.

Second, price of these memberships is absolutely nuts and clearly doesn’t reflect the value of the underlying product. The prices are jacked up between memberships to facilitate higher commissions for affiliates.

Third, similar systems have either fallen apart or been shutdown by the FTC. Like MOBE and Digital Altitude for example, which operated in a (very) similar manner to PIP. Many people lost money to these scams and they were very popular, shiny looking opportunities.

So these are the reasons why I don’t believe PIP is a legit opportunity.

Paying large sums of money to qualify for multiple levels of recruitment commissions, is not a real business. This is how pyramid schemes work.

And unless you’re one of the top recruiters like Mack, there’s a good chance you’ll end up losing your money. And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

My Personal Feelings About PIP

Once upon a time I was excited about systems like this.

I was really drawn in by the fancy marketing, the income potential, and the charismatic people who were behind them.

Then saw how many people were losing money when some of these scams fell apart. And how seemingly amazing opportunities like MOBE and Digital Altitude were shut down virtually overnight. And it made me stop and think.

See, I earn a full-time income doing affiliate marketing. And I can promote anything I want on this site, and other sites I run. It’s not hard to swap a few links out and promote a system like this. It’s easy when you already have a site with traffic.

And I’d probably make lots of money doing it since I have lots of traffic coming to sites like the one you’re on right now.

Here’s what stops me from doing that…

First, the price is way over the top, and only that high to facilitate higher commissions. So I’d feel like I was ripping people off just to line my own pockets.

Second, most people aren’t going to make much (if any) money. It is typically those with experience and a good advertising budget that turn a profit. And as I said earlier, these schemes fall apart, so whoever joins when the shit is hitting the fan, loses everything.

Third, I’d rather promote legitimate, ethical, sustainable and higher value programs. Programs that show you how to build a real business for a fair price, and that show you how to make money promoting anything you want. Because that’s how I got my start online.

So that’s how I feel about systems like Prosperity Income Network. I feel they’re setup to make a handful of people rich, off the back of the many who don’t.

And that’s just not my cup of tea.


  • High ticket commissions are cool
  • You get a “success coach” (phone sales person) to close sales for you


  • The costs are outrageous
  • Not a sustainable or ethical business model
  • Most people end up losing money with systems like this

Summing It Up

Systems like PIP sound exciting. Like all you need to do is “plugin” to a special done for you system that is going to make you lots of money.

But that’s really just clever marketing.

The reality is, only a handful of people make the lion’s share of profit with systems like this. And that money is made from the losses of others. That is by design how these systems really operate when you boil it down.

Ask yourself…

Even if you do make money promoting PIP, and you don’t care if it’s ethical, do you really want to be part of something that’s only going to fall apart or get shut down?

Or would you rather learn real skills, build a real business, and set yourself up for real long-term success online? Think about it, and do what you feel is right for you.


What Is Prosperity Income Network?

It’s a pay to play MLM recruiting scheme, where you pay between $597 and $25,997 to qualify to recruit others into the same scheme.

How Does It Work?

The idea is to join for an exuberant fee, and setup online marketing campaigns to lure others in to do the same. With the help of “success coaches” who call and text your referrals repeatedly, to milk as much money out of them as possible.

Who Created It?

The owners of the system choose to remain anonymous.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

Between $597 and $25,997.

Can You Really Make Money With PIP?

Yes, if you know how to do internet marketing, have a substantial budget to get started and buy traffic, and don’t care what you promote, you can make money.

How do you signup?

To join, you need to call a dedicated phone number they’ve setup and quote your referral ID. Which is a unique ID every affiliate is given. So that when you join, the person who referred you gets the credit.

Is It Legit?

No, in my opinion, PIP is not a legitimate system, it’s basically a modern-day pyramid scheme. I do not recommend joining it.

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