Postal Jobs Source Review (Legit USPS Jobs or Scam?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Postal Jobs Source.

I discovered this site after receiving an email about a USPS job opportunity. And I’m not sure why exactly, because I’ve never expressed interest in working for the United States Postal Service (USPS), nor did I give my email to the sender, so it was a bit odd.

In any case, after I started digging into it, I noticed that the site is getting lots of attention and that many people are asking if it’s a scam or not. So I decided to take a closer look to see what it’s about. And in this review, I’ll show you what I found so you know what to expect.

Postal Jobs Source Review

As mentioned, this all started with an email I received. It was from a woman named “Sharon Hopkins” and the email took me to a job directory site known as

Postal Job Ad Listing
Postal Customer Service job listing on

I also found a similar advertisement, on a site called There could even be other sites running these ads too, these are just the ones I found.

In any case, at this point it looks as though you’ve found a real “job”. The job site looks legit and the advertisement looks real, so there are no major red flags at this stage.

So I continued my research by clicking on the job advert link. At which point I was directed to the homepage:

Postal Job Source Website
Postal Jobs Source website

And that’s when I found this video:

The above video is presented by a spokesperson, who starts out by discussing the benefits of postal service employment.

Benefits like great pay (around $56,700 per year on average) and job security. Along with benefits such as medical and dental insurance, paid vacation, sick leave and a retirement plan.

She also says that USPS offers paid “on the job” training. So you don’t need any experience to be hired. As long as you’re a US citizen (or have a green card), are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. Apparently that’s all you need.

Now I’m not an employee of the USPS, nor am I an expert on their hiring processes. But from what I found, it seems like most of what she’s saying here is true.

Then what’s the problem?

Well, in order to successfully land a USPS job, you need to complete their assessment and examination process. And while anyone can apply, not everyone will pass.

Which is where Postal Jobs Source comes in.

If you watch the video to the end, the woman says that the Postal Jobs Source “registration package” will help you gain employment with USPS. All the way from “exam to interview”. As if they are giving you a “leg up” on the competition.

And all you need to do is pay them a one-time $48 fee.

Read on to learn more.

What’s Postal Jobs Source About?

According to the fine print at the bottom of the website:

Postal Jobs Source is a private employment service that offers assistance in gaining employment and is not affiliated with the USPS, US government, it’s agencies or affiliates.

As you can see, the site discloses that they’re really just a private company. They have no affiliation with USPS or the US government whatsoever.

So Postal Jobs Source is a website that sells a $48 registration package, that they say will help you pass the postal exam and become a Postal Service employee.

What exactly does this “registration package” contain?

According to the website, it contains everything you need to get hired. Including a step-by-step guide for the entire hiring process, personal job counselling, sample exam questions and answers, and access to current job openings.

Overview of what is included in the registration package

The cost of this package is $48 and it comes with a 200% money back guarantee. Which means that if you don’t get hired within 90 days of purchasing, they refund double your money. Or $96 to be precise.

Payment page

If you do decide to go ahead, you will need to provide some personal information and purchase the registration package for $48. At which point, I’m assuming they send you this information to your US postal address or via email.

Either way, the money back guarantee probably takes the risk out of this for a lot of people. Because if you can’t lose, why not give it a try?

That might be true. But whether or not you actually get this refund, is another story. It’s a very big “if”. Especially when you consider the points I am about to share with you.

Who’s Running The Show?

I was able to find two versions of this same site during my research:


Neither of these sites provide any information about who’s behind this. But they do provide the following contact information:

Address for Postal Job Source

As you can see, the first address they list is in Lees Summit, MO. So I looked up this address using Google and found that it’s registered to a UPS store in Jacksonville:

UPS Store

This is rather alarming for a couple reasons.

First of all, this is the address of a UPS store. Which is not owned or affiliated with Postal Jobs Source at all. So they are using an address that isn’t even theirs.

Second, UPS is a package delivery company and it has nothing to do with USPS. The name is similar, but these are completely different organisations. And it’s odd they even use this address, since they claim to be helping you get a job with USPS.

The second address they list on the contact page, is an address in Lenexa, KS. And after doing some research I found that this is the address of a debt collection company called Kansas Counselors:

Kansas Counselors

This is a huge red flag in my opinion.

Because they are clearly hiding who they are and providing fake contact information. Which is simply not how legitimate companies operate.

And it gets worse. I went over to the Who.Is database to see who owns the domain. And it turns out that a company called “” is the owner of the domains I listed earlier:


It appears as though this is an website development company that has registered the domains and runs the site to some extent. Probably a company they’ve hired.

So this is yet another dead end. Despite hours of research and searching, I was unable to find any real information about who’s running this site.

All we really know is they’re going to great lengths to hide who they are from people, and using random US addresses. Which is never a good thing.

Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam?

I am of the opinion that Postal Jobs Source could be a scam. Especially after I researched this further and found the following article on the FTC website:

FTC Warning About Postal Job Scams

As you can see, Postal Jobs Source is doing all of the things the Federal Trade Commission warns people about. Here’s a summary to show you what I mean:

  • First, they use fake “Postal Customer Service” job advertisements on job search sites, to target people who are looking for an actual job with USPS. And these are fake job listings because Postal Jobs Source are not employing anyone.
  • Second, they are (in reality) selling “study materials” that supposedly help you get a high score on the postal exam. And as a result, gain employment.
  • Third, they say that if you don’t receive employment from the Postal Service within 90 days, you will receive a double refund of $96. Which is exactly what the FTC says scammers are doing.

In addition to these red flags that the FTC warns about, we know that they are not disclosing who they are. Instead, they are hiding who they are and using addresses they don’t own on their contact pages.

I guess it is possible that their “registration package” actually helps you get a Postal Service job. And if it does, then I guess you could say it’s not a scam. After all, $48 if not a lot of money compared to what you could make over the years.

But I’m not convinced this is a legitimate site based on what I’ve seen.

And even if it is, I have doubts that you even need to pay money for this information to begin with. Since there is lots of useful information about passing the postal exam online, and from the U.S Postal Service website itself.


In this review, we have taken a look at Postal Jobs Source, a site that claims to help you get a job with the US Postal Service. And unfortunately, there were some red flags that have led me to believe it’s not a legitimate site.

Either way, they are using fake job ads to sell you something you probably don’t need in the first place. Which is enough for me to suggest avoiding it.

I’ve reviewed other sites in the “work at home” space that use similar tactics too. So this is actually more common than you might think.

For example, sites like AOJ Work at Home Jobs, Easy Survey Jobs and American Consumer Panels pretend to be “hiring people” when in reality, they’re just trying to promote something and make a profit off of you.

It’s unfortunate that these sites exist. Especially considering they target people who just want a job. But this is what goes on. Which is why it’s so important to do your research, just as you have done today.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you want to comment or share your experience with this Postal Jobs Source, feel free to post a comment below.

56 thoughts on “Postal Jobs Source Review (Legit USPS Jobs or Scam?)”

  1. Hey there, well this got me as well guys and gals!!! I really wanted a job at the post office so I could retire later and live comfortably, But I found out that you don’t pay for exams to get a job at the post office. I had already paid $48.00 then the scammer named Dennis Price at Labor Services 833 SW Lemans Lane #220 Lees Summit, MO 64082 took $2.00 out of my account as some kind of week sheet fee. I then went to the bank and changed all my info, then let my husband do the rest. It took about a week and lots of cussing/lies between my husband and Dennis but we got all of the money back. After that, Dennis called us with the phone number of [phone number removed] and threatened to put my husband in jail…some nerve!!!

  2. I’m looking for a job and came across this website. I honestly found it sketchy at first glance. The refund part is absolutely a red flag. Their YouTube channel only had one video with no comments. There are just so many things that seem off about this website. This is definitely a scam. Sadly, people fall for scams like this frequently. Thank you for taking your time to write this important article. I hope others do their research before falling for scam websites. Take care <3

    • Yeah, it’s unfortunate that these sites exist, and we tend to fall for them because they are very convincing. But it’s a good thing that you listened to your inner skeptic and did your homework because it definitely isn’t what it seems.

      Thanks for commenting, and all the best.

  3. This was a great article! My girlfriend was all over this “postal job” thing and I found it intriguing too until she read the 2x your money back if you dont get hired part! Big red flag! Just think, the entire usa can buy the package, not get hired and make 100% gain on their money in 90 days! How many of you would like to do that in the stock market? Difference is, the stock market is not guaranteed, this scam supposedly is! Fact is, they are selling a pamphlet for $48. They also know that you will give up trying to collect your money back or even your 2x money back! They know this and that makes it a scam! Remember always folks, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!” And last, Carlos is an idiot! I hope he paid the $48. He deserves to lose his money! Maybe someday he wakes up!

    • I appreciate this write-up and your in-depth research. I, of course, found my way here after finding myself at one of the websites you mentioned.

  4. I just spent $49 and am trying to get my refund. I realized the website has no affiliation to USPS and I contacted my bank and they told me that in order for me to get my refund I would have to contact the merchant. I told them it might be a scam and they told me that they wouldn’t be able to help me unless I got in contact with them and I haven’t gotten a reply.

    I’ve tried calling and they claim that they cannot answer right now (maybe it’s closed?) but on the website it says their customer service is 7 days a week. It doesn’t state the business hours so now I’m starting to worry. Can anyone tell me if they’ve gotten a response or their refund back from them?

    All I was trying to do was apply for a job and I got scammed. So hurtful.

  5. Thank your for your information! Unfortunately I am too late. I already resisted for the package. They took $49 from my account already. How can I get back my money? please help

    • Hi Jaruwan,

      Check out my response to Elizabeth (two questions above yours), where I answer this same question. Cheers

  6. Nice work Tim. Thanks for the research. These are always popping up in job searches and I was tempted at one point to give them a shot, but the ‘ole gut instinct kicked in. I was just about to do some deeper digging on them, but you beat me to it. Thanks again.

  7. Well i really need my money back just tell me what i have to do or who i have to call to get my money back and i fell sorry for these people who have to take advantage of people who are looking for employment

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      The best thing to do is contact the company first by phone and/ or email, recording the dates and times you did this. Then if you get nowhere, I would contact your financial institution and the FTC, as well as report them on the BBB website.

      Also as a further guide, you can check out my article on getting your money back from a scam here.

      Hope this helps and all the best.

    • Hi George,

      Thank you for commenting.

      As I stated within the review- in my opinion, Postal Jobs Source is a scam. I guess you could argue that it’s not a scam if you paid some money to get access to a practice exam that helps you gain employment with the US Postal Service. But I think the way they are marketing this is very misleading either way.

      What you believe is up to you, this is just my opinion based on what I found at the time of reviewing this company.

  8. Ntd progressive federal Hudson, FL 34667 us support[at] So I paid $59.94 for practice exam. I have a feeling I got scammed, true???

    • Personally I would consider contacting the company itself to request a refund, and if that didn’t work, contact my bank. Up to you though.

  9. Tim! I was JUST about to pay the money! Praise God that I happened to notice a small box where you could apply a coupon code. So, I went online to try to find a coupon to receive a discount for the $48. It was then that I saw: “…Legit US Postal Jobs Service or SCAM?” If I had not taken a second to try to find a coupon code real quick I would’ve never seen this article in time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I know that $48.00 is not a truck load of money, but when you DON’T have a job, you don’t have even $5.00 to just throw away!

  10. I stumbled upon couple different websites that advertise the same. Even though at first I got excited, the whole thing just didn’t seem right so I decided to do some research. I first found the article on the FTC website that confirmed my suspicions., than Tim’s article that offered a much more detailed explanation. Even though the link at the bottom of the page makes it look like that the intention is not necessarily to warn people but to advertise an online money making opportunity, all the information Tim has provided in this article is accurate and helpful. Thank you for that. Now I am just curious to see how that online entrepreneur training program works out.

    • Thank you for commenting, and I’m glad you found the article helpful.

      I can definitely see where you are coming from with the last part of your comment. However, I personally think it’s a good thing to share how I earn a living online with people who are interested. As long as what I recommend on this site is legitimate and actually helps people, then I see it as a good thing.

      Every site needs to earn revenue in one way or another, in order to keep the content flowing. I could fill my site with ads as a way to earn revenue instead, like some sites do, but I prefer to only link to sites I know and trust, and recommend stuff I believe in.

      Anyway thank you again for commenting and all the best going forward!

      • Hi Tim thank you for the info. I was ready to buy and you saved me the money. Interesting thing on the site on my phone it said my charge was $38. IDK. Question. Since the FTC knows it’s a scam how can the site still be up and running?

        • Hey Janine,

          My pleasure, glad the review was helpful.

          I can’t say for sure, but often times it comes down to what is and isn’t technically a scam. In my opinion, this is a very misleading site with many red flags, but whether or not the FTC deems it an actual scam is another story. And even if they do, these scams can run for a long time before coming unstuck because there are a lot of factors at play.

          Thanks for commenting.

  11. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into this research and relaying the info I did fill out the email part and phone number but before I moved forward with any sensitive info I always check reviews so this was very helpful

  12. It could be worth the 48 dollars… or not. It might be worth the gamble, but I wouldn’t do it if I couldn’t afford to lose 48 dollars.

  13. Thank you – I honestly wanted to pay the $49.00 and hoped to get a local postal job. BUT, something in my gut said it was to good to be true. Thank you for doing all the research and for putting it on line for everyone to see.

  14. Thank you Tim. After reading your article I am not going to pursue as a legit job source website. MUCH appreciated advice.

  15. You wrote….”On one hand they clearly say they have no affiliation with USPS, then on the other hand they say they are operating from a USPS store!”
    Actually, it’s a UPS store so change that!
    Then you wrote..”Third, they “say the money is refundable if you don’t pass the exam”.
    Actually, they wrote..”If you don’t receive employment from the Postal Service within 90 days, you will receive a DOUBLE refund of $96!”
    So again, if you are going to post something, you sound more credible if you post the facts! And this is coming from someone who also believes they are scamming people but it’s not about that as far as why I am writing to you. Be accurate or be gone, simple as that!

      • In reading the article with all the mistakes and miss-quotes, who knows if Tim is legit. Tim might be a disgruntled former employee of the company, a competitor with this Postal Job Service or just out to do the company dirty. Yeah, I agree with Carlos, your posting has to be on point.

        – Farebrotha

        • In reading the article with all the mistakes and miss-quotes, who knows if Tim is legit.

          So you disregard all of the facts I’ve laid out, clearly showing why I don’t believe Postal Job Source is legit, and then try to discredit my review, all because of a single letter typo and a minor mis-quote?

          You got me- I’m human, I make mistakes and my content isn’t perfect.

          Tim might be a disgruntled former employee of the company, a competitor with this Postal Job Service or just out to do the company dirty.

          First of all, I have never worked for the US Postal Service, and I do not run any competing business. Period. And although this review may be negative, I call it like I see it. Some reviews are positive, some are negative. That’s just how it is.

          Second of all, who’s to say you’re not the person behind Postal Job Source, or someone they’ve hired to discredit negative reviews? Maybe you are, maybe you’re not. But I do wonder, because you completely overlook ALL of the points I’ve made about Postal Job Source, and use thin arguments like a previously fixed typo and mis-quote to bash the review.

      • With all the different sites that are up, such as the one I received:

        ..could actually be worded differently! Tim’s “honest” opinion and “fact” digging gave me all the right connections/links/words to know that I was about to be scammed! I happened to be looking for a postal position in my area, and that is exactly how I was redirected to the above link…..So,THANK-YOU ******TIM !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy; I was able to find legitimate information about these loathing sinners and did not fork over a dime!

    • Omg really. Well I’m glad you did the review!! I appreciate the information! Ppl like you keep ppl like me safe away from Carlos!


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