Leveraged Breakthrough System – Scam or Legit Way To Make BIG Money Online?

Leveraged Breakthrough System is a new ‘bizopp’ that claims you can generate $500 to $10,000 per week online. And apparently, your ‘success coach’ does most of the work!

Sounds cool.

But when someone says their “secret system” will make you wealthy, without you having to do much work, I’m skeptical. Because nothing is ever THAT easy.

Anyways, I did my research to see what this was all about, so I could be sure.

Read on to see what I found…

Leveraged Breakthrough System Review

I’ve been getting quite a few emails about the Leveraged Breakthrough System (LBS for short) over the past couple of weeks. So today, I decided to dig a little deeper.

The first thing I did was click on a link which took me to a site run by a ‘coach’. I actually found a couple of these sites, which are almost identical in design. The only difference is one was run by ‘coach Ross’ and another by ‘coach Kevin’.

Each coach tells a different story, but they both have the same goal to funnel you into leveragedbreakthrough.com so you join.

Anyways, on this site, you are told you will discover the “secret formula to prospering within days” of joining LBS. Apparently, making big money is simple and will happen very quickly for those who join.

You are also asked to watch a webinar called the “Secrets of The Wealthy”. Which goes into a bit more detail, and also talks about how much money you can make, and how easy it will all be. Like everything else up to this point really.

All of this sounds very cool.

But it’s important to dig deeper to see whether or not this is actually legit. Especially considering there’s a LOT of money on the line, up to $21,847 to be precise.

Read on to see what this system is about in more detail…

What’s Leveraged Breakthrough System About?

Leveraged Breakthrough System is all about recruiting others into the same system.

It’s also ‘pay to play’ in nature. Because you must own the membership level you want to promote. If you don’t, you will make zero dollars on any of those sales. Which means leaving money on the table.

So in other words, LBS is a pay to play recruiting system.

Regardless of what ‘level’ you join, your goal is to recruit as many people as possible. Because the more people you recruit, the more money you will make.

There’s no doubt about the fact that you can make money with a system like this. It’s even possible to make significant amounts of money with these types of programs.

However, it’s important to understand that not everyone who pays to join, will make money. Not at all. And it’s important to understand what you’re really getting yourself into here.

How Does This System Work?

First of all, you need to join the Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Ultra Royal to get started.

Because the only way to earn commissions, is to buy the same ‘membership level’ you want to promote. What level you join depends on how much money you want to make.

So to earn the $10,500 commissions for example, you’d need to fork out $21,000.

Most people would never fork out this amount of money based on visiting a site like this. But they might after jumping on the phone with a good phone sales person.

So many of these high ticket programs work this way, via phone selling.

Anyways, once you join, you get a duplicate site and a unique phone number to promote LBS. So that when people come to the site and call the number, you get the credit.

Which means your main job is getting people to visit the site, and join the ‘opportunity’.

The webinar talks a lot about capitalizing on the ‘e-learning trend’ and how much money can be made promoting digital products. Which is true.

But there is very little emphasis placed on selling tangible products to anyone within this system. And there is very little value in the products themselves, which I intend to PROVE beyond any shadow of doubt shortly.

For now, here’s what you need to know about the different membership levels.

The FOUR Membership Levels Explained

There are four membership levels you can join and promote within LBS:

  • Gold – pay $3,000 (plus a $247 admin fee) to qualify to earn $1,500 commissions
  • Platinum – pay $7,000 (plus a $447 admin fee) to qualify to earn $3,500 commissions
  • Diamond – pay $14,000 (plus a $647 admin fee) to qualify to earn $7,000 commissions
  • Ultra Royal – pay $21,000 (plus a $847 admin fee) to qualify to earn $10,500 commissions

Turns out you actually pay the person who refers you directly too.

So you pay you referrer whatever membership you want to join, and the admin fee goes to the people running this system. Whoever they are.

In doing so, you qualify to promote that level or below to others.

For example: Say you join at the ‘Platinum’ level. In this case, you would pay the person who referred you $7k and the admin gets $447. You can now earn money promoting the Gold AND Platinum memberships, which will net you $1,500 and $3,500 respectively.

However, if someone you refer joins at a higher level than Platinum, you miss out on that commission.

I could give you more examples but I’m pretty sure you get the point. As far as I know, there are ‘multiple levels’ within this system. So you only earn on direct sales, also known as direct referrals.

Why Does It Cost Between $3,247 and $21,847 To Join?

Good question! And it’s one with a simple answer.

The ONLY reason the prices are this high is to facilitate higher income for members.

That’s it.

It is not based on the quality of the products (that’s for certain) or anything ‘tangible’ for that matter.

How do I know this?

Well, here’s everything you get (besides the right to promote the system itself):

  • A cookie cutter website you can modify (like the ones I showed you earlier)
  • A ‘lead tracking system’
  • Some generic email swipes
  • A bunch of PLR digital information products

There is absolutely no possible way this stuff comes even close to costing $21k. Period.

A duplicate website is practically worthless these days. High quality lead tracking is very inexpensive. And most vendors give email swipes to their affiliates for free.

Which brings me to the last point- the products.

Through my research, I found the ‘LBS product page’ which shows the products you get with each membership level. This is the stuff you are supposedly going to re-sell for a profit.

Except for one thing- these are generic, PLR products!

What the heck is a PLR product?

PLR stands for ‘private label rights’. And in this context, they are products that are made by one person and allowed to be resold by another ‘as is’ or using their own branding.

So these are not unique products.

They are generic (often outdated), content. Seriously. This is the sort of stuff most people either give away or sell for a VERY low price.

Funny enough, I found these EXACT products for sale online elsewhere (with resell rights) for less than 10 bucks a pop!

In all, there are 43 products made available throughout the various membership levels. I won’t list all of them here, but you can find them on the LBS product page.

To give you an example, here’s one product that comes with the ‘Ultra Royal package’:

LBS Products
Source: leveragedbreakthrough.com/index1.php?id=patrickdross&p=products

Now here’s PROOF that it is nothing more than generic PLR product that costs $7.99:

PLR Products
Source: plrproducts.com/list-building-renegade-video-series

From what I can see, ALL of the products are PLR.

Which means (at best) they’d be worth several hundred dollars. And that includes having the right to re-sell them!

The low value of the products is even further illustrated when you consider how members pay members directly. So the bulk of the money is going DIRECTLY to the person who refers you. Which logically means these products could not possibly hold any real value.

So in reality, money is really just going from one member to another. Similar to how a cash gifting scheme works.

Clearly, the high cost of these memberships is based on the income potential for people who want to recruit people. Not on the value of tangible products.

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System a Scam?

Some would say Leveraged Breakthrough System is not a scam because you can make money. As in, it’s possible to join, promote it, and earn money in the process. Assuming the system functions as it says, of course.

But the fact that you can earn money does not make something legitimate.

In this case, the biggest issue with LBS is how they are selling memberships at a massive premium, for no reason other than to facilitate higher recruitment commissions.

This is not a sustainable business model. Plain and simple.

And legitimacy aside for a moment, there’s no guarantee YOU will make money with this.

You still need to understand the process of internet marketing to get people in front of the offer in the first place. Despite how good these done for you systems sound, it’s NEVER that easy.

Relying on some “secret traffic source” will not help you. And considering they are selling you PLR info courses, you’ll need to look outside of LBS to develop real internet marketing skills.

Does all of this make it a scam? I’ll leave that up for you to decide.


After carefully considering the facts, it’s obvious what Leveraged Breakthrough System is about. Convincing people to buy in at the highest level possible, so they can go out and convince others to buy in at the highest level possible.

It’s certainly not about educating people on how to build a real online business.

So I won’t be recommending this.

I only recommend programs that give people tangible value. So you are not just buying ‘the right to recruit’. You are actually buying something tangible, like an education on how to build a real online business or a service.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this helps.

21 thoughts on “Leveraged Breakthrough System – Scam or Legit Way To Make BIG Money Online?”

  1. Pyramid scheme/con legalized by the sale of a cheap product. Once the scheme runs its course or people get wise to the scheme, those at the base of the pyramid will not see any profits, lose their investment, and be responsible for the same thing happening to those they recruited. Only those at the top will make real money. Assume you are a Gold member ($3,000), you get 50% ($1,500) for each recruit. If that recruit that you funneled to the “coach” buys in as an Ultra Royal member at $21,000, you won’t see half of that, you will still only get $1,500. The coach gets half, the rest and the admin fee get pushed up to whoever is at the top of the pyramid.

  2. This business supposedly sells Business and personal development e-books, but that is just a small part of the business. The primary focus of the business is to join at anywhere from a $3500 to $21000 level for the opportunity recruit others to do the same for you.
    The Leveraged Breakthrough System website is very persuasive. Once you receive an invitation email or phone call from a member you are directed to the website. If your invitation is from a retired Army non-commissioned officer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida be very careful. In case you don’t decide to join right away you will receive many emails from him (they are set up on an auto responder), on a daily basis for 20 days, encouraging you to take action and join. You will also receive emails from showing him receiving thousands of dollars a day or week and how easy it is. One of the email said he would show me how to make “one sale a week”.
    Once I actually joined by sending him $7,000.00 I was set up on the system and given 3 marketing sources. One was a text messaging service that sent text messages to prospects, a service that left voicemails for prospects, and a postcard mailing service. And that was it!! There was no follow up from the retired Army non-commissioned officer. No coaching on how to do this marketing thing for the best results. No checking in on me to see how it was going. He did not show me how to make that “one sale a week”. I did not hear from him unless I emailed him. The response I got was usually only one or two sentences.
    After 3 months where I spent close to $2000.00 on marketing I emailed him about my lack of results. His response was to give me a fourth marketing service. This one was a ringless voicemail service. I found out the hard way that I had to pay for this service plus pay another lead generating service to supply the leads for the ringless voicemail service to use. I sent out approximately 12,000 ringless voicemails and got 6 possible leads. That’s a 0.0007% response rate. That is beyond pathetic!! The sales rep for the ringless voicemail service said I needed to send out at least 50,000 to get any kind of better response.
    I sent the retired Army non-commissioned officer an email about my dissatisfaction with this endeavor and his response was to go on the attack telling me “I am not going to chase after you. You need to get control of your life and your business”. I asked for a refund and of course, he said no.

    There is an old wise saying “a fool (in this case me) and his money are soon parted!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T YOU BE THE NEXT FOOL!!

  3. Let me just say…if the coach calls himself Coach Christian, save your money. He’s a liar, a thief and makes up excuses for his short comings. He touts himself as the best in the industry yet he cant even put a simple word document together with legible english. His ‘coaching’ involves 30-45 days of
    him collecting fees from you, then claiming he paid for advertising for you and then you get nothing but more lies. do NOT trust coach Christian on leveraged breakthrough systems. I understand he’s going out on his own with his own branded site. Beware is all I can say. I may call the FTC myself. Ive recorded all of our phone calls and skype and txt messages. I can prove he is a liar.

  4. Just what I suspected, and guess what – I ALREADY OWN a bunch of low-quality, PLR content, from the $2000 I spend a few years ago, joining one of these “can’t miss” programs!

    I also lost $10,000 more recently, buying into DavorCoin during the Bitcoin craze, so thanks for helping me to avoid yet another rabbit hole!

    • Yeah it’s hard to believe these guys are keeping a straight face, while selling people $21k worth of cheap PLR products.

      Glad this review was helpful and thanks for chiming in.


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