Internet Jetset Review: Proven Path To Online Success?

Internet Jetset is one of the best courses on affiliate marketing I’ve come across.

I’ve published 100’s of reviews on this site, and I don’t say this very often. Nothing is perfect, but there’s a ton of high value content here, way more than 47 bucks worth.

Anyways, I’ll show you what I found inside the members area so you can decide for yourself.

Internet Jetset Review

I was flicking through Youtube when I saw a video ad of John Crestani talking about making money online. Most of the time I skip these ads, but this video looked pretty interesting and well produced.

I was keen to know what it was all about, so I jumped onto John’s website and signed up for his free webinar. The webinar was good and it leads to Internet Jetset, so I decided to purchase it.

What Is Internet Jetset?​

Internet Jetset (IJ) is an in-depth video training for $47 that shows complete beginners how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s stuff for a commission, I know this works, because I do this myself. It’s a simple and profitable business model.

Who Is John Crestani?​

John Crestani
John Crestani

Other than a vague memory of John chilling in his Lamborghini in a video I saw over a year ago, I actually didn’t know much about this guy until now. Well, turns out he’s kind of a big deal.

Apparently, John went from rags to riches by following his passion for internet marketing and never giving up. Like many successful entrepreneurs, he had some setbacks along the way.

Here’s the run down on his story according to Business Insider:

  • Dropped out of college and went to Thailand to figure things out at the age of 21
  • Read “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris (awesome book btw) and built an eBay business which was later shutdown by Paypal for some reason
  • Went back to college and started selling answers to tests to students (lol) and as you can imagine, that didn’t go down so well. But he realized he could make a killing selling information
  • Ended up getting a job at a marketing firm and before too long he was the star of the show, and made the company a boatload of cash. He asked for a raise, his boss said no. So, he did what any self respecting entrepreneur would do, he left that crap and pursued his online business

That’s the general gist of things from what I understand anyway.

Fast forward to today, John is 28, and runs multiple companies which made over $3.9 million in sales in 2016 alone. He also owns his own affiliate network called Nutryst which specializes in health and wellness products.

An affiliate network is basically just a ‘middle man’ between a customer and a product vendor and facilitates the buying process. Much like Amazon or ClickBank.

Anyways, his success is documented on trusted sites like Forbes, Inc, Yahoo Finance and a bunch of others. Not something you see with most product owners in this space.

Forbes Article

Inc. Article

After spending some time listening to John’s teaching and checking out his sales process, it’s not hard to see why he is seeing some incredible success online. He knows his stuff.

But the question is, does he share his valuable insights with you on the inside?

Buying The Product

Turns out buying IJ isn’t as simple as going to the sales page and hitting “buy now”.

There are actually 2 main ways you can get access to this product, that I know of.

You can sign up for the free video course on his website ( for one. This gives you 4 videos introducing you to the concept of affiliate marketing and give you some worthwhile tips. I actually only watched the first video in this series because he only releases 1 video per day and I just wanted the core product. I don’t like waiting for content!

Webinar Sales Page

The sales page for Internet Jetset is actually a webinar presentation ( which is a mix of sales pitch/ training. It did seem recorded, but worth attending all the same.

In comparison to most of the sales pages I’ve come across in this space, this was markedly different. Rather than trying to “push” you into buying the product with all kinds of spammy tactics, you sign up and literally have to wait (I waited over 12 hours) just to find out what you are buying.

Then… you get some useful training and an overview of what to expect after buying.

Upsells After Buying​

Unlike the vast majority of programs in this space, there was only one upsell for $187. This is apparently over 25 hours worth of in depth interviews and training from John and people he’s trained.​ I didn’t buy this myself though because I like to see how the core product performs first.

Core Training Modules​

There are over 12 hours worth of content covering topics such as how to pick a niche, how to get free traffic and how to set up your campaigns to make money. Getting your money’s worth here is an understatement.

There is an absolute TON of valuable content inside this course.

Core Training Modules

I’ll give you an overview of each module below so you know what to expect…

Module #1: Wealth Transformation Series

This module wasn’t available at the time of writing this.​

Module #2: The Online Business BluePrint

This is actually the 4 part video series you get access to for free that I mentioned earlier. As a paying customer of IJ, this is full unlocked and ready to view inside the members area. I didn’t go through the last few lessons because it’s pretty much just a warm up leading into this program.

Module #3: Introduction To Internet Jetset

There are 5 in depth videos within this training module that run for just under 2 hours in total.

Once you get past the welcome video, John talks about “earning commissions within 2 hours”. This is definitely something I was curious about earlier. Basically, he shows you how to sign up for a free Amazon Associates account, and how to grab your affiliate link for a product you like.

He then explains how to go about posting this on your Facebook page. When your friends read your recommendation and decide to buy the product, you’ll earn a commission. He gives an example to follow that he used.

It’s not a longterm strategy, but I think this is a cool way for people to see the process in action. To see that affiliate marketing is real and that it works. It’s not about making tons of money quickly, it’s about getting your feet wet.

This will work if you have a reasonable amount of FB friends and write a good product review about something they would like. So, yes, you can use this to earn a commission in 2 hours. As “hypey” as it may sound in some respects, it’s true.

When you earn your first commission online, even a small one, it’s a game changer. You will be pumped to continue on with your journey so it’s worth trying.

The other videos are absolute gold when it comes to helping people get into the right mindset and staying focussed in your business. Getting distracted is very easy when you are working online.

Introduction to Internet Jetset

Checking emails, social media, stats (Google Analytics and optin rates) and so on can be a huge time waster. John explains why it’s important to keep focussed and gives you some practical steps to get into a more focussed state, so you can stay the course and get better results.

He also provides some insight into why so many people people fail online and how to overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Module #4: Choosing Your Niche

This was an interesting approach to choosing a niche.

There are three massive ‘evergreen’ niches online: make money, health, and relationships. John helps you figure out which of these you would naturally like in a practical way. This helps you get a general idea on what you personally like, and then you can drill down into a more refined niche within these three.

The training then discusses the various affiliate networks you can join and what makes each unique.

Module #5: Google Organic Traffic

This introduces people to the concept of getting free organic traffic through Google search.

He explains the different types of websites you can build, such as review sites and general affiliate blogs. He also shows you some different examples of these sites so you know what they are about and what makes them different. Definitely some good content here.

One thing I like about this is how he shows people the potential within some of the most obscure niches. Some of the awesome niche opportunities I come across myself these days genuinely do surprise me. So it was refreshing to see someone who doesn’t just say “you must be in the biggest niche to make money online”. It’s simply not true. You would not believe what potential exists in some of the ‘small’ niches online and this module sheds some light on this.

He then goes on to talk about the basics of keyword research and how that fits into the equation. He also shows you a unique keyword strategy he uses which I hadn’t thought of myself until now. It’s simple, but potentially very effective. I’m definitely keen to put this one into practice in due course.

Module #6: Free Youtube Traffic

There are 13 videos within this module. That’s pretty much a course in itself lol.

There’s an absolute boatload of high value content within this module alone, and much like the previous module, you get some great examples to learn from.

The reason I liked this, is because you are learning from a successful marketer who is walking you through other successful marketers Youtube channels. This is priceless. Even if you already making money online, this is not a module to be missed.

There is just too much content in this section to explain all of it. Basically, you get marketing insights, strategies, how to’s and and ranking tips among other topics. Massive over delivery here.

Module #7: Free Facebook Traffic

This is a great overview with plenty of useful examples on getting started with a Facebook page. The idea is to create a relevant page to your niche, and post good content to it regularly. I wouldn’t say this module is anything ground breaking as such, but it’s a good beginners course.

Module #8: Setting Up Your Website

There are 15 videos in this module​ that show you the process of setting up a website using WordPress.

This section is delivered by Ashley who’s some kind of blogging coach. She actually does an awesome job of going right through the steps of setting up your website. Once you’ve got a domain name and hosting with WordPress installed, this is where this training kicks in.

Ashley walks you through the fundamentals like setting up your about me and contact pages, the difference between pages and posts, widgets, plugins, email marketing integration and a host of other related topics. This is also like an entire course in itself on getting a website setup for the first time.

At this point in the training, I can safely say that I’m yet to come across a single product between ClickBank, JV Zoo and the Warrior Forum that offers THIS much value. For the price that is.

Module #9: Copywriting (writing awesome content)

This module is delivered by a guy named Ronnie Sandlin who is a former student of John’s. He has gone onto become a 5-6 figure monthly earner and is an expert on all things copywriting.

There are 7 short videos in this section that give you some great tips.

If there is one thing I am always keen to improve upon in my business, it’s copywriting. There’s a reason these guys get paid obscene amounts of money to do what they do. Good content, especially on sales pages and ads, can make a monumental difference to a campaigns success.

This is far from everything you need to know about copywriting, but it’s a good addition to this training and introduced me to someone worth learning more from in the future.

Bonus Content

There are 2 bonus modules in this course which are part of a training program created by one of John’s biggest mentors, Kelly Felix. This is the guy behind the “Rich Jerk” persona you may have seen.

Bonus Content

Anyways, this bonus gives you part of that course and considering it sells for about $500 (I’m pretty sure) I think it’s pretty cool that you get a snippet for free. I’ll briefly run through these 2 bonuses…

Bonus #1: Launch Jacking

Launch jacking is basically setting up a small website and/ or running ads based on the launch of a new product.

This works well because it’s easy to get ranked in Google for low competition keywords. As soon as people start searching “product X review” your website can be right up there to scoop up all the traffic and then send people to the sales page.

The training itself is delivered by a guy named Pyong Kim who is a successful ‘launch jacker’ himself. There are 17 videos in this bonus training so again, big over delivery.

Pyong talks a lot about buying backlinks and using “black hat” SEO techniques though. I mean, it’s fine for a “one off” launch jacking website. But if you’re trying to build an authority site for the longterm, I don’t recommend buying any backlinks whatsoever.

Bonus #2: Authority Sites

There’s over 90 minutes worth of video training on creating an authority website here. These are sites designed to cover a relatively broad range of topics and in this case, promote affiliate products. He covers niche selection, choosing a product, setting up your site and content creation among others.

The Super Affiliate System

I haven’t purchased or reviewed the Super Affiliate System. But it looks like a bigger, more advanced affiliate marketing course that teaches you paid traffic strategies.

There’s also a coaching element which could be very worthwhile. I’m pretty sure (don’t quote me) that this sells for somewhere around $5k.

While that is a hefty price tag, if this training is anything to go by, it could be worth it.

Addittional Training and Support

On top of the core training, you can also access the archived webinars they’ve done so far.

The other cool thing worth mentioning is the support. They have a Facebook commenting system for asking questions below each lesson, and I’ve seen John personally respond to people. Not always, but he does respond which is pretty cool.

There’s also an active forum you can join specifically for this course which seems helpful in some respects. Miles ahead of most products at this price, that’s for sure.

Final Thoughts

Hands down, this is one of the best training courses I have been through at this price point.

There’s so much high value training in this course, that you could easily spend a week going through it. Longer if you apply everything as you go. I went through as much training as possible for this review, but I’ll probably go back over some topics later.

I personally like John’s training style too. It’s not all “mindset” and it’s not all “how to”.

It’s a healthy balance of both with a solid amount of actionable insight. He doesn’t hold back on the details either. You are shown many examples throughout which makes it easy to follow the training.

Creating a successful online business is a journey, and it won’t just magically happen overnight. No matter how good the product is. But if you are hungry for results and willing to put the effort in, this training will help you.

2 thoughts on “Internet Jetset Review: Proven Path To Online Success?”

  1. Wow, that’s a great review. I joined Internet Jetset about three months ago, and have recently created a review website, with Internet Jetset being one of the reviews.
    I have a feeling I am keeping my reviews too short, though. You have so much excellent information in yours. Thanks.
    p.s. Internet Jetset is definitely worth the $47 price tag for anyone considering joining.

    • Hey Georgina,

      Thanks! You don’t have to go this in-depth though. This was just an solid program and I really wanted to share what I found with folks.

      There’s no real set word count. Despite what some say. It’s really about two things: relevance and depth. Make sure your content is the most relevant in terms of the main keyword and it’s associated keywords, and try to give people the most ‘depth’ possible. As in, well researched and helpful content.

      I took a look at your blog and well done, looks good! All the best moving forward and thanks for commenting 🙂 Cheers


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