Instant Email Empire – Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]

Looking for an honest review of Instant Email Empire?

Let me start by saying I’m not promoting this.

So I am just going to be giving you my unbiased opinion on what this is all about, to help you decide if it’s legit or just another scam.

Sound good? Ok, let’s dive in…

Instant Email Empire Review

I first came across Instant Email Empire via an email I received the other day. Basically saying I could start making tons of money on autopilot following a simple new system.

Sounds cool, but that’s pretty much what they all say.

Anyways, I clicked the link in the email which took me to the sales page (located at

Sales Page

Apparently, on this page, you’ll learn how to make $125 per day by “sending simple emails”. And all you need to do is “duplicate” this person’s success.

The video starts off with a news report which, to be honest, was a red flag right there. Because every single time I see a site using a news report within the sales content, it was less than legit.

In any case, this is basically just a compilation of generic ‘work from home’ news clips.

So they are real, but they have nothing to do with the program itself. Rather, this is a way to imply the program is somehow being ‘featured’ in the news when it’s not, to build credibility.

After this, a man named ‘Bobby’ introduces himself as an internet guru who’s made over $1.4 million online…


He talks about how he was once like you, but now he’s super successful and he’s going to share his money-making secrets with you. Again, this is a pretty ‘run of the mill’ story I’ve seen many times before.

And it turns out he’s really just an actor from Fiverr. This person was paid to ‘pretend’ like he’s an internet millionaire. But he’s really just an actor selling cheap Fiverr gigs.

Not cool.

Anyway, the remainder of the video goes on and on about how much money you can make, how easy it’ll be and so forth. The usual hype I’ve come to expect in this space after reviewing hundreds of programs over the past few years.

So we’re definitely not off to a good start with this ‘system’.

But let’s take a closer look at how it works to see if it’s legit or not…

How Does Instant Email Empire Work?

The first step is putting your name and email into the form on the sales page.

From here, you wind up on a page that asks you to spend $34 to “fill your account with 5,000 hungry subscribers”.

As you probably know by now, this system is all about email marketing. So you will need subscribers and that is certainly cheap for that many subscribers.

However, the quality of these subscribers is another story.

At that price point, there’s no possible way these are high-quality subscribers. And you don’t know where they came from either, which is concerning.

If no proper consent has been given, then you could end up in trouble for spamming, which can cost you $10,000’s in fines.

Anyways once I was inside the member’s area, I realized that this is almost exactly the same as Guaranteed Income Machine and Guaranteed Email System. Both of which are scams and both of which are now defunct.

Which is likely what has prompted this ‘reboot’ under a new name.

The sales pitch is exactly the same, and the way the system works is very similar. So I encourage you to read either (or both) of the above reviews to get a ‘point by point’ explanation on how the system works.

But in a nutshell, here’s how Instant Email Empire (IEE) works:

  • Signup
  • Pay $34 for some low quality email leads (and a LOT more as you go along)
  • Purchase a $29 per month Builderall subscription in order to send out mass emails
  • Promote Instant Email Empire through a duplicate website to earn commissions

Your main job is building your email list and using ’email swipes’ (pre-written emails) to promote IEE.

Whenever someone clicks on a link within an email you send them, they are taken to the same page you joined through. Except it is uniquely coded to you and as a result you earn a $0.20 commission for that click/ visit.

Then, if anyone joins as you did and purchases a Builderall subscription, you earn a commission on this. And more commissions if they buy any upsells within Builderall.

This is definitely a legit company, which means you can earn money as a Builderall affiliate. And you are promoting a real service, which is good if you want to be in business long term.

So to sum up how this system works…

The first step is to join Instant Email Empire, and start promoting it via email. When you do this, you can potentially earn on both clicks and Builderall affiliate commissions when people ‘activate’ their account as you did.

While it is possible to earn money this way, there are some major drawbacks…

Verdict- Is Instant Email Empire a Scam?

Instant Email Empire is not exactly a scam, but it’s definitely a bit sketchy in some respects.

The good news is that (even though this is similar to previous scams I’ve reviewed) there are some differences that make this more legit.

For the most part, this is because you are essentially promoting a legit company (Builderall) to earn the bulk of your commissions.

So provided you have everything setup correctly, you can potentially earn revenue from clicks and you can potentially earn affiliate commissions.


The promotional tactics are unethical and spammy in my opinion.

The sales funnel uses misleading hype to convince you to buy, such as fake news endorsements, which is why I would never recommend this.

The other aspect of the system I don’t like is the nature of the emails you are sending- there are on the spammy side. Rather than learning how to do proper email marketing, by giving your subscribers lots of value, you are essentially hitting them with daily promo emails.

Which is never a good way to go, because most people will stop opening your emails and unsubscribe.

Lastly, buying emails from a site like this is not a good idea. You literally have no idea who these people are or where they came from. Not to mention if they even gave their consent to have their emails ‘sold’ to you.

Buying clicks is ok of course because they are then subscribing to you properly. But I definitely don’t recommend buying emails from this site at any point.

So my conclusion is that the entire promo side of this (which is pretty much all IEE is when you boil it down) is ‘hypey’ at best. However, you can earn legitimate affiliate commissions as a result of using the system.

Either way, it’s certainly not the best approach to affiliate marketing if you ask me. And it’s not something I’m going to be recommending to you.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I hope this review has been helpful either way.

50 thoughts on “Instant Email Empire – Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]”

  1. I have been over the $1000.00 required amount to be paid for over 6 months now and have yet to be paid. I email the company responsible for paying you daily, I have yet to receive a response back from them. Apparently, this is definitely a scam. I am contacting legal help with this even though I can’t afford it, but it’s not right for a company to scam so many people. I am retired and get a little over a thousand dollars a month to pay off two car payments and and utilities and insurance and groceries, etc., but I will do without some of these things to get legal counsel if I need to. It’s the principle of the thing. Good luck to the rest of you, I pray you have better luck than I have.

  2. Hi my name is Sandra. I to was scammed by this Company. I never made any commissions for sales only the clicks. In the beginning I would project earnings from 5.00 to 9.00 a day, this kept me interested enough to continue paying the 27.00 to 34.00 a month to reach a thousand dollars and be paid. as my mailing list grew larger up to twenty thousand or more I can’t remember now the click amounts went down to 2.00 – 3.00 a day. Of course there was noone to ask about this. (This should be the biggest red flag of all.) To make a long story short and end this nightmare once and for all my opinion is yes it is a big scam you will reach a 1000.00 dollar mark but you will not get paid!! in the end you have noone to blame but yourself for doing something everyone said don’t do! Last but not least you have noone to bitch too about what you did!! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

  3. Well folks. I have exceeded the 1000 dollars required and can’t get paid. I have emailed both the company that is supposed to be responsible for payment and The payment company never responded to the email and those great folks at say that’s not our problem. So get the word out tha this is absolutely a scam.

    • I also supposedly made over $1000.00 and the company will not pay me. I sent emails to Instant Email Biz and the company that is supposed to pay and got no response. I was soon locked out of both company emails. So this is definitely a scam. Don’t waste your time on it. You will waste your time and not get paid.

  4. Good morning,
    I often wondered about this web site. Was it legit or was it a SCAM, after reading this article it is definitely a “scam”. No one ever called and I saw was them constantly asking for money, in which I DID NOT send. Just had the gut feeling. Thanks again for the article.

    • Yes, it is a scam, I have spent almost $500. I tried to get my money back by clicking every day. Eventually, may last payment was not confirmed and I am looked out from the website. Wen I started there was a $1000.00 minimum to get paid, now it is $3000.00. So here it is a SCAM!

  5. Please let us know if this program is legitimate we are scared to continue because no one has ever made it easily from my country Nigeria.Kindly clarify us.Thanks.

  6. I paid the $27 to start I only make two maybe three dollars a day they expect me to believe that out of three thousand people that I send a email out to that only ten or fifteen people click on email that I send out to three thousand people I think that they are not giving me all the credits for all the clicks I generate. I think that they are short changed me.

    Kick start is what showed up for who charged my debit card for payment for the email company. They tried to charge me extra money. Is what I did is called my bank and I got my money back. They will get in your pocket if you let them. Just call your bank and they will get your money back for you.

    And no I don’t get $125 a day I only get $2 or $3 a day my opinion they are full of shit they miss represent the money you will make.

    • Craig, by chance have you earned enough to take a withdrawal yet? Just asking because I paid to get in the system and yeah I’m 25 days, my commissions say $225 but later found out I can’t do anything until I’ve earned $1000.

  7. Instant Email Biz is a fraud!! Clickbank was promoting this vendor, but dropped them so Clickbetter picked them up. They do require you to pay a monthly fee to be a member, but they DO NOT PAY YOU after you work to earn the money. I earned my first $1000.00 in early August, and they never paid me.

    I continued to work on this until now, and the amount I have earned is up to $1400.00 now. I have entered a support ticket to ClickAggregators, Clickbank, Clickbetter and they do not respond back. I sent in all the info they said they need, but nothing happened.

    This is a SCAM, so don’t make the same mistake I did. I also paid extra for sending twice a day ( $70.00) and extra emails, so I am ticked!!! When you contact Clickbetter, they claim they do not know how to get in touch with these people. Another scam! It’s their vendor, so of course they know how to get in touch with them. I am so frustrated!

    • I too worked with company, finally got $1,000 threshold earned, sent in my banking info and was told processing takes 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, like you said “what’s going on here?” Customer service is horrendous only when you ask about your money.

      However I discovered Clickbetter is NOT who pays you. They are only the vendor. If you look closely on the “check your commissions” page, you will the company that handles the payroll for all this is They are the ones who ask for your banking paperwork and pay you. Knowing this and determined to get paid, I decided to be to be the squeaky wheel to get their attention.

      It took 6 weeks of emailing 3-5 times per day for 6 weeks before I got a “sorry for the delay” email with no explanation other than they were processing my payment which by that time was my $1,000 threshold plus one additional month but I DID GET PAID. However, the promise of earning $125/day is nowhere near the truth because like most of us, that’s what drew me in. Though you get paid $.20 per click for everyone who looks, the conversion rate for me was 0%^ as far any purchases. So my earning my threshold took months because they were all looky-loos, .20 /click. I continue to weed through the mess hoping to find something worthwhile.

  8. When you purchase the system it says try for 90 days. I received a notice exactly 30 days later for a renewal fee. The system shuts off unless you pay.

  9. Simple answer. It’s a scam. Same emails get used over and over again. As of today I get around 20 to 30 emails offering this program as a way to make money even after I joined.

  10. I am just about to the payout amount of $1000 so I will let others know if it does actually pay. But I can say my experience has been the best of almost any other opportunity I have tried. Like most I have seen and experienced companies that are not worth my time, money or effort. But for now, I just don’t agree with this review.
    Here is what has been my experience. I consistently make money with less than 5 minutes of work per day. I am not hounded about upgrading although I did choose to upgrade to 2X daily and I have purchased some leads that have paid offer pretty dramatically both in the .20 pay and purchasing the system and upgrading. There was one slight payment issue and support resolved it in less than 24 hours. I agree with Crystal communication is key!
    I can understand others may have had different experiences but until I see any of the mentioned issues I am going to hold the line and continue to promote the business in a positive way. I know many consider doing bad reviews to promote your own business to be a valid way to market I just don’t.
    I will let you know how the payout goes on my first $1000!

    • I am having a problem getting into the member area this am and I need to send 2x today as usual.What has gone wrong? Beth Williams

  11. Tim, I am trying to reach your page but when I click “lets get started” on the second page I get a black screen…..PLEASE HELP!

  12. I have to say something about that it’s all bullshit and scam!! I spoke on the phone with a person named Chris was rude paid $34 and could do nothing not even sending an email! Suppose to have at least 500 subscribers with that price all vanished! would definitely not recommended !

    • I started with this company April 2019. I’ve generated about 800 dollars in commissions. I really like the system. Really all it is Follow the directions. Read an send a ticket if you have questions. The Real Money comes when you Partner with the system. I just Partnered so I’ll update results soon. Also it’s very confusing how to set up your clickbank link an connect the two. I HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM. Clickbank has traing on this subject. Thanks hope this help alittle. This IS NOT A SCAM. Communication is KEY

        • I have reached my first $1000 but I have not yet been paid. I was told I have to send in my ID, my bank information, a W-9 form and your social security number before they will pay you. And who knows if they really Will pay you. I do not feel comfortable giving out my bank info. What should I do?

  13. I need the contact number so I can get my money back because it’s too much investment in it and if you don’t have the money I would strongly suggest that you don’t get involved but you do make money it’s not a scam but if you have the money to invest by all means go at it cuz you’ll get it

  14. This Definitely is a scam I have $218.80 it says I earned but when I signed up they never said I would have to pay $34.00 again to upgrade and that they would deactivate my account this is definitely a Big Scam and I am turning this over to the Better Business Bureau if I can figure out address and etc on this COmpany and Also I am going to report this to my Bank as well to get my Money Back from this Fraudulent Company that is a Scam

  15. Called Sara price she post help me with any problem and she told me she could not help any that should contact y’all they took the money out of my account

    • I called Sara price she was the one post help put when I call her she told me there was nothing she good do they took my 34.00 out my bank account .they finish setting up my and now they they need a another 34.00 to up grade it and I said no

  16. I m a sucker I fall or won’t to fall for this crap one system or another. Must if the time I recognize to lame bs videos that make big promises but don’t tell you anything just a bunch of hype. Or selling affiliate links the you can just get for free from and site. Like bang bang profits. The all operate From Click bank who like to also add hidden cost and trick you into them when Purchase one of their products. Good news is that that are good for the refund. Which I can’t say the same for warriors plus . Ijv zoom I’m affiliate through but never bought or sold anything through them so I can’t vouch for them one way or another.

    I’ve tried many. Only a couple burnt with out a refund. The only good thing that came out experience with affiliate marketing is that I rediscovered my passion to write. I write on 5 blog on free sites blogs Haven’t made any money but maybe someday.

    And the Insta email saying it was only $34 I got sucked into another order for a clone site but I can send them to my blogs and maybe I’ll get readers. The long and the short of it it’s all BS every system every product much better off.

    I you want to try to do the work go to each site you want to get affiliate through as usually if they look at Walmart affiliated or Amazon affiliate or whatever and it’ll take you to a place we can apply and it get a link for free. You can make for free web blog and WordPress medium in for free because that’s basically there giving you with any affiliate scam.
    the hard part is getting traffic and customers. This email business maybe good for that good luck .

  17. hey everyone well, i am a total sucker it seems for these programs for making money online and it seems i am a magnet for all the ones that are scams and youll see why as i share my experience. im so glad i found this review and i think ill be able to add some important info to whats already been said.

    Putting my foolish pride aside ….. i bit hook line and sinker. i paid the 29.00 fee through builderall as i was told they were the email platform that sent out all the emails. then i upgraded to the 49.00 a month business account through builderall in order to be able to clone my own site and be able to start sending my own traffic paid or free to my cloned site. and i did send quality targeted paid traffic 2 different times with 0 results .

    During this time i also upgraded to be able to send 2 emails aday instead of 1 and double my commissions (according to them) and never saw a change in # of clicks per day, you would think i would of pulled out then right? nope , then i got their emails about their new “gauranteed ads co op ” so ya i went and bought 100 clicks and i waited and waited and waited………and waited. nothing i sent numerous support tickets and emails with no response. so i decide to go talk to builderall cause i figured maybe they could tell me about all the traffic i had sent to the cloned site and explain to me maybe something as to what was going on.

    Someone contacted me from their support staff and i explained what my issues were and if they could help me. their response was shocking to me. i was told that builderall was not in any way affiliated with or connected to I.E.E. not only that but they told me they did not handle and send any emails whatsoever for instant email empire. so i was completely dumbfounded. i did recieve one response from i.e.e. support staff regarding the paid clicks i bought through their ad co op. another surprise , i was told that they no longer were they going through builderall and they would not be paying any commissions any more, and i was told that they were now working with clickbank and that is where i would be paid any commissions from now on and that i needed to open a free account with click bank to get a c.b. i.d and then send my i.d. to them so they could start advertising my cloned site and i could start being paid my commissions.

    It’s embarrassing to say and admit this but its all true and i can proove it. it sucks because there doesnt seem to be anything that can be done to these guys . although it would be very satisfying if i would happen to run into MR BOBBY himself the fivver guru just wlking on the streets sometime ……. you no it could happen….. lol so i could introduce myself . … sorry im so longwinded . i will say that im more determined than ever to succeed online as a internet marketer, cause for all the scams ive bought into, im actually learning bit by bit the way this all works . so i hope this helps someone maybe to not do the same thing .

    • Thanks for sharing Jason, I’m sure many folks will benefit from your experience here and don’t worry, most of us have lost money to crap like this at one point or another.

      All the best going forward and thanks again for your comment.

      P.S I hope you don’t mind but I added some spaces into your comment to make it easier for people to read.

  18. I tried this online make money scheme. I gave no idea what emails were sent or to whom since there is no way to track it. I have repeatedly requested to be unsubscribed from his emails yet I still get the emails daily, as much as 3-4 each day.
    Do I recommend this scam, HELL NO. And if you subscribed to Builderall, I would definitely cancel the subscription. It’s a waste of money.

  19. I have been trying to upgrade and clone myself send Jan 7th.I have paid$30.00 for 50 visitors that I did not get and know I’m not making each when I sent out my email. What is wrong can someone help me

    • Hi. My name is Natalie. I had the same issue because i didnt know how to add my clone link to the purchase so. I emailed them directly got a reply so send them my link and they told me with in 3 day it would be added and it was… I even made a few sales.


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