Home Income System Review (Legit $400 Per Day System?)

Whoever says they don’t wanna make easy money online, is probably lying.

I mean, if I could just “plug in” to a secret money making system, push a few buttons, and watch the money pour in on autopilot… I’d be pushing those buttons all day long!

And this is basically what a guy named “Kevin” says his system is going to do for you. He says you can make an easy $400 per day online, just by using his simple push button system.

Is it legit or just another scam?

Home Income System isn’t exactly a scam, because there is some value in the system. But most of what is said in the sales video is just clever marketing. In reality, it’s those selling this system who make the most money, at the expense of those who buy it.

In this review, I’ll share my thoughts on this system with you, so you know what it’s about and how it works. This way, you can make a more informed decision either way.

Home Income System Review

I came across the Home Income System website today while surfing the web. The site consists of a sales video, which is presented by a guy named Kevin.

He doesn’t really explain much in the video. He mostly just goes around and around in circles, talking about how easy it’s going to be to make money with the system.

Anyway, eventually, he asks you to fill out a form that pops up underneath the video that asks you for your name, email and phone number. Which to be honest, is probably not the kind of information you want to be handing these people all things considered.

In any case, I took the chance and filled out the form, at which point I was immediately taken to a second video. Which (like the first one) contains very little substance.

This video repeatedly claims that lots of people are making money with the system.

Ad Link Posting on Home Income System Sales Page
Home Income System Sales Page

Yet provides no real proof of this. It was obvious to me that the people in the video are really just actors. Which is very common among scam sites, since real people aren’t making money with it.

Anyways, Kevin does eventually get to the point of what this system is about.

He says the system is all about “ad link posting”. Which is really when this went from bad to worse.

Because that’s not a real business model at all. It’s kind of just a shady way to explain something called affiliate marketing.

Let me explain…

What’s Home Income System About?

Home Income System is an online money making system that, according to the presentation, can make you $400 per day. The creator of the system, Kevin, says all you need to do is post ad links to make hundreds of dollars per day.

But ad link posting isn’t a real thing.

This is something these people made up, to sell you their system for $97.

How do I know it’s not real?

Because firstly, I’ve exposed so many of these fake link posting systems over the years that I created an article exposing link posting as a total scam. If you have any doubts about what I’m saying, do yourself a favor, and read that article before doing anything else.

Second, what they’re really selling you on here, is called affiliate marketing. Which is a business (not a job) where you earn commissions selling other people’s stuff online.

This is how I earn a living, like many others, so it’s definitely legit.

But there’s no such thing as a push button system that will make you $100’s per day doing affiliate marketing. Believe me, I’ve learned this the hard way.

It takes time, effort and persistence to make money this way. Like anything worthwhile. Unfortunately, people who sell you on the “shortcut” approach are just trying to profit off of your inexperience. They are hoping you don’t do your research before buying.

How Does Home Income System Work?

Home Income System essentially works by selling you the dream of making easy money from home. And as I said earlier, it’s a popular one.

Most people want the shortcut method. And if you’re new to the world of making money online, you may still believe push button systems work.

Well I’ve tried 100’s of systems over the years. And I’m yet to find one that makes these claims, that actually works as promised. They’re all BS.

Ad Link Posting Steps

Anyways, according to Kevin, all you need to do is follow “3 super easy steps” to start making money:

  1. Follow the step-by-step training
  2. Choose an “ad link posting company” to work with
  3. Spend your profits

He says that just by following these steps you can be making $400 or more per day on complete autopilot. Just sit back, relax and watch the money pile up.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, the good news is, you can earn money posting ads online.

The bad news is, it’s not as easy as this site makes out. If you want to be successful, you need to learn real skills, from real people who are making real money online. And you need to apply what you learn consistently if you want results.

So it’s possible to make money this way, but it takes effort.

Unfortunately, sites like this do a good job of over-simplifying the real process of affiliate marketing. Because it makes it more appealing for people to buy.

I guess it’s similar to marketers who sell “magic weight loss pills”. They know most people want the quick fix to losing weight, so that’s what they sell. Even though it doesn’t work. What works, is a healthy diet and exercise, just like it always has.

The question is, what will you do?

Will you buy into the hype or will you make a decision to learn how to build a real business online. And start putting your effort into something that (actually) works?

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That’s a decision I came to terms with a few years ago and it completely changed my life. Before that, I was always looking for a good “system”, which never worked out.

Is Home Income System a Scam?

No, I don’t believe Home Income System is an outright scam.

Simply because it’s possible you might learn something in the course. And $97 isn’t a huge amount of money, especially considering there’s a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

With that being said, the sales pitch is a bit misleading in my opinion.

Because as I said earlier, ad link posting isn’t a real thing. It’s just a clever “hook” these people are using to sell you a system that is really about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, it’s just not as push button easy as this site makes out. So if this is something you want to do, be prepared to put the work in. Like any new skill, it takes time and effort to master.

So I won’t call this a scam, but I won’t be recommending it either.

I personally feel that there are far better quality, more ethical programs out there that really show you how to do affiliate marketing properly.

Sites that don’t pretend to be giving you a push button system, but rather teach you real skills you can use to build a real business online.


What is Home Income System?

Home Income System is an online money making system that claims you can make $400 per day or more posting ad links.

Is It Legitimate?

I wouldn’t exactly call it a scam, but I don’t believe it’s the most legitimate program out there either. Especially considering some of the shady sales tactics the site uses to sell the system.

Who Created the System?

Nobody knows for sure who created this system. The person in the video is just a spokesperson who goes by the name Kevin, so it’s anyones guess.

How Much Does It Cost?

Home Income System costs $97 one time. But if you try to exit the order screen, the price reduces to $77 and then $47 upon trying to exit a second time.

Can You Really Make Money With This System?

I doubt anyone who buys is going to be making real money with this. But you can make money with affiliate marketing in general. And how much you make ultimately comes down to how much effort you put in, assuming you learn from the right people.

Summing It Up

Home Income System looks like a simple online money making system. But it’s really just a gimmick and something that I personally doubt will make you any real money at all.

In most cases, the only people really making money from “systems” like this are the people who are selling it to you. They profit off of people who are new to the idea of working from home and who often don’t know any better.

It’s a shame but this is what goes on.

The key is to educate yourself as you have done by reading this review. Because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, especially when it comes to making money online.

33 thoughts on “Home Income System Review (Legit $400 Per Day System?)”

  1. I sign up for your classes MOliphant1 iam at the part where you make your site and get products in I want to do home product and chirstain products I have two on line business one about take care of you self like exercise and good food protein the others about tech product I need to feel this store with chirstain products or more tech things I talk to best buy they have affiliate programs is just want to promote product of communication text me at [email removed] I want to learn more

    • Hi Mary,

      I’m not sure what class you’re referring to, but if you want to learn the process I’ve used to build an online business from scratch, this is the best place to start. I can’t guarantee you’ll be successful, but this is the process I used to create an online business, so I know it works firsthand.

  2. ‘Home income service’ Is definitely a HUGE scam! The presenter describes his scam in a very convincing way of making money by many online stores websites that are included with the deal for $575. After you pay you will never get anything or hear from them.

  3. Hi Tim. I can not get to the web site after buying this programs….. Help…… the reason I want to do this is because I’m upside down on my bills, thanks to a cheating fiancé…… please get back with me?!?!

    • Hi Rebecca, this is not something I can help you with because I have no ownership or affiliation with Home Income System at all. You will need to contact them about getting access to what you’ve paid for.

  4. Tim I am Steve. A 70 year old retired truck driver of about 45 years. I now live on a very modest SS monthly check. At present I don’t even have a place of my own. READ BETWEEN THE LINES… I need all the help i can get but has He very limited available funds. NEED HELP. I know there ARE ways to earn a decent living without punching a clock and breaking your back. AGAIN ,,, PLEASE HELP.

    • Hi Stephen,

      You definitely don’t need to punch a clock to make money, and you’re right there are real ways to earn money online. In fact, there are a lot of different ways you can make money on the internet.

      I personally do affiliate marketing and I believe this is one of (if not the) best business business models going. Because it’s simple, potentially lucrative and doesn’t cost you much at all to get rolling with.

      You can learn more about how I earn money online here.

      Hope this helps.

      • Hi. I signed up after watching your videos and then paying the $47.00 one time fee. That was 3days ago. Ive searched and searched for the member log in page that I received and I keep getting a popup message saying ” Sorry but this site dont exist. The site info I received after paying the $47.00 one time fee was to go to member.thehomeincome.com and put the Username and Password you have given me. The next part of the membership says if I have any problems to contact customer service at 385-501-7742, but everytime I call a voice message comes on saying thanks for calling the training office. Unfortunatly there is nobody available to answer your call and to call back another time or leave a message and we you will get back to me ASAP. Followed by the message saying your hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time Monday-Friday and 9:00am to 4:00pm Mountain Time on Saturdays. But in your video you state as soon as you signup to call the number mentioned above and that a representive is standing by waiting on your call 24hrs a day. Apparently that is a lie cause Ive been calling for the last 3days even during your business hours but in an estimated 55 calls and no answer nor a call back. At this point Im feeling like you were not honest in your videos based on nothing you said has checked out except the money required to begin in which I paid Im at the point to wonder if your just scamming me and just told me what I wanted to hereto get me to pay the one time fee. In your own words you said I could make a minimum of $400 a day with pushing a couple buttons. So its been 3 days now and I havent been able to make 1 penny or even talk to anyone from Customer Support. Not even 1 cent is way below your guaranteed $400 a day quota. Technically because you made broken promises to me I feel that your $400 a day guarantee should be honored right out of your wallet for 3 days now for a total of $1200.00 . please email me sooner than later cause so far im far from happy, now unemployed and facing eviction of my home by taking your advice and making money off your guaranteed home income system.
        Thanks: Joshua Conger

        • Hi Joshua,

          I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but you are mistaken – those are NOT my videos at all.

          I did not create, nor do I have any affiliation (whatsoever) with the Home Income System or the people behind it.

          I’m not sure if you’ve even read this page or not, but this is a REVIEW I put together about the program. And in the review, I more or less say that I don’t think it’s a good idea to join it.

          Here’s a snippet from the above post I wrote (scroll up):

          “Home Income System looks like a simple online money making system. But it’s really just a gimmick and something that I personally doubt will make you any real money at all.

          “In most cases, the only people really making money from ‘systems’ like this are the people who are selling it to you. They profit off of people who are new to the idea of working from home and who often don’t know any better.”

          Clearly, I am not the person behind this program.

          So if you want to get your money back, you would need to contact the people who sold it to you. I don’t know who they are or how to contact them but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are scammers. So you may need to contact your financial institution to reverse the charge or something. I have put together a post about getting your money back from an online scam that you might find helpful.


  5. Thank you for this infro, I was about to try it just today. But the Lord has me to look into it. That is when I came across your post and I am glad I did. Thank God for you, you help me tonight.

  6. Hi Tim, is great to see an upcoming great individual that is not afraid to say and do the right things when there’s so many get scam out I this world. Thanks for taking the time for sharing and being kind hearted to want to help people out there who want to make money honestly… i admired your willingness to do what is right and standing your ground on those who make money off of innocent, honest, hardworking persons who just want to be able to feed their families and pay their bills. I too almost got caught lastnight… well, it’s a joke to me because I found your posting and I believe and know that God will bless you for taking the time to help other when you didn’t have to do the right thing, you have the work experience , the knowledge .. I pray that the God of Isreal will increase your business because you’re a blessing to others. I wanted to encourage and let you know you’re special, hardwording, kind, polite, strong and willing to go the extra mile to do what’s right, and not afraid to speak out against liars that gain from misleading and making a business for themselves seeing it’s ok to rob, deceive, and lie to make a buck… God Bless and hang in their… if you haven’t already done this… seek and put God first, and everything else will follow in abundance…

  7. Hey Tim! Can we turn your negativity against other people’s make money online offers into something positive? I own a network, and have MMO offers you can send your traffic to. Please reach out to me if you want to optimize your data.

    • I think my ‘negativity’ is turned into something positive, because my reviews help real people avoid real scams. And on this site I do recommend legit programs that actually work.

      So to me that’s a very positive thing.

  8. I paid $47 to this Home Income Program. I am so dissatisfied with the whole thing. The information they gave you can get for free from Facebook, EBay, Instagram etc. Which I had already done. So it was totally useless to me. Now trying to get a refund of my $47 has become a full time task… No one ever responds to my emails. When I call the customer support number I get a voicemail asking for my name and number And customer service is a joke. I would say and agree that I was totally scammed!!! People don’t waste your time and ecspecially your money. Take your family to dinner instead of falling for the Home Income scam!!!! Thank you.

  9. I paid almost $400 to this site and was promised acoach would be in contact to get started. The coach called and set up an appointment that she never made it to. Now i cant get ahold of them. What should i do? Im a mother of 5 kids and $400 is a lot to lose. Please help!!!!

  10. Hi Tim, I want to thank you for your review on “Home Income System” I received an E-mail today boasting a lot of hype about this system. At 1st it sounded good so I went to the TOS. The TOS was mind blowing. My next research was a google search for Scams and I found your site. It was great ..Thanks Again,,Martin

  11. not legit. The customer service is not helpful and will hangup if you your are not available to speak on their time. I cancelled the service after this expierence. Its a shame theres people with no people skills handing their service.

  12. Home income service is a really really SCAM site…pls pls i can give anyone my name and my experience with them..NEVER NEVER YOU subscribe to this SCAM site..everything he say and they advertise here is LIE and they need only your MONEY..BEWARE

    This is the most recent one..they will soon change their site name..pls watch out for them.

    • Hello ~
      YES… Home Income System Is TRULY a SCAM!!
      I got in at a discount, and told these people that I thought this was a Real Ad Posting Job, and
      luckily I got my Full Refund. She said that I could still use the program if I wanted – never did.
      I had this website icon on my toolbar… just recently clicked to find out what was going on with that site, and the page turned red – said that my computer was hacked/locked. Wanted me to call this
      number to make everything OK again. I ignored that message… PC works fine!!

    • Hi Vernette,

      Yes, I show people how to get started online for free here.

      What I recommend is not a ‘home job’ though, it is about starting your own business doing affiliate marketing. Which is where you earn money promoting other companies’ products. It takes time to get into profit but it’s well worth it in the long run.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting!


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