What Is Funnel X Project- Legit $300 Per Day System or Scam?

I received an email about Funnel X Project today and thought I’d take a closer look.

After clicking on the link in the email, I was taken to a page with a video presented by David Dekal. Who says he’s going to give you his $300 per day money making system.

All you need to do is follow his simple instructions to begin making money.

It certainly sounds cool. But since you’re reading this review, I’m guessing you want to know if this is legit or just another scam, right?

Well, in this review I’ll show you exactly what I found so you know what to expect…

What Is Funnel X Project?

Funnel X Project is a sales funnel for various bizopps, products and services.

As of writing this, the bizopps are MoneyLine and Motor Club of America (both MLM). The products and services consist of ClickMagick, Aweber and Udimi.

I’ll explain what each of these are and how they work shortly.

For now, just know that to make this system work, you need to join/ buy the above. In doing so, your aim is to earn affiliate commissions promoting these companies through the Funnel X Project website.

So in other words, you are a customer of the sales funnel. But you can also use it to make money as an affiliate yourself by following the steps.

Let me explain…

How This System Works

Once you get inside the Funnel X Project members area, your goal is to signup with the companies I just mentioned. Then, you’ll need to grab your affiliate link from these companies and ‘plug them in’ to the Funnel X Project back office.

This is because you won’t be promoting these companies with your own website. You will be promoting them through the Funnel X Project website.

So you are essentially promoting the very same funnel you went through yourself. Which means that when people buy the products David recommends, you earn the commission.

Here’s a breakdown of the process to show you what I mean…

  • Signup up to MoneyLine, MCA, and other tools/ services
  • Insert your affiliate links for these companies, into the Funnel X Project members area
  • Promote FXP using your unique FXP link
  • Earn commissions when people buy these (as they follow the same steps you did)

This sounds a bit confusing at first, but it’s simple when you break it down.

In any case, the real question is whether or not it’s actually worth doing any of this in the first place.

So I’m now going to discuss what these companies are about and how this system works in more detail. This way you can make a more informed decision about joining.

The MoneyLine Membership

The first step in this system is creating a free MoneyLine account under David.

Promoting Moneyline

Let me be clear though, you cannot make money with a free MoneyLine account. The MoneyLine website (secure.globalmoneyline.com) claims you get access to ‘tons of leads’ with a free account.

So there’s a sense of urgency on joining, because everyone who joins after you (regardless of whether or not you referred them) becomes your ‘lead’.

But this is just a marketing spin. And quite frankly, it’s BS.

In reality, this is just an internal messaging system that allows you to spam others who join MoneyLine after you. They are not your lead, and they are getting tons of SPAM messages from every other person too.

So there’s very little, if any, benefit in the free membership.

You need to upgrade to one of the following memberships if you want to make money with this system. Here’s the various levels of membership…

  • Bronze membership- $20
  • Silver membership- $50
  • Gold membership- $100
  • Platinum membership- $250
  • Diamond membership- $500

Explaining how the compensation plan works with this company is an article in and of itself. I haven’t reviewed MoneyLine on this site yet, but I did spend some time looking at the compensation plan.

In a nutshell, you earn zero from your first two paid referrals. But you earn 100% commissions on every direct referral after this. So this means you can earn between $20 to $500 per direct referral.

The same goes for people your referrals refer (AKA your referrals from level 2 down). You miss out on the first two commissions they bring in, but you earn 50% commissions on everyone they refer thereafter.

So for example, you miss out on the first two commissions your referrals bring in. But anyone your referrals recruit beyond this, on any level, will earn you a 50% commission. Which means you can earn between $10 to $250 per indirect referral.

Anyways, the real question here is whether or not this company is legit?

In my opinion- NO it’s not.

Now to be clear, I don’t consider all MLM’s a scam. There are some legitimate ones. But MoneyLine is certainly not one of them.

Why? Because there are NO tangible products and the entire focus is on chain recruiting. Affiliate commissions are paid out as a direct result of recruiting others. Rather than earning commissions based on the sale of legitimate products or services.

Folks, this is exactly how a pyramid scheme operates.

You can make money with schemes like this, but they simply do not last. Only so many people are willing to join a scheme like this, so eventually people stop making money and they jump ship. Right into the next ‘shiny object’.

System like this come and go all the time.

The Motor Club of America Memberhsip

Once you complete this step, you then need to join Motor Club of America (another MLM company). This is arguably a more legitimate MLM company.

It has been around for years now and they do have tangible products you can promote as a distributor.

In any case, the membership David suggests you buy is the MCA Total Security, which costs $19.95 per month. Basically this gives you roadside services similar to AAA, but at a higher price tag.

As an affiliate, if someone buys this through you, you earn an $80 commission. Along with addittional income as you recruit people into your downline.

I can’t say I’m a fan of these types of companies to be honest. But at least this is more legitimate than MoneyLine.

Other Products and Services You Need to Buy

Both before and after you get into the members area, you will learn there are addittional products you need to make this system work.

Such as ClickMagick to track your affiliate links and Aweber for your email marketing campaigns.

Now these are both very good and legitimate products. I have personally used Aweber and it’s a great service. And although I don’t use ClickMagick I do know it’s legit and it’s a great tool.

Anyway, the only other ‘surprise’ (that I know of) is that you need to pay for traffic.

Specifically, David recommends buying ‘solo ads’ through Udimi. Which means sending promotional emails to other people’s email list.

This is a very common method of getting traffic and the costs are around $0.50 to $0.60 per click the last time I checked.

So in order to make this system work, you will need to be spending (realistically) $1000’s on traffic through Udimi each month. At least, if you want to see any real results.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this.

Buying these products and purchasing traffic is good and well. But when you start adding this up your true costs are going to be considerably higher than you may have thought at first.

So I think this is important to know. Without buying any of these, the system will not work.

You can use other services though. And (unlike the MLM bizopps mentioned earlier) you can promote these products and services as an affiliate without buying them.

Why Making Money Online Is Not As Simple As”Copying”

Creating a sustainable income online is absolutely possible. And it’s not hard when you know what you’re doing.

But these types of done for you funnels are not always as amazing they seem.

There’s a number of reasons for this too.

The main reason being, nothing is ever THAT simple or easy. If it was, everyone would be getting rich by pushing a few buttons or “copying” someone else.

The other reason is because once a ton of people jump on the bandwagon, everyone affiliate and their dog is promoting the same system. Which dilutes how effective it is.

Most people love the idea of copying a ‘secret system’ because it sounds achievable. And surely if the guy giving it to you is making money, what’s not to like.

While it does pay to model what successful people are doing, it doesn’t mean following their exact instructions will lead you to wealth.

In many cases, this is just a clever way to convince you to buy into something.

Is Funnel X Project a Scam?

Funnel X Project is not a scam.

David Dekal is giving you access to a working sales funnel for zero dollars. Assuming you follow the steps, buy everything you need and you’ve got a good budget for traffic, you can make money this way.

However, I am not a fan of MoneyLine at all.

This is a clear cut case of a recruiting scheme if I’ve ever seen one. So I think it’s a shame that he has chosen to promote this. Because I think there’s some good value within Funnel X Project itself.


You can make money with Funnel X Project and it’s not a scam in and of itself. However by participating in this system you are going to be promoting questionable programs like MoneyLine which I do not recommend.

Also, you will need a substantial budget to sign up for everything you really need to make this work. Such as the tracking software, autoresponder and paid traffic.

What you decide to do is up to you. But that’s my take, hope it helps.

8 thoughts on “What Is Funnel X Project- Legit $300 Per Day System or Scam?”

  1. Very helpful and informative, people are very vulnerable when it comes to a quick pay off. After review I believe I am are geared to make the right decision. Thanks

  2. Wow. Thanx for the insight into this scheme. There are so many schemes that operate in the shadows or grey area in-between nowadays, that you really have to be careful.

  3. Valuable Review,

    I never join any program without searching for a review and I have been online marketing companies and products for 11yrs.

    Everyone is so eager to make money online for “free”, without doing any research or learning real marketing skills, like how to write articles, seo, smm and etc.

    Very catchy title, “Give me 15minutes and I will show you how you can make $300.00 per day for “FREE!” David Dekal, likes preying on the uneducated who are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme without learning the fundamentals of hardwork, like: creating valuable content articles, like this one, seo, smm, and fb ad marketing.

    Creating any business whether online or offline requires lots of hard work, research and persistence. I will join MCA but not under David Dekal.



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