Is Fast Lane Lifestyle a Scam or Easy Road To Profit?

Making an easy $1500 or more per day would be a nice change for most.

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably concerned that Fast Lane Lifestyle is a scam. If so, I don’t blame you. There are some very real warning signs with this program.

Read on to see what you need to know before buying…

Fast Lane Lifestyle Review

I came across the Fast Lane Lifestyle website ( while browsing the net and decided to take a closer look.

I discovered that the domain was registered anonymously in May of 2017 which means it’s fairly new. The person supposedly behind the program is named ‘Tim Fletcher’…

Tim Fletcher

He spends a lot of time in the video explaining how he’s ‘different from all the other scammers’ and how he doesn’t do hype. He just shows you proof his system works…

Except, he doesn’t. Because for starters, he’s a stock photo:

Stock Photo Tim Fletcher

Also, I watched the video right to the end, and there was not one shred of proof about anything. Matter of fact, I couldn’t even find who this person was at all!

This doesn’t mean it’s a scam. But it’s a warning sign nonetheless. You really want to know who’s really behind a program when they want your money.

Anyways, while I was watching the video I couldn’t help but notice the whole ‘limited spots available’ routine I’d seen a on a ton of other scam websites.

Fake Limited Spots

In some cases, this is legitimate claim. In this case, it’s not.

If you navigate away from the page and come back, the ‘limited spots counter’ resets. This is a common marketing tactic used among scams to get people to buy on impulse.

What Is Fast lane Lifestyle?

According to the sales pitch, all you need to do is ‘plugin’ and within minutes you will begin making throusands of dollars. You don’t need to worry about building your site, generating traffic or any ‘other time wasting stuff’.

Sales Hype


As someone who actually makes money with a website, I know that SEO is not a time wasting pursuit when it comes to a website. It is one of the most valuable things you could possibly learn when it comes to this method of making money.

Apparently, this is ‘much simpler’.

You pay the $47 and get access to a ‘profit site’ and you will begin easily begin making $1,500 to $4,500 per day…

False Income Claims

To be clear, it’s totally possible to make that kind of money from a website.

But when someone is telling you it’s as simple as plugging in and watching the profits pour in… they’re full of shit. I’m sorry, but it really is that simple.

At best, this is some grossly misleading marketing. Worst case, it’s another scam.

How does it work?

In most cases ‘programs’ like this give you access to a members area that is not worth the web space it takes up. You get no real training, no support and and you are often left feeling lost and disappointed. I cannot tell you the amount of programs just like this one I have purchased, so I know full well what this feels like. It sucks.

But I like to be sure before I throw something in the ‘scam basket’ though so I kept on digging…

Are Real People Making Money With This Program?

One of the biggest questions you need to answer before investing money into a system is whether or not real people are making money with it. That doesn’t mean it’s not a scam or that you will make money too, but it shows the system works at least.

In this case, the testimonials are completely fake!

This guy claims he’s been using the system and making thousands of dollars:

Fake Testimonial

Funny, here he is on a website called Fiverr selling his acting services:

Fiverr Actor

I was able to identify other actors in the video too so I’m not buying a single word of it. If people really are making such crazy amounts of money, they would not need to hire people to ‘share their story’. Plain and simple.

The Hidden Agenda

At this point I was keen to navigate away from the page. I’d seen enough.

But when I tried to leave, I was ‘locked in’ several times and eventually offered the program for $17. That’s a sharp difference in price considering what they claim this system does. Not to mention, a system with such limited spots!

Here’s what really happens after you buy…

Often with these kinds of sites they set you up for a string of high priced upsells right after you pay. The first purchase is designed to get you in the door. But without buying more stuff, you will almost certainly not make any money.

There’s nothing wrong with upsells as such, but when you need them to make the system work there is.

Anyways, when I tried to navigate away the fourth time (ish) I was directed to a near identical site called ‘Profit With Our Sites’.

I am guessing this is the same program since there are many similarities between the two. It’s also sold through one of the lowest quality affiliate networks I’ve come across known as ClickBetter. These folks process your initial payment.

Literally everything I have purchased through ClickBetter has turned out to be an outright scam. I am not kidding. On the plus side, I have always received a refund so it’s not all bad news.

Important Note: Be careful of purchasing the upsells, as these are not covered in the refund policy. This is where most people get burned.


There were too many red flags for me to want to buy this program myself.

First of all, the marketing is completely unethical. They use all kinds of hype and sneaky tactics to get your money which is never a good sign.

Second, nowhere is the program itself explained to people before they have to buy. Telling people they will “access a profit site” is a complete and utter bunch of BS, so that doesn’t count.

Third, they are using fake testimonials so chances are real people are losing money instead of making it.

I’ve been scammed enough times to know when something’s not quite right. To say the least. But whatever you decide to do is your call.

It’s very easy to fall victim to scams online and lose your hard earned money. So hopefully this review has given you some food for thought either way.

All things considered, the Fast Lane Lifestyle is almost certainly a fast way to lose money.

1 thought on “Is Fast Lane Lifestyle a Scam or Easy Road To Profit?”

  1. you are right, a lady call me on the 25.02.2023, that she is from Robin Temmer closer fastlane, intially, l couldnt understand what she mean by that, she explain certain things to me and it sound interesting, and. ask me whether, l would like to join, the course and obtain the Closer Certificate , it cost 4000€, l told her l dont have that kind of money , and she said , no problem,, she will help me by paying an installment of 200€ every month, till it finishes, meanwhile, she will send me a link to pay the 200€, after the payment, she will send me the link, which l refuse and said No , l already told you l dont have that kind of money. 2days later, on 27.02.2023. l receive an e-mail that, l should pay 5,800€ for coaching course by Rubin Temmer fastlane, something l know nothing about, l did not register for any course or digital marketing. l inform the Lady who called me on the 25.02.2023, and she said, she will tell them to Cancell it . On 28.03.2023. l received a letter from “lnkasso”, that, l should pay 200€ till 10.04.2023, else they will increase it to 357€ and l will pay interest of 1200€ making it 6000€, l contacted ‘inkasso’ but the contact number on their website is a wrong Number, and there is no tel. number on their letter they wrote to me. l then wrote the lady to ask her what is happening, hasnt she Cancelled the mistake she did by registering what l know nothing about. l got a letter from inkasso warning me to pay coaching fee. She did not reply, l try to callinng her several times, is not going through, her line wasnt functioning, is there l realise , the Whole thing is a SCAM. She doesnt reply my whatapp message anymore, but she reads the messages l sent


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