What Is Email Sending Jobs – Legit Home Job or Big Scam? [Review]

Email Sending Jobs is a website that lures people into a fake work from home job.

They claim to give you a “complete step by step training on how to earn money online by sending simple emails”. But this is not the case.

Read on to see what this is really about…

Full Review of Email Sending Jobs

The Email Sending Jobs website (emailsendingjobs.biz) appears to be a simple and easy way to get paid to send emails. All you need to do is pay the $75 and you’ll get access to “genuine companies that really pay you for sending and processing the emails”.

Except that’s not what it’s really about and I have some good reasons to say this.

First of all, this is an exact duplicate of a known scam called Email Processing Jobs. Which is a site I’ve reviewed in detail, so I know what it’s not what it claims to be.

Second, you should never have to pay for a “job”. This is the mark of a scam. There are costs involved in setting up a business, but a job is a job. Do you know of anyone who has ever paid their employer to get a job? I don’t.

Third, the website does not disclose who is running the show and it uses an anonymous domain registration. So WHO exactly you are sending your money to, is anyone’s guess. This is a big red flag in and of itself.

Fourth, assuming this is a business of some kind (because it’s definitely not a job), no one is paying you $25 per email. They sure as heck cannot “guarantee” that kind of money as they claim. This is absolutely ridiculous claim when you know how online marketing works.

Especially when the emails you’re meant to be sending, are pre-written emails as per the website’s explanation of the process…

… you do not need to write the emails on your own because you will get pre-written emails

The simple act of sending an email is something anyone can do, from any country, at any time. Meaning companies can (and will) outsource this menial work for WAY less money.

How Does This Really Work? (not how you think)

The anonymous people running Email Sending Jobs, want your $75 signup fee. Period. Once you pay, you cannot get a refund as per their terms and conditions. That’s what this is about, and it’s why it exists.

Given the red flags, and what I know about these kinds of sites, I chose not to throw my money away at this. So I can’t say for sure what’s on the other side of sending some anonymous person your 75 bucks.

But I can say that there’s only three possible ways in which this website works:

  1. You get an email sending job that pays $25 per email (extremely unlikely)
  2. They give you access to a SPAM recruting scheme (which I explain below)
  3. The anonymous people running the site take your money and run (most likely)

The second option would make this very similar to the Email Processing System, which is a full blown recruiting scheme.

Even the amount ‘per email sent’ is the same with Email Sending Jobs and EPS ($25 per email) which makes me think they are one and the same.

emailsendingjobs.biz 25 per email

With EPS, what you get is a bunch of ads to SPAM people with. Because your primary goal is luring people into joining the same system you just joined.

Spamming people into joining anything (legit or not) is not a good way to build a business. To make any kind of real money, you will be spamming your ads anywhere and everywhere. Which will not get your good results, and will see your social accounts banned.

Not to mention, it will ruin your credibility. Which will have a very negative impact on your chances of building an actual REAL online business at some point down the road.

Email Sending Jobs With No Upfront Investment

During my research, I also found a site that offers people a free way to send emails for cash (emailsendingjobs.net). This site sells people on a similar thing- make money sending emails. But it says you can earn money by sending emails for free

Which is why many people think it could be legit.

In reality, this is a site that collects your personal information (email) and shares it with their marketing buddies for a profit. On top of this, they make money when you “download” their email sending software…


So to “download your email job” you need to complete a series of offers. Which means jumping through a series of annoying hoops such as completing offers, trying products and so forth. They earn commissions when you complete offers and signup for trial offers.

In other words, there is nothing about getting an actual job or starting a real online business on this site at all.

The truth is, finding reliable email processing companies on the internet, is like finding needle in a haystack. I am yet to find a single legitimate email processing job yet. And the reason is simple- real email sending “jobs” do not exist.

I mean, you can technically “make money sending emails” as I explain in this article. But it’s not that simple either.


The Email Sending Jobs website, and similar sites that promise you quick and easy money (like Paid To Send Email) are not legitimate. They are about ONE thing and ONE thing only- making money off of people who don’t know any better.

If you want to make money sending emails, you have two main options:

  • Get a real job from a real company (ie. admin, marketing etc)
  • Learn how to do internet marketing and build a business

Either option can work. I’m personally more a fan of the latter, because I don’t like trading my time for money. There is zero leverage in that. But building a business does take time, like anything worthwhile.

In any case, you will never just ‘plug in’ and start sending emails for money.

With a job, you need real skills and you need to find a real employer.

With a business, you need to learn real skills like getting traffic to an optin page for starters. So you can actually build an email list. Then, you need to learn how to send the right type of emails to your list (not SPAM) to make money.

It’s a process, and it takes time and effort. But the rewards can be well worth it.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for with rubbish like ‘Email Sending Jobs’. The only one’s making money with sites like this are those behind it.

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  1. Thank you so much. I just got a new email and in 1 day I received 15 emails for Emailer job make $700 just by sending 1 email a day. And they know right when you read their email. Look out.

  2. Exactly right content.
    Thank you so much.
    I lost my $100.
    So I request everyone don’t get cheated with this sites.


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