Can You Make Real Money Selling Norwex?

Norwex is a network marketing company that sells eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products. And the people who sell these products are referred to as Norwex consultants.

Most people who become Norwex consultants are just regular folks like you and I, who’d rather work from home and be their own boss than work a regular 9-5. Some consultants started out as customers and after seeing the benefits of using the products, started selling them.

So, can you make real money selling Norwex?

Yes, it is possible to make money selling Norwex products as a consultant. And how much you can earn depends on how much you sell, and how big your team is. But according to Norwex, you can earn roughly $700 to $3,500 per month on average by hosting “home parties”.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the business opportunity in more detail, to help you decide if it’s right for you or something that’s worth avoiding.

About Norwex

Nowex is a global company that was founded in 1994 by Bjorn Nicolaisen. It generates $50 to $100 million per year and has almost 100K consultants as of writing this.

Norwex Website

The company specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products. But they’re best known for the Enviro Cloth, which is a cloth that cleans without the need for added chemicals. Just wipe and you’re done.

It uses a patented technology called BacLock, which is a silver-based antibacterial agent that is embedded into the Enviro Cloth.

So instead of killing the bacteria when you wipe a surface with the Enviro Cloth, it simply picks 99% of it up off the surface. Then, the silver in the cloth kills off the bacteria on the cloth itself over time.

Does this “magical cloth” actually work?

Well, based on my research, yes. There’s no shortage of happy customers, and even some non-consultant reviews of the product speak highly of them. Although there are some complaints too, but these don’t seem as prevalent.

They also sell cleaning paste, laundry detergent, and bathroom cleaner. As well as personal care products like facial cleansers, body lotions, and hair care products for example. Basically, any kind of home product that is eco-friendly.

The Norwex Business Opportunity

Norwex doesn’t sell their products in the traditional way that most companies do. Instead of selling these through retail outlets, they allow regular people to join the “business opportunity”. Where they can start their own home-based business as a Norwex consultant.

Which allows them to save money on advertising since they’re only paying you when you bring them paying customers.

How exactly do you earn?

Well, there’s two main ways you can earn as a consultant:

  • Selling Norwex products
  • Recruiting people who sell products (team building)

The first way you can earn by selling the products. The idea is to host “home parties” where you invite friends and family, and whoever else will come, to demonstrate and sell the products. When people buy, you earn money.

How? Well you first need to become a consultant, then order some products at wholesale pricing. So when someone buys from you at retail during one of these home events, you pocket the difference between wholesale and retail.

Or you can simply refer people to buy from your replicated website, where the company pays you a commission on any sales you make through your site.

The second way you can earn is by recruiting people. Well, kinda. You don’t actually get paid to recruit, because that’d make it a pyramid scheme. You get paid when you recruit people, who then sell products like you. So this method of earning is about building a sales team.

This is where the network marketing/ MLM aspect comes into play. And to be honest, this is where the real money is made. Those who are most successful at this business are those who build large teams that make lots of sales.

It’s not that you have to recruit to make money.

It’s that, if you don’t, you’re not going to be earning the big bucks. Like the people you see on the stage at the Norwex events and so forth. These people all understand the power of team building in a business like this.

How Much Do Norwex Consultants Earn?

How much money you earn comes down to these four things:

  • First, how much product you sell yourself
  • Second, how big your team is
  • Third, how much product they sell
  • Fourth, your rank within the company

If you sell like a trooper, and build a large team who does the same, you’re going to qualify for higher ranks and earnings. The company has all kinds of bonuses and ways you can earn set out within its compensation plan (which I elaborate on in this article).

So be sure to check that article out if you want more details on exactly how you can earn within the compensation plan and what each rank can earn.

Understanding the ins and outs of the comp plan can be a bit confusing. But basically, the more people you recruit, and the more product you’re selling, the more money you’ll make.

What should the average person expect to earn?

Well, Norwex says you can earn around $175 per home party you host. That’s what they’ve deemed to be about the average you can expect to earn.

If you’re doing one part per week (four per month), this would work out to about $700 per month in earnings. Or if you did five parties per week (20 per month), this would work out to about $3,500 per month in earnings.

Here’s a chart that breaks this down:

Week1 Party2 Parties3 Parties4 Parties5 Parties
Cumulative Profit$700$1,400$2,100$2,800$3,500

Are these numbers realistic?

That’s a hard question to answer. But if I’m completely honest, I would say that the majority of people won’t earn this. Because, quite frankly, the majority of people do not have the right mind-set or take enough action to see much of any results as an entrepreneur. That’s just the way it is.

But those who do, tend to not only reach these targets, but blast way past them. So I think it comes down to the individual more than anything. Obviously if some people are crushing it with Norwex, while others aren’t, you can’t necessarily blame on the company.

It’s like that with anything, really.

For example, I do affiliate marketing which is similar but you only earn on sales you personally make. And the truth is, most people who attempt affiliate marketing make hardly anything. Yet I earn 6 figures per year as an affiliate.

I’m not smarter or more talented than the next guy. I just knew what I wanted and took massive action. Until eventually it paid off. Simple.

This is the kind of mentality you need if you want to be successful with a business like this and actually make a decent profit. It won’t be easy, it’ll take time, but it can work if you stick with it. Learn more about becoming a Norwex consultant here.

How Do You Get Paid?

When it comes to selling products, exactly how you get paid depends on whether you sell in person or online via your replicated website.

If you sell in person, you are simply going to be earning the difference between your wholesale (discounted) price, and what the customer pays (retail). Which means you get paid immediately after making the sale.

How that customer pays you is between you and them. It could be cash, bank transfer, or some other method like PayPal. It’s up to you.

Now if you’re referring people to your online store, they are essentially purchasing from Norwex itself. So in that case, the company pays you a 35% commission on any products the customer buys through your replicated site.

When it comes to the bonuses and commissions you can earn through the team-building aspect, this is calculated and paid to you by Norwex each month.

How Much Do You Need to Sell to Stay Active?

One of the unique things about Norwex is that you can “earn” without even becoming a consultant. They call it the 4-Star Host Program and it basically pays you in free products rather than hard cash.

I mention this because, in that respect, there’s nothing you need to do to qualify or stay active. You can just “sell product to earn product.” But for those of you who want to become a fully fledged consultant, there are certain requirements in place.

So, how much Norwex do you need to sell to stay active?

Sales consultants must sell at least $250 worth of products in any 3 month rolling period. If you fail to meet this quota for 6 months, your account becomes dormant and you need to pay a re-activation fee. If you make zero sales in 12 months, they remove you from the company.

And this requirement goes from $250 every 3 months, to $250 per month as you progress in rank. All in all, there are eight ranks within the company. And each rank has its own specific set of requirements to reach and maintain.

For example, the next rank up from the base rank of Sales Consultant, is Team Coordinator. And to maintain this rank you need three personal recruits that make $250 in sales each month, and you need to be making $250 in sales each month yourself.

I still don’t think that’s too extreme but at the same time it’s one of the reasons I don’t like MLM. I prefer affiliate marketing, because you aren’t limited to selling one company’s products, and there’s no minimum sales quotas.

Is Norwex Legitimate?

Yes, Norwex is a legitimate company that sells real products in the eco-friendly home product niche. And they’ve been around for over 25 years now, generating 100’s of millions in global sales, which is more than most companies can boast.

Some people will call Norwex a scam or pyramid scheme, but I personally do not beleive this is the case. Similar to companies like Tupperware and Avon, it’s one of the more legitimate MLM companies out there.

And the reason is because they sell quality products, and they put a big emphasis on selling these as opposed to mass recruiting and peddling a sub-par product. Which is what the scams do.

A pyramid scheme is a scheme where people are just “buying in” to recruit people, who recruit people, and so on. No real value is being offered, it’s all about recruiting.

So these schemes do exist and you do need to watch for these. But I just personally don’t see Norwex as fitting that description. They are very product focussed and operate an ethical business opportunity.

How Do You Get Started?

In order to get started you just need to visit and navigate to the “join” page which is located in the main menu of the site. From there, you just follow the prompts to create your account and get your business rolling.

The site will ask you if you’ve been referred by someone during the process. So if you want to specifically join under someone you know, this is where you do it. That way, when you sign up, you know you’ll be working with someone who can help you build your business.

How much does it cost to get started?

It costs $200 for a Norwex Starter Kit (plus $9.99 shipping). But you don’t actually pay for the Start Kit upfront, you just pay the shipping and handling fee.

This is a unique system Norwex has in place to lower the barrier to entry for people who may not have $200. The way it works is, if you make $2,000 or more in product sales during your first 90 days, the Starter Kit is free. But if you don’t meet that quota, you need to pay the $200.

The other startup cost you should factor in is the $9.99 per month fee for Consultant Office Plus. Which gives you access to your back office and the tools and resources needed to run your business.

What’s The Best Way to Sell Norwex?

Most people who start this business will end up selling to people they know, at home parties. This is the bread and butter of Norwex and other “party plan” MLM companies like Avon.

Your objective is to invite people you know, and people they know, to as many of these parties as possible. And network as much as possible to meet more people to invite.

At the same time, you are going to be encouraging these people to sign up to become a consultant under you. So that when they go out and do the same, you earn money off of their efforts.

So the way most people sell Norwex is in person.

And personally, I don’t like that model. Because I know there’s way more opportunity to sell products online. Because there are billions of people online, and a certain percentage are interested in buying eco-friendly products.

So this can be a lot more profitable and a lot less cringe worthy. Because instead of recruiting people you know, you’re attracting people into your business who are already interested and want to work with you.

It’s not hard to sell online either, I explain the process here.


  • Good company with a track record of success
  • Quality, environmentally friendly products
  • Could potentially make a good income over time


  • I’m not a fan of the requirements to stay active
  • Not much training on selling online, it’s more about home parties
  • I think there are better alternatives to the MLM business model

Summing It Up

Is it worth becoming a Norwex consultant?

I think if you like environmentally friendly products and the idea of selling these as part of a home-based business, Norwex could be a great opportunity for you.

But it’s not for everyone, but there is money to be made as a consultant, as long as you’re willing to learn and take massive action – persistently.

How much money you make does come down to how much product you and your team is selling, among other things like your affiliate rank. But at the end of the day, it really boils down to how persistent you are.

You will meet with disappointment and make mistakes at times. And if you’re not, you’re not doing it right. The important thing is how persistent you are in pushing forward. This is what will see you reaching your goals.

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  1. Norwex may not be a scam in that it sells actual products that seem to do what claimed however they are astronomically priced. The retail price of $20 for a small cloth that costs less than on dollar to make is the scam. Over 40 times mark up when normal retail products are marked up 3 to 4 times the production cost.


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