Is Selling Avon Really Worth It?

When a company gets as big as Avon, it should be no wonder that they have a 90% brand recognition around the world. 

With a base like that, it’s easy for people to get interested in selling for them – I mean, if the vast majority of people around world have already heard of them, it might be an easy brand to sell, right?

But is selling Avon really worth it? That answer is ultimately based on personal opinion. However, Avon consultants have the opportunity to earn up to 50% commissions on a variety of beauty and lifestyle products.

But before you jump in head-first, let’s take a closer look at the company’s background and mission, as well as the sign up process and whether or not it’s worth it!

Avon Overview

Avon is a multi-level marketing company that was founded by David H. McConnell in 1886. It’s also the fifth largest beauty company in the world and the second biggest direct-selling company in the world, second only to Amway. 

Avon has been around now for 134 years and has proven quite successful since the late 1800’s. In 2018, Avon had a total annual sales of $5.5 billion worldwide.

Avon’s mission is – like many other MLM companies –  focused around women empowerment. Their website state’s they strive to “celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.”

This theme is also shown through the Avon Foundation which is a nonprofit organization created by Avon that is dedicated to women’s causes around the world, such as fighting breast cancer and stopping violence against women and girls.

What Do They Sell

Avon sells products in the beauty, household, and personal care categories. This includes things like:

  • Makeup
  • Skin Care
  • Bath and Body
  • Fragrance
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion
  • Wellness
  • Men’s Products

They have a great deal of options in all these categories, which gives them an advantage over other, competing companies, like Mary Kay, which focuses more primarily on cosmetics.

They’ve even started tapping into the CBD oil market, with products like Green Goddess (facial oil). And it makes sense. Lots of network marketing companies are expanding into this niche, like My Daily Choice and Vasayo for example, because it’s a profitable emerging market.

Avon product page featuring cosmetics and CBD facial oil

Overall, from what customers (and former reps) are saying, the products are reasonably priced. However, many people claim that the quality is “hit and miss,” stating that they’ve received faulty, half-full, and/or the wrong products on more than one occasion.

As of late 2019, Avon products were not cruelty free, which can drive some prospective buyers (and sellers) away. However, PETA announced in December 2019 that Avon is no longer testing on animals and is in the process of ensuring that none of their suppliers do, either. 

How To Become a Consultant

Beginning to sell for Avon as a consultant is quite simple. It follows three basic steps:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Set Up Website
  3. Begin Selling

1. Sign Up

The first step is like most MLM companies, you go on the website and you sign up to become a representative. All this includes things such as:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • The name of your Avon representative (if you have one)

Then, you’ll have three choices of what sign-up method you’d like to choose:

  • No-Cost Sign Up: This is a signup that costs $0, doesn’t include receiving any brochures or samples
  • Sign Up with a Contribution: This is an option where you can donate $5, $10, or $25 to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services.
  • All the Bestsellers Starter Kit Sign Up: This option is $30 and gets you things you can use to get started, including some full-size samples and brochures to help you get customers interested in the products.

Then the last step is to pay (if you chose one of the latter two options). You’ll also have the option to add your Social Security number at this point. 

If you don’t want to give that information, you should know that they’re, “required to withhold the maximum federal taxes from your earnings.”

2. Set Up Website

The next step would be to set up your website. As a consultant for Avon, you’ll get your own website to sell your products through. That’s actually the only way that people can purchase from you. 

You do get to personalize your online store a little bit, so it looks (slightly) different from everyone else’s.

And if you have any questions on this, you can go and ask your Avon mentor and they will be able to walk you through the steps and give you some helpful tips. 

3. Begin Selling

Once you’re all signed up, had some talks with your Avon mentor, and set up your online website, you’ll be ready to start selling. 

Avon is not like a lot of the other MLM companies where you have to host parties in some way, whether it be at home or online. There is that option but you’re not restricted to that method at all.

Actually, the only thing you have to do is get people to your website in order to sell products. And this can be done through various methods.

These can include:

  • Telling your friends and family about your website
  • Asking people you know to spread the word for you
  • Hosting parties at home to show off some products (if you wanted to use that method)
  • Hand out brochures with information and the URL to your online store 

The more creative you can get with getting the link into other people’s hands, the higher your chances would be of making more money.

How Much Can You Make?

Selling products with Avon can make you anywhere from 20% to 50% commission on your sales.

The breakdown for those commission rates is as follows:

  • From $50 to $149.99: you earn 20%
  • From $150 to $294.99: you earn 30%
  • From $295 to $439.99: you earn 35%
  • From $440 to $924.99: you earn 40%
  • From $925 to $1574.99: you earn 45%
  • $1575 and up: you earn 50%

These amounts are per campaign, and a campaign for Avon lasts two weeks. So, these amounts are not cumulative, it’s how much you sell every two weeks. 

So for example, if in one campaign you make $200, you will be paid $60 off of that. And if you make $2,000 in the next two weeks, you will be paid $1,000 off of that. 

Avon is also like most other MLM companies where you also get commissions from a downline. Depending on the size of your downline, you can earn 3% to 10% off of your downline’s sales.

Another way you can make money is by using your discount. As an Avon consultant you get discounts on products, and you can use that to make money. 

If a customer wants some products, but maybe doesn’t have time to go online and get some, you can offer to get them for them.

You would then go and purchase the product at a discounted rate and then charge the customer the full price, and you earn the difference.

For Avon, you get paid two business days after your customer’s order ships. You get paid through direct deposit into your preferred bank account. 

However, if you choose to use the last selling method we just mentioned, you would get paid whenever your customer pays you. Avon would not be responsible for that.

There are also no minimum requirements for your sales to stay active, but if you have an order that is less than $50, you won’t make any commissions on it. So, it’s best to try and get bigger orders at a time.


All in all, you can make some money selling products for Avon and can really earn quite a bit more if you have a downline.

However, like all MLM companies, there are success stories and there are horror stories. At least, if you choose to start selling for Avon, you have the comfort of knowing you are selling for the second largest direct-selling company in the world which is a pretty good title to have.

In the end, it is a personal decision whether or not to start selling for Avon, but before you jump into it, make sure you are really certain that this is the best way for you to make some money. 

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