Can You Make Money Posting Links for Google?

I’ve come across a number of sites over the years that say you can make money on the internet, just by posting links. As if companies like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy for example, have a “special work at home program” that pays you for every link you post.

This may sound like a simple and potentially lucrative way to work from home. But after looking into many of these sites, I found that most link posting jobs are totally fake.

But what about Google, do they pay people to post links?

The short answer is no, Google does not pay you to post links and ads online. And in many cases, the sites that suggest this are really just trying to sell you something. However, it is possible to earn money with Google in general, and some of the earning methods do involve placing ads and hyperlinks, as part of the overall process.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can legitimately earn money with Google, and how some of the common scams work, so you can see the difference between what’s real and fake.

Real Ways to Earn Money With Google

When you break it down, there’s really only two ways you can make money with Google:

  1. You can earn money from Google (where they actually pay you) or;
  2. You can earn money through Google’s search engine.

Let’s dig into each of these methods in more detail, so you can see how it is possible to legitimately earn with Google.

1. Earning Money From Google

This is all about Google itself actually paying you for something.

For example, you could work for Google as an employee, for which there are many different roles, some of which may involve placing links or working with ads. Or you could sign up for Google Adsense, where Google pays you when people click on those ads.

Either way, you’re earning money from Google, because they’re “cutting you a check”.

Apply For a Job With Google

I don’t think we need to spend too much time talking about the fact that Google hires people from all walks of life, to perform all kinds of different tasks related to running the company and improving their search engine. It’s a big company, with lots of employees.

Google Corporate Headquarters and Logo
Google Corporate Headquarters

And in some cases, they work with people who are not an actual employee, but more like a contractor, who performs certain tasks for them. For example, they work with search engine evaluators which are just everyday people who help Google improve the quality of their search results.

Some of these jobs will obviously involve the use of internet links and advertisements to some extent. Depending on the individual role you apply for.

But I am yet to find a single example of Google offering a job that specifically pays you to go out and start posting links all over the internet, as if it’s a special work at home program.

Use Google Adsense to Earn Ad Revenue

Google Adsense is a program run by Google that pays website owners to place ads on their site, when those ads get views and clicks.

This is a real, legitimate way to earn money with Google without becoming an actual employee. Virtually anyone with a website can apply for Adsense, and it’s relatively easy to get accepted. As long as you have a decent site with quality content, it’s not hard.

How does it work?

It all starts by signing up for a free Adsense account, going through the application process, and if accepted, placing some code on your site. Google takes care of mostly everything else from here.

Google Adsense Website
Google Adsense Website

The reason you can earn money this way, is becauseGoogle works with companies (big and small) who want to run advertisements on as many relevant websites as possible. So they’re happy to pay Google for that advertising. And Google shares a portion of this advertising revenue with the website owners who place those ads on their site.

Is it worth it?

Adsense is a good way to earn a few extra bucks, if you have enough traffic on your site. But unless you have tons of traffic on your site, it’s probably not going to make you that much.

Either way, this is a real way to earn money from Google. And they are paying you to place ads on your site. But only when the ads get impressions and clicks.

Which means you need traffic on your site. And getting traffic to any website, takes time and effort. You can’t just put ads on a site and hope to make money. It just doesn’t work that way.

2. Earning Money Through Google’s Search Engine

This method is all about using Google to make money. As in, Google isn’t paying you any money directly, but by using the search engine, you can indirectly earn revenue.

Here’s what I mean…

Advertise With Google to Sell Products and Services

One simple way you can use Google to earn money online, is by running ads on their search engine, to sell a product or service.

There are billions of people online and many of them use search engines like Google, to find answers to questions and even buy stuff. According to an article on, Google receives about 63,000 searches per second of every day.

So a lot of people use and trust Google. If you’ve ever heard the expression “just Google it”, you’ll know what I mean. Practically everybody uses Google to find stuff online.

And this is why so many people run ads on Google.

Because it allows you to immediately tap into a huge group of people who trust Google’s search results, and effectively sell your products as a result.

To give you an example, here’s a screenshot of what ads on Google look like when you search “best security system for the home”:

Example of Advertising on Google
Example of Advertising on Google

To be clear, Google isn’t paying you to post advertisements or links. You’re actually paying them. So this method is about running ads on Google, to earn money selling stuff.

Now I know that most of you aren’t going to be interested in this. I mean, you’re probably here because you want to make money working from home, not rack up a huge advertising bill!

I get that. But I did think it was beneficial to include this method, because it gives you some insight into how Google works overall. So that the next time someone says you can “post ads on Google to make money”, you’ll know how it really works.

Promote Affiliate Products on Your Website

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you can earn money promoting other companies products online. It’s legit, does involve the use of internet links, and can involve Google depending on how you go about it.

Either way, it’s not as simple as some sites make it sound, and it’s certainly not a job that pays by the hour or per link you post. That is complete and utter nonsense. I know because I earn a living doing affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

Well, let’s say for example you wanted to promote Amazon products as an affiliate. To get started, the first thing you’d do is create a free account with Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates Website
Amazon Associates Website

Once approved, they give you special links called affiliate links, that you can place on your website to earn money. So that when people visit your site, click on those links, and buy something on Amazon, you will earn a commission of up to 10%.

That’s how the process works in a nutshell. And as you can see, you are not earning by placing the link, you only earn money when people buy stuff through your links.

How does Google fit into the picture?

Well, believe it or not, creating a website and putting some affiliate links on it is the easy part. The part that takes the most time and effort, is getting people to visit your site.

Without visitors (traffic) you won’t make a dime.

And that’s where Google comes in. By creating relevant content on your site that people in your niche find helpful, in the correct manner, Google will rank your content in its search results. Which leads to people clicking on your site to find answers to their questions. Which leads to free, quality traffic coming to your site.

Here’s an example of how the search results look when someone searches for “best self balancing scooter” into Google:

Google Organic Search Results Example
Google Organic Search Results Example

As you cans see, lots of results pop up for that search term, and many of these sites are affiliate websites that promote self balancing scooters from Amazon. So the process works.

Anyways, the take home here is that Google isn’t paying you to post these links. But you can use Google’s search engine to get traffic, which can lead to you making money through affiliate marketing, which involves the use of affiliate links.

Check out my free affiliate marketing getting started guide to learn more.

Spotting Fake Google “Work at Home Jobs”

Now that we’ve discussed some of the legitimate ways you can earn money with Google, let’s take a closer look at how some of the scams work.

What I’m talking about here, are the sites that say you can become a “link posting consultant” or some other fake job title, where you get paid to post links directly from Google.

Kind of like this site I found (selling a $49.97 program): Website Website

And sites like this one for example, that are really selling a $97 program:

Example of a Link Posting Scam Sales Page
Example of a Link Posting Scam Sales Page

It depends on the site you land on as to the wording and how it looks. But there are a number of red flags that most of these scam link posting sites have in common.

For example, many of these sites pretend that their work from home job opportunity has been featured on the news, when it hasn’t. And many use a generic “rags to riches” story of a single mom, who’s life changed after discovering link posting, which is also fake.

Along with a whole bunch of other misleading tactics like fake testimonials, pretending “spots are limited in your area”, and on and on it goes.

But probably the biggest red flag, is how most of these sites require you to pay a fee to access the job. Which is a sign it’s a scam, because you should never have to pay for a job.

It’s probably a good idea to just avoid any site that claims to give you a job, that is in reality selling you something. And that is exactly what is going on with most of these scam sites.

They pretend to be working with Google and other big companies, and say you’re going to be getting exclusive access to a work at home job. One where all you need to do is place ads and links on Google to make money.

Some even provide an income calculator on the page, so that you can calculate your earnings according to how many links you post each day.

But the whole thing is fake, and it’s really about selling you something.

I’ve exposed dozens of these scams over the years and provide some examples of these within my article about link posting. But it seems like there’s a new scam popping up every day, so the important thing is to exercise caution with anything that sounds too good to be true.

Why Real Companies Don’t Pay You Just to “Post Links”

It is technically possible to earn money by posting ads and links online, it’s just not as simple and easy as some of these sites make out.

The way these sites explain link posting, is kind of like someone telling you that driving a car is going to be as simple as putting your foot on the gas. You may think that sounds silly, and it is, because that is obviously only “part” of the process (lol).

But this is more or less what these sites are telling people. That “posting a few links” will make you hundreds of dollars per day. When the reality is, it’s only one small part of the overall process of earning money online.

In any case, legitimate companies do not pay people for the simple action of placing a link on the internet. Unless they’re working on some sort of spam campaign, this is just not a real job description.

At an absolute stretch, even if some companies did hire some people to post links for them, they’d likely outsource tasks like this to workers from lesser developed countries. Because you don’t need to pay someone top dollar to copy and paste links.

The other point I want to make here, is that no legitimate company is going to pay you to plaster your affiliate links all over the internet, because that’s considered spamming.

If you try that on popular forums or sites like Facebook for example, you’ll probably end up getting your account banned.

And Google has quality control guidelines in place for advertising on their platform and for the types of content they rank within their search results. So it’s not as if you can just start running spam ads or create a site full of spammy affiliate links to make money. Not a chance.

Whichever way you look at it, real companies don’t have “link posting job programs”.

Bottom Line

There are legitimate ways you can earn money with Google.

Ways that do involve posting links and placing advertisements on the internet. And in this article, I’ve shown you how some of these methods work.

But the whole idea that Google pays people to post links, as if it’s some kind of job that pays you “per link you post” is complete nonsense. Google is not paying anyone to go out and place ads or links (or as some call it “ad links”) all over the internet.

This is unfortunately something scam sites say to sell a fake work at home program. One that doesn’t help you make money at all. But rather, only benefits the people selling it.

I hope you found this article helpful and that, knowing how this stuff really works, you can avoid scams like this in future and focus on real, legit ways to work at home.

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