How to Become a Scentsy Consultant [3 Steps]

Becoming a Scentsy consultant is a simple process, and in this article I’m going to show you how it’s done (in just 3 steps).

Let’s start by discussing the business opportunity itself, so you know how it works and what you’re getting yourself into before signing up.

Scentsy Overview

Scentsy is a network marketing company that was founded by Heidi and Orville Thompson in 2004, out of a passion for sharing amazing fragrances.

They started out selling wickless candles and decorative warmers. And through great products and leadership they went on to create a multi-million dollar company with over 120,000 consultants across the globe, that is dominating the home fragrance space.

Their main product line includes essential oil diffusers, candle warmers, and portable fan diffusers. Along with the essential oils, waxes and fragrance pods that go with them.

This video breaks the products down in about a minute:

They also sell laundry, cleaning, body care, kids and even pet products. Basically anything related to cleanliness and smelling beautiful!

The company is based in Idaho and that is where the products are made. While most companies are outsourcing manufacturing overseas, they’re making and shipping it locally which is nice.

And as a consultant, you can make money selling this stuff. Which is where the “business opportunity” comes into play.

See, rather than sell these products in the traditional manner, Scentsy sells their products through a network of independent consultants. People who love Scentsy products and want to build a business around selling them.

Consultants also earn by referring others into the “business opportunity”. So as a consultant, instead of just making money on direct sales, you can also earn by building a team of other consultants who sell these products.

In the next section, we’ll take a look at how exactly you go about doing this. Then we’ll discuss how much you can earn and whether or not it’s actually worthwhile.

How to Become a Scentsy Consultant

There are 3 main steps to becoming a Scentsy consultant:

  1. Visit the Scentsy website (and click on the “Join Scentsy” tab).
  2. Purchase a Start Kit ($99).
  3. Stay “active” by reaching the 200 PRV (about $200) quota.

1. Visit the Scentsy website (and click on the “Join Scentsy” tab)

The first step to becoming a Scentsy consultant is to visit the company website and navigate to the join page. At which point you will be asked to choose your consultant sponsor:

Choose Consultant Sponsor on Join Page

The reason you need to choose a sponsor, which can be any existing Scentsy consultant, is everything is done by referrals. So whenever someone buys a product or joins the company, a consultant is getting the credit. This is what network marketing/ direct sales is all about.

Anyway, on the join page you are given two options to choose a consultant sponsor. You can search by name or by location.

You would use “search by name” if you already know a consultant who you want to sign up under. And you’d use “search by location” if you just want to choose a consultant who is located near you.

Either way is fine, but you do need to pick someone.

I personally think it’s better to choose a consultant who is both near you and who’s actually making money in the business. Because that way you are going to be able to reach out to them, for help in building your business.

Remember, this is network marketing. So when you’re making money, so are they. Which means they have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

In any case, once you choose a sponsor, the next step is to choose a starter kit.

2. Purchase a Start Kit ($99)

This is where you need to purchase a $99 start kit. The starter kit includes product samples, brochures, guides, training, order forms… basically everything you need to get rolling.

Scentsy Starter Kit
Scentsy Starter Kit

Once you select the start kit, you are taken to a page that asks for your personal details, shipping address, and payment information. And once you follow through with this process, and agree to the terms, you’ll be a fully fledged Scentsy consultant!

Why do you need a starter kit?

Because one of the main ways you’ll be taught how to actually sell Scentsy, is by hosting home parties. The idea is to invite people you know to come to your home, where you demonstrate the products.

And if you don’t have any sample products to show people, it’s going to be hard to do that. Especially since most people are going to want to “smell” the products before they decide to buy.

You also get lots of useful information on starting and growing your business in your Starter Kit, which is why it’s essential. Not to mention order forms so people who attend the party can order products from you.

Along with your starter kit, you also get 3 months free access to your replicated site. So that people can buy products from you online, which streamlines the process. After this 3 months though, this site costs $10 per month.

3. Stay “active” by reaching the 200 PRV (about $200) quota

Becoming a Scentsy consultant is one thing, staying one is another. So I thought it would be a good idea to include this step in the process.

What do I mean by “staying active”?

Staying active means you need to meet certain sales requirements in order for the company to deem you active (AKA qualified) to remain a consultant. If you do not meet these requirements, you become ineligible to share in the Scentsy compensation plan.

How do you stay active?

As a consultant, you stay active by maintaining 200 PRV (personal retail volume), which equates to about $200 in products. And you must achieve this quota within a one month period, every four months.

So for example, if you sell $200 worth of products in February then you wouldn’t need to sell that amount (or higher) again until June.

This 200 PRV can come from personal sales, or personal purchases made at a home party or through your replicated site. And using the logic above, that means you’re spending and/ or selling about $50 in products each month on average.

I must admit I’m not a fan of these types of quotas.

But I also think that this is a very fair and achievable milestone for anyone who is serious about the business and who loves the products. So it’s not a big deal.

How Much Can You Earn as a Scentsy Consultant?

How much money you make as a Scentsy consultant ultimately depends on your efforts and how persistent you are, as with any business. The more products you sell, and the more successful your team is, the more money you’ll make.

But to give you an idea, as a Scentsy consultant, you can earn between 20-36% commissions and bonuses for selling products directly. And potentially more if you build a sales team under you.

Considering these are physical products, that’s a good commission percentage. However, like most network marketing companies, those who earn the most money are those who build large teams. There’s only so much product you can sell yourself, so leveraging the efforts of other people is where the real money is made.

What does an average consultant earn?

According to Scentsy’s US income disclosure, the average consultant earned between $239 and $1,989 during the 2018 year. The lowest earner made zero while the top earner made $961,423, out of over 133K consultants.

Scentsy Income Disclosure

Group 1 is made up of people who actively worked at their business for the whole 12 months, and group 2 is everyone else.

Either way, that’s a pretty big gap.

The good thing is that it shows you what is possible if you put the work in. If some people are earning almost a million dollars per year, then anyone can. Just like you could join and make no money if you don’t follow through.

This is the same with any multilevel marketing (network marketing) company really. It’s just that Scentsy is transparent enough to share it, so kudos.

How Do You Sell Scentsy Successfully?

There’s a couple of different ways you can sell Scentsy:

  • Host a home party
  • Online via your replicated site

The first method is all about inviting people you know to attend a home party, where you demonstrate the benefits of the products. And if they like what they see, they will place an order with you using the order form, and you earn a commission.

This is really for people who love meeting new people and networking. Because you need to be constantly networking and finding new people to invite.

Other companies who use this party plan business model include Norwex, Paparazzi Accessories, and Tupperware to name a few.

The second method is simpler because you can simply direct people to buy from your online store. So you don’t need to mess around with order forms, they buy through your replicated store and you earn a commission.

How much depends on the product you’re selling and how much of it they buy. But it’s typically between 20-36%.

Another way you can earn as a consultant is to introduce others into the business opportunity. This is what the top earners do because instead of selling everything yourself, you’re making money when people who join under you sell products, and people under them.

So yes, this is multilevel marketing (MLM). Because you don’t just earn on direct sales, you can earn on multiple levels of consultants who join under you. And there’s nothing wrong with that either, there are legit mlm companies out there, and this is one of them.


Scentsy is a well respected company that sells high quality products like essential oil diffusers and scented wax candle warmers.

And they’ve built a large base of consultants who share the “Scentsy Spirit” and vision to share these products with the world.

Does that mean you should become a consultant?

I personally think this could be a great opportunity to sell products you love and be part of a group of people who share your passion and motivation to create a better future. But the decision on whether or not to join, is ultimately one only you can make.

Becoming a consultant is simple enough, becoming a successful consultant is another story. This requires effort and persistence, which is why this is probably best suited to someone who’s truly passionate about this company and the products they create.


How Much Can You Make as a Scentsy Consultant?
How much you make really depends on your efforts. But as a Scentsy consultant, you can earn between 20-36% commissions selling products and more by building your team.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Scentsy Consultant?
The main cost to become a consultant is $99 for a Starter Kit. However, there are other costs involved like your replicated site, attending events, and buying products to demonstrate for example.

How Much Is 200 PRV?
PRV (personal retail volume) are points that are associated with a given product. And, depending on what you buy, 200 PRV works out to about $200 in the United States.

What’s the Difference Between a Host and Consultant?
A “Consultant” sells Scentsy products and refers others into the business. A “Host” connects consultants with interested people, by inviting them to a party they host at their home, in order to earn free products.

Can You Buy Scentsy Without a Consultant?
No, you must select a consultant you know or one that is near your location in order to make a purchase or join the company as a consultant.

Is Scentsy a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?
Scentsy is not a scam or pyramid scheme. It’s a legitimate company that sells quality products. It does have an MLM component, but not all MLM companies are scams.

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