Do Automated Money Making Systems Really Work?

I’ve come across lots of ‘automated money making systems’ over the years.

They are absolutely rife within the online world. And while each one is packaged differently, they all promise you the same old thing.

That you can just sign up, plug in and watch the money roll in.

Apparently, everything is “done for you” so as long as you follow a few simple steps, you’ll be making autopilot money in no time.

Sounds awesome, I know.

But this is not how real online business works, so if you’re considering buying into one of these systems, then you are going to want to read this post in full.

Do Fully Automated Money Making Systems Exist?


It is definitely possible to automate a large portion of your online business, to the point you are earning passive income.

That’s one of the reasons I love what I do.

As an affiliate who earns a full-time income online, I have a LOT more time freedom than I did when I ran my construction business.

However, what most gurus won’t tell you is that to get to any level of success, they did the following:

  • Learned REAL skills
  • Put in TONS of effort consistently over time (years)
  • Made lots of mistakes along the way

Yet, these systems will have you believe you can skip these three CRITICAL elements and just “plugin” to get the end result.

The truth is, you will not make money overnight or by plugging into some system. Like anything worthwhile, it takes consistent effort to get results.

This is the reality.

Why Automated Money Making Systems FAIL Most People

Autopilot money making systems fail the majority of people, because they were designed to benefit the people who promote them.

The people who pitch these systems always make them sound amazing, like as if it is “just what you’ve been looking for”.

They convince you to spend an initial amount of money (usually less than 100 bucks) and eventually you find out the real costs are WAY higher. Typically into the $1,000’s or even $10,000’s in some cases.

Thus, the people promoting the system made money off of YOU.

Of course, the idea is that you then go out and convince others to join the SAME system. So that you can profit when they buy. And this is exactly what people who join these systems do, because they need to recover their costs.

It is only at this point that the person figures out the system isn’t working.

Because when you have boatloads of other people all promoting the same online system. Using the same traffic sources, the system becomes very ineffective.

Remember, you didn’t learn any real skills, you are just following the system. So you really have no idea what you are doing. You are simply relying on what the system is telling you to do.

Which is essentially ‘promote promote promote’.

And that is a good way to lose a LOT of money, very quickly. Because you will end up spending a small fortune on paid traffic, in order to make that happen.

There are other types of systems out there of course, such as ‘autopilot investments’ and the like. But when you boil it all down, they all promise you the same thing- quick and easy money.

If making money was that easy, we’d all be rich for doing nothing.

Who Really Makes Money With These ‘Systems’…

The truth is there are actually people who make a LOT of money with these systems.

But these are the people with DEEP pockets, years of internet marketing experience and who know how to promote these offers effectively.

They are not ‘following the system’ themselves, they are using their knowledge to make money off of you, the person buying into that hype.

They have no problems selling you a junk system to profit at your expense. Which is why they make all that money. And they will continue doing so once that system falls apart and a new one pops up.

Not one of the people who join these systems “plugged in and watched the money roll in”. They made their money by learning how to sell YOU that dream.

And unfortunately, it works.

Most people DO want the easy way out because well… it’s easier. Not many people want to work hard to get results. It’s just the way it is.

I’ve been there myself, always searching for another money making system. Hoping that “this one” would work. It was only once I stopped chasing these shiny objects that I actually started getting somewhere.

And the same can be true for you.


It is very possible to automate your online business.

Heck, I pinch myself to this day that I am able to enjoy the time freedom I do with my affiliate business. It’s pretty cool.

But it didn’t start out this way. It started with me busting my ass for months making no money at all. By learning real skills, and working hard to apply them, consistently.

Like anyone who every achieved anything, success online (or offline) is the result of hard work and consistent effort. Plain and simple.

And that’s AFTER you find a legitimate program to show you the way (ie not some BS system, an actual education platform).

In any case, I recommend avoiding these systems at all costs. In almost all cases, they are either scams or low quality junk, designed to generate income for the people running it.

These systems are simply not worth the money, time and frustration.

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  1. Many thanks to you, for your help. I’m desperately searching for a work from home job. I was just about to endorse an automated money system, which is demanding $97.00 activation fees. How about yours.


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