What Is Automated Income Sites About – Scam or Legit $1k Per Day System?

You can make over $1000 per day with Automated Income Sites. All you need to do is activate your account and ‘the team’ will do everything for you!

At least, according to March Harrison, the guy in the sales video.

Thankfully, you are smart enough to be reading this review. Because making that kind of money doesn’t happen within minutes as Marc claims.

Especially not when it comes to making money online.

Anyways, I did my research on this program to see for sure if it’s legitimate or just another scam. And in this review, I’ll show you what I found, so you can decide for yourself.

Automated Income Sites Review

I have to admit, this was one of the most overhyped sales pitches I’ve sat through in a while.

The video is presented by ‘Marc Harrison’, who claims to have made $2.88 million online over the past couple years. And now he’s sharing his secrets with you.

He says you can easily start making $1000 per day or more within minutes of joining the program. On complete autopilot. And even if you can “barely open an email”.

Apparently, all you need to do is work 30 minutes a day to earn this level of income ($30k per month).

Because according to Marc, everything is already done for you. He even goes as far as to say “your account is already setup, you just need to activate it”.

This is complete and utter nonsense guys. Every word of it.

Making money online simply does not happen that easily or quickly. Period. And in my experience, anyone telling you it is, just wants to sell you something.

And when you boil it down, that’s all this is- a sales pitch.

The entire video is about one thing- getting you excited so you fork out $97.

It’s certainly not about showing you how it actually works. I’ve found that whenever someone is asking for your money, yet doesn’t even explain what you are getting, it’s often a scam.

In this case, the only ‘tangible’ piece of information Marc does provide the entire time, is that you are getting a website, hosted with “Host For Free”.

Host For Free

As I will now explain, this is where things get even worse…

What Is Automated Income Sites About?

Automated Income Sites is a misleading sales funnel for a web hosting company known as Host For Free.

Rather than promoting legitimate hosting, in an ethical manner, they trick people into buying a sketchy hosting plan using hype.

According to the sales video, you are getting access to an automated money making website. One that will pump out over $1000 per day on complete autopilot.

You are also told that your account is already setup, so you just need to activate it.

There are two major problems here…

First of all, no one is plugging into some done for you website, and making $30k per month. Period.

As someone who earns a full time income online, with a website, I can safely say this is a giant load of bullshit. Please, do not believe this nonsense for a second.

I can’t even begin to explain how truly ridiculous this is. This is a clear cut case of a scammer tricking you into buying under false pretences.

Second of all, I’m pretty sure the web hosting they are selling you is bogus. I can’t be certain, but I ran a Google search for “Host For Free” and eventually found this:

Host For Free Search Result
Google Search Results

This matches the description. Because both the name and the $97 per year hosting fee line up with the sales pitch.

It’s true that you actually do need hosting to run a site. Yes. And $97 isn’t extreme, especially since you get a free domain with that. So it’s not a scam to buy hosting of course.

However, I’m concerned this may not be a legitimate hosting company. Because their website (hostforfree.net) doesn’t even work properly. Here’s the warning you get if you try to access it:

Unsafe Website Warning

So we have a web host, who can’t even host their own site?

Not only is that ridiculous, but the site is actually dangerous. So web browsers actively stop people from trying to access it!

So to sum it up, we’ve got an extremely misleading sales pitch, that is used to promote a dubious looking web hosting service.

How Does It Work?

The first step is visiting the site (automatedincomesites.com) and listening to Marc Harrison talk about how easy it will be to make $1,000 per day on autopilot.

To get past this point, you need to submit your email, which takes you to “step 2”. Which is really just another video talking about more of the same thing.

Except this time he mentions that you are buying web hosting.

Anyways, on this page, you can click on the $97 buy button, which takes you to a ClickBetter order screen.

Automated Money Sites ClickBetter Order Screen

Why are you buying from ClickBetter and not the web host directly?

Because ClickBetter is a third party affiliate network. So vendors can sell their products through these networks, to increase sales. Because affiliates will now be promoting this offer to earn commissions.

In any case, “Host For Free” is using ClickBetter to sell it’s services.

The good news is, this will be easier for you to obtain a refund. Since ClickBetter do process refunds easier.

The bad news is, it’s further proof the program is sketchy at best. Because this is an affiliate network that is known for housing scammy products like this.

Such as My Home Success Plan which is a program I recently reviewed.

In any case, Marc claims that as soon as you buy, you just need to choose your niche and the ‘team’ does everything for you. So you will have your “automated” income site ready to make you money within minutes of joining.

In reality, even if you do get a site up and running that quickly, which is possible, it won’t be making you money that quickly. Because it takes time to build a profitable site.

The site itself, and the hosting, are only PART of the overall picture.

You also need training to learn how to market your site. Because you need traffic (people) to put in front of offers (stuff you want to promote).

If you want traffic to your site (which you NEED) then you need to create unique, relevant content on your site. Which you have to create or pay someone to create.

Done for you sites do not rank in search engines. Which means you will not be getting much traffic unless you pay for it.

And this can cost your a fortune.

So (best case) you are going to be stuck with a cookie cutter site with no traffic and no training on how to actually make money with your site.

Is Automated Income Sites a Scam?

Yes, Automated Income Sites is a scam in my opinion. The site uses incredibly misleading hype, to sell you web hosting, which itself looks sketchy at best.

It’s true that I didn’t buy the hosting. Because I don’t buy hosting from sketchy companies, my business is too important to me. I already have real, legitimate web hosting, from real companies. So I don’t need it either.

I also know making $1,000 per day doesn’t happen with a cookie cutter site. Even if you do have ‘special cloud hosting’ as Marc suggests in the video.

I also want to point out that your ‘coach’ (the person setting this up for you) is more than likely this is a phone salesperson. This is very common among sites like this.

You speak to someone who you hope is there to help you, but in reality, their SOLE objective is getting you to buy more stuff. Often higher priced products.

If you do buy something over the phone, it will be a whole lot harder to get your money back too. So I recommend being careful buying anything over the phone.


Programs like Automated Income Sites exist for ONE reason- to make money off of unsuspecting people. Specifically, people who are new to making money online and who do not understand how the process really works.

Sadly, these scams often prey on people who NEED money too. Because people who need money are more desperate and less likely to do their homework before buying.

It’s hard to believe something is a scam, when you want it to be legit. And it’s even harder when you need it to be legit.

What you decide to do is up to you, but there is no way on earth I will be recommending this. At best, you are buying a years worth of hosting from a sketchy company that doesn’t even have their own site hosted properly.

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