Your New At Home Career – Scam or Legit? [Review]

Welcome to my review of Your New At Home Career.

I came across this site today while surfing the web, and decided to take a closer look. It is a new site that promises to help you make lots of money online in a short space of time. Which in reality is what most ‘make money online’ sites say.

I’ll show you what I found to help you decide if it’s worth buying.

Your New At Home Career Review

The site ( claims to help you make $500 or more per day, with a simple method no one’s heard about. Apparently, all it takes is 30 minutes per day and you will be making “easy money” online.

To be honest I hear this sort of crap a lot.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of sites over the years, and in most cases the sites that promise this sort of thing turn out to be scams. Or at best, overhyped and nothing like what they are saying.

Anyways, Greg Thomas is the man in the video who apparently came up with YNAHC. He says it is the best “at home career method” you will ever find and that it’ll change your life.

Bold claims.

And just like all the other gurus out there, he says he was “just where you are now”. That is, until he found a way to start making tons of money online. Now he’s sharing his secrets with a ‘limited number of people’.

Oddly enough, the amount of money you can make changes from $500 per day ($15k per month) to $30k per month. Greg says you can “easily supplement your income with an extra $30k per month” using the system in the video.

Either way, that is a lot of money. And while it is certainly possible to make that sort of cash online, it never happens that easily. This is simply not the reality of how online business works and this ‘system’ is no different.

How Does Your New At Home Career Work?

The sales video is very vague about the details of how this “secret system” supposedly works. At closer inspection through, I can see this is all about dropshipping.

I know this because if you punch in the core URL you are taken to a different page: Version 1
Click to enlarge Version 2
Click to enlarge

The second page I found (which is really the main page) goes into more detail about what you are actually buying here. Apparently you are getting an e-book and course on dropshipping with Shopify.

Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce where you earn money selling physical products that you don’t actually own. So you don’t need any inventory.

You basically setup a Shopify store and run traffic (visitors) to it, and when they buy, the wholesaler you partner with actually fulfils the order. It is a relatively simple model and it is legit.

The trouble is, there’s still a lot that can go wrong and there are high costs involved in getting traffic. It certainly is NOT as easy as this site is making out.

The other thing I want to point out here, is that the site is likely just a ‘sales funnel’ for an existing program like My Ecom Club. Because this is what MEC is all about. And I’ve been seeing a LOT of similar sites popping up recently that are really just promoting this underlying program.

These ‘funnel sites’ look like a separate program, but in reality are just setup to promote something else. This is done to make it harder for people to find real reviews, since the names keep changing.

Pay Attention To These Warning Flags

The YNAHC website has some alarming red flags.

As with most of these sites, there are certain warning flags you will want to look for before deciding to buy. Because in my experience, sites that do what I’m about to show you often are scams.

The first red flag is how they use super hyped claims like “you will make $30k per month doing 30 minutes of work per day”. This is beyond a doubt extremely misleading hype and it is a big red flag. Because this is not how real online business works at all.

The second red flag is how they pretend like there are limited spots available. When I first arrived on the site it said there were “8 spots available” but the further into the video I watched it eventually got to “1 spot”.

This is totally fake guys, the spots are NOT limited at all. Simply refresh the page and it resets every time.

This a highly unethical marketing tactic used by scam sites to trick people to buying on impulse. And unfortunately it works because it makes people feel like they are ‘missing out’ on a great money making opportunity f they don’t buy.

The third red flag I want to bring to your attention, is the testimonials. As soon as I saw these testimonials I knew they were fake because I’ve seen these same people on many other sites I’ve reviewed.

Here’s what you will see on the site:

Testimonials for YNAHC

Now I won’t go through each and every one of these. But here’s proof that these are really just actors from Fiverr…

Fiverr Actress
Fiverr Actor

The people that are in these videos are literally just paid actors who sell fake testimonials for a living. I am not joking, this is the reality of what goes on within the make money online space.

It is worth paying attention to this stuff because it’s mostly scam sites that use these sorts of tricks. Legitimate companies do not use such extreme hype and they certainly don’t need to hire actors to provide feedback.

Verdict – Is Your New At Home Career a Scam?

Whether or not you consider Your New At Home Career a scam is up to you. If you do get an e-book and course about dropshipping that helps you build a business then in that respect it is not a scam.

However, you certainly won’t be plugging into a magical money making system no one’s heard about. This is complete and utter BS and this is really what makes YNAHC a scam in my opinion.

You certainly can make money online but it takes time and effort.

Anyone promising you “quick and easy” money is trying to take advantage of you. The real goal of sites like that say this is to make as much money off you as possible, rather than help you get started online properly.

What you decide to do is up to you, but that’s my take. Hope it helps.

9 thoughts on “Your New At Home Career – Scam or Legit? [Review]”

    • For sure there definitely are legit programs out there. The key is to avoid anything that is promising you “quick and easy” success. This is practically the hallmark of every scam I come across.

      I personally recommend affiliate marketing as the best way to earn money online. The way this works is you earn commissions promoting other people’s products online. Products people are already buying.

      You can learn how to get started for free here.

      Hope this helps!

  1. I ran across another site today that was similar to this while I was looking arouns on line. Intrigued I clicked on it but when it asked for 49.00 I exited out. Curious about something someone had told me about these sites I re-entered through the same link and this company popped up and it was basically the same exact ad only now under a different name and the “mom” in question had a new name. I laughed bout it and looked up the company name and your review came up. I had to share.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Yeah that is a common tactic scam sites use. They run MANY versions of the same scam, simply changing up a few details such as the name of the woman in the story, the URL and name of the program etc. It’s all selling the same old link posting scam though, they just constantly repackage it to keep people from finding out the truth via reviews and complaints.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best going forward.

    • Hi Ash,

      Not sure exactly what you mean here but the name of this program is “Your New At Home Career” or YNAHC for short. Not sure about the name of the actual company itself if that’s what you mean, they don’t provide this info on the site.

    • Hi Mary. In that case you will need to contact the company itself, I’m just the guy who wrote this review so I can’t help you obtain a refund.


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