Worksheet Processor Jobs- Real Home Based Job Opportunity?

A couple of days ago I came across a site called Legit Flex Job Academy. Apparently, they help everyday people make money “processing worksheets.”

The job sounds simple enough, and the income claims aren’t exactly crazy. So I did some research to see how legit the whole thing was, and what I found was rather alarming.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the legitimacy of this “job offer” to help you decide if it’s really worth pursuing.

What Is a Worksheet Processor Job?

A worksheet processing job is a fake job run by an anonymous scammer.

I discovered this while looking into Federal Account Recovery, which is the ‘company’ who made this job up. Until finding this company (through a reader request) I had never heard of this “job” before.

After doing my homework I was unable to find any legitimate company offering this job either. So it appears as though this company has made this job up out of thin air.

In any case, they claim you can make between $371.25 to $1,000 per week plus just for filling out some worksheets…

Income Claims

This is actually quite a low amount of money, but it’s a believable amount of money to be earning. The same goes for the cost of participating in this job- it’s very low. Which is probably why many people are being led astray. When something is cheap it’s much easier to dismiss it as “worth the risk”.

Before we get into the ‘job description’ itself, I’m going to first explain the concept itself. This way you will have a greater understanding as to what the whole thing is about…

The Concept- Reuniting People With Their Lost Funds

Federal Account Recovery (in conjunction with Legit Flex Job Academy) claims to be a ‘missing fund recovery’ organization. They supposedly ‘re-connect’ people with their missing assets, such as money or property.

The process of re-connecting people with their lost funds is a real thing in and of itself.

There actually is a real organization called NAUPA which works with governments and banks to help people find their missing funds. These are people who’ve had money owing to them at some point and never collected. Or left money in bank accounts and so forth.

So that money needs to go somewhere, which is where NAUPA comes in. There are literally billions of dollars each year in lost funds, being collected and returned, within the US and Canada alone.

How does Federal Account Recovery come into the picture?

They claim to work with people to reunite them with their missing funds. In doing so, they say they collect a 30% finders fee and share 75% of this fee with you- the ‘worksheet processor’.

Except they don’t earn anything this way, and they sure as heck don’t share anything with you. Instead, they sit back collecting money from the unsuspecting people who participate.

How Worksheet Processor Jobs Work

The process of earning money as a worksheet processor is really quite simple. At least, according to the Legit Flex Job website…

  1. Register at and watch some videos
  2. Search the NAUPA database to find random accounts with lost money
  3. Take that information and use it to fill out your worksheet
  4. Send that worksheet and $5 S&H fee per worksheet into the company
  5. You (supposedly) get paid within 3-5 days of them receiving your worksheet

So your role is essentially helping Federal Account Recovery reunite people with their missing money. Sounds like a ‘win win’ in this respect, but it’s not.

The only people winning are the people collecting your $5 payments.

Because every worksheet you process must be sent in with a $5 money order, or you get paid nothing. So you are sending that money in with the ‘hopes’ they are legit. As I am about to explain, I do not believe they are legitimate at all.

Why These Jobs Are NOT Legitimate

There are a number of reasons why I do not believe these jobs are legitimate. In this section, I will explain why to give you some insight into their true agenda…

Lack of Information About The Company Itself

The first thing you should understand is that this company is doing their best to hide who they really are. The Federal Account Recovery site says “Brenda Paulson” as the founder of the company.

But that’s about it. There’s NO ‘about’ page on that site at all. No background on the company, no social links, no description about Brenda- nothing. Not to mention, their website domain uses an anonymous domain registration and the physical address they list on their website is a UPS store!

All we have to go off is literally a stock photo of ‘Brenda Paulson’…

Brenda Paulson Founder

Now here’s proof she’s a stock photo…

Stock Photo Brenda Paulson

This is very unusual behavior for a company claiming to be offering people a job opportunity.

And what makes this more alarming is how the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reached out to this company looking for more information, to which they never responded…

BBB Alert

It’s no wonder the company has been given an F rating on the BBB website.

They Use Fake Testimonials To Trick You

The testimonials they use are 100% fake. None of them are real.

Take these two people for example. The first woman claims to have made $371.25 in just 10 hours. Not a huge amount but it’s not bad for 10 hours work. It’s certainly believable…

Fake Testimonial 1

Then we have this person who claims to have made a whopping $63,557 since joining…

Fake Testimonial 2

That’s a lot of money and an exciting prospect for many people looking into this. Unfortunately, both of these people are stock photos…

Stock Photo 1
Stock Photo 2

The checks they are holding obviously have nothing to do with ‘worksheet processing’ since they are stock photos! This means their story is fake, and they never made that money with Legit Flex Job Academy at all.

If this job was really so amazing, and real people are earning, why use stock photos?

I guess you could argue it’s to protect the identity of the people giving testimony. But I’ve reviewed a lot of programs on this site and it’s always the bunk programs and scams pulling these sorts of tricks.

Also worth noting, all I’ve managed to find online are complaints from people who sent worksheets in and never got paid a dime. It seems the scam is still quite fresh at the moment, but the complaints are rolling in and will likely continue to roll in. Check out the BBB link I posted earlier to see what I mean.

You Cannot Possibly Be Getting Paid Within 3-5 Days

My research suggests that no company can ask for money from the recipient of lost funds, until AFTER 7 days from when they’ve received their missing funds.

So when you consider the entire process and what logically goes into it, you’d be lucky to be getting paid within 3-5 weeks.

Federal Account Recovery would literally have to be paying you well in advance of receiving any money themselves, which is never going to happen.

Especially when you consider that the beneficiary may not even be contactable. All that is on the worksheet is a mailing address of the beneficiary, so they can’t exactly call them.

They have to post out correspondence and (assuming they reach that person) that person would need to agree to hire FAR to recover their money. Which is a big IF considering people can do it themselves for free.

In any case, the period of time until FAR collects payment is going to be at least 2-3 weeks (both considering the logic and the law surrounding this stuff). Which makes it impossible to be paying you within 3-5 days.

You Should Never Have To Pay For a Job

The last point I want to bring out is that you should never have to pay to get a job. Period.

If a company is going to be hiring you, you’re the one who should be getting paid. They mask it as a ‘shipping and handling’ fee but I don’t buy it. Nor should you.

It’s this ‘fee’ that makes them all the money. They are not processing anything, except your money.

You could argue that there are costs involved in being an independent contractor. Which is true. But sending $5 per worksheet to an anonymous person in the hopes of making money is a different story. Considering what we know at this point, that’s very much a gamble at best.


There’s no such thing as a worksheet processing job.

By participating, what you’re really doing is sending ‘someone’ a bunch of $5 payments and getting nothing in return. Which means wasted time and money.

Granted, it’s not a lot of money, but it’s a big waste of your time and if enough people are doing this then the scammers behind this will make a fortune. Which sucks because that money is coming off the back of everyday people just looking to make a few extra bucks.

It is possible to create an income online, and there are legitimate companies out there, but this is not one of them. So I recommend avoiding this “job” completely.

16 thoughts on “Worksheet Processor Jobs- Real Home Based Job Opportunity?”

  1. If anyone is actually human here. The interaction between the comments is all Fake and Robtic folks. The scam with in a scam..Smh

  2. I tried this once and sent in $20 for four process sheets to see if anything would happen. Then, I decided to look up just people that I know and after finding out what they were owed, I was going to send in their information and decided not to in case this company tried to scam them, or it put them up as a red flag for scamming. However, I was able to reach the so called process serving company and they responded promptly. My advice to anyone trying any similar programs, is not to; however, try looking up people you know and process their refunds on your own with the owners of the claims, not a third party processing agency. This way you can help those around you receive their real owed government money and they can share what they believe is reasonable with you for helping them claim their money with your local governments. This is the real way to use the information and knowledge these scammers have provided you! This is how to fight back by putting your work into action and taking their business away. I investigate these business opportunities to see if there is anything good to forward to Federal Law Enforcement as a white collar crime; however, in this case there are many addresses outdated by real government agencies with old outdated information and you would have to do some tracking down and investigating to find a real up to date person to send info to in order to ensure you are sending a process form to the right address for the person with owed money claims from a government party. Good luck and stay safe!

  3. I am emailing you all today 7/2/18, and is from the same person a scam the new website has been changed to

    Trevor Harris the scammer who changed it, because we used to look up worksheets for unclaimed balances and he had us look up with 2 links. One link was Bank of Canada and the other was NAUPA. I was wondering why my Bank of Canada link was missing at the end of April this year he said, it has been a confusion with bank of Canada and I told him to send me the link. It was no confusion Trevor Harris was caught in his trap. And Bank of Canada said, they don’t work with other companies. This is from Bank of Canada the message they left when you log in.

    It says:

    Important notice
    The Bank of Canada is aware of organizations, seemingly based in the United States, claiming to offer work opportunities to settle unclaimed balances on behalf of the Bank of Canada.
    Please be advised that the Bank of Canada does not have any connection to these organizations, nor do we encourage or regulate third party businesses in matters of unclaimed balances.
    You should not send any money to the Bank of Canada or organizations claiming to be affiliated to the Bank of Canada; the unclaimed balances registry is available free of charge on our website.

    The information displayed in the search results reflects the balance information exactly as it was received from the originating financial institution.
    Some information may appear without accents.
    Website availability is monitored Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET

    Search For An Unclaimed Balance

    Type a full or partial name:
    John John* John Brown John OR Brown

    Search Help
    all names containing “John” only —
    John Brown Marian John
    all names containing or beginning with “John” —
    John Brown Helen Johnson Johnny Smith
    John AND Brown
    all names containing only “John” AND only “Brown” —
    John Brown John E. Brown
    John OR Brown:
    all names containing “John” OR “Brown” —
    John Brown Ed John Harry Brown
    Copyright © 1995 – 2017, Bank of Canada. Terms of Use.

    That was the whole Bank of Canada page.

    He had Bank of Canada Link inside of our account and Trevor Harris new he was caught so he took it, from our account. He has not paid me either and I started 1/4/18. Also all of you that have been scam you can File a Complaint with FTC-Federal Trade Commission the number is 1-877-382-4357 you can do it online or over the phone also at and make sure you get your reference no# and keep for your claim and you can also send copies of worksheets, emails and anything else you may have and have it attached to your claim. The Address is Attn: CRC-Consumer Response Center Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W Washington DC,20580.

    And it will be national nationwide and they will get with attorney and investors they will send you a letter they are for Internet Scams you can get a lawsuit against them. And to make Trevor Harris pay for the Attorney and Investor fees for his wrong during, scamming people. It is time for everyone to stand up for the scammers, because as long as they think they can get away with it they will keep on doing it.

  4. Hi, Thanks so much for exposing Federal Account Recovery. I’m sorry I didn’t check it out better before we got into it big time. We sent in over $700 at the $5 per sheet rate.
    We are 74 and 76 years old and only make a combined SS
    Of $1,700 per month. We we’re so hoping this was the answer financially.
    My husband has many health issues that costs us a lot.
    I need to find something to make some money and fast.
    I did join your free on line, but can’t afford the Premium.
    Thanks again.
    Becky Smith

    • I’m so sorry to hear this, Becky.

      I think it’s hearing stories like yours that really frustrate me the most about these scams. These scammers have ZERO regard for people who are barely making ends meet. It’s disgusting.

      Please take my advice and avoid ANYTHING that promises you ‘fast money’ online. Looking for this is why many people fail, and it’s something unethical marketers prey upon. Because when people are desperate, they buy on impulse.

      Trust me when I say, besides making a few extra bucks, making real money online takes time and a good amount of effort.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting and I wish you all the best going forward!

  5. Hi:
    Thank you Tim for this valuable insight into this scam. I just recently checked this business out, but have not sent any money, thank the dear lord. I was hoping it was legit. People should be thanking you and not questioning your intentions. You definitely did your homework and I greatly appreciate your valid feedback on this company.

    It is so true the comment; if it sounds to good to be true – it isnt,

    Tami 🙂

    • You’re welcome Tami, glad you found my review helpful.

      I find that the overwhelming majority of people are thankful for the articles I publish. It’s just some who are skeptical to the point they think that somehow promoting something is wrong. My belief is that as long as my article/ review is unbiased, and I’m promoting a quality program, then it’s a good thing.

      Anyways, thank you for commenting Tami I appreciate it 🙂 Cheers

  6. Hi Tim
    I did the FAR thing and i have yet to be paid. I was so hoping that it was legit. I am on social security. I only make 400. A month. I am looking for something like that to make some extra income and everything i try is a scam. I just want to do form fill or copy paste job. To help with the bills but the people making these web sites don’t care what your situation is. If they can sleep at night knowing its a scam they are doing. Then may God have mery on there souls.
    Jaxs church
    Its a scam. Tim is right. I tried federal account recovery and never got paid.

    • Hey Sandie,

      Thanks for chiming in and glad you found the review helpful. It is a shame some resort to such tactics when there’s so many ways to earn an income online legitimately, but the internet is somewhat of a wild west. So it’s good you’ve done your homework, I think that’s the best defence against stuff like this you could have.


  7. how do you know for a fact that this does not work ? why should we believe you? whose to say that youre not the one running the scam on us by telling people that the other company is the scam artist. your picture doesnt look real either, no one knows whats real until there is proof that they can see right in front of them for themselves. unless you have that i dont see why anyone should believe you over them you could all be running a scam for all we know

  8. I just went through your’s as well which was to be free which was BS right before I hit the key it was going to be 19.95 a month so whos the guru

    • Hi Roger,

      I don’t promote worksheet processing jobs of any kind on this website.

      I do however, promote legit programs that I know work as an affiliate. And there’s nothing wrong with doing so. Almost every website on the planet monetizes their content in one way or another. Either through ads, promoting their own products or someone else’s.

      The main program I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate, which does give people a free starter account.

      With your free Starter account, you get access to 10 step-by-step video lessons, a free website and other tools to help you start an online business. You can keep your website and free training for life, and you do not even need a credit card to signup.

      I personally think that this is exceptional value for zero dollars.

      There is a Premium membership also, which is optional. This costs $49 per month ($19 in your first month) and gives you everything you need to build a profitable online business with affiliate marketing. Websites, hosting, training, support, mentoring, keyword research tool etc etc… what you get is high value.

      So I am proud to promote Wealthy Affiliate and I intend to continue doing so. This is where I learned how to make my first dollar online, and how I got to the point of earning a full-time income online. So I know it works, and I’m passionate about sharing this with people.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting and all the best going forward!

  9. Thank you.
    I hope all is well.
    I went through the process based on what I found, I would have made $5000
    I was waiting to call tomorrow and check them out, Today is a holiday. I am retired
    social security that is why to find a free work from home was my goal. I barely cover my house payment. So thank you because you confirmed my feelings. Even though I did the work so if it checked out I would have proceeded. I am sure your program is very good unfortunately I am not in financial position. I have been appointment setting for 6 months. But have not made a lot of money. I have great work skills including strong closing sales. But that is not today technology. I was looking to find something else in conjunction to what I am currently doing.
    All the best

    • Hi Rodney,

      Yeah it’s a shame these people are preying on folks like yourself, who are just looking for a way to earn extra income. It’s BS.

      If you’re looking to just make a few extra bucks then it might be worth checking out a site called User Testing. You can earn up to a one hundred dollars per week (max) giving user feedback on selected sites- if you’re accepted. I know this site works because I’ve done it myself (I made $3 for one site I ‘tested’ lol). So it’s only extra money and you really need to be in a country like US, Canada, AU or UK. But it does work.

      Personally, I show people how to do affiliate marketing. The cool thing about this is that anyone can do it, and you can make a full-time income this way. I do myself. The ‘drawback’ is that it takes time and a considerable amount of effort. So you really need to give yourself 6-12 months of working hard on your business to be making anything worth talking about. That was my experience anyways.

      Thanks for the commenting Rodney and I wish you the best going forward. Cheers


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