The Online Web Cash Scam (All You Need to Know)

The Online Web Cash website simply redirects people to a bogus directory website known as the ‘Free Bucket’ for which these people probably own. There is no value in that directory whatsoever and as I will explain, it is linked with a known scammer.

The 3 Ways These People Make Money From You

If you were looking at this with the hope of making money it’s simply not going to happen. Why? Because the people behind this website are part of a relentless string of fake websites that never help people other than themselves.

In this case they are not directly selling you anything, at least not at the time of writing this review anyway.

Here’s how they are making money from you:

#1 Selling, Renting & Sharing Your Information

After looking over the websites privacy policy, it is clear that they intend on profiting from the information you provide them with to anyone willing to pay for it.

Information such as your name, address, phone number and your interest in making money online are the main bits of info they are interested in.

Privacy Policy

The reason this is so profitable for them even without selling you anything is because many marketers and companies will pay good money to obtain such targeted information.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not give my sensitive information to an anonymous scammer who will then sell it onto other anonymous scammers… not very cool.

#2 Affiliate Commissions

As I mentioned earlier they are directing people to this directory website known as the Free Bucket. It seems they are still pushing a notorious scam by a guy named Jeff Paul.

Free Bucket promoting Jeff Pauls

The following screenshot was taken directly from the FTC website regarding Jeff:

FTC Notice

Needless to say, this shows the kind of stuff these people are promoting.

#3 Telemarketers Are About To Come At You

Many, many people have reported continuous calls from these guys pushing higher cost programs to suck people in for more money. This is part of their sales funnel and believe me when I say they are relentless!

They will convince you that they are offering you the best system under the sun but as soon as they have your money that’s the end of it.

Some Of The Warning Signs

These people are responsible for a string of similar websites that all use fake personas (typically single mothers) along with a host of other deceptive marketing tactics.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the never ending scam, it will likely continue well into the future taking on many different forms.

What Can You Do?

Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

These sites are constantly shutting down and re-opening under different names and web addresses as they become exposed. This makes it very difficult to near impossible for the authorities to do much about them.

So it really comes down to always doing your research before whipping out your credit card.

Is There A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Yep, I’m doing it myself and it’s called affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

It’s a process that involves building a website to promote quality products and services for companies like Amazon.

When people buy things through your website you earn a commission from these companies for sending them new business. This is a real business model currently paying affiliates over $4 Billion per year globally.

It’s probably not going to make you money in the next 24 hours or even the next month if your totally new to the concept, but within 3-6 months you can begin creating a real income.

I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard one of the gurus being that honest with you in one of their sales videos right? That’s because it’s their sole objective to sell people what they want, a way to make bucketloads of cash really quickly. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t happen.

Ask Yourself This Question…

Would I rather spend the next 12 months searching for the ‘secret formula’ for instant wealth or spend that time building a real business?

Forget about ‘push button’ money systems or secret guru tricks. They don’t work. Instead, learn how to build a real business and, with time and effort, start making real money.

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