The Visi Global Scam Review, What You Need To Know

Visi Global is a wellness company that suggests its products can help you lead a much healthier and more fulfilling life, which is something many people want.

They also provide a network marketing business opportunity to go with it. It’s not a scam, but there are some drawbacks to consider like most opportunities.

About Visi Global

Visi Global launched in 2012 as a health and wellness company distributing it’s products through an MLM business model.

The company operates in over 18 countries and is headed up by CEO Kent Lewis. The core product focus is on various weight loss, nutritional and energy supplements with the base ingredient being the Scandinavian ‘Arctic Cloudberry’.

This berry is their call to fame and is supposed to hold some pretty incredible properties.

The Visi Global Business Opportunity

The opportunity is marketed as a way for you to gain the absolute best health, wellness and wealth. They say you can become wealthy through simply telling others about your newfound wellbeing and will have more time with your family as a result.

Apparently you will be achieving all of this through their life changing products and the “dream realising opportunities” they offer their distributors.

Sounds pretty exciting, but does all of this really stack up? Lets take a look…

What Is This ‘Arctic CloudBerry’ All About?

I couldn’t help but be amused by the sales video, which points out how this is ‘ripened under the midnight sun’ as if it were some magic berry with incredible properties. They even go as far as to state that it will “fuel the body, mind and soul”. Fair enough.

Arctic Cloudberry

Arctic CloudBerries are also known as Rubus Chamaemorus and definitely do have some decent health benefits as it turns out.

These health benefits range from improved digestion and blood circulation, antioxidant properties and immune system support among other things.

It’s hard to find too much fault with this particular berry from my research, but there is some advice from health websites online to avoid excessive use.

There have not been many independent studies into the continued use of this so the wise thing to do is use it in moderation and monitor your health as you go if you decide on using it.

Even vitamin pills taken to excess have been know to cause health issues and be sure to check what else is in the ingredients list.

How good are the products?

I haven’t used them personally, so this is something you would need to decide for yourself really. The company does have doctors and other supporters who advocate the product, however, they stand to gain so I’ve never been one to take those claims as gospel.

How You Can Earn

You can earn by purchasing product at wholesale and selling it at retail, through recruiting and with the bonuses. The percentages you can make here are ok but trying to make significant money selling people these products at full retail is not going to be worth your while.

Like almost every network marketing company I have reviewed or had dealings with, the real money is made through building your team.

There are 16 ranks within this company which is pretty extensive, and each have the typical crazy names we’ve come to expect within network marketing such as ‘Arctic Crown Diamond’ and so on.

Becoming A Visi Partner

There is very little information on their website about joining or the compensation plan, but I did some digging and came up with the costs of becoming the base line rep with this company, a ‘Visi partner’. This level allows you to earn retail commissions, some bonuses and be able to sponsor people into your downline. It seems as though to start earning commissions on your downline you need to reach the next level of this plan which is ‘Qualified Visi Partner’.

At this time you can start earning 5% commissions on your downline activity. To achieve this you need to sponsor 1 rep on each leg and have them qualify with the required purchasing and auto-ship requirements set out by the company.

About The ‘Dual Commissions’ Downline Structure: The company uses a binary system whereby you have maximum two people on your first level. Once both of those two legs reaches 250 CV each (CV is just the points associated with purchasing products amongst your organisation) then you are eligible to earn 5% commissions on the lesser of the two legs. Then you get the same commission for your second, greater leg.

Dual Team Commissions

In other words, once you reach 250 CV in both legs you get a 10% commission based on the smallest of your two legs. This can reach as high as 20% on your whole left and right leg performance the higher you reach within the company, which seems decent.

The Costs Involved In Becoming a Partner

The following is based on my experience in trying to join as a US rep in the cheapest way possible, there were way more expensive options that I am not discussing here for the sake of keeping this to the point. By the way PV just means how much you are purchasing (personal volume). Points are attributed to each individual product available for purchase.

Cost of becoming a Visi Partner
  • You must purchase a membership ‘success pack’ and bring your personal order total to 75PV which for me (indicative of most people) brought the total to $134.97
  • You then need to set up an auto-ship of 75PV which came to a minimum of $89.99

Total estimated cost to get started: $224.96 + any other hidden costs like shipping, conventions and trainings etc.

Monthly Maintenance Requirements

Essentially the main requirement in staying active and being in business is that you maintain an auto-ship worth 75 PV AND have at least one purchase each month of 75 PV.

Maintenance requirements

Note that ‘4 periods’ equals one month from my understanding. This means you’ll be up for $89.99 per month (75PV) AND another $89.99 per month (75PV) every month plus the $35 annual fee. This works out to about $2,194.76 per year.

What I Liked

  • The product is natural and seems to have some good benefits
  • The company does not seem to have a large number of complaints
  • The compensation plan looks pretty reasonable

What I Did Not Like

  • The marketing is a bit ‘rah rah’ for my liking
  • They teach the warm market approach to building your business

Final Thoughts

Visi Global is not a scam, and I do think there are some good points to consider. If you like the products and are happy to share your experience with people you know, then this could be a great opportunity.

That said, I’m not very fussed on the idea of trying to recruit people I know into my business and the reality is, most people don’t make it very far with this approach. At least, when it comes to building a full-time income and relying solely on this strategy anyway.

I also recommend doing your homework on the products themselves before promoting them. They might be great, but sometimes they are just overpriced hype. I’m not saying this is the case here, but quite often it is within health and wellness MLM companies. Anyway, I hope this review has helped and I wish you the best of success moving forward.


According to a comment I received from an affiliate, the company uses a special ‘Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein’ which is what makes their products awesome. As always, it is important to do your own research to verify claims like this.

It was also brought to my attention that you are not obligated to pay the 75 PV each month ($89 or whatever that equates to as of writing this) as long as you maintain 3 preferred customers. Also, customers can take part in the free auto-ship if they have 3 preferred customers.

14 thoughts on “The Visi Global Scam Review, What You Need To Know”

  1. I have taken their product Valla (changed from the original name of vinnle) off and on for the last 5 years and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. It gives me long lasting energy and does slightly curb my appetite. I will find myself suddenly doing all those household tasks I’ve been putting off doing, after taking one pill, without even realizing it. It’s not the jittery kind of energy you get from caffeine either.

    That being said, I don’t care for their business model much and find it difficult to obtain the product if you’re not in contact with someone who sells it. Also it is a bit pricey which is why I don’t use it daily, just when I need a little extra energy.

    Also I have a friend who loves the probita chews and swears they improve her skin elasticity. I think they have great products that should be made more readily available to purchase for the general public without going thru a consultant and if they were I would buy them, even though they are on the more expensive end. I think the product is definitely worth it.

  2. The review was good but the product is SO over priced. There are other products on the market that are just as good for half the price. The Dr. Visi uses for their promotions is a pharmacist, and not even a PharmD.(which means he is NOT a Dr. of any kind) He also boasts of many other college degrees but they are just certifications that anyone can obtain online.(some of which you can’t even find if you google) For me, this is very misleading and borderline unethical. Of course, this Dr.? will say anything that will pad his pockets. Just be careful before you spend a lot of money and find out that there are little health benefits!!

    • Thanks for the heads up. I have to admit I’m also pretty skeptical of any health professional (of any qualification) who gives testimony, while on the payroll. I’d rather take medical advice from someone who does not have skin in the game personally.

  3. Hey Tim… thanks for the review!

    It was only somewhat accurate.

    There are lots of great studies about the Arctic Cloudberry.

    It addition you forgot to mention they only use Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein (instead of whey, soy and pea protein) which also has lots of research studies (including medical) in regards to joint health and better sleep as 2 main benefits.

    As far as your comments on the “monthly auto-ship”, Partners can actually get it for free with a minimum of 3 preferred customers. If someone can’t acquire 3 customers, they are probably not actively building the business. Customers themselves can also enjoy the free auto-ship benefit.

    • Hi Tom,

      I think it is more than ‘somewhat accurate’ although I have updated the review based on your feedback. I appreciate you brining those aspects to light and thanks for dropping by!

  4. I appreciate that you took so much time to explore the pros and cons of Visi Global. Like you, I would be much more comfortable with them as a company if their products were fully ratified by the relevant agencies. There might be decent returns to be had on the investment, but you are right to say that anyone considering MLM should be aware of the pitfalls. What do other people think of this?

    • Hi Molly,

      Glad I could be of help 🙂 This company does not have many complaints at all on the BBB website. It doesn’t seem to have any more than any other mlm company.

      I think as long as someone is aware of the pros and cons and still wants to go ahead, awesome. My goal is just to inform people of both sides to help them make a more informed decision. I also present people with an alternative which I think is worth considering. Thanks for dropping by Molly

  5. I agree with you that there are plenty of MLM business out there that are legit. But the major concern that I have is that there business kits are just too expensive. Although there are some that offers cheap initial investment, it still doesn’t include the products that you can sell. You have to buy it separately. Actually I have joined in one MLM company before but I didnt like how the business goes. By the way, i have seen your number one recommendation, is it also MLM?

    • Hi John,

      Yeah I think as long as a person is aware of hat they are getting themselves into, then it’s fine. I f you read my review and maybe my article on multi level marketing and still want to join, awesome 🙂

      Their certainly are people making money in mlm, and some are better than others. Some clearly exist to rip people off, but not all.

      I just think my top Recommendation is better for most people new to having their own business and wanting to work online. It is not mlm and will teach you how to build an online business. It has also helped people grow their mlm business, while it’s not directly set up for that you will learn how to build a website and get visitors that you can turn into leads using free traffic. Almost all top reps have their own websites and leverage it to get fresh leads.

  6. Great Article! Really valuable info about Visi Global. Eye Opener.

    Love how you have explained everything in just 1 article.

    I always wanted to get more info about this topic and now I know everything thanks to you.

    I always used to think it was a scam. But you have just saved alot people from the hustle. Great job done.




    • Hi Hamayun,

      Glad I could help and that you know what you need to moving forward. I wouldn’t call it a scam as such, but the things I have discussed are worth knowing if you are considering signing up.

  7. Good review!

    It appears to me that they aren’t scammers. But they are just over promoting the “Arctic Blueberry”. It may be healthy of course, but it’s a known fact that wild fruits aren’t fully understood and they must be consumed under control if that’s the situation.

    Not scammers, but promoters. Thanks for the useful information on the Arctic Blueberry also.

    • Hi Tyler, Yeah I tend to agree that calling them scammers is a little harsh. At least based on what I have learnt anyway.

      They put the magic ‘Arctic Cloudberry’ on a pretty lofty pedistool though lol! Personally I don’t buy it, but that’s me.

    • I spoke with top Cyclist who does the tour de france …..
      4 slices of toast with jam preserve for energy 40 min before activity
      to Recover ” 4 slices toast and Sardines or Tuna ! that’s it .” 1 egg .

      1 Eggs give your body 9 of the 13 vitamins. Only vitamins E, K, folate (vitamin B9) and C are absent.
      Also your body need a balance of 47% protean and 50% carbs other 3% should be good fats for energy…every meal.

      Any meal that has an imbalance of protean to carbs , will cause an imbalance and you will feel less that great.
      Vitamins in bulk should be avoided as they are studied under MICRO nutrients you body needs .00000000 taking large doses will lead to auto immune and IBS issues . I’m a nutritionist trust me these products you don’t need.


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