What Is The AZ Code- Scam or Legit Amazon Money Making System? Let’s Find Out!

I came across The AZ Code today. And since it has to do with earning money as an Amazon affiliate, I took a closer look.

I’ll show you exactly what I found in this review, to help you decide if it’s legit.

My Full AZ Code Review

The Amazon Code website (theazcode.com) is supposedly run by “Andrew Peterson”.

However, I’m not so sure he’s even real.

Why? Well, he does not provide any photos or videos of himself for starters. Nor does he link out to any social profiles.

And whoever this is, uses an anonymous domain registration.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this in and of itself.

The fact is, this alone does not make something a scam.

But it does mean that you are taking the word of an anonymous person. A person who claims to be making millions of dollars with Amazon.

In my experience, when the person selling you something uses a fake persona, it’s not a good sign.

Anyways, whenever I review something like this I always like to look at the promises made within the sales pitch. As in, what’s this person promising you and is their ‘proof’ credible?

So let’s take a closer look what “Andrew Peterson” has to say about The AZ Code…

3 Reasons Why The Sales Pitch Is Sketchy

There’s no getting around it. The sales pitch for The AZ Code is full of hype.

Here’s why…

1) Making money as an Amazon affiliate is NOT that simple

When someone is trying to sell you on the idea of a ‘push button system’- run for the hills.

This is exactly what The AZ Code does too:

Marketing Hype
Done For You System

This is NOT the reality of how online business works.

Nothing is ever done for you. Regardless of whether you’re promoting Amazon products as an affiliate, or something else entirely.

It does not, and will never, happen at the push of a button. And it’s programs like this that are responsible for setting people up with false expectations of income.

Yes, you can earn $40k per month as an Amazon affiliate.

But it won’t happen by “plugging in” to some system.

Affiliate marketing takes real work if you want results. Period.

2) There is no explanation of how this really works

Andrew’s video does a great job of getting you excited. But nowhere does he explain HOW this system is going to be helping you.

Instead, he shows you some income screenshots and tells you it’s a “secret”…

The AZ Code Secret System

This is a big red flag.

Anyone can copy and paste screenshots like that. There is zero proof he’s making ANY money at all online, let alone from Amazon. And if someone is asking for your money, they should absolutely explain what you are getting yourself into.

He does provide some testimonials though.

These are used as ‘proof’ the system is legit.

Unfortunately, they are not real as I will now prove to you…

3) The testimonials and income proof are 100% fake

Througout the sales pitch there’s some video testimonials from people supposedly making money with The AZ Code.

These testimonials are apparently from complete beginners who’ve never made money online before. And thanks to AZ Code they’re now making $10,000’s per month.

Here’s a few of the testimonials to show you what I mean…

Fake Testimonial 1
Fake Testimonial 2
Fake Testimonial 3

I was able to find ALL of these people on a site called Fiverr. They are ACTORS who are getting paid to pretend like they are making money with this system.

Here is proof of what I am saying…

Fiverr Actor
Fiverr Actor
Fiverr Actor

Ask yourself- why would ‘Andrew’ need to hire actors to provide testimonials?

I mean, if the system really is THAT great, then why are REAL people not sharing their results. It makes no sense.

This is something I see a lot within the ‘make money’ space. And in my experience, when a program resorts to these kinds of tactics, it’s not what it claims to be.

In any case, real people are not making $40k or more per month with The AZ Code.

And the same goes for the constant flashes of people’s earnings…

Fake Amazon Commissions

This is completely fake. Because there is no way these people know who is earning what inside of Amazon. This is confidential information that is only available to the affiliate and Amazon staff. So it’s impossible to know who “just made a commission”.

This is absolute nonsense. Plain and simple.

What’s The AZ Code Really About?

According to the video The AZ Code is a “secret system that can help absolutely anybody make up to $40k monthly in Amazon commissions”.

In other words, a push button way to become an Amazon super affiliate.

This is obviously not the real way this works. And if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you are smart enough to know this.

Anyway, considering the sheer level of hype in the sales pitch, I chose not to buy this.

I’ve wasted more than enough money on BS programs over the years. Programs that promise quick and easy money, and that NEVR live up to that claim.

So I do not buy stuff like this anymore. I do not need to either. Since I earn a full time income as an affiliate and I know stuff like this (at best) is overhyped.

In most cases, it’s a generic training with very little value. You do learn some stuff, but nothing you can’t find online for free by reading a good blog on the topic.

What this is really about- is selling you on the ‘idea’ that making money online is easy with their system.

So the real people making money with this, are the people behind it. And the affiliates promoting it.

Also, if you think $37 is the end of it. Think again…

This is being promoted on ClickBank. And if you check out their affiliate page (www.theazcode.com/affiliates.html), it talks about how AZ Code affiliates can earn $199 per sale.

Which means you (as the customer) are going to be hit with upsells. In other words, right after you buy, ‘Andrew’ will ask you to buy MORE stuff. No thanks.

The GOOD News For People Who Buy

The good news about all of this is two fold.

First of all, making money on Amazon IS possible. As long as you bypass BS programs that are promising you overnight success, you can build a profitable business this way.

Second, The AZ Code is sold through ClickBank. Who is a reputable third party marketplace where people buy and sell digital products. Which means, you can get a refund for up to 60 days.

And the refund is solid. I know this first hand. ClickBank always honours a legitimate refund request. So this is a good thing for folks who have bought this and want their money back.

Bottom Line

The AZ Code promotes the idea of ‘push button success’. Which is simply not the reality of affiliate marketing. I know this from personal experience.

This system is not a “secret” that allows you to make $40k monthly with Amazon. At least, not in a way that is as simple as tying your shoelaces!

With that being said, I did not buy this as I mentioned earlier. So it’s possible the underlying program does have some value. There must be some product or ClickBank would not allow it to be sold.

Most likely, it’s a generic beginner training on becoming an Amazon affiliate. In any case, this means that (in this respect) it’s not a scam.

That’s my take anyway. What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has been helpful. At the very least, showing you what not to expect- push button riches.

27 thoughts on “What Is The AZ Code- Scam or Legit Amazon Money Making System? Let’s Find Out!”

  1. Hi I am Dave G , every thing you said is exactly what I thought , THANK YOU for confirming. I am looking for a way to bring extra income each month but I am not lookiongto make a million dollars.

  2. I wish I read this BEFORE spending money that I’m now out of and all I’ve seen is spam emails NO money what so ever. This is fake. This is a scam. PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR “Andrew” I don’t know how to get my money back or the emails to stop…

  3. Peterman is also a Mystery shopper crook so watch out for anything with his name on it. He got me for over 2000.00 with a fake postal money order

  4. Thank you… I am trying to become an affiliate. So I thought about purchasing this although I knew it was BS…. Just trying to figure out what those golden nuggets are and find a system that would walk me through, sort of hold my hand through the process. Get one or two under my belt, at least then I would have an idea on what to do, and how to go about doing it. Thank you again for your candid review and the fact that you were honest enough to mention that you did not buy the program.

  5. I have gotten nowhere with this and I’m frustrated I want my money back I’m leaving this online that this alone

    • Hi Bernard,

      If you want a refund you will need to contact ClickBank customer service. They are generally pretty good when it comes to issuing refunds.

    • I don’t think most ClickBank products are a scam. However, it’s no secret they do sell some low quality products, especially within the ‘make money’ niche. And the reason is simple- PROFIT.

      It’s unreasonable to think they will personally vet each and every product and judge them based on what they promise, versus what they actually deliver, in detail. Because that goes into the realms of ethics, rather than outright scamming.

      As in, products like A Z code will often have some level of training. So in this respect they are not exactly scam. However, they are unethical when you consider what they promise you (a push button money making system) versus what you actually get- some generic training at best.

      I’ve bought a LOT of ‘make money’ products from ClickBank, Warrior Plus and JV Zoo over the years. And most of them do exactly this- promise you the world with a super secret new system, and deliver some basic training at best, that is miles apart from what the sales pitch lead you to believe it would be.

      In any case, I personally don’t think ClickBank is the worst of them. In fact, it’s one of the better affiliate networks all things considered.

      The other good thing about ClickBank is they have a rock solid refund policy in place. So that kind of takes the risk out if you can’t try it for free first, and it turns out to be a dud.

  6. I nearly bought bought it but as usual, I did my research before I could purchase, thank you so much for the heads up.

  7. Thank you for this Review Bro. This really helps me a lot, planning to buy the program, same as other BS that I have bought in this past months in order for me to earn while at home. (BTW, stroke last 2016 and could not work anymore, that’s why I am looking for a solution to help my family while at home). I’ll try to use your recommendation.

    Thank you again.

  8. Simply put, I have bought many programs and still do in the hope the mix provides me an advantage. With that choice I realize it has pitfalls and landmines. I do try to steer clear of vendors who I have bought from who close the websites 6 months latter. There are a handful of vendors I will not do business with that keep their websites and products but are wrong for other reasons. The one big deal element for me is Mis- Representing testimonials. That is plain ILLEGAL and a prosecutable crime. I appreciate the reviewer here going to the effort to prove what he could from the outside. If this vendor resorts to such dis honest acts then I am seeking a refund on principle alone. I am reporting them to Click Bank. I will not a do do not support lairs and cheats

    • Hi Keith,

      Yeah the way I see it is that every time I’ve bought a program that uses this level of hype, it’s 100% of the time been a scam, or low quality junk not worth buying. Legit companies do not resort to this so I buy from people who are credible, and who ethically explain/ promote the program.

      Thanks for chiming in, appreciate it.

  9. Wow, thanks for this and well done finding the actors on Fiverr. I was able to find them as well thanks to the photos you supplied.

    I am in agreement with you, why use these tactics if this is something that really works? Trying to wade through all the bullshit out there is frustrating.

    • Hey Michael,

      Yeah it is tough. There are some really great programs but finding them is difficult when there’s so much stuff like this out there. Pure hype.

      Thanks for commenting.

  10. Common man. You have done , very well, a review of the marketing video claims. You can’t review a product though if you haven’t actually gotten it and tested it. I’m disappointed.

    • I shared my thoughts on what I found, take it or leave it. I don’t need to waste $37 to know something is BS.

      If you really believe you will pay 37 bucks for a “done for you” Amazon money making system, then THAT is what will disappoint you.

      Legitimate programs do not resort to these kinds of tactics. Period.

      The only thing that would be ‘wrong’ with a review like this, is if I pretended to have bought it. Which I didn’t do. I clearly state what I found and explain why I chose not to buy.

      What you do with that information is entirely up to you.

    • I agree that it is sketchy as hell! But theirs is nothing wrong with buying the $37 system to get full access to this guy’s sales funnel. I just reversed engineered the main website. He is getting over 1M visitors a fuggin’ month! Why not get the BS package and copy his sales funnel to your own clickbank account? Just sayin’ 😉
      PS Get Russell Brunson’s book DotComSecrets to get actual help with sales funnels!
      (No affiliations)

      [self promo removed]

      • LOL that’s one way to look at it.

        Personally I’d rather not resort to these sleazy marketing tactics just to sell products. It may work, there’s no question there, but I think there are better and more ethical ways to earn money online. Not to mention whoever’s running this may try to sue you for ripping his/ her funnel off.

        Just my 2 cents, but whatever works for you I guess 🙂

    • Hey gentlemen,
      I was merely here to find out the name of the guy who wrote it, as it isn’t in his book.
      As someone who actually bought the program, I can definitely say it has potential. It is not as simple as tying shoelaces in any way, but like the training wheels on a bike it breaks down and guides the inexperienced seller through the FBA process. FBA is fulfillment by Amazon. The book takes you through all steps of the process, from finding a profitable niche, to communication with suppliers, to managing imports, advertising, scaling, etc.
      For what its worth, buy it to try it out. Then ask for a refund, when they’ll offer you the PRO version of the product free of charge, so long as you stick with them. You can still refund it and keep both, but at that point you’re just being cheeky (I know I was XD).

      Here is a link to my friend’s listing, who made it according to the guide after I shared it with him:


      He was recently the #1 best seller in his category and moves around 10 units a day. With an $8 profit margin, you can do the math of how much he’s making. He started with an initial investment of $100 into product, but has since spent and earned several thousand with this system.

      Definitely get it if you have some spare time and a creative mind, and a couple hundred for initial investment. It pays off pretty fast if done well.
      Friendly Neighbourhood Critic

      • Hi Alexandr,

        FBA is definitely a viable business model, but I’m not sure about only needing “an initial investment of $100” to make it work.

        I bought ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) a while back which is arguably the most extensive training platform for FBA there is available (it’d wanna be for $5k). And I can safely say that in most cases you need several thousand dollars just for inventory and shipping alone (and that’s being modest). Not to mention all the other costs you need to factor in. It does obviously depend on the individual product you choose, but I’m not buying that $100 is enough.

        There’s also a lot of moving parts with this business model, which is why an ebook alone is not going to take you very far.

        For instance you need to conduct extensive niche research, choose a product with a good profit margin (taking into account ALL of the costs involved), coordinate with several manufacturers to settle on the right price/ quality, create packaging, coordinate with a shipping company and have your products sent to a storage facility to pre-check your products before they enter the Amazon warehouse. Then you need to get your listing ranking, run ads… on and on it goes.

        So while I DO think FBA is a fantastic business model, and one I may get into one day, I certainly don’t believe that $100 is enough to get rolling, and I don’t believe an e-book like this is anywhere near enough to teach you the most up to date methods of making money with FBA.

        A-Z Code might be a good introduction or overview of the topic, but the claims made in the video are very misleading if you ask me, in comparison to the reality. Most people who buy this product would have no idea about the real reality of what goes into running a real FBA business.

        In any case, thanks for commenting and all the best.

  11. Thank’s for your detailed report. Their is so much crap out there.
    With your experience could you please suggest something workable?!
    Would be great to hear from you!!

    • My pleasure Christian, glad the review was helpful 🙂

      I’m a big believer in affiliate marketing with a website, since this is how I earn a full time income online myself. There are many other methods of generating online revenue but this is something I know works first hand. So it’s what I recommend.

      The cool thing about this model is that do not need to pay for traffic, and you can promote anything you want. Including products from Amazon. So the profit potential is high and the costs are low. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it’s well worth it.

      You can learn how to get started with affiliate marketing for free here.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting! Cheers


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