TCP Lifestyle System – Scam or Legit? [Review]

Welcome to my review of TCP Lifestyle System.

This is a site that claims to help you earn 6 figures online using a 100% free system. Apparently, by following the system you can begin living a lifestyle of true freedom.

Sounds cool, but is this legit or just another scam?

Read on..

TCP Lifestyle System Review

I came across this site today while browsing the web. I review a lot of ‘make money online’ programs on this blog, so I decided to take a closer look.

The site consists of a sales video that runs for just under 3 minutes long. And practically the whole video is about how much money you can make, and how easy it’s going to be.

At no point are you made aware of what you’ll really be doing to earn money.

I also want to point out that, despite the sales page claiming this is free and ‘no strings’, it’s only free for the first 7 days. After that, the true cost is $50 per month.

So what’s all of this really about?

TCP Lifestyle System is a sales funnel for The Conversion Pros (TCP).

What this means is that the person who put this site together, is an affiliate of The Conversion Pros. So if you join this, you are really joining The Conversion Pros.

And in the process, the affiliate behind this site will earn a commission off of you, if you stay after the 7 day mark.

The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with this.

The Conversion Pros is a legit company, and buying through the ‘TCP Lifestyle System’ website doesn’t make joining any more expensive for you.

However, there are some things you should know about how this works, before diving in.

Let me explain…

How Does TCP Lifestyle System Work?

As I said earlier, TCP Lifestyle System is just a sales funnel, so you’re really joining The Conversion Pros when you signup.

The Conversion Pros is a platform that helps you generate leads for ANY online business you are running. As a member, you get access to a suite of tools and training to generate leads and ultimately, help you make sales.

For example a landing page builder, autoresponder, webinar and SMS marketing software.

Along with this, you have the option to promote The Conversion Pros itself, as an affiliate. And if you do this, you can earn $25 per month in recurring commissions, for the life of the customer.

Recurring commissions are always nice.

I personally do affiliate marketing full time these days, and much of my income comes in the form of recurring commissions. I love this model because it is steady, reliable income.

I’m not saying you should rush out and start promoting The Conversion Pros, not at all. What I’m saying is, there’s money to be made here and the platform is legitimate so you’re not promoting a scam.

However, I do have some reservations with this platform as a whole.

Such as how the main focus is on creating ‘one page websites’ (AKA landing/ capture pages) as oppose to a full website.

The problem with this approach is that you’re not building a base of traffic like you can if you create a website and fill it with quality content. Which means you’ll largely be stuck paying for traffic, which can VERY quickly cripple your business as a newbie.

So while you are getting value from your TCP membership, I personally think there are better, more comprehensive platforms you can join that will allow you to build a more profitable business online.

Verdict – Is TCP Lifestyle System a Scam?

TCP Lifestyle System is not a scam in my opinion, and neither is The Conversion Pros.

For $50 per month you are getting access to quality tools and training, so it’s certainly a legitimate platform. I’m not saying it’s the best platform going, but it is legitimate from what I can see.

As far as the TCP Lifestyle System site goes, there is ONE benefit to joining through this site. And that is, you get the ability to use the same funnel yourself to promote TCP.

Although I’m not sure that’s a real benefit to be honest, because done for you funnels suck.

Especially once the masses start using the same funnel.

So if you do decide to venture into this, know that success will NOT happen ‘quickly and easily’. Even by using existing funnels, you still need to learn real internet marketing skills to be successful.

And like anything worthwhile, it takes time and effort to see real results. Success is the result of working hard and being persistent.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has been helpful.

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