Tai Lopez Knowledge Society – Scam or Legit Way To Create Multiple Streams of Income?

The average millionaire has seven different sources of income…

And apparently, Knowledge Society teaches you practical skills to start or grow a career, so you can develop multiple income streams yourself.

In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know so you can decide if it’s worth joining.

What Is Knowledge Society About?

Knowledge Society is a new platform created by Tai Lopez, that teaches people about the “four pillars of online education”. Which according to the website are health, wealth, love, and happiness.

These are very broad topics so as you can imagine, the platform will contain a lot of information. However, at this stage, the main focus of the site is on just one of these pillars- wealth creation.

According to the website, the goal is to teach people practical ways to create multiple streams of income. By starting or growing a career within a range of fields.

The topics range from social media marketing and copywriting, to personal training, real estate and starting a food truck business. So it’s very diverse in this respect.

The cool thing about this platform is that (apparently) you are learning from people who know their stuff. They ‘walk the walk’ so to speak.

So for example, rather than learn how to build a business from an academic, who’s probably never run a business, you are learning from industry experts. Entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success.

It goes without saying that university education has it’s place. But I personally learned how to create a full time income online with affiliate marketing, without going to university. And on a shoestring budget I might add.

So I’m a big fan of learning from people who know their stuff in reality and not just theory. Especially when it comes to the online world, where everything is changing so rapidly.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author. And according to his bio, he’s also an advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

However, most people know Tai from his YouTube videos.

He has published a lot of videos on YouTube over the years. Many of which he’s chilling on his private jet, at his mansion, with his luxury cars, or rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

I have to admit, like many others I was a bit skeptical of Tai at first. Purely because a lot of online scammers use this sort of ‘hype’ to convince people to buy stuff.

But the fact is, Tai does provide a lot of great content within those videos. I personally think that if all you did was watch his free video content, you’d learn some genuinely useful stuff.

Not to mention, he has a proven track record of success. And he sells legitimate educational products that match his skillset, such as his social media marketing training for example. A business model he is obviously dominating with himself.

He’s also well connected to other successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. So when he doesn’t know about a given topic himself, he’ll likely bring in people he knows that do.

How The Platform Works

To get started, all you need to do is visit the official website (knowledgesociety.com) and follow the prompts.

As of writing this, the cost to become a member is $97 for 36 months. And as a bonus you get 36 months of access to the “Founders Club” which apparently gives you access to some exclusive content.

I’m not sure if this is just the ‘pre-launch’ pricing or not though. So if the price changes let me know in the comments and I’ll update this.

In any case, I think this is a fair price. Especially considering there’s going to be a lot more content added over time, which I’m assuming members will automatically get access to as it is released.

Each training course consists of a series of pre-recorded videos. So you can watch the videos at your own pace and when it suits you.

Here’s some of the topics the video training covers according to the website:

  • Social media marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Personal training
  • Real estate
  • Sell T-shirts on Facebook
  • Start a hair salon
  • Selling digital products as an affiliate
  • Make more money with Uber
  • Book publishing
  • Start an autobody shop
  • Start a food truck business
  • Running a profitable Airbnb business
  • Start a mobile car wash business
  • Teaching languages online
  • Make money gaming
  • Create a money making app
  • Start an electronics repair business
  • Start an IT support business

As you can see, this is quite a diverse range of topics!

These topics aren’t all covered by Tai though. They are presented by people who (apparently) have a proven track record of success within that space.

The website also says that the training is always updated. Which is a very important thing, especially with respects to topics relating to online business. What worked a couple years ago within one marketing method may not be working now so this is important.

Are The Courses Legit?

As of writing this, the videos aren’t live yet, because the platform is still in pre-launch. So I can’t tell you how good the courses are from personal experience. And given the sheer diversity of training, I probably won’t be reviewing each and every course anyway.

In any case, I think the best way to know for sure how good the courses are, is to see for yourself.

If you don’t like them, take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee. I don’t think Tai would have come this far in business, unless he was honouring that policy. So the risk is low.

Also, feel free to share your experience with the course material in the comments section below. Learning about other peoples experiences is a great help when deciding whether or not something like this is worth it for you. So by all means chime in.

Can You Really Make Money With Knowledge Society?

This is a question I think many people will be asking: will this platform make me any money? And will it help me create multiple streams of income as the website suggests?

The honest answer is- it depends.

It depends first of all on how useful the training itself is. How comprehensive it is, how easy to understand it is and how practical it is. Most of all, how well it works.

However, it also depends on an equally important factor- you.  Just because you have access to a great training resource doesn’t mean you will be successful. Not at all.

In my experience in working with people within the affiliate marketing space, it comes down to your level of discipline more than anything else. How much effort you are willing to put in, and how persistent you are. It also depends on the business model itself among other things.

But my point is, how much money you make will depend.

Assuming the training is awesome, and you put a lot of effort in (consistently), then you could end up making a substantial income. Absolutely.

I personally would recommend going the route of starting an online business though. Because the opportunity to make money online is massive when you know what you are doing and most of all, stick at it.

Verdict- Is Knowledge Society a Scam?

Knowledge Society is not a scam. Tai Lopez is a legitimate entrepreneur and he is selling a tangible product- online education.

It’s true that you could probably find the same or similar information for free elsewhere online. This is a common argument when someone is considering buying something like this.

But in my opinion, if the information is solid then it’s still worth it.

Because it’s one thing to have ‘bits of information’ online but it’s another to have access to a comprehensive course, created by industry experts. All in one place.

In any case, I think this platform has the potential to grow massively. Especially if Tai expands the course offerings into the other three big niches of health, love and happiness.

Just how good the training itself is however, only time will tell.

Feel free to share your experience (positive or negative) in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Tai Lopez Knowledge Society – Scam or Legit Way To Create Multiple Streams of Income?”

  1. Maybe this is the only way I can get Tai to listen to me. He bought my Dinar twice with absolutely no problem and very prompt on sending me my money. In Dec of 2017 I sent him the remainder of my Dinar, have the signed contract, receipt of sending through FEDEX with everything they wanted in the package. Package was delivered to Knowledge Society 5940 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 11898 . As of date Sept 20, 2018 I have not received any monies or Tai hasn’t even contacted me since February when he said there was a cash flow problem that would be fixed by March. Haven’t heard from him since. I would like this take care of, I would appreciate him owning up to his part of the bargain. I keep texting him at [phone number removed for privacy reasons] at least once a month since February.

    • Good product but TERRIBLE customer service. I have been trying to cancel my membership for about 2 weeks now and still got charged even though I did not want the product anymore. Complete BS but the content isn’t bad.


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