Recyclix Review: Genuine Opportunity or Well Planned Scam?

This is a revenue share company supposedly paying ROIs based on an innovative recycling operation that turns waste into granules.

I was impressed with their site and was hoping I’d found a genuine opportunity, but after doing some digging I’m not convinced it’s the real deal.

About The Company

There is zero information on the company website about the CEO or anyone running this operation, and their domain registration is set to private. They claim to have been:

…collaborating for a long time with leading international companies engaged in the production and recycling of plastics.

They provide no information on any of these companies or what ‘collaboration’ took place. According to official registration documents this company was registered in 2014:

Official Company registration details

I did some digging and found a blog post of theirs about one of their events, along with a Facebook post that clearly shows the Founder and CEO as being Dmitri Paladi:

CEO and management names

Paladi has no Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + or any other profile I can find and there is zero information about him anywhere online.

The HQ Is a Virtual Office

According to the company website their headquarters is in Warsaw at the following address: Al.Solidarnosci 115, office 2 , zip: 00140, Warsaw, Poland

Company claims on factory locations

This is a virtual office address that made available by VLS-System for as little as US$11.59 +VAT per month at the time of writing this. These can be used as the address used in the registration of a limited liability company such as theirs, set up over the internet and require very little ID and documentation.



4 Other Locations They Use

Representative Office- Competence Center Koblenz, Ferdinand-⁠Nebel-⁠Str. 7, 56070 Koblenz

Brazil Office- St Nossa Senhora do Carmo 75, Castro, Parana, Brazil

Morocco Office-P21 Avenue Mohammed V, Marrakech, Morocco

Sales Support- Poligonowa 28, 18-400 Lomza, Polska

I couldn’t find much to verify these, but the legitimacy of those offices is not of much consequence since office space can be rented or purchased by anyone. The factories are a lot harder to fake, they claim to have 2 of these operating in Poland and Latvia however, do NOT provide an address to prove this. After doing some digging I was only able to find their alleged Poland address which is a hotel:

Poland Factory Location

Update: According to the company, this was a mistake made by Google.

Despite providing the locations of their virtual and physical offices, of more importance is how there is no mention of the location of their factories. According to a statement made by the company in September of 2015, they do not have time to answer questions about their factory locations from potential investors:

Company statement

No legitimate company would need to surround their operation with such secrecy and deception. What possible reason is there for all of this if they really are legitimate?

What Is Recyclix & How Does It Work?

The way the company goes about explaining how this system works is pretty frustrating to say the least. After going through things carefully, here’s what I learned…

Getting Started

The company is currently giving members a €20 sign-up bonus to be used for investing into the system. This will generate you €2.21 profit after 3 months according to the income calculator. These 3 cycles must be complete in order for you to withdraw. When the bonus offer ends, new members will need to deposit a minimum of €20 to get started.

Earning Through The Revenue Share Platform

The easiest way to understand this is to think of it as a 3 stage ‘cycle’ that takes exactly 35 days to complete:

Each stage/ product is valued at a set amount per kg:

  • Waste is valued at €0.20
  • Re-Grind is valued at €0.40 (takes 28 days to complete this stage)
  • Granules are valued at €0.60 (takes 35 days total to complete this stage)
Three stage process

When you buy waste and see it through to granule stage after 35 days, this is known as completing a full cycle.

The only way to make money with this is to continue re-investing, or ‘re-cycling’ as they like to say. You cannot profitably hit the ‘sell’ button on the ‘granules’ stage until after 3 full cycles (105 days) if you want to become profitable, regardless of the amount of waste purchased.

Example of Purchasing €100 of Waste

  • I purchase €100 of waste on June 1st 2016 which gives me 500kg of waste. Admittedly, I’ve always wanted to buy half a ton of crap so I’m pretty chuffed at this stage
  • On June 29th this has now become ‘re-grind’ and is worth €200 since re-grind is worth €0.40 per kg and you have 500kg of it. If I sell it now I’ll get 25% of this €200, or exactly €50. Clearly then, I’ll lose money if I sell now since I started out with €100
  • So I must hit the ‘re-cycle’ button shown above and wait another 2 weeks for it to turn into granules, which brings us to the 5th of July 2016. I now have granules and have turned my initial €100 of crap into €300 of pure granule goodness! I don’t get to withdraw this yet though, at least not if I want to make any money
  • If I cash out at this point I’ll only make 25% of €300, which comes to €75
  • If I hit ‘restart’ and do not sell my granules I’ll have made a 14% profit on a €100 investment. I’ll be able to start buying waste again with this money with a brand new cycle with €114

In other words, you only really make a profit in the first 105 days if you re-invest everything. Once I complete 3 full cycles, 105 days after June 1st 2016 I’ve made €3 profit. 

€100 example earnings chart

On a brighter note, if you ‘compound’ your earnings during this 105 day period by purchasing more waste with any profits made, you will make a little more. You’ll make €11.16 profit to be precise.

Using this exact same process starting out with €1000, you’ll end up with €30 in total profit after 105 days. Clearly, the only way to make money is to invest higher amounts over longer periods of time.

I love the companies example though:

Marketing material earnings example

This is a shining example of deliberately misleading people with a half truth.

Firstly, you will not make any withdrawal of profits at all in ‘just several weeks’. The only way you’ll make the the €142 total revenue after 3 cycles is to follow the strategy I just explained and re-invest into the next cycle. So you can’t even cash out €42 in profit after several months- let alone weeks!

But there is another way to maximise your profits…

The Equipment Shares

Once you’ve purchased a full 5000kg (€1000) you are then eligible to purchase ‘equipment stock’ to increase your profit share and waste quota to increasing amounts as follows…

Forklift: €1 per share increases the amount of waste you can buy (recycling quota) to another 25kg per share. This is capped at 200 shares, meaning an extra 5000kg of waste purchasing becomes available for €200.

Sorting: €10 per share increases your quota by 60kg per share, capped at 250 shares. So for €2500 you can now purchase an additional 15000kg of waste. Buying 250 shares will increase your profit from 14% to 16.5% when completing cycles.

Shredder: €25 per share increases your quota by 100kg per share, capped at 250 shares total. For €6,250 you can purchase an additional 25,000kg of waste and increase you profit share to 21.5% when completing cycles.

Washing: €50 per share increases your quota by 140kg per share, capped at 250 shares. For €12,500 you can purchase an additional 35,000kg of waste and increase your profit share to 31.5% when completing cycles.

Granulator: €100 per share increases you quota by 100kg and is capped at 500 shares. For €50,000 you can now purchase another 50,000kg of waste and increase your profit share to 51.5%, only the company caps this share to 50% total.

Total Costs & Rewards

The real way to look at this is to forget all about the terminology and the idea of a legitimate recycling factory operation. In my opinion, that is just a marketing strategy.

What really happens with this is you start out with your first lot of 5000kg of purchasable waste, then buy 200 ‘forklift shares’ to unlock the next lot of 5000kg waste purchasing ability. You continue doing this all the way through to the ‘granulator’ status to earn the maximum amount of money possible.

The end result is the purchasing of 135,000kg of waste for a total of €27,000 and €71,450 worth of purchasing to unlock quotas and increased profit share percentages. Once you get right to the top status and purchase all the equipment shares you can make €13,500 profit on 135,000kg of waste every 5 week ‘1 cycle’ period. This is 150% ROI every 5 weeks. You can see this by using the blue ‘selling plan’ option on the calculator.

Note: Once your revenue share hits 33% or more, it is now profitable for you to start selling the granules after a full 5 week cycle instead of re-investing your money. In other words, after almost €10k in equipment share purchasing, it starts becoming worth your while to hit the ‘sell’ button instead of the ‘restart’ button.

Referral Commissions

This operates on a  level unilevel downline system where you can have unlimited people on each level, 4 levels deep. You recruit people, who recruit people and so on. Each level pays you a different commission based on their deposits:

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Level 3: 2%
  • Level 4: 1%

You get a bunch of banners and a way to track clicks on your affiliate links. Nothing special there.

What I Liked

  • I like the idea of a legitimate company helping the environment and creating sustainable revenue share program. That really does not appear to be the case here though
  • The website is pretty cool
  • I’ve got to hand it to these guys, this is a grade A performance. I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry

What I Didn’t Like

  • In my opinion, this is a HYIP/ Ponzi scheme and I will explain why I say this below
  • Confusing explanation of the system and how it operates will likely leave a lot of people skipping over the finer details. This is exactly what this kind of scheme plays on
  • Huge amount of secrecy/ deception surrounding the CEO, management and factory locations
  • Misleading marketing material suggesting people will make more than they really will in a given time frame
  • These kinds of schemes will inevitably collapse in the coming months/ years as recruiting slows

Why This Is a Deceptive Scheme

The company assures people that they are a real company and admittedly put out a fairly believable front. In fact I have not seen many companies go to the kind of lengths they do to establish credibility. Allow me to present the red flags that expose this scheme for what it is below.

Zero Proof of Their Factories

Neither their marketing material, their biased affiliates, nor their baseless YouTube videos prove the companies legitimacy.

In fact the only proof that I have found ANYWHERE shows the opposite, this is a giant load of BS. Elaborate, yes, but when con artists stand to make millions of dollars out of a scheme like this it is well worth organising a few tours with a couple of local factories and planning things out to a level that will fool the majority for the longest period of time possible.

But Tim, they’ve been part of some trade shows and have offices and all that stuff!

None of this is proof and is simply an opportunity to legitimise an otherwise unbelievable scam. If they didn’t go to these lengths, no one would believe them. Think about it carefully. Buying a stand at a trade show means zero, renting an office means zero, walking people around a random factory means zero. Even if by some miracle they did have a recycling operation, it would clearly be a front for a ponzi to support such high ROI’s.

Unusually High Returns

They provide unusually high passive ROI’s as you progress through the system to the tune of 150% ROI in a 5 week period. That’s not just high, it is downright laughable. For this to be even remotely possible, they’d have to be operating an insanely profitable business.

Let’s take a look at the real state of the recycling industry. According to an article written by the Wall Street Journal the CEO of Waste Management INC had this to say:

Recycling is in a crisis, and isn’t profitable for us, and we have to react to that by shutting down plants.

The article goes on to report:

Market values of used plastics have fallen sharply, a decline some in the industry have attributed to lower crude oil prices, which have pushed down the cost of producing new plastic and left manufacturers less keen to work with recycled material.

Another article published by points out:

We are all aware that the UK’s recycling industry is going through a challenging time.

Needless to say, paying investors this kind of return is not only contradictory to the state of the industry, but outrageously unsustainable.

How People Get Paid

The hallmark of a ponzi scheme is paying existing members with new member investment. In this case they actually admit this in the fine print on their website:

Payment Policy

This is stating that they will use the ‘pool’ of member payments to pay out existing affiliates, the same pool that is added to regularly by new member investment.

Additionally, deposits are limited to €250 by credit card and not accepted at all via PayPal which throws up yet another red flag.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this is a well planned HYIP/ ponzi scheme with a fairly clever marketing strategy behind it. They give people the impression of a legitimate company and use a vocabulary and internal system to attempt to support their story. One of the biggest misconceptions is that it “must be legit since people are getting paid”… that is not a sign of legitimacy at all. People have, and always will make money in these kinds of schemes but a LOT more lose out when they eventually collapse.

Make no mistake, all ponzi’s eventually collapse. Why? Because this is not a sustainable business model. Once recruiting slows, the revenue being used to pay out ROI’s comes to a grinding halt and the company pulls the pin. Hence the reason for the virtual headquarters and the lack of information about the people behind this.

I do not recommend this as a legitimate online business or investment strategy.

Update | 31st August 2016

I am getting a lot of comments from affiliates trying to prove to me that the factories are real. Yes, the recycling factories themselves are obviously ‘real’ for crying out loud. My point about this aspect was how the company does not disclose the locations of these to potential and existing investors. They have instead provided ‘proof’ by conducting scheduled tours of these factories with selected members. In my opinion, the so called ‘proof’ they provided is thin at best and makes me wonder why they are being so secretive.

Are the factories being shown in the videos legitimately owned by Recyclix and do they genuinely conduct recycling activities on a daily basis? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. I am not claiming to have proof either way and it is important to understand that this is NOT the most important concern I have raised in this review. This is the last I am going to be saying on this particular matter and if I get any further comments regarding this particular aspect I will simply direct you to this section.

The Main Reason I Don’t Recommend Recyclix

Regardless of whether there is or isn’t recycling going on, I genuinely believe they are operating as a Ponzi/ HYIP scheme and this is the most important point to understand. Why I believe this is a ponzi and why don’t I recommend them:

  • They pay existing investors with new member investment by ‘pooling’ funds which is not a legitimate way to handle investor funds and is exactly how Ponzi schemes operate
SEC Ponzi Scheme Facts
Source: SEC
  • They offer unusually high returns of up to 150% per 5 week period, or 4.29% daily returns which therefor constitutes them as a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)
  • The returns are way too consistent and do not reflect genuine market conditions
  • They are not a registered or licensed investment firm yet solicite investements from all over the globe
  • The underlying details of their operation are either vague or not provided to potential or existing investors. Things such as business partners, factory locations, general operations and financial data among other things

I recommend doing further reading on this matter to better understand the issues I have stated:

I also recommend reading the Forum to keep updated on current developments as these guys seem to be keeping a very close eye on developments and some of the things going on with the company.

Do The Numbers Really Add Up?

According to Recyclix, they process 1 ton of waste every hour which means they are processing 720 tonnes of waste every month currently. Cool.

Waste Being Processed

They also state that they are limited to processing 3,000 tons of ‘film waste’ every month.

Factory Capacity

At the most basic level, anyone can start off buying up to 5 tons (5,000kg) of waste for €1000. Once you unlock the highest quota, you are then able to purchase (135,000kg) 135 tonnes of this waste and have it processed within a 5 week cycle. Furthermore, an unlimited number of investors can continue purchasing up to 135 tons of waste every 5 weeks depending on how high their quota is.

Think about this for a moment… how on earth can the company possibly process such high volumes for an unlimited number of people given their stated capacity? These guys get a lot of traffic to their website and likely have many investors buying ‘waste’ on a continual basis. Would buying ‘equipment shares’ automatically ramp up the companies capacities? Give me a break. These numbers simply don’t add up.

Update | 7th November 2016

I just received a comment from an angry affiliate who was annoyed that I was reporting the facts and my opinion about Recyclix. I’ve responded to that nonsense, however, this spurred me on to see how things have been developing with this company and dig a little deeper.

I can safely say things have gone from bad to worse since publishing this review.

CONSOB Investigation

The first thing I wanted to comment on was something I had overlooked to an extent. A while ago I got a comment from a a reader who alerted me to the fact that Recyclix was under investigation by CONSOB, an Italian investment regulator. This is what they do as taken straight from the CONSOB website:

It conducts investigations with respect to potential infringements of insider dealing and market manipulation law

While I was aware of the investigation, this point they made in their report is absolutely key:

DEEMED in this regard, that the comments made by the company through their lawyers are not capable of rebutting the above felt about the financial investment proposed by “Recyclix” company through the site ; Noting, in fact, that such statements are not substantiated by any documentary source – given that the company, despite the requests of Consob, declined to provide the contracts used in relationships with customers – and also they appear inconsistent with that published in the site ;


The investigation to this point reveals that despite Recyclix claiming to be operating as a genuine recycling company, they have refused to provide information to CONSOB that verifies this and appear (just as I have said) to be operating as an investment operation as oppose to a genuine recycling company. I recommend reading the above article, although you may need to run it through Google Translate.

Ask yourself, why would they refuse to provide evidence of their operation to CONSOB and why have they been unable to rebut the assertion that they are operating as a financial investment company?

McDonald’s and Plamika

This one is irrefutable proof that Recyclix are trying to cover up the truth.At one point, the company claimed they had a deal with McDonalds and when nothing happened, people naturally started asking questions. Later, Recyclix said they didn’t have a deal with McDonalds at all, but it was their business partner Plamika that had this deal. They clarified this in one of their ‘news’ posts on their website (

Moving on, we would like to issue a clarification as some members have been interested in our collaboration With McDonald’s United States and some confusion has arisen from an inaccurate translation of the original documentation. Plamika UAB, Lithuania, which has been awarded the contract to process all of the waste materials. We on the other hand have collaborated with Plamika UAB, Lithuania to handle the plastic wastes as a subcontractor.

However, Plamika have since completely denied ANY dealings with Recyclix. As in, they never had any deal, that was a total lie. They were so pissed about these lies they posted an official statement on the front page of their website!

Plamika Official Statement About Recylcix

Furthermore, it appears as though Recyclix have been deleting any comments or questions regarding this on their Facebook page ( AND they deleted the above statement about their partnership from their website ‘news’ page!

How do I know it was even there? For starters, there are several affiliate websites that have re-posted the statement, there is proof on and my favourite, Google search results. They may have deleted it from their site, but Google hasn’t updated it’s search results yet! 


Oops! Guess the geniuses behind Recyclix didn’t think about that one huh? The above data showing up in the search results is undeniable PROOF that Recyclix have removed this from their website and are trying to cover it up.

I don’t know how much more evidence needs to be submitted for some of the die hard affiliates to get the point. Anyway, I guess they don’t care about people. They only care about referring people into this scheme so they can make money off their inevitable loss.

Article originally published: May 12, 2016

152 thoughts on “Recyclix Review: Genuine Opportunity or Well Planned Scam?”

  1. It’s scam! Don’t invest ! They have a threshold when you reach it, it will no longer pay you! You would never Profit! Look at this email. They

    stop paying me, payment failed, they no longer reply my email, and withdrawal is now never successful.

    Beware ! 100 % scam.


    You no need to trust me. But when you are victim, you will know what I mean.

  2. Game over! Check out their website notice. Glad I got out when I did, which was about 1.5 cycles before the 50% “haircut” and 1 cycle before total shutdown.

    • Yep, it was only a matter of time.

      I feel sorry for all the people who gave them their identification details in the end when they were supposedly using it to ‘verify’ accounts too. I’m not saying for a fact they will, but they literally have everything they need to carry out mass identity theft or sell those details to people who will.

      Glad you got out when you did though mate and thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the very detailed review. It is really helpful. At first, they really convinced me that recyclix is legitimate with their superb professional looking websites and logic. But after I read your review, you convinced me that it is a ponzi scheme. There are so many proofs which I can’t ignore them. I understood that there is no easy money, you have to work if you want to make some money.

    • Hi Onur, yeah Recyclix is falling apart so you are wise to avoid it.

      There are tons of other great opportunities out there though, so you don’t need to mess with crap like that to achieve your goals. No way.

      It is possible to make money without “working hard” BUT it doesn’t start out that way. That is the key principal and what many websites/ biz ops/ programs leave out when explaining something.

      Investors spend years learning how to invest properly, then they can make their money work for them based on what they know and what they have built up. A great book to introduce yourself to the concept of investing is “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Some great core principals there, and there are many other great books you can read too.

      Another way to create passive income is with internet marketing. For example, you can build a website and make money this way. It may take you a year or two to learn the ropes and start seeing consistent profits, but once you do, it does get easier and you can scale your efforts once you know how. You can create a passive income this way.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting and all the best with whatever you get into. Cheers

  4. Hello Tim, thank you very much for such deep investigation!

    Unfortunately for me I should read this 2 months ago, but I was blind 🙁
    What a beautiful idea with rev share model made by real business. Let’s earn good money while saving the Planet!.. This kind of people know how to play with us…

    I invested (still foolishly hope not ‘wasted’) some money. And thunder for me was when today appeared news on their website’s user space that it was big fire on their factory close to Zielona Gora, Brożku, Poland. They reduced quota twice for all users registered before 14th Feb. I don’t know but it looks like I already lost half of my money… They’re explaining it with sharing a financial risks with users!

    Now I can’t make any actions beacause I should agree with new terms of payment as you mentioned in your article, but for me that rules are absolutely new.

    If some people tried to quit and withdraw their money – please tell about that experience. Should I play this game a bit more trying to withdraw some more money or this pyramid will collapse soon..?

    • Hi Max,

      All I can say is… shit. It seems We really are witnessing the collapse of this ponzi. There are too many signs to ignore it at this point.

      If I was in your position, I personally would absolutely NOT be investing any more money. I may play their games and try to get as much money back as possible, but this is yet another sign that Recyclix is crumbling. It won’t be long now.

      It’s a shame, but this is exactly why I published this review in the beginning. Schemes like this cannot last mathematically, which is why they are illegal. People WILL lose money, there is simply no other logical way it can work out. The only question is who, and when. I know this probably isn’t what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately scams are big business. This one was planned better than most to look as legitimate as possible, but it’s still just an ugly scam at the end of the day. These guys will walk out with a nice bank roll and possibly no repercussions, while thousands of everyday people lose their hard earned money. It’s complete BS.

      I hope you get out of this with as little loss as possible though Max, and all the best for future endeavours.

      • Hi Tim, thanks for fast respond. Yeah, shit…

        Now I need to wait untill end of cycle “to sell goods” I will not compound or invest more, of course.
        They just stole half of user’s money! Fire? BS!
        In optimistic scenario I will lose 40% of my money. But my currently cycle will last till 22nd Martch.

        I hope this recyclix-crap will not be totally closed for next 3 weeks.
        Any forecast how long will last this crumble-down process?

        • You are welcome Max.

          Unfortunately I cannot predict this down to an absolute time because it all comes down to the inflow of new investment, and the outflow of withdrawals which only they would know for sure.

          The more new people they can suck in, and the more people they can keep believing their BS, the longer it will last, and visa versa.

          If they can put a lid on withdrawals through various means (ie. temporary account bans, cutting ROI’s, claiming the banks are giving them grief etc) as they are doing, then they can keep the scam running for longer. How long? In my opinion, things are starting to get very, very close now but I can’t say exactly when.

          I can say that given recent events, and people are reporting on it… the number of new investors will dwindle even further, which compounds the effect.

          I think as long as you don’t put any more money in, whatever you get back at this point just consider yourself having a win. That’s my view anyway.

  5. I just asked them (on their Facebook page) about the Oct. 2018 cutoff point, where they go to a new business model where anyone below $100K invested is not admitted.

    I clearly asked:

    “If I have, say, 1000 Euro invested and earning, if I leave it in after Oct. 2018 (or whenever the change over to the new platform occurs), what will happen to my investment/account? Do I lose my money/account or…?”

    They clearly answered:

    “You earn 140€ every 5 weeks until Oct 2018 by restarting your cycles. After that, you sell all your material , get 25% of the selling price, withdraw everything from your withdrawal balance, and your account will be closed like everybody else.”

    If they are operating a true Ponzi scheme, are they simply stepping up their game (and letting go of all the “small fry”) or are they planning on ditching out with everyone’s money by that date and simply SAYING that’s when you will be “let go”, or…?

    • I’m not sure what they have up their sleeve in this regard to be honest. Time will tell.

      I was reading the latest updates on the for Recyclix the other day, and there have been some developments on this. It doesn’t look good.

      For example, they are blocking people’s accounts as a ‘security measure’ for 5 weeks if they do a simple email or password change, and people are reporting difficulties in withdrawing funds to their bank account for days/ weeks. All number of excuses are being made as per usual. In light of these things, and how they have been caught red handed on a few recent occasions, people are starting to catch onto their games, and new investment is very likely slowing.

      These particular issues may smooth out in the short term, yes. But either way, this is exactly what happens when Ponzis start to collapse. The inflow of new funds reduces, so it becomes difficult for them to pay out existing investors, to the point they simply cannot without losing out themselves.

      My opinion, the whole 5 week thing and delayed payments is just a way for them to ramp up new investment and put the brakes on withdrawals to keep this ponzi running for as long as possible.

  6. They certainly go to a lot of trouble to appear legitimate, for a Ponzi scheme.

    They now require a secret pass phrase, to verify yourself to them, if needed. They also require 2FA to log in. They’re dropping social media logins, due to weak password usage by users.

    Is there ANY way, whatsoever, they could be doing what they’re doing… legitimately? Or is it absolutely, utterly, and completely impossible?

    • Increasing login security is an entirely separate thing from the core issue, ponzi investments. Requiring 2FA means they now have your cell number.. on top of your name, address, DOB, copy of your personal identification card etc…

      When you look at all the facts to this point, it certainly doesn’t appear to me as if there is any hope of legitimacy. But that’s my opinion. One thing is for sure, there has been a LOT of secrecy both to investors and more recently, the Italian authorities. Not to mention the lies about partnering up with McDonald’s, then an actual recycling company.. none of which was true. I don’t see any reason why a legitimate company (much less one claiming to be trying to ‘save the planet’) would operate in this way. To me the whole operation from start to now has been structured and run illegitimately. But again, that’s my opinion.

  7. Hi Tim!
    thanks for your review!
    I should have read it 2 months ago! :((
    See bellow what a big scam they are, if they don’t allow me to make deposit or withdrawals because I refused to give them my profile&ID&card photos!!
    How could a normal company could ever ask for such a think?
    And also their refuse to disclose their employee identity says more about this crap of company.
    all that it does recycle are our money into their accounts, and no waste at all I Think !


    Today at 12:55 PM

    ToLazar Spanache

    Message body


    As we said in the previous emails, you will not be able to make ANY
    deposits or withdrawals to your Recyclix account unless the upload has
    been approved.

    Regarding the identities of the people handling this email support, we
    do not disclose them to the public, as we deem such details private, and
    not in any way necessary for users to know about.

    Best regards,

    Amy, Customer Support Specialist
    E-⁠mail: info[at]
    Visit us at:
    Join us on Facebook:

    Go Green -⁠⁠ Start Recycling -⁠⁠ Create Revenue

    • Hi Lazar, glad you found the review helpful.

      Yeah… in light of everything I have come to learn about this company, I sure as hell wouldn’t be giving them this kind of info. Huge potential risk is an understatement in my opinion.

      You are absolutely correct, this has nothing to do with real recycling. The only recycling going on is the financial kind. You are wise to avoid this.

    • Champion, thanks for the update. I’ve been meaning to update this post on that, been a bit slack over the holidays lol.

      For sure, with the way things are going it’s only a matter of time.


  8. Tim, this is a fantastic and well thought out review thanks. Unfortunately people get too easily sucked into ponzi scams online.

    Hat’s off to Recyclix who have clearly put a lot of effort into their deception but it’s such a shame so many people will have their families lives ruined by this scam.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Paul, I couldn’t agree more, I think a number of people are starting to catch on now though based on the comments I’ve been getting.

      And yep… they really have gone all out lol.

      You are right, the sad reality with ponzis is that when its all said and done, it’s the everyday people, the struggling workers and the families just looking to “get ahead” that end up suffering the most. It truly is disgusting when you think about it.

      Anyways, thanks for dropping by and sharing thoughts here Paul. Cheers

  9. Hi Tim, thanks a lot for the review, it’s very persuasive!

    Hope I read this review before depositing some bucks into it. The deposit was made by credit card. After that, the recyclix asked me to provide a selfie holding my credit card and my national ID to prove my card ownership, I have covered some of the important info. Just curios why they took this so serious in case the only thing they need is just money. Now I’m afraid they use that information for something else. Should I stop my credit card. Can you pls help to advise? Many thank

    • Hi Vincent,

      I have personally never in my life heard of a company requesting that (selfie with ID). To me, it’s a little odd.

      I am a blogger and internet marketer, which means I am not in a position to be giving you direct advice about identity theft regarding Recyclix.

      However, personally, I would never even dream of giving these guys my credit card or identification details. That is all I am going to say.

      Anyways, I hope it works out for you man. All the best.

    • Hi Tim! Thank you for this great documentation. I agree with you!

      @ Vincent: I`m worry that you fear about a creditcard fraud is much more real…

      There are some troubles with the PCI Standard in the Recyclix Creditcard Mask. It seems, that recyclix is sending the creditcard details from users to its own server! Thats forbidden! You can see a documentation about that in this video: (its german, but you can see the problem inside the video in the english screenshots)

      I recommend to you: Write an email to and tell them whats happened!

  10. Hi Tim
    Thank you for your preview
    Nothing will be more convincing than this . You just summarized my fears in details about this company before i start .

  11. [translated] In this system that I have entered for the purpose of trial, I will explain the printing to you in summary. I sent 100 euro from the bank. The money was reduced by 40 euro on the way and the account came as 61 euro and I took the waste with this money. Did not allow me to cash in my stock at the end of the last 5 weeks and 14% profitable. They are trying to withdraw money. After 2 days of correspondence, they allowed me to sell the waste material I bought for 61 euros. While I was waiting for a 14% profit at the end of 5 weeks and everywhere was described in this way, the money I had after I sold the product of 61 euros was 46 euros. That is, if the system is in the inside, the currency is cut by 25% from the main money, as it is not giving 8% profit after turning the cash. In summary, if you get 100 euros at first. You will NEVER expect to be 114 euros after 5 weeks. The money you pay is 75 euro. The more money you have in this system, the more you can get 75% of the money inside. When you sell the product and turn it into money, 8% never gives it. Invest in those who think that in the long run you will be able to see the 25% of the money in the intervening space. Otherwise, there is NEVER a chance to make profit in the first 3 months.

    • Hey, please comment in English where possible, but I have translated this comment using Google Translate.

      What you wrote is pretty long winded and confusing, but here’s my take.

      I agree, you cannot withdraw 14% profits after 5 weeks. This is only if you re-invest. If you do not re-invest you will not make any money for a time. I explain this in my review. Please know, I am not interested in debating the logistics of this crap any further lol. I have gone over it in the review in detail and in the comments in detail. That’s it from me. Agree or disagree, whatever.

      Also, this is NOT a long-term business. In my opinion, this is a clear cut ponzi scheme and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.

      Thanks for commenting, all the best.

  12. I appreciate your review. It made me second guess investing my own money into the site. I’m a patient person, I will simply take their money they gave me Hahaha

    • You are welcome Jon, in light of recent events it seems people are really starting to catch on to this nonsense, which means investing now is becoming extremely risky. I think you’ve done well to avoid this Jon, thanks for commenting.

  13. Hi Tim,
    with all the facts you pointed out I am convinced that it is all fake, I entered the PLAMIKA site my self and saw the statement, that alone should be a proof that they are a scam. Regarding the video I noticed that there wasn’t any Recyclix writings anywhere, inside the factory and being in Lituania it could be that somebody from recyclix just joined in a visit of PLAMIKA factories and made a video.
    But there is a way to be sure 100%, on the video I noticed that the equipment is from a company called EREMA, someone just has to ask if they ever sold equipment to Recyclix.
    And I don’t know how the person that stated he is earning with Recyclix since 2 years, if I saw that they started in 2015 doing this kind of lets say crowdfunding?
    He must be also a fake….

    • Hi Anastasio,

      Yep, there’s a mountain of BS going on with Recyclix but this is just one of the more obvious things and something the company cannot back their way out of. It’d be interesting to know what stories they are coming up with (if any) to defend this lol, but it’s black and white.

      They blatantly lied about the whole McDonalds thing, tried to palm it off as some sort of partnership with Plamika and in the end, the were caught out red handed. Now, they are back pedalling so hard it’s ridiculous.

      Nice work on taking notice of the EREMA equipment, definitely worth checking out! Regardless of the shenanigans these jokers are running with their ‘factories’ though, it doesn’t change the MOST important concept here, the ROI’s are NOT being paid out to members based on real recycling. Not a chance. This is a ponzi and it has been from the get go. Unfortunately, it is only now (after holes start appearing in their story) that the majority of people start to take real notice, and this is why so many often lose money. They don’t see it coming until it’s too late.

      Once the majority of people stop investing in this (probably sooner rather than later now) it is in the companies best interests to stop paying out ROI’s. They only continue paying ROI’s now to keep the scam running and lure more and more people into it so once recruiting slows, they start going backwards financially if they continue paying ROI’s. Since their sole objective is to make money regardless of who loses out, they’ll shut the whole thing down and take everyones money with them before they pay back what is owed. Believe it or not, this happens all the time online and it’s disgusting.

      At this pace I can’t see this company going on for too much longer. I mean, black and white, they are absolutely not telling people the truth. They wouldn’t even provide the Italian authorities the information they requested to verify the legitimacy of their business. Investing any money into this is EXTREMELY risky at this point in my opinion.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts on this Anastasio.

      • you are welcome Tim,
        many thanks to you, because I was attempted to invest until I came across your site and started to open my eyes and doing some research….

  14. Bro your report is full of bullshit. I am personally working with recyclix and it works for me and never had a problem. i also been in contact with them a couple of time and it is amazing. I dont wanna sit and correct all the wrong information you have been saying. One things, the 150% or 140% return is not per month but per year.
    It is 14% per cycle, which is 5 weeks. if you calculate it each year makes 10 cycles (around 355 days kind of), which makes it 140% a year and not a month. and finally this percentage is not fixed it goes down also based on many factors. However, you can’t really judge a company from outside. I have been with recyclix for 8 months and it is going great. never had a problem. and i know now you’d say someone has payed me for this, but believe me no one did. anw have fun writing negative reviews while i make more money. enjoy!

    • Bro your report is full of bullshit.

      Bro… kindly point out exactly where this report is ‘bullshit’ as you say. As in, actual facts instead of the crap you’ve spewed out so far.

      I am personally working with recyclix and it works for me and never had a problem

      It MUST be legit then man, sorry I wrote this review. I should’ve just asked you! An affiliate who stands to gan by telling everyone how amazing the company is and one who clearly doesn’t understand how his own scheme works and how ponzi schemes operate.

      I dont wanna sit and correct all the wrong information you have been saying. One things, the 150% or 140% return is not per month but per year.
      It is 14% per cycle, which is 5 weeks. if you calculate it each year makes 10 cycles (around 355 days kind of), which makes it 140% a year and not a month.
      It is objective and it is based on the facts that Recyclix provide. Plain and simple. Also, I did join and I did use the system enough to understand exactly how it works.

      FACT: Recyclix provide 150% ROI’s every 5 weeks once you have purchased all of the equipment shares and maxed out your quota. That is an absolute fact. I have gone over and over again with people how this works, and my analysis of 150% ROI is correct. It is basic math and logic. If you don’t understand it, fine. But coming to my website and trying to tell me (the one who understands and has clearly explained my argument) that you think I’m full of it is funny. Especially when your explanation is factually wrong and you say “I don’t wanna sit and correct all the wrong information you have been saying”. You are funny, I’ll give you that.

      this percentage is not fixed it goes down also based on many factors

      So, Recyclix is now misleading people about the fundamentals of how they operate in comparison to the explanation they give on their website? There is no mention of changing ROI’s on their website or in the members area. Unless it’s in the fine print, kindly point me to where this is stated and I will update this review. I have taken ALL of my information regarding the operations of this company from their official website. Not my problem if they change things and don’t make potential investors aware of such changes.

      you can’t really judge a company from outside. I have been with recyclix for 8 months and it is going great

      Yes, you can as long as you have the facts as presented by the company itself and I personally did use this system as a member and I studied their compensation/ investment material at length.

      and i know now you’d say someone has payed me for this, but believe me no one did

      I don’t think someone paid you for this. I think you are a misinformed affiliate who doesn’t understand how his own company operates and what a ponzi scheme is.

      have fun writing negative reviews while i make more money.

      Is warning people about a scheme that will lose them money in the long term negative? It attracts negativity from affiliates like you, but the vast majority of people thank me and other reviewers for explaining the facts to them. Unfortunately, the gravity of such a scheme only becomes apparent once something like this stops paying. If the company/ product is good, they get a positive review. If they are not, they don’t. It’s pretty standard stuff. There are MANY examples of positive reviews I have published for companies I am not even affiliated with. If you did your research before coming here and running your mouth you’d know this.

    • Hi Martin,
      I am Wan Bunna, I invested some money, but I am still in doubt that legit and paying company
      Is it true as you stated?

  15. As long as I can make my money work for me I am happy. I have been in Recyclix nearly two years (one of my passive incomes) and I can not complain. I have got my money back long time ago and now just playing with the profit, which is not bad too. So as long as you are happy to take a risk and you know how to manage your risk, I would say go for it!

    • See the thing is, I don’t actually have a problem with that line of reasoning. I think if you know the risks and do it anyway, good and well. My only concern is for the people who don’t know or understand the risks involved in such a scheme and lose money. That’s why I publish these reviews, to help educate folks so they can make a more informed decision. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      • yeah but your reviews is full of negative opinions. you are not reviewing subjectively 1st, and 2nd you are not involved in it what is you analysis based on. some people are having a good experience with it. so why making bad reviews about the company when you don’t know how it works properly. the proof is that even when you answered Anii, you are writing it is a scheme and you dont have proofs of that, and you can’t becaseu people like us, and like everyone in recyclix is earning from it.

        • Yes, I am reviewing subjectively. Does it contain my opinion? Obviously. ANY review on ANY website contains opinion. That is reality. Maybe you want to check into that once in a while.

          I am not involved in investing in a ponzi scheme. Need I explain why?

          I am sure people are having a good experience with it, I never suggested they were not. It is down the line the problems start. If you did your homework and understood how ponzi schemes operate, you would know there are COUNTLESS such schemes that have come and gone over the years. This is not new. They pay for a while and everyone loves it, people like you call out reviews like this for ‘bashing’ and being ‘negative’ and when the shit hits the fan (which it will) you go quite and often times move onto the next scheme.

          even when you answered Anii, you are writing it is a scheme and you dont have proofs of that

          I have a lot more of a solid argument than you do mate. I have very logically and clearly explained why I think Recyclix is a ponzi within this review and the comments. If you cannot read and do not understand the facts I have laid out, that is not my problem.

          Again, I never suggested at any point that no one would make money with this. The question is, for how long. People OBVIOUSLY make money in ponzis for a time, that is common knowledge. But given the mathematical flaw in the business model, they inevitably collapse. How long they stay afloat depends on many factors.

  16. Hi Tim,

    I agree 🙂
    As mentioned in first post you convinced me not to enter this business, but I was trying to explain the same to my friend and he showed me that calculator and put the biggest possible values to get 50% and 27k EUR and calculator showed lower values.
    So I guess he did something wrong.

    Anyway as you said enough about recyclix.

    Is there any plan for review of Skyway project?

    Thank you….

    • All good dude. Yeah it seems a lot of folks are keen for me to review Skyway so I will try to get to it soon. I’ll post a link to it here when it’s done. Cheers 🙂

  17. Hi Tim,

    Just wanted to correct you regarding calculations you made.
    With SELL program you don’t get 50% of total value, but you grt 50% of invested money.
    So if you invest 27k USD and sell the garbage after 5 weeks you get 13.5k USD and not 43k US as you wrote.
    So 150% ROI is just wrong calculation you made.
    Anyway you convinced me to not enter this business because of other factors.

    Otherwise you have allready been asked about this business: and would really like to hear your update on this.
    I saw their article also in one technical magazine which really has some filters before puting an article in their magazine.

    Thsnk you.

    • Hi Vladimir,

      Yeah, that is what I said dude. Look at my response to Alessandro on 16th September.

      So… yes you do only profit 50% of your seed money (total profit of 13.5k) BUT the technical way to say this is 150% ROI since you put €27,000 in and got €40,500 back in total (27k X 150%= 40.5k).

      I am yet to delve into that company properly, so I don’t want to give my 2 cents on it yet. I will look into it though, but I can’t promise anything in terms of a date. I’ll post a link here when I do publish a review on it.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting Vladimir, all the best 🙂

      • Hi Tim,

        That is not true.
        If you invest back than you get only 14% and not 50%.
        You get 50% only when you decide to sell without investing again.
        So when you decide for 50% you are out and not still in the game.

        • Again, that is what I have said Vladimir. I have not claimed you need to re-invest after getting your 50% profit at that point.

          I clearly explain that the 14% is part of the re-investing strategy in the very beginning (I provide a detailed example of this in the review) and then I clearly stated that the 50% profits come once you have purchased all available ‘equipment shares’ and have reached the maximum profit share possible. At that point you can invest 27k and make a 13.5k profit, without needing to re-invest.

          In other words, you are correct in what you are saying, yes. But I absolutely have explained this correctly myself also.

          I am thinking perhaps you are confused with my point about how the risk is still there, which it is. Why? Since you have invested 27k and must still wait the full 5 weeks for the cycle to complete. So, there is still a 5 week window of high level risk.

          • Hi Tim,

            let me explain you in details where your statement is wrong.
            You wrote:
            So… yes you do only profit 50% of your seed money (total profit of 13.5k) BUT the technical way to say this is 150% ROI since you put €27,000 in and got €40,500 back in total (27k X 150%= 40.5k).

            And that is not true.

            If you invest 27,000 EUR and take a sell plan, after 5 weeks you will loose half of the money since you will get only 13.5k EUR and loose your invested 27k EUR. So you are not geting 50% of 81k EUR, but 50% of 27k EUR which means that you lost 13.5k EUR.
            To get back your money you have to reinvest four times in which you get 14% of 27k EUR in eachy 5 weeks cycle and that equals to 3.780 EUR.
            Afetr first cycle you have 3.780 EUR, after second cycle you have 7.560 EUR, after third cycle you have 11.340 EUR and after fourth cycle you have 15.120 EUR and if you sell in fifth cycle you will than have 28.620 EUR.

            So when you say you get 150% ROI is false.

            Because what would be than the difference with 25% you get at the begining.
            Everyone would simply take a sell plan and have ROI of 125% which is also much better than reinvest program that gets you only 14%.

            The difference is that with reinvest program you get to keep the 27k EUR which are automaticaly reinvested, but in case you take a sell plan than you get only 25% of what was invested without getting back what you invested.

          • I want to start this by saying that I genuinely believe most of the confusing comes from the terminology they are using. Terms like ‘sell’ and ‘take profit plan’ don’t mean exactly what they say they do, or at least they would be better re-worded.

            Everyone would simply take a sell plan and have ROI of 125% which is also much better than reinvest program that gets you only 14%.

            That is not possible nor viable and I will explain.

            You purchase €100 of waste

            It goes through the “recycling process”…

            It is then worth €300 as granules

            Your profit share starting out is only 25%, so if you try to use the ‘sell goods’ plan you will only net €75 (25% of €300).

            So, people cannot just start out on the ‘sell goods plan’ and the system itself explains this when it says the ‘sell goods plan’ is not viable until after reaching a 33.3% profit share through purchasing enough equipment shares.

            That is why people must choose the ‘take profit plan’ in order to make this work which means continual re-investment for x period of time. See images which clarify what I am saying.

            Recyclix 5 week cycle terms

            Sell Goods and profit share example

            If you invest 27,000 EUR and take a sell plan, after 5 weeks you will loose half of the money since you will get only 13.5k EUR and loose your invested 27k EUR. So you are not geting 50% of 81k EUR, but 50% of 27k EUR which means that you lost 13.5k EUR.

            It makes no economic sense for them to provide a ‘sell plan’ that loses you half of your money. None. Again, the 50% profit share is based on the final selling price of the granules which is €0.60 kg.

            My Reasoning:

            Waste is purchased at €0.20 kg (€27,000)

            It goes through the “recycling process”…

            Waste is sold at €0.60 kg (€81,000)

            For a fact, that is how the system works to this point.

            Now, once you buy ALL the equipment shares, your profit share rises from 25% to 50% which means the share you get in the sale of that waste is 41,500.

            Thus, you invest 27k and that is gone, then you receive 41,500 back after the 5 week cycle completes. This means your total profit (technically called gross profit) is 13,500. That is a 150% ROI on €27,000. Plain and simple.

            It is important to understand that this is ONLY possible once you have purchased almost 100k in equipment shares.

            Anyway, that is my understanding after looking into this at length and I am 99.9% sure this is correct. I think at this point, if I still haven’t convinced you, let’s just agree to disagree. I’m sure we both have better things to be doing than arguing over the details of their ridiculously confusing and elaborate scheme lol. This is my interpretation of this, if you disagree, that is fine.

    • Hi Luke,

      Unless it has something to do with mlm/ marketing/ ponzi etc I generally don’t review these. But, I did some digging for you and sent you an email. I decided not to elaborate on this subject here since it’s not relevant to Recyclix. Let me know if you didn’t get the email. Cheers

      • Hi Tim,
        the answer to your question is yes, I received your email but somehow I lost it, it’s not even in the trash… can you please forward it to me again?
        And just to clarify on your doubts about BFA is a mlm because they offer a percentage of the investments to their investors who introduce other investors. so if you decide to open a blog to analyze this please let me know, Thank you, Luke.

        • Hi Luke,

          Yeah it does have an affiliate program, not sure if it is multi level though. Either way, I guess I could do a quick review of it 🙂 Basically, there has been a warning issued from the MFSA about that company and other details make it a little concerning. But I can’t say for sure yet. I’ll forward the email again now. Cheers

    • Righto buddy, if that was my sole purpose and I can assure you I would not have taken the time to go through the facts and objectively present my opinion in such a detailed manner. Not to mention, take the time to respond to questions at such length. Clearly, I have presented a logical argument here and you cannot even object or present anything logical. Instead, like most affiliates, you choose the same old arguments to derail anyone who disagrees with you.

      According to you… since they “pay people” they MUST be legitimate. Thanks for clearing that up!

      This would have to be the single biggest misconception I have come across in relation to these schemes. What about the last 100 odd online ponzis that were paying regularly and inevitably collapsed given the FUNDAMENTAL flaw in the business model? Oh, I’m sure they were legit too according to you though right? Or not?

      In regards your assertion that I just wrote this to make commissions:

      1) Do you have ANY idea how much MORE money I would be making had I given this company a ‘positive’ review and thrown a few affiliate links in? If you don’t, you do not understand internet marketing. Instead, I share my honest opinion on this company’s program and provide an alternative that I know first hand is worthwhile, it has been around for over 10 years and will continue to be around for another 10 years plus.

      2) EVERY website monetises their content in one way or another. Plain and simple. Am I suddenly more ‘legit’ if I just sell advertising space on my site and show random ads? No. I choose to promote products that I know are worthwhile and there is nothing wrong with this, nor does it detract from the content of this review.

      Now, I’m sure you’ve got some ‘recycling’ to do mate, better get to it.

  18. Well webarchive can give many answers,,,.. this company has not invested on web platform scam thing .. if they did they must plan it almost 5 years now…. The 1st and of all things you must do to find out if a web is a ponzi theme is to check out their web history…..

    Check out your selves [search recyclix]

    I am not saying they they are giving or doing of what they say but for sure their domain and is an about 5 y.o. and the last 5 years they are promoting somehow the same thing…..

    ** P.S I dont want to affect anyone of investing or Not … just my opinion

    • And i dont want to miss that is a verified bussines group on facebook…. well dunno what FB needs to verify a bussines group but since i almost agree with admin i believe 2 things

      1) Someone is using just the name for a ponzi theme
      2) Its true and they just try to stay alive as a croud founding company..

      More likely the 2 is the correct answer.

    • Hi Manos,

      I checked the web archives and here’s what I found:

      2007: some kind of composting service (I’m not an expert in green products/ sustainability so whatever it is)

      2013: they were now selling environmentally friendly T-shirts..

      2015: Recyclix as we know it launched.

      So, from what I can see, they failed the first couple of times with their innovative business ideas (fair enough many companies do) so decided to launch a recycling style ponzi. That part is not normal.

      In regards Facebook group… dude. Really? If you think that having a FB group makes them legit then there’s not much I can say. Not trying to be rude but you really need to look beyond the surface man. Dig deeper and be objective.

      Anyway, if you read everything I’ve written and still join, then good and well. I hope it works out for you. Really. I only wrote this to help those who don’t understand the risks and the underlying facts to make a more informed decision instead of trusting the company website and/ or it’s affiliates exclusively. Clearly, they are only going to tell you why it’s awesome and why you should join. Cheers

  19. Joined this program back in 2015. While they offered free 20 euros (can’t find they give them as of now) just for joining, I thought I have nothing to loose. It took few months to reach payout from these free 20 euros, but eventually I did it.

    Received total 47 euros from this program, last was on April 2016.

    I’m surprised that their website is still online, as I left it after my last withdrawal. I must admit that their design is well made and I like it.

    While this program look cool, and their support answered my questions, after receiving 2 payments, I have stopped working on it and while my account is still active, I wouldn’t risk my money on this, as it’s already been long time since it’s been online.

  20. Tim is just another narcissistic low-minded individual who has simple fundamental knowledge about business industry but he doesn’t realize that recycling business cannot go any other way.. Ive been in recycling industry for 8 years straight and I deal with all sorts of stuff, from rare-metals in electronics, to wood(old furniture), making hot-mix with different toxic and “dangerous for the environment” chemicals for power factories, granulating HDPE, PP, PVC, PA, PS type plastics and so on…. This is how it works. You literally can’t profit by just working on TRASH… Whole capitalism itself is a big ponzi but it’s sad Tim yet haven’t and doesn’t realize it. People, don’t listen to this “educated” shill he is probably from Wall Street. Keep investing and see for yourself that this company is still here after 10 years. I am neighbour of Latvia and Recyclix is becoming one of the biggest recyclix company in EUROPE. Forget this website people.. Affiliate Unguru is a fraud.

    • Ive been in recycling industry for 8 years straight and I deal with all sorts of stuff, from rare-metals in electronics, to wood(old furniture), making hot-mix with different toxic and “dangerous for the environment” chemicals for power factories, granulating HDPE, PP, PVC, PA, PS type plastics and so on…. This is how it works. You literally can’t profit by just working on TRASH…

      I don’t have any concern or issue with what type of recycling you may or may not have done, or whatever it is you know. That is fine. It is also irrelevant to the key issue here, investors are LOGICALLY not being paid out (at least primarily) from recycling. The numbers simply don’t make sense.

      Whole capitalism itself is a big ponzi but it’s sad Tim yet haven’t and doesn’t realize it.

      Whatever your view on the world is, that is also fine with me. But there is a reason Ponzi schemes don’t last and why they are illegal. Have you got ANY idea how many people lose their hard earned investments to ponzi schemes? Do your research.

      I am a ‘wall street fraud’… lol. Why am I so ‘educated’ anyway? Just because I have analysed a system and done some research to figure out what it’s all about and if it’s worth investing in? I love how people like you try to slam anyone who gives their opinion based on what they have found is invalid because I don’t have nice things to say about your company that you are affiliated with. You’ll notice how I don’t call you a ‘shill’ or a ‘fraud’ or any other BS simply because I disagree with your opinion. Unbelievable.

      Anyway, all the best with your ‘recycling’ efforts, that is… recycling of new investments to fund existing investment ROI’s.

    • Yes I agree with you, the whole civilization is a piece of shit scam, a big ponzi, thanks to rothschild and Rockefeller families and these iluminati bastards, but most of the people don’t care and dudes like Tim don’t do nothing, only get involved with websites, either scam or not, not really interested to people open their eyes.

  21. Hello,
    regarding Recyclix, they announced that to avoid confusion and to further solidify their brand as a recyclix company, they will move away from 4 level affiliate structure and simply give 12% bonus for every deposit of a direct referral.

    I personally think that this system can be its self sustainable. For example for 100€ that you invest, they will have in the end of the process a product which worth 300€. They have to take 100€ to recycle your investiment, 14€ for your profit and so they have 186€ as profit. I guess it could be absolutely sustainable.

    • Hey Dario, thanks for the heads up about the referral program. I won’t re-explain the numbers again, but my analysis of this and the facts relating to the investment side has not changed. Whatever you think and decide to do is your call. Cheers

  22. Boss, can you check this page and the comments of people? Some of them said about a YouTube video and the other said that the Facebook page has been verified already and they put the “right” mark besides the name. Well, I did not believe about the YouTube that much and do not ask me why :p. But according to the Facebook page, well there is still confusing. I know that you replied a lot regarding this issue and put a well-built research on that topic. But I thought maybe I can share this as an update for you and the guys here or something.

    • Hey Moataz, I just saw the conference video and thanks for sharing. I guess how much weight you place on anything outside of what I have presented here is really up to you dude. Short of sounding like a broken record, there’s really not much else I can say on the matter. Investors and affiliates will get paid, yes. The company will hold conferences and so on… but my concern is not relating to these things. My concern is how sustainable the underlying business model is, since ROI’s are mathematically and logically not coming primarily from genuine recycling. The ROI’s are being ‘recycled’ through new investments/ new member investments.

      Again, your call what weight you place on what elements. I personally go beyond what a company ‘presents’ and ‘tells’ people and look more at the underlying facts. Cheers

  23. Thank you Tim, it does help a lot. I wish my friends knew English so they could read your reviews…But even worse than that is that they are totally convinced this is a genuine , honest investment so sure they won’t even listen to a good sound explanation like yours. Time will tell and show them the truth , but….will it be too late.?
    Anyway you have not only given me a good answer with a well balanced analysis of the scheme, you have pointed out the keys to whether I should enter or nor into an investment whatsoever,: The Kay is I must first have an understanding of how any given scheme works! And I honestly don’t so I won’t take a step forward on this one at the moment,
    However in this whole story I am annoyed by the fact that the information I was given on the investment and its returns was too simplified and not correct, As far as I know that is usually also part of a Ponzi…when explanations are cloudy and no real proof is being given on the nature of the investment,,
    …Now this is not the end of the story because these same friends of mine have been proposing me another investment
    It’s called BFA which stands for Business For All , I know it’s spreading all over Europe, they promise 5% monthy returns with a minimum investment of 500 Euros. If you know anything about them can you please give me your Opinion, Thank you. Luke.

    • Hi Luke, you are welcome and I’m glad I could help!

      You are correct, as per the FTC advice, Ponzis are made to be/ are generally quite confusing in nature.

      Your friends may not really understand it though, so maybe this is why. I mean, it’s not that you can’t get 114% ROI, it’s that you can’t start off being able to withdraw this ROI from the get go without addittional spending on equipment shares and/ or re-investing. In other words, it’s not as simple as they have said.

      Hmmm.. I might have a look into the BFA site you are mentioning. Thanks for the heads up and all the best with your endeavours Luke.

  24. Hi Tim, thank you for the precious information and warnings you gave all of us in this blog. The sad truth is many people will not heed these warnings because they “want” to believe in these investments. The saying goes that if “it’s too good to be true”…then it’s so! I have many good friends who have already “invested” and have been trying to get me to invest…Honestly even though not being a Guru of finances like you (ie you seem to understand a lot in these matters) I did feel a strong smell of a Ponzi scheme from afar since the first time they proposed this investment to me.
    I did not understand most of the resonings you did with all those percentages atc… way too complicated for me ..and I’m afraid for too many like me..! Do you think you could say the same things in .so called “lay terms” for us please?
    Especially when it comes to the ROIs .The way my friend explained it to me is that :
    A) I can invest any sum from 20 Euros up to 100 thousand.
    B) My investment will give me 14% a month Therefore if I will invest 1000 I will get 140 a month.
    C) I can choose to withdraw the 140 Euros or re-invest them to make a bigger income next month.
    D) They assured me I can literally withdraw the interest amount every month if I choose to do so.
    E) I was planning to invest at least 10 thousand euros which would give me 1400 Euros a month…
    But after reading your comments I have stopped to think…
    The only thing I have really been able to understand from your analysis is that there is something wrong in the whole thing…..(sorry too complicated for some of us)
    Can you please get back to me (us) and re-explain the whole things in short and simple lay terms… A Big Thank You!!!

    • Hi Luke,

      You are welcome and I’m glad you find my reviews helpful, that is my primary goal!

      Before I say anything here: I am NOT a financial advisor and am not giving you any financial advice in any way whatsoever. This is just my opinion and you should do your own research before making any decisions.

      I get what you are saying and don’t worry, you are not alone. This is definitely one of the most elaborate and confusing systems of it’s kind. It took me a while to get my head around it at first as well I can assure you. What I have explained is accurate, yes. But it’s not because I am a financial expert. It is honestly just because I hate it when something doesn’t make sense to me and I like to provide my readers with as much fact based information as possible. So, I pretty much research the topic at length until I understand it so I can offer a better review.

      Regarding explaining this again, dude! Once was enough for me. The thing is, as difficult as some of what I have written might be to get your head around, there’s not much of another way to explain it. At least, not from what I can see. This is because the system itself is complicated so even a break down like this is annoying to read. I get it. Anyway, I’ll answer your points as best I can to help you guys…

      A) I can invest any sum from 20 Euros up to 100 thousand.

      You can invest a maximum of €27,000 every 5 weeks (starts lower but after you buy more equipment shares this gets higher)

      B) My investment will give me 14% a month Therefore if I will invest 1000 I will get 140 a month.

      Everythign happens in 5 week cycles. Your ROI (return on investment) will start out at 14% but after each 5 week cycle you don’t keep this, you must re-invest most of this into the next cycle to make it profitable. So the name of the game when you are just starting out is constant re-investment until you can buy more and more equipment shares and work your way up to increase your waste quota and revenue share. Once your revenue share reaches 33.3% or higher (through buying more equipment shares) it THEN becomes worthwhile to use the ‘sell plan’ which does not require re-investment into the next cycle to make a good return.

      C) I can choose to withdraw the 140 Euros or re-invest them to make a bigger income next month.

      Again, the best way to maximise this system in the beginning is to re-invest as much as possible. It only really becomes worthwhile to start start a cycle and ‘sell’ if you are 33.3% or higher with your revenue share. You increase your revenue share through buying more equipment. It’s not really equipment shares (I don’t think so), but for arguments sake let’s just imagine it is.

      D) They assured me I can literally withdraw the interest amount every month if I choose to do so.

      Kind of already answered this. Yes, you can withdraw but it’s not really worth it until you reach a certain point.

      E) I was planning to invest at least 10 thousand euros which would give me 1400 Euros a month…

      Honestly man, that would be a massive mistake. For starters, you will NOT be able to just withdraw 1400 euros right off the bat each month. Like I have explained, you only earn 14% if you keep on re-investing in the beginning. Look closely at the example I gave at the outset of this article with the $100. This explains the process well. Secondly, that is a huge chunk of change and a massive risk in light of this system. I personally would only invest a much smaller amount until you are at least confident in how it all works. You should NEVER invest in something you do not understand FULLY. This is a recipe for disaster. Plain and simple.

      Ok, so here’s the deal. You absolutely CAN make money with something like this assuming they are actually paying people what they are owed of course, which I think they are at present but don’t quote me. BUT, the key issue and take away is this: Recyclix appears an awful lot like a ponzi. These schemes are NOT sustainable and eventually, people will lose money. This is a mathematical fact. Ponzi’s do pay and some pay very well and can even last for years and years. But eventually they fall apart. Why? If EVERY bit of revenue coming into a company is from an investor who is expecting a return, it is simply not possible that they will all be getting paid back what they are owed. How could they? There MUST be genuine revenue coming in outside of investment for it to be sustainable.

      Ponzis collapse when 1 of 2 things happens:

      1. There are not enough new investors coming into the scheme to keep it afloat and continue paying ROI’s

      2. When too many investors try to withdraw their money at once.

      Assuming this is in fact a ponzi scheme, your biggest risk would be that your money is tied up in a cycle when things nose dive. Ponzi operators keep a close eye on things so they know when it’s about to get ugly and often times take off before they themselves start taking a loss. After all, this is about THEM making money above all, not you. When they take off, you lose whatever money is tied up in the cycle you are in at the time.

      I do recommend doing your research on these things and worst case, start small and only invest what you can afford to lose. Again, my opinion. Hope this helps!

  25. i was just going to send them €1000 but after i landed here i posponed this,
    what you think the best place to invest those koney in a real company .

    • I can’t really give you investment advice, but I will say I recommend doing a lot of homework before jumping into anything. I think you are smart to already be doing this. I think it depends on your goals Asser, but personally, I would invest in building a business or in a publicly traded company. Thats just me though. All the best!

  26. Hello,
    sorry for my English, I don’t know a lot of technical legal terms.
    I can give you some information about Recyclix.
    During these days here in Italy CONSOB ( is analyzing Recyclix to prove that it isn’t a a financial instrument, because, if it is, in Italy is forbidden to invest without making public the risk and risk rate. Also in Italy it is forbidden to make foreign investments (for financial products only).
    From today to 90 days the Italian site of recyclix has been locked, and anyone can access from Italian territory.

    Here comes into play Recyclix. Personally I was very impressed by how the other day (first day of the block) they have handled this incovenient and how on facebook they have been close to us investors although there was the open day.

    They sent e-mails to provide investors VPNs and other tools to be able to monitor their process and many of us, as you can imagine, ran to make withdrawals. The payments were all made regularly and in addition they helped anyone who was technically difficult to carry out withdrawals with the italian web site blocked.

    That said, there is an ongoing investigation by CONSOB in collaboration with the Italian court of Rome; this in the linklink

    After this investigation we will understand definitively what Recyclix is ​​without opinions or suppositions but with official documents.

    I’ll keep you updated!

  27. Would love to know your opinion on the following.

    1. KIBO – cryptocurrency Lottery Program
    2. Air5networks
    3. CellarsDirect – wine delivery service whiich recently added a MLM component
    4. MyPayingAds

    Thanks for the great reviews!!

  28. Look… I think your point about the state of the Industry is where the conversation should be and END. IF …..if …iif…… (What is the saying…. IF “IFS” AND “BUTS” were “SUGAR AND NUTS”….. WE WOULD ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!). they really had a solution to make crazy money during an economic downturn in a given industry that has never been hit harder…….would they really be seeking 20 Euros here and 150 Euros there…….


    Would they be on TV everyday and in every part of the world discussing how they figured out the most complicated issue that our environment is facing right now AND a way to profit hugely…..


    They would take their “PROPEIRATORY PROCESS” (Because of course this would have to be proprietory because if not then wouldnt everyone else be doing it instead of laying off workers, shutting down plants, etc.) and license it all over the world so that others make money while they do..


    This all happens as Banks are lining up to give them Loans at great rates……instead of having to Borrow Money from Online Jokers at exorbinant High Costs….

    Hope this helps.

    • Awesome… very valid points indeed. I agree, this one aspect alone about the state of the industry is enough of a red flag in itself. Thanks for commenting and sharing your insights here.

  29. Roi of 150% every month! Man you’re totally crazy.!!!You are very bad informed.
    You get 14% every 35 days. Recyclyx sell plastic at 0,60€ for kg AND buy for 0.20€ kg. Then the real dividend is 4.6% every 35 days. Be serious!!!

    • My information was taken from Recyclix itself and it’s very clearly explained here. I can’t blame you for being confused since the whole system is pretty confusing. However, I checked my numbers and they are correct.

      I don’t have time to go back over and re-explain all of this but here is the general gist:

      You start earning 14% profit which is designed to work with the ‘Take Profit Plan’. This is a stupid name and only adds to the confusion.

      Once you buy ‘equipment shares’ and boost your revenue share to 33.3% or higher, it THEN becomes worth your while to use the ‘Sell Goods Plan’. At which point, you can continue purchasing €27,000 every 5 weeks which results in a total return of €40,500. Your profit is thus €13,500 which is exactly 150% ROI in 5 weeks.

      Waste is purchased at €0.20 kg (€27,000)
      Waste is sold at €0.60 kg (€81,000)
      Your share is 50% and on the ‘Sell Goods Plan’ which means you net 50% of €81,000- which is €40,500. Again, this is a 150% ROI on a €27k investment. Plain and simple.

      Obviously not everyone is starting here and this is the best case example, yes. But this is what the company is offering potential investors.

      • Hi,
        I think you forgot to consider that be allowed to buy 27000€ of waste, you need to buy 71450€ of equipments.

        It means that, as per their calculator, you get 15120 every 5 weeks and so is 15,35%.

        Your 150% would have been right just if some one decide to give you equipments for free. You have to calculate on a sum of 98450€ (waste + equipments) not just on 27000€ it will be to easy!

        • Yes, this is true and it is not something I forgot about.

          Once you buy the ‘equipment’ shares one time you remain eligible for 150% RIO from that point forward on every new 5 week cycle. So obviously until the cost of your equipment shares have been covered you won’t be making €13,500 clear profit each cycle, but once that is paid for the 150% ROI will take full effect.

          In other words, the 150% ROI is right.

    • Hi Maurice,

      I sure have and from what I could see, it’s not a scam. The biggest issue I found was (according to many sources) the product may be fairly overpriced in order to facilitate the mlm compensation plan. This is very common. That said, the underlying product is a water purifier which has been around for years so it’s definitely high quality either way. Read full review here.

      Hope this helps!

  30. Hi Tim

    Wow, really great review I have to say. Thanks for that.
    Could you please review company called Sky Way? I would be very thankful to you and probably another 300k people as well.

    • Hi Martins,

      Glad my review was helpful 🙂

      Regarding SkyWay… they do appear to have some legitimate deals established with a number of countries and some of their claims were verified on ABC news as having substance. It is only early days though and I cannot speculate on their dealings or promise exactly when I will publish a review on this, but I will shed some light on their compensation plan to help you determine how worthwhile it is in due course.

      Either way, this is BIG. Thanks for the heads up!

    • If someone from Recyclix wants to visit this page and provide a point by point discussion of the facts instead of picking out meaningless points within the review, I welcome this. I can assure you they are fully aware of this review since it is listed on the top of the Google search results and has been for some time. They must also aware of a popular and well informed forum thread about them which is keeping a much closer eye on their dealings than I am: . They ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to respond to any of their reasonable questions or points either.

      If you continue to post comments here, please refrain from posting multiple comments that could have been posted in ONE single comment where possible.

      • That thread is full of trolls dude….an admin like you who is dead-set in trying to prove its a scam.

        Also in my research, plastic recycling is profitable. You are just analyzing all the wrong data.

        • I am not a member nor have contributed to that forum, they did bring out some interesting points though which is why I referenced the thread. Whatever you think of the people in the forum individually is not something that concerns me.

          Also in my research, plastic recycling is profitable. You are just analyzing all the wrong data.

          Really? Kindly reveal this ‘research’ proving how there is such an incredibly high demand for recycling plastic in that part of the world that would justify such massive ROI’s to anyone and everyone…

          I am analysing the facts as they stand and as provided by the company itself. Plain and simple.

    • I’m sorry but I have no idea who you even are lol? I don’t even produce ‘newsletters’ so I have no idea what the heck you are going on about. I certainly didn’t label you a scammer.

  31. @Admin, I asked them again through mail support about their address been traced to an hotel and this was the reply:-

    info@recyclix dot com


    Are you talking about the hotel photo that mistakenly pops up for the
    Polish address? That is a 5-star hotel in Madrid where Recyclix attended
    a Recycling event. This was mentioned (and the photo even appeared) on
    this newsletter

    Obviously this guy is not even a member, or did not do his research
    properly. Otherwise, he would have known this, or he would have gone and
    attended the Open Days himself, if he is so skeptical. Then he could’ve
    seen the factories, shaken hands with our CEO, and been aware of the
    company’s terms and plans for the future

    Best regards,

    Stella, Customer Support Specialist

    • Once again, focussing on ONE point and avoiding the central issue. What a joke.

      Either way, the office they claim is their HQ is a virtual office (mailing address) that many companies are listed under. That is a fact.

  32. As someone who actually attended the Open Days in Riga, Latvia and saw the facilities and met the Recyclix team, I feel I should contribute to this post.

    – It’s Google’s fault that they used the wrong photo for the office location in Poland. That is a hotel in Madrid where Recyclix attended a Recycling expo in 2015. The correct photo is the one on the Contacts page of Recyclix.

    – Nobody is obliged to have a Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media page if they do not wish to. This applies to the CEO Dmitri Paladi also. Does not mean he does not exist or he is up to no good.

    – The registered address in Warsaw is a business administration address for official and legal purposes (mails, taxes, etc.). It does not mean that Operations happens there.

    – You can drop by the offices and call the numbers. They do not publish addresses of the factories themselves because people in the past have gone there without any notice and caused issues with security as they demanded to be let in to a private property. Of course they will not be allowed to leisurely stroll inside while million-euro machine and equipment are operating and WASTE is being processed.

    – Raw plastic waste is bought at .20 euros per kilo. After 5 weeks of processing, the resulting granules is sold at .60 euros per kg. The company processes 3000 tons a month, soon to be doubled next year. You do the math on how come they can pay such a high ROI. Unless you think this material they are processing is also imaginary.

    – They do pool funds, but they do not rely on new investors to pay off new ones. See above.

    – Each facility costs 5-15 million euros to build and operate. They have 3 operating, one in construction. Obviously, the company is not relying on online investors of 20 euros, or even a few thousand euros, each for the bulk of this money.

    – People complaining of being blocked are those that do not read the terms and just want to get money for free. The bonus they give is just to start off and learn the system without investing right away. What company will continue giving away money to those who never put up even a single euro of investment?

    Your comment section seems not to allow links. So just go to their official FB page where they have photos of their team and Open Days. Pity I could not also include links to newsletters with even more info about the company, its operations and plans. But then you would have gotten them yourself if you were actually a user of the site. I hope this helps you correct your assertions on your post.

    • Hello Alexandra,

      Thank you for sharing such a well written and objective comment.

      It’s Google’s fault that they used the wrong photo for the office location in Poland. That is a hotel in Madrid where Recyclix attended a Recycling expo in 2015. The correct photo is the one on the Contacts page of Recyclix.

      Fair enough.

      Nobody is obliged to have a Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media page if they do not wish to. This applies to the CEO Dmitri Paladi also. Does not mean he does not exist or he is up to no good.

      I did NOT state that he wasn’t real or that since he didn’t have a social media account he was ‘up to no good’. I simply stated the facts as I saw them.

      The registered address in Warsaw is a business administration address for official and legal purposes (mails, taxes, etc.). It does not mean that Operations happens there.

      According to Recyclix itself, the Warsaw address is it’s headquarters. Fact: this is a shared ‘virtual office’ location. They do not have a HQ.

      You can drop by the offices and call the numbers. They do not publish addresses of the factories themselves because people in the past have gone there without any notice and caused issues with security as they demanded to be let in to a private property. Of course they will not be allowed to leisurely stroll inside while million-euro machine and equipment are operating and WASTE is being processed.

      What would going to their offices accomplish exactly? Collectively, people are investing a LOT of money into this and yet they cannot even provide a registered factory location? Come on.

      Raw plastic waste is bought at .20 euros per kilo. After 5 weeks of processing, the resulting granules is sold at .60 euros per kg. The company processes 3000 tons a month, soon to be doubled next year. You do the math on how come they can pay such a high ROI. Unless you think this material they are processing is also imaginary.

      Says who? Who is purchasing this product exactly? Kindly provide proof that legitimate transactions are taking place. According to the Recyclix website:

      The majority of our goods is sold to various producers of plastic bags and cling film as well as pipe and tube producers and resellers. Since the application field of the recycled material is really wide, the demand exceeds our current production capacity.

      I have not once claimed the waste material being show to people is ‘imaginary’… have you even read my review or are you just pulling at straws?

      They do pool funds, but they do not rely on new investors to pay off new ones

      I urge you to think very carefully about what you just said… you just contradicted yourself completely. The ‘pooling of funds’ means that for a FACT they are using new member investment to pay off existing investments. AKA ponzi scheme.

      Each facility costs 5-15 million euros to build and operate. They have 3 operating, one in construction. Obviously, the company is not relying on online investors of 20 euros, or even a few thousand euros, each for the bulk of this money.

      I too can state generic facts about the cost of building. Not relying on ‘online investors of 20 euros’… have you got any idea how many people (overwhelmingly from Russia) are investing money into this scheme online? According to the they receive almost 2 million visits per month from hopeful investors. As you like to put it.. “you do the math”. This is BIG business for these guys and it is not a stretch to think they would be raking in millions of euros from people investing into this.

      People complaining of being blocked are those that do not read the terms and just want to get money for free. The bonus they give is just to start off and learn the system without investing right away. What company will continue giving away money to those who never put up even a single euro of investment?

      Obviously, I cannot comment on what other people may or have not been paid and why.

      Your comment section seems not to allow links. So just go to their official FB page where they have photos of their team and Open Days. Pity I could not also include links to newsletters with even more info about the company, its operations and plans. But then you would have gotten them yourself if you were actually a user of the site. I hope this helps you correct your assertions on your post.

      Not quite sure why you can’t post links, plenty of other folks have. I normally ‘break’ the link but display it so people can just copy and paste it into their browser though. This is because I am careful of what I link to on my site. But either way, you can still post them and people can still see and use them to access whatever you are trying to show.

      At the end of the day, none of this even matters and it has gotten to the point that I am going to update my review to better explain what I mean about how ‘real they are’. Whatever recycling may or may not be taking place and whether or not they own the factories or just have an agreement with Factory owners to tour people around on specified dates… whatever. They may even have real factories and produce actual recycling material, none of this is THE ACTUAL POINT here or the real issue.

      THE REAL ISSUE: They are paying out massive and unsustainable ROI’s (especially given the real state of the recycling industry) and using new investment to pay out old investment. This is EXACTLY how ponzi schemes operate. Do your research. The other points I have made simply add to the overall picture.

  33. In terms of people saying in this post that their account was freezed at time of withdraw period, I want to ask you that, is it your own funded investment you can’t withdraw or bonus investment? Answer that questions pls

  34. Concerning the post about recyclix, i mailed them through email support posted to them this blogs link. that they should come here and defend themself against all this accusations admin raised on them and this was the reply i got later to my mail box.

    info@recyclix dot com


    This is an old, obviously uninformed post. He says the factories do not
    exist, or that they are just random companies that have Recyclix banners
    hanging on them. It’s impressive if we can be able to fool around 200
    people that actually toured these facilities and stayed in Riga and met
    our team and attended our presentations.

    This alone makes it a foolish post that is not worth debating over.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing this and allow me to respond.

      This is an old, obviously uninformed post.

      This review was published less than 4 months ago which is not ‘old’ by any stretch. The investment and referral program are the same as they were when I published this so how is it old? Uninformed… I have clearly laid out the facts, gone into full detail of how the program works and link to relevant articles to back up some of the points I have made here. The information I have provided is well researched and I stand by it completely. Of course, it also contains my personal opinion but this does not change the facts.

      He says the factories do not exist, or that they are just random companies that have Recyclix banners hanging on them. It’s impressive if we can be able to fool around 200 people…

      It’s ‘impressive’ to be able to conduct a tour in a recycling factory and talk in front of people at a seminar…. yeah I don’t know how anyone could possibly do that? lol.

      Furthermore, there are addittional and more important points brought out in this article they simply didn’t or couldn’t address. For example, how they are paying out unusually high and consistent ROI’s in exactly the same manner as a ponzi scheme does. The fact that Recylcix haven’t responded to these concerns is not because “it’s not worth debating over” I can assure you. It is because they cannot address the fundamental questions I’ve raised. Plain and simple.

  35. Thank you for all your research and thoughts…Yes, at first sight Recyclix looks like the greatest opportunity of all. I have invested some money on their program but just like you I’m looking for facts so I can feel confident and keep investing. I totally agree that they are lacking transparency about things like location and even their recent announcement saying that they have signed a long term contract with Mc Donalds. Let’s keep our eyes open.

    • It is definitely smart to play it safe and keep yourself updated as you are, especially when your money is at stake. All the best Fabio

  36. What no is this legal or not:-) Will i earn some money here or not?
    I am thinkig to invest some little money every month and over two, three years i will be rich 🙂

  37. Hi Tim

    Thanks for these thorough reviews and answers you provided for all.

    Maybe I’ll also wait for the “payout period” that this website has given in its time table.

    Unfortunately the other guy’s account was blocked when it was his payout time.

    I’ll shoot a feedback this friday if I was able to get it out from their “Withdraw” button.

    • First of all, the video is not in english so I cannot understand what this person is even saying. Second, from what I can see it is no different to any other video I’ve seen thus far. Third, this makes no difference to anything I have said regarding this company to date.

  38. I don’t think it’s a ponzi scheme, on the contrary of ponzi schemes the affiliate option is not what we usually get , for instance , in normal ponzi it goes like this : you invite someone and you get a monthly income about that.
    but in Recyclix’s case , you get paid for once and no more :
    for instance your friend desposts 100€ , you’ll get 10€ for that nothing more

    • That is factually incorrect. Ponzi schemes do NOT require any recruiting on the investors part whatsoever to be classified as a ponzi scheme. Period.

      The inclusion of a referral program is neither here nor there when looking at the ponzi element in a given company. Why? If existing investors (members) are being paid based on new investments into the same scheme (as oppose to genuine company profits in the marketplace) then it operates as a ponzi. Based on my research, I believe this is the case with Recyclix as I have shown in this review. The referral program is not bad in itself, it simply grows the member base and builds the scheme.

  39. hello tim, i really admire your hadrworking and strenght you took to create this review about recyclix, i like it, you are likely to be right or wrong, since no one is 100% perfect in making decision, i am a member of wealthy affiliate, i learn alot but here is my question, so how to you know a legitimate company, from your fact you said recyclix paing their members, touring their member at their facilities, answering members phone call and email and even having an offie does not make a company legit, so you mean other company like mcdonald, apple, and the rest big companies that does same thing, will eventually close up, unlike what i knew about fake companies, they dont do all that, they hardly respond to calls or even pay their member and the are month to collapsed before one year before they are caught, anyways u and i might be wrong, no one knows best or all

    • Hi, thanks and I’m glad my review was helpful.

      I’m starting to think I haven’t explained this clearly enough in my review but it is important to understand that it is not about the company being ‘fake’. That is really not the point of what I am saying. I did mention a few points about how their main HQ was nothing more than a cheap virtual office and the locations for the offices they gave were to completely unrelated companies. One pointed to a hotel and I showed this in the review. But again, that really isn’t the big picture here.

      The most important point to understand is that (in my opinion) this company is operating as a ponzi scheme. The reasons I believe this to be so are listed below:

      1. They offer unsustainably high ROI’s that are WAY higher than typical investment ROI’s

      2. They pay existing members based on new member investment, rather than on genuine company sales. I cannot prove this beyond what I have shown in my review but all things considered it appears this is what is happening.

      3. The recycling industry is not seeing the kind of returns that these guys are claiming and cannot justify the massive ROI’s being offered

      4. The compensation plan is a classic rev share/ ponzi model with nothing more than a clever ‘theme’ differentiating it from similar schemes

      I have explained all of these points in my review so you may want to revise these points. Addittionally, I recommend reading an article published by the SEC which points out some of the important factors to watch for when evaluating an investment/ business opportunity such as this.

      THEN, when you look at these points and the other points I’ve mentioned… I think it is safe to say (at the very least) that it doesn’t look very good. Any reasonable person who takes the time to conduct their own research and consider the points I have made would agree with that at least.

      It is also important to understand that some of the MOST elaborate and long lasting ponzi’s were being run by trusted and ‘legitimate’ companies that went on for many years undetected. For example Bernie Madoff, Lou Pearlman and the case of Tom Petters. There are many more. Perhaps a more recent and relatable case is that of Zeek rewards.

      All of these cases had a fully registered company name, answered their phone and emails (lol) and had many people believing their story. Some had actual physical locations, had major companies investing with them and passed regulatory checks completely undetected. Some went on as long as 25 years and showed many more signs of legitimacy… yet they were all eventually found to be Ponzi schemes and shut down. You can Google these cases to learn more.

      Likening Recyclix to McDonalds, Apple and “the rest of the big companies that do the same thing” is really not a solid argument and quite honestly, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. McDonalds and Apple are legitimate companies and do NOT operate anywhere near how Recyclix does. They do not recruit people who recruit people and they do NOT pay out existing investors with new member investment, plain and simple. These 2 companies offer a tangible product with strong demand in the marketplace and pay out investors who have purchased shares or options based on real market conditions through licensed brokers. I could go on but I think you are seeing my point here.

      What is so bad about Ponzis anyway? People are getting paid right? Yes, people get paid. The problem is where the money is coming from. If everyone is being paid based on new member investment then eventually a ton of people are going to lose out when recruiting slows. People would need to be getting paid based on actual company growth with sales of genuine products and services within the marketplace for this to be legitimate. There is no way 150% ROI’s are being based on real market growth given the current state of the recycling industry.

      Anyway, that’s my thoughts and whatever happens I wish you the very best of success. Thanks for commenting.

  40. Well… – here you got 13 pages where you can find a lot of proof, that you could be mistaken about this one. It runs now over 1 year and growing/evolving. More open to people (open days etc). Today i’ve called them in Lomza Poland and talk with them. They answer my e-mails etc. People who invested in them 1 year ago are reciving regulary payments. Many youtube movies about their factories.
    I mean how much proofs do you need to consider them legit? How much long then would need to make payments for users, so you could admit, that maybe this time i was wrong. Is it even possible from your side?
    Easy is to just critise some interesting projects and create bad image for that company.

    And please do not give me a simple answer like “this and that does not prove anything”, because you could compare this to argument that maybe Australia really does not exist, because i’ve never been there and only saw it on TV. 😉

    • here you got 13 pages where you can find a lot of proof, that you could be mistaken about this one.

      It is always possible that I am mistaken, these are just my opinions based on my own research. I would much rather this turn out to be a legitimate company since people wouldn’t be losing money. Personally, I don’t believe they are legitimate and I struggle to see what ‘proof’ you have in the link you left above? Perhaps you could be more specific.

      It runs now over 1 year and growing/evolving

      The fact that it is evolving and people are receiving payments does not legitimise it in any way, many Ponzi schemes throughout history went on for several years before collapsing.

      They answer your calls, emails and hold open days… sign me up! I’ve never come across a scam that answered their phone or an email!

      Many youtube movies about their factories.

      Every YouTube video I have seen simply has a group of people being led around a Factory with a Recyclix banner hanging on a wall. Is this not able to be faked?

      And please do not give me a simple answer like “this and that does not prove anything”, because you could compare this to argument that maybe Australia really does not exist, because i’ve never been there and only saw it on TV.

      Wow… really? That is your argument? First of all, I am NOT claiming this is a scam because I haven’t seen it myself. I’m sorry, but that notion is nothing short of ridiculous. I’ve looked at the facts about this company. Then I looked for any facts that the company may actually be legitimate. Unfortunately, there is still nothing to prove they are and everything pointing to them being an elaborate and well put together Ponzi scheme. What you provide are not facts proving legitimacy. YouTube videos, guided tours, answering their phone, paying people and existing for more than one year in no way prove this not to be a Ponzi. That is a fact. Even if by some miracle this really was a legitimate recycling company, they have been operating as a Ponzi/ recruiting scheme in my opinion. When you understand how these work and look into their compensation, this becomes blindingly obvious. Nowhere in my review have I just ‘criticized’ this company. If I wanted to do that I wouldn’t have spent hours looking at all the facts and provide a point by point commentary on what I had found now would I? Ponzi’s pay out existing members from new member investment rather than giving investors ROI’s based on genuine company growth within the marketplace.

      If you had actually read my review you would see that I laid out a series of reasons supporting my opinion on this company, those have not changed. I am not going to continue repeating myself for you Recyclix affiliates but the information is there for all to see. The only ‘recycling’ going on here is giving existing members money from new members buying into the same scheme. Plain and simple. Could I be wrong, yes. For the everyday people investing money into this, I hope I am. Is it likely that I am wrong about this? I don’t think so.

  41. Perhaps, that’s a pretty well designed Ponzi scheme (with a nice looking website).
    Anyway, it’s also a nice idea for a mobile strategy/simulation game (e. g., we could name it “Recycling Plant Operator 3000”) 😀
    Thanks for your review.

    • Glad my review was helpful 🙂

      I agree the Recyclix website is quite well put together and this would probably be one of the key reasons so many people are buying into their story. Like most scams, when you look closer at the finer details and start weighing everything up, the truth they are hiding becomes much more obvious. Thanks for commenting

  42. Hello again,

    Thanks, I’ve just finished reading your review. And I decided not to join lol. And I also have bookmarked your site .. two thumbs up for you ..

    Thank you again…

  43. Hello admin,

    Thank you for your review. I registered a few months ago for free and when it reached the payout limit, they have blocked my account .. lol

    Can you give a review about futurenet (dot) club or futureadpro (dot) com. I want to join here, but hmmm …

    I want to wait a review of you, thank you.

    Sorry, i’m not good enough in english…

  44. Hello Tim,

    I was thinking pretty much the same: I like the idea of a legitimate company/ The website is pretty cool/ I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    but I had the same thoughts like you. Looks like ponzi. I even met Mr. Heusslein in person (he is the manager of the German customer department). But unfortunately the given anwsers didn’t satisfy me.

    Maybe it is interesting for you that the Federal Agency for financial services supervision in Germany is doing researches about reCyclix. You can find it here (it is unfortunately auto translated)

    • Hi Axel,

      Definitely be interesting to see what happens in regards the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority investigation. I was kind of hopeful at first but the deeper I dug into Recyclix the worse it looked. In my opinion, it’s just a ponzi with a somewhat unique marketing strategy behind it. When you look at the finer details of the comp plan (which understandably many don’t given how ridiculously elaborate it is) it’s clear this is not about recycling waste and investing in a real company. Legitimate companies do not act in this way and don’t leave so many of the finer details a mystery, especially when they are being openly challenged about them online. Either way, this is about investing and re-investing in order to get ROI’s from other member investments. Classic Ponzi.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the heads up on the investigation. Cheers

  45. do you have a review for site called trafficmonsoon ?
    please say yes ?

    i need proof to stop friends from investing big money in these scam sites

    • I haven’t reviewed Traffic Monsoon yet, but I’ve added it to my list and I’ll jump on it as soon as I can. When it’s done, I’ll post a link here. Cheers

  46. Hey Tim,

    I found a suspected mirror site of Recyclix:

    But, the banners say ‘Recyclix’, not ‘Eco Revenue’; old name, mirror site, or simple page redirect?

    • Hi Mike,

      I just had a look at this, sorry I took so long it’s been a busy couple of weeks! This website you mentioned ( is simply a “landing page” from an affiliate who is promoting Recyclix. They have purchased their own unique domain name but the site itself is just a cookie cutter sales page given to affiliates from Recyclix. In other words, it’s nothing new in itself, it’s just an affiliate. Hope this helps and thanks again for commenting!

  47. thank you for your review … now i will skip this site for ever 😀
    and i will “steal” your review to all people who are mad about recyclix !!!

  48. Hi Tim
    Thank you for the very detailed break down.i actualy got this introduced to me today, and i to was like wow a business finaly.afyer reading yor post, i dont even wanna look in to most of these rev sharing companies halt at some point.appreciate your time.thank you

    • Hi Ishmail,

      Not a problem glad you found my review helpful!

      I felt exactly the same way myself… “Could this finally be a legitimate rev share opportunity backed by a real company??”

      Unfortunately, the deeper I dug into Recyclix the more I realised they’re just operating a more elaborate and well planned scheme. The trouble is a lot of people make money in schemes like this for a while and others who WANT to believe it’s real naturally assume it’s legit and sign up. It’s not until you look into the finer details that you start to uncover the hidden truth. Any kind of Ponzi/ pyramid scheme will inevitably collapse given how they operate. People often don’t know they are about to lose big until it’s too late.

      Thanks for sharing Ishmail and good luck with whatever you get into moving forward.

  49. Tim,thanks for critical review. Time will show us how real company is. But for real i like what they do,i believe in them, they pay me,till now everything worked fine.

    • I hope you don’t mind I removed your promo link.

      It’s certainly a cool concept in general and it’d be awesome if it was legit.

      I was personally kind of excited when I saw this company and I asked myself if this could finally be a legit rev share company. The deeper I dug, the worse this looked though. Being paid and ‘everything working fine’ proves nothing more than the scheme is operating. Ponzi’s pay, if they didn’t no one would join or stay on. It literally means nothing in terms of legitimacy.

      • very nice review tim thanks for your advice, let the time tell if it they are legit or not, even legitimate companies are not all 100% perfect, since ponzi company pays customer and legitimate companies pay as well, there isnt much difference, all everyone need is payment, how long it last is all individual risk, we all wait til they stop paying, the location of the company and other stuff is irrelevant, the main reason is cuz of money people are joining the company and when they stop paying then it can be considered as a fake company but for now your facts is not 100% correct. thanks

        • Hi Samson,

          Yeah, I get your point. I guess it really comes down to your individual view on Ponzi’s. If you’re not too worried about the sustainability issue and you can minimise your risks as much as possible, then it is what it is I suppose.

          I do stand by the facts I’ve presented here but I’m never 100% correct about every point I make in every review I publish, to suggest I’m always right would be unrealistic and quite arrogant I think. My reviews are also based on my opinion and experience much like any reviewer. I do work hard to make my reviews as unbiased as possible but they are ultimately woven in with my viewpoints and individual thoughts on the matter.

          Just on your point about ponzi’s.. the difference between typical companies and ponzi’s is that the people behind a ponzi know full well the inevitable outcome of people losing out, it’s just basic math when you look at it. Whereas most companies in the marketplace set out to succeed and strive to build a longterm company. Obviously, that is a fairly broad statement but that’s how I look at it.

          The reason I am so passionate about giving people the other side of the story in these cases is really not because I’m trying to rip anyone down, I know some people probably think that. But the truth is I’ve been burned by stuff like this myself and I hate seeing it happen to unsuspecting people. If you know what you are getting into and join after reading my review, then at least you have enough insight to make a more informed decision. For me, it’s the folks who get led along right to the very end and lose out when the whole thing shits itself that I have an issue with. I know what it’s like to just want to make a few extra bucks online and have no idea where to look and who to trust so I’m passionate about giving people the info they need to make a more informed decision, whatever that decision might be.

          Anyway, thanks for commenting Samson and sharing your thoughts on the matter. All the best!

    • Lol! I’m sorry, but what does this prove?

      You’ve got a bunch of people in a recycling factory. Cool. They have a Recyclix banner pinned up on the wall… ahhh man they MUST be legit!

      As I said in my review, striking a deal with a local factory when there’s this much money being made is not difficult. Heck, even at a stretch if they actually owned this factory and were recycling it wouldn’t change what (in my opinion) this most likely is- a recruitment driven ponzi scheme.

      Bernard Madoff fooled the world for years and stole around $60 billion dollars- he was running a registered and well trusted investment company! There are many more examples of Ponzi’s appearing legitimate.

      * Why do they tell people their Headquarters is (unknown to majority of people) a virtual office?

      * Why do they not disclose the locations of their factories, even after telling people on their website that “people can drop around anytime unannounced”

      * Why is the only location of said factories located at a hotel for crying out loud?

      * Why are they saying this is a thriving industry when the facts prove otherwise?

      * Why do they pay out existing investors with new investors funds?

      These are not the characteristics of a legitimate company. In fact, a legitimate company would immediately prove all of these things beyond any shadow of doubt. I am not the only one to post a review of this company and bring up such important and unanswered questions.

      If you are not quite sure what a Ponzi scheme is, I recommend reading this article and doing some homework. These ridiculous little factory videos prove absolutely nothing other than the lengths these guys are willing to go to.

        • Hi Schon, I get quite a few requests these days so I can’t promise a date. But I will add it to the list and if it looks like something I am interested in reviewing, I’ll review it for you. Cheers


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