Power Life Pro/ Enagic Review: Clean Opportunity or Dirty Scam?

Power Life Pro is a system created by Adam Whiting (Enagic distributor) designed to systemize and expand his multi-level marketing recruitment efforts.

I don’t believe it’s a scam and the company, Enagic, is legit. There are some important things to consider before signing up though.

What Is Power Life Pro (PLP)?

Power Life Pro (PLP) is a marketing system for Enagic distributors who choose to sign up through the PLP website. It was launched in March of 2016 by Adam Whiting.

The reason it’s free is that you are going to be placed somewhere in Whiting’s downline after signing up. After you sign up the idea is to send people to the same landing page you joined through, which means people will join your team and ultimately Whiting’s team at the same time.

The advantage to this is you are given access to tried and tested landing pages, some basic training and access to a Facebook support group. The training appears to be focussed on paid advertising and social media marketing.

It seems he used similar websites to this known as the ‘Prosperity Formula’ and ‘EZ Money Method’ to drive recruits into programs like ‘Motor Club of America and Empower Network. I have to admit that this is a smart way of doing things and the guy has/ will probably make a ton of money. But does this mean that joining his downline will make you rich? No.

Who Are Enagic USA Inc?

Enagic is the actual company you are joining and the manufacturer of the products you’ll be promoting if you decide to join.

This company began manufacturing alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in Japan in 1974. The company has since expanded it’s operations into the USA in 2003 headed up by CEO Koichiro Higa. The have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and use the multi level marketing business model to distribute these water purifying machines and related products.

The offical name of the company uses to describe the filtered water their machines provide is known as ‘Kangen Water’.

The Water Filtration Machines

My first impression was that it’s good to see an mlm with a solid product and one that people have been buying for years. After being in business that long there must be some merit to their products. They provide a ton of relevant information about the products on their website including an array of certifications and industry association memberships.

I’m definitely no expert on water filtration and I’m not about to start now, but from what I can see they have a decent looking suite of products. I think it’s safe to say they do provide a tangible, marketable and high quality product. In this case, the question that needs to be asked is: do the machines provide value for money and are the health benefits they claim backed by science?

According to Rob from Waterfyi.com:

“I have owned an Enagic SD501 and tested it hundreds of times against the Tyent, EOS, KYK, Chanson and even against a natural water ionizers. The Enagic SD501 never produced superior results to any of the other machines. I made a video of the test that I included in an article on my blog for you and everyone else to see.”

Rob provides a lot of objective and informative content about the products and the water purification in general.

Also, according to Wikipedia:

“Water ionizers are often marketed on the basis of health claims; normally focused on their putative ability to make water more alkaline. A wide variety of benefits have been claimed, including: the ability to slow ageing, prevent disease, offer protection from nuclear fallout, give the body more energy, and offset the effects of acidic foods. There is no empirical evidence to support these claims, nor the claims that drinking ionized water will have a noticeable effect on the body.”

Prices & Warranty

The machines range in price from $1480-$5,980 and come with a 3-5 year warranty depending on which machine you purchase (there are many).

However, the PLP website only promotes 3 main products:

  • Leveluk Jr II- $2,380
  • Leveluk SD 501- $3,980
  • Leveluk K8- $4,980

I’m assuming these are the most popular 3 machines and they’ve done this for marketing purposes. Having a low-mid-high option increases conversions and makes it simpler for potential customers/ affiliates so this makes sense. They also offer the ability to get a line of credit so you can make your purchase now and pay later. Part of the credit application process is clicking on the ‘check your credit’ link they provide to make sure you are eligible.

Strangely though, after clicking on this link you are taken to a sketchy paid survey website I reviewed a while back.

Credit application process

That survey website provides no value to people, plain and simple. I’m not sure why they’ve placed this link in the members area but it does present a red flag for me personally.

Are The Machines Good Value For Money?

The key question to determine this particular companies legitimacy is how much value is in the products for the price you are paying. It seems they are of a reasonably high quality, but are they overpriced? One popular and well known company I found is called ‘Life Ionizers’. They’ve published a product PDF that compares Kangen vs Life and brings out some interesting points.

Kangen vs Life Ionizer comparison

Granted, info from both companies is going to be somewhat biased for obvious reasons, but having a look at this from both sides as well as doing your own research is going to help you make an informed decision.

After looking at the pros and cons, it appears as though Kangen machines are quite expensive and while they appear to be high quality, I wonder if they’re worth the money?

Maybe. I haven’t owned either machine so I can’t say for sure.

The Enagic Compensation Plan Explained

This is a uni-level compensation plan that operates on a points system. The value of each point is calculated based on the individual product sold, with each particular product paying out 8 points to someone in the organization. Point value remains a constant and is the same for all distributors, regardless of rank.

These are the set point values for each of the 3 main products:

  • Leveluk Jr II | 1 point earns you $160
  • Leveluk SD 501 | 1 point earns you $285
  • Leveluk K8 | 1 point earns you $340

The only thing that changes is how many of these points you earn from each sale. This varies depending on your rank and other factors as I am about to explain.

Getting Started

On one hand there are articles saying you can join for free and that highlight “there is no membership fee” but the PLP website requires you to purchase a machine yourself in order to participate in the mlm affiliate program.

I did some digging to find out if joining free elsewhere is even possible and I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a way to join anywhere else online. The only thing I could find is a little known/ discussed program called ‘Tokurei’. This is also known as the ‘good samaritan plan’ and these reps are referred to as ‘samaritan distributors’.

According to a conversation I had with a current distributor, this works by allowing you to procure a sale in advance and submit this sale along with a Tokurei application form to the company. Once this is processed you get the full commission minus a percentage according to the individual unit sold.

The example I was given was for the SD 501 unit: Upon selling this you’d get whatever a full distributor would get minus $75. This $75 gets ‘banked’ and goes towards the purchase of your own machine which can be any machine you like. Once this is paid for you get your machine and become a fully fledged distributor.

I do like this option and I think it’s cool the company provides this option for people to get started. You don’t see this very often and it gives people a chance to start from nothing and work their way up.

The problem is, this is only possible if join Enagic directly since Whiting does not provide this option if you join through his system. At least, not from what I could see anyway.

Enrolment Options

There are 3 options for enrolment through PLP, the $2,380, $3,980 and $4,980 options.

Rank Positions Explained

There are 10 ranks within the company and each allows you to earn additional points and revenue as shown below.

1A- Achieve this by purchasing 1 machine. It doesn’t matter which machine you buy and you are eligible to earn on all machines even if you buy the least expensive one. This pays you 1 point per direct sale down 8 levels of your downline.

2A- After making your 3rd direct sale you achieve this rank. This pays you 2 point per direct sale down 7 levels and 1 point on your 8th level.

3A- Sell 10 units directly or indirectly. Pays 3 points on levels 1-6/ 2 points on 7th level/ 1 point on 8th level

4A- Sell 20 units directly or indirectly. Pays 4 points on levels 1-5/ 3 points on 6th level/ 2 points on 7th level/ 1 point on 8th level.

5A- Sell 50 units directly or indirectly. Pays 5 points on levels 1-4/ 4 points on 5th level/ 3 points on 6th level/ 2 points on 7th level/ 1 point on 8th level

6A- sell 100 units directly or indirectly. Pays 6 points on levels 1-3/ 5 points on 4th level/ 4 points on 5th level/ 3 points on 6th level/ 2 points on 7th level/ 1 point on 8th level

6A2/ 6A2-2/ 6A2-3 and 6A2-4 are elite ranking positions and pay additional bonuses.

Ways You Can Earn

There are six main ways to earn with this company and I’ll break these down for you here.

Direct Sales

This is the bread and butter of the opportunity and the following screenshot illustrates this system for sales resulting from SD 501 units. This is a best case example if all under you only have 1A status:

Enagic Compensation Plan example SD 501

In a typical uni-level system you can recruit unlimited people wide on each level and generally only so many levels deep, in this case 8 levels. The above illustration above does not show you how your downline will look, it just shows the commission rates at each new rank and illustrates your downline as one single line. It also shows an earnings example as if all people under you were only at 1A rank.

The reality is you will have one downline organization with multiple people on each of your 8 levels at varying ranks.

Depending on which product is sold and who in your downline sells it determines how much money you make. If everyone under you is only at 1A, and someone on your 8th level makes a sale, you’ll earn 1 point based on whatever product was sold.

Quick Example To Explain How This Works

The following example shows me at the 3A rank and ALL affiliates under me at the 1A level. All product sales are of the SD 501.

Best Case Example: I earn $855 on each new affiliate 6 levels deep. Each affiliate between myself and the level 6 recruit make 1 point worth of commission when that level 6 recruit joins.

In other words, 5 people receive 5 points and I get the remaining 3 points, with 3 points earning $855.

At the 7th level however, I only make $570 because by the time the points reach me there’s only 2 left, 2 points earns $570 for the SD 501. If someone recruits an affiliate onto the 8th level I make $285 because by the time the points flow upwards there’s only 1 left, 1 point earns $285.

Worst Case Example: I am at 3A rank. Peter who is on my 4th level recruits Jenny into level 5. Peter is a 5A ranked affiliate so by the time the points flow up to me there’s none left. I make $0. The good news is I’m one recruit closer to ‘ranking up’ which will inevitably lead me to earning again.

Of course, you don’t have to go deep at all unless you want to advance your rank. You could theoretically just place everyone on level 1 and collect full commissions, you’d just never advance which ultimately means less commissions.

I won’t ramble on about the compensation plan anymore but if you want to get more of an understanding, the following video made by an affiliate might be useful. This was one of the better and less ‘fluff’ videos I’ve found.

I do not endorse the following video whatsoever, this is for education purposes only:

The Bonuses (ranked 6A and above)

Education Allowance: When you hit 6A you are eligible to make this bonus on selected machines. For the SD501 unit, you’ll make $175 on every sale made below level 8 all the way down to infinity until you hit the next 6A ranked distributor.

Development Bonus: As a 6A2 rep, you’ll make $40 on every sale in your entire downline until you reach the next 6A2 rep.

Leadership Bonus: Once you achieve 6A2-2 you’ll make an additional $40 per unit sold until you hit the next 6A2-2

International Bonus Pool: The company shares 3% of gross sales with all 6A+ ranked affiliates once they meet certain criteria.

Group Sales Incentive Bonus: Make between 1-2.4% volume bonus on all sales in your downline according to which 6A rank you’ve achieved.

See the Enagic compensation plan for more details.

Is It Worth Joining?

All things considered there is definitely some money to be made and the company does have a tangible product. Joining through the PLP system does have it’s good points but it also has it’s drawbacks though. For example, using the same lead generation system as 1000’s of other affiliates and you can’t get the free start-up option.

If you want to make the PLP system work however, there’s really only one major thing you need to think about. Getting tons of traffic. I cannot overstate this, traffic generation is the key to this kind of system and it’s no easy task if you don’t know what you are doing.

What I Liked

  • Appears to be a reasonably good product
  • Potential to make high ticket commissions and earn a good income
  • No monthly qualifying requirement

What I Didn’t Like

  • No information on the ‘samaritan plan’ for those wanting to get qualified by making sales
  • Whiting’s compensation plan video provided explains almost nothing and was downright annoying
  • Products may be overpriced and hard to sell outside of the opportunity in some respects
  • Focus on the warm market technique for building your business

Final Thoughts

The product has credibility, the company has been around for yonks and the comp plan has some great points. I do have some concerns with Power Life Pro though and think that you are ultimately branding Whiting as the real leader like all of these kinds of systems.

It is easier and ultimately effective if you can drive traffic, but probably not the best way all things considered. If you love the product and think you have what it takes to drive the traffic, then you could make a solid income. Either way, at least now you are in a better position to make a more informed decision.

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