Paid Surveys At Home – Is The Income Potential Legit?

After doing my research and having signed up to this I can safely say that Paid Surveys at Home is not legit. The reason I came to this conclusion is after I was in the members area and not one link to a survey site actually worked!

I also have a few other points I’d like to make with this company, let’s get to it.

The Sales Claims

I didn’t find the sales claims to be too crazy, at least not until later on. As far as hype goes I would say this was somewhat reasonable although it does leave things open to interpretation, deliberately no doubt.

I am talking about the income calculator and how you are told you’ll earn between $5-$45 per survey like that is just normal everyday earnings.

I am telling you that’s not normal or typical, quite frankly it would almost never happen in my experience.

What I have put into their calculator is much more realistic of actual income potential.

What I put into the income calculator

Once they get your email you are moved onto a sales video that makes out like you’ll be earning hundreds of dollars per month and are actually asked to pay for a membership.

The price of the membership is bogus since you can get your hands on survey companies for zero cost, anywhere online. There is nothing special about what you are paying for here let me assure you.

You Can Join This Program For Free Easily

By simply clicking away from the screen a couple of times they attempt to trap you in and offer the membership for free eventually, thus admitting the real value of the product.

Payment screen and how you can join for free anyway

What’s On The Inside?

Giving Away Personal Information

Before entering into the main section you’ll be handing out some personally identifiable information. If this was a legit company I wouldn’t care but I am a little concerned after seeing what this program was all about in the back office.

Stupid Casino and Trading Offers

Once I signed up I was hit with some casino and trading offers that came with a free bonus. Please understand that these bonuses are not bonuses at all. They are designed to trap you in and here’s why…

You sign up, deposit some money and claim your ‘bonus’. You eventually read the fine print or are made aware when trying to withdraw winnings that in order to withdraw you need to have placed bets to the value of 30-40 times your initial deposit and/or bonus amount.

Needless to say you will have lost everything by that time and these people know this, they literally lock your account from being able to withdraw until you have fulfilled this betting or trading obligation.

Bottom line, the bonuses are bogus!

Nothing Works!

I think there was one or two companies I managed to sign up with before even entering the members area that appeared to work. Once I landed in the members area not one single link worked for ANY of the survey programs they where pushing.

Nothing works in the members area

Pretty sure that classifies this as a total sham ladies and gents!

I went over to the bonus section and out of another 5 links, a lot of which are stupid up-sells, only 2 links worked. This went to a dead beat product up-sell that has nothing to do with online survey’s.

The up-sells in bonus area

So what are you signing up for? Nothing…

I could have signed up to 10 legitimate survey sites in that time and it wouldn’t have cost me a red cent!

The Problem With Paid Survey Sites In General

While it is no secret you can make money filling out forms and helping companies with their market research, in my experience it is not a way to develop a full-time income. In fact I don’t even think it is a way to make a part-time income.

Unless of course you like the idea of working full time to make a fraction of the minimum wage.

Typically $2- $5 per hour on average is what you can expect to be earning with these kinds of things.

Some of these sites are legit but don’t go in expecting to make anything to get excited about, it just wont happen. Most of the time people are working for pennies and that is how it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

The other thing I don’t like is that you are not creating a passive income, you are just trading your time for pennies. Where’s the fun or opportunity in that? Why spend hours clicking away and doing all of that mind numbingly boring work for chicken feed? I think your time is more valuable than that, stick around and learn what you can do to make a legit income on the net.

Final Thoughts

This is really not something I recommend to anyone trying to create an income online. Worst case, you are way better off joining survey companies directly instead of through a useless middle man website like this.

2 thoughts on “Paid Surveys At Home – Is The Income Potential Legit?”

  1. I usually read all your reviews to inform myself about websites that are trying to scam consumers about promising things that are too good to be true.Your website is extremely helpful.
    I love the idea of creating a website online and being able to try it out for free.It will give me an idea on whether I feel this website is legitimate or not. I also appreciate your honesty saying that it will take hard work and determination which makes total sense to me.

    • Hi Juan,

      For real? That’s pretty cool didn’t know I had a regular this early on in my website. Very cool indeed! The truth is it will take hard work and determination, and lots of it. But the good news is you can and will succeed at this. It doesn’t require you to be extra smart or talented, it is the person that does not give up that wins and creates a lasting income online. Thanks for reading


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