Nucerity International Scam Review- Good Opportunity?

Nucerity International distributes skin care and wellness products through the network marketing business model.

There are some good points with the company, it’s products, and it’s business opportunity. Like anything though, there are drawbacks to consider before joining.

In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know.

Nucerity International Review

The company claims they are all about inspiring and empowering people to look, feel and live better lives through their products and the business. It was founded in 2009 by David Dillingham, Lonnie McKinney, and Richard Jaenicke as a skin care company and distributes these products through the multi level marketing business model.

The Products

Apparently, they have unlocked the secret to perfect skin and that they provide ‘breathable’ cream that is supposed to make your skin look and feel better. I am not an expert when it comes to skin care so I honestly have no idea how good or bad the products are from personal experience.

I did manage to find a review on Skincerity which is their flagship product, might be worth a read if you want to learn more about the product itself. products

The company does claim to have a fair amount of science behind the product so that may be a good place to start your research, bear in mind though that a lot of companies claim to have the ‘secret’ to our optimal health and wellness and a lot of the time the scientists and doctors endorsing these companies are on the payroll. I’m not saying their testimony doesn’t count, but I think it is important to understand this.

One thing I will mention is how there are tons of these kinds of products on the market and it does pay to make sure these guys have some kind of competitive advantage in terms of the offer, it’s quality and pricing. Otherwise it’s going to be difficult to sell.

Update September 2016:They have started selling health and wellness products, one of which is called ‘Elite’.

The Nucerity Business Opportunity

This is the aspect of the company I do know something about, and the main focus of this article. I’ll give you the details and the pros and cons of the business opportunity to help you work out if it’s worth pursuing.

In this case, the opportunity is pretty standard… sign up, buy some products, tell your friends and family and keep buying product every single month to stay qualified. If you like the products, then this could be a great opportunity. If not, then you’ll probably end up with a stockpile of face cream you don’t use and find hard to sell.

It’s always wise to promote something you are passionate about, this is how you will the most success with any business venture you get into.

Getting Started

The company doesn’t display this information on it’s website, but according to their 2015 price list it costs $59 for a starter kit, which isn’t too bad. This can be purchased through a distributors replicated website or directly from the main website if you have the reps ID.

Ways You Can Earn

There are a number of ways you can earn within the company and I’ll break these down for you below.

Selling Product

In most cases, making decent money within network marketing is not about selling products to people, it’s about building a team who build a team. This company is certainly no different. It seems anyone at all can sign up for free and get practically distributor discounts by becoming a ‘preferred customer’ through the affiliate advantage program.

Retail-wholesale and preffered customer pricing

This begs the question of why anyone in their right mind buy at full retail? There is no lock in contract to become a preferred customer, all they need to do is sign up and agree to a monthly auto-ship that they can cancel at any time. The real amount of money you can make selling the products to people is broken down in the following chart:

Preferred customer profit chart

If you sell one bottle of ‘body silk’ to a preferred customer you’ll make $12. That’s not a bad amount of profit to make though on one product all things considered, but you would need to sell a fair amount of those to make a decent income. This is why building your team is so important in companies like this.

Building Your Team

This is the bread and butter of the mlm business model and what most people work towards. How this works is you refer people under you, who refer people under them. In this case, the company uses a binary compensation model whereby you can have only 2 people on your first level, and each person under them can only have 2 people on their first level.

Binary Compensation Model example

Each month the total CV (commissionable volume) is calculated based on your entire downlines performance. The CV is just a certain amount of points attributed to each product and if you look at the price list picture above you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, the lesser performing leg (either left or right) is what is calculated to come up with your earnings and it works in cycles.

Downline earnings example

Confused? This is mlm, the pay plans can be pretty confusing at times. I’ll do my best to beak it down for you below.

Each cycle is 250 TV (team volume) which is just the CV on your personal product purchasing, sales to your customers and the sales your downline distributors make. Each 250 TV cycle will pay out about US$30. Taking the picture below for example the team on the right is the lesser performing team and they made 10 full cycles. This will result in a $300 commission.

The other way you can earn in the team building aspect of the compensation plan is based off the commissions your referrals earn up to 8 levels deep. See the chart below for exact percentages.

8 levels deep commission chart

For example if you directly refer Lisa and her team made 20 cycles that month in total (20 x $30 per cycle= $600) then you’d make 25% of that if you were a Gold member. So your commission would be $150. If Lisa’s recruit makes 10 cycles in her team then (10 x $30 per cycle= $300) you’d make 10% on that if you were at Gold level, so a $30 commission.


There’s also various performance based bonuses on offer according to how well you and your organisation do.

The Costs Involved

In order to remain commission qualified you must meet a certain criteria. In this case, the monthly cost of staying active is 100 PV, which equates to no less than $120 + shipping every single month. This requirement can be met by customer orders as well as your own which takes some of the burden off you but most people end up buying a lot of product themselves just to stay active.

This is why I say it is important to love the product yourself, otherwise you could end up with a ton of product laying around your house within 12 months.

Joining Fee=

Staying Active= $120 + shipping per month (unless you meet sales quota)

Like any business, there are costs involved and there are other costs such as conventions, training materials and so on that should also be considered.

What I Liked

  • Products look reasonably good
  • Low start up cost
  • The company provides information about their compensation plan on their website
  • Good focus on products as oppose to just recruiting

What I Didn’t Like

  • They teach the warm market approach to building your business
  • Could become potentially expensive to stay qualified if you don’t meet the sales quota

Final Thoughts

If you have tried the products and find them to be worthwhile, then this could be a great way to make some extra cash or even a full time income.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the warm market approach which is really just chasing friends and family to sell your products and build your business. This can work to an extent but in my opinion, it’s not the best approach to building a home based business and it only takes people so far.

Either way, I hope this review has been helpful and all the best moving forward!

26 thoughts on “Nucerity International Scam Review- Good Opportunity?”

  1. There is no ” loads of product in your garage.”. One can change the delivery-frequency or cancel their order anytime

    • I don’t know where you pulled that quote from, but no one on this page said those words. However, I will address your comment.

      Yes, you can change the delivery frequency of your orders, or cancel at any time. Just like with any similar MLM company. But distributors continue ordering, often just for the sake of staying active and ‘qualified’.

      So there is absolutely a demand coming from distributors who want nothing more than to qualify for this bizopp. This is very common among MLM’s and, unless something has changed since I reviewed this, Nucerity is no different in this respect.

      The question that really matters is this: how much of the demand for Nucerity products is coming from genuine customers who buy because they love the products vs distributors who buy just want to stay qualified.

  2. An acquaintance from several years ago suddenly resurfaced and wanted to reconnect. I quickly realized that she just wanted to sell me some skincare from Nucerity and possibly take advantage of the “amazing” opportunity to become part of the team. That annoyed me right off and after doing some research on it, I’ve decided I want no part of it. It’s just a pyramid scheme which makes very few people rich and it promotes crap, IMO. Skincare with acetone in it doesn’t appeal to me – I have sensitive enough skin without using stuff that will make it worse. I feel resentful about being pressured and I’m angry and hurt that the only reason this person contacted me was to try to make a sale.

  3. *** This comment has been manually translated using Google Translate ***

    Hello …. I wrote them from Puebla Mexico, yesterday I tested their products in a demonstration and the use caused a dermatitis and a slight burn.
    I did not have support from your company

  4. I’m based in NZ, and the Nucerity range of products launched here about 7 months ago – so still really new here! Best kept secret I’d say, and boy am I glad I was among the first few to find out about them, and the business $$!! Don’t get me wrong, I felt super sceptical too, especially of all the before and after photos (I use photoshop every day, so I know how easy it is to edit photos like that), however my desire to find an alternative to botox for getting rid of my deep frown lines pushed me into giving them a go. I thought, worst case.. they don’t work, and I send them back and get a full refund (I’d like to point out here that not many skincare companies offer a full refund if you don’t see results… I think that alone says something!) Anyways, I tried the products and was blown away by my results. Other than my deep frown lines, and increasing ‘laughter lines’ as I get further into my 30s, I’ve never had any major issues with my skin, however I have always been pretty self-critical, and have quite often felt like the ugly duckling around my friends. In fact, without makeup on I’d always sort of brace myself before looking in the mirror, feeling a bit disappointed with who stared back sometimes.. but after using the products, and as the days went by, I was pleasantly surprised by the person staring back at me. My skin started to change.. it started to actually look pretty flawless, and best of all, my horrible deep, grumpy frown lines started to fade away!! I’ve been using the products for 6 months now, and I won’t lie, I still do have a bit of a frown line (I mean, even botox would have had a tough time with those I think ..haha) but it now looks about the same as it did in my early 20s! I’ll take that, especially if it means no botox!! All I can say is these incredible products have actually made me feel so much more attractive, and they’ve certainly boosted my confidence!! I no longer feel like the ugly duckling anymore. I’m even starting to get compliments, and have even been asked what I use.. I’ve never had that before, in my whole life!! Lastly, vanity aside, the best part are the wonderful stories we get to hear about (and they’re increasing daily thanks to more people trying the products), they’re honestly helping people get rid of debilitating skin conditions, such as severe acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema.. even mummy tummy.. mums out there are getting back in their bikinis thanks to these products.. talk about a confidence boost! I don’t have children yet, but all I know is I’m not scared of stretch marks, mummy tummy or the teenage acne my children may deal with.. not now I have my magic in a bottle!! I know you guys don’t know me, I could even be getting paid by Nucerity right now to type this.. all I can say to that is.. I WISH!! I’m writing this because I am so passionate about these products and how they’re helping so many people, that I felt the need to give my 2 cents! To finish off, I’d like to mention that Skincerity just recently won Best Skincare Product of the Year in the UK Fashion and Beauty Awards 2017, woop!!! Happy rolling everyone 😉

  5. The first component in skincerity is acetone…. I bought skincerity and dabbed it on my toenail to see if it would remove my nail polish and it did…. so this scared me.. so sent the product back to the company and they did give me a refund, immediately I might no problem returning.

  6. 100% of before and after pic’s can never be guaranteed. However, I would suggest most of the photos out there are real and not “photo-shopped”. I am on the Medical Advisory Team so I see most of them. Some, you are right, I wouldn’t share because I don’t believe them. But that rash pic you referred to? If it’s the one I’m thinking, I know the child’s mother. My eye pic is another one that is out there. I only use our eye product on one eye… so I can prove that it’s not photoshopped. The reason Skincerity is different is because it’s NOT a cream (as stated here… common misconception). It’s a film, a roll-on mask. It PHYSICALLY prevents water loss from the skin…. like “shrink wrap”. It allows gas to cross the barrier, but not moisture. Our skin heals from the inside out. For example, a scab doesn’t fall off until the skin underneath had healed and is intact. Essentially, Skincerity creates an artificial protective barrier and supports the skin do what it naturally does… from the inside out. With skin issues, where there is excessive dryness, redness, itchiness, Skincerity creates that protective outside barrier to let the skin do what it’s supposed to. I hope this helps to clarify. I’m very passionate about getting the RIGHT message out … and I am 100% convinced of it being a better option – BECAUSE of the years of consistent results and the fact that it is a hormone-free, steroid-free, antibiotic-free solution for most people.
    Respectfully submitted…
    MB Gibbons

  7. My friend has just joined in recent months. I just caught up with her for the first time in … getting on to 10 years. She actually looks like she hasn’t aged. She looks amazing.

    Me on the other hand. If something sounds too good to be true, I believe it is not true. So I am looking for other reasons for why she looks so great… and there are some.

    Hard thing is, I knew her well for 4 years before the time apart and she is a sincere and honest person.

    Brainwashing or true? Not sure but her skin is fantastic as she approaches 60. I’ll still never put that stuff on my face. I will never buy from pyramid schemes. And I will never get pursuaded to be a “network marketer”.

    But great my friend is happy. Hope she stays that way 🙂

  8. I am starting this business and I believe because of the science system of what the business come from and of course, the customers. Best proof of this products is customers.

  9. I too had the same skepticism until I did my research and found NIH funding, a very interesting read!!! Before it was called Skincerity the technology was designed for the health care system.

    Anyways, Tim I appreciated your review but I can’t seem to find the sales quota……?

    • Hi Krystle, glad it was helpful and thanks for commenting. So, at the time of writing this the requirement to stay active is 100PV (personal volume) per month which equates to about $120 worth of product each month. If you are making this amount in direct sales to your customers, you won’t have to buy this yourself. Hope this makes sense. Cheers

  10. I think that Tim is just calling a spade a spade. He is only being honest. The fake Skincerity before and after photos you can google including and before and after photo of a baby with eczema just screams scam. If this was the miracle product they claim it to be then you wouldn’t have to join to buy it at a decent price.

    • Mel, sorry but you are wrong. It is not a scam. The photos are from every day people who are using the products, and the products actually work unlike all the other rubbish out there. As for signing up… you don’t have to. You can buy the products online like any online store. Enrolling is wholesale pricing, Customer Loyalty Program (online store) is 40% off retail price, or you can buy Retail through a distributor. Skincerity is not a miracle, it is science, and it is safe to use on adults, children and babies to assist with various skin conditions.

      • How do you know Cate, that ALL photos posted on the web by distributors promoting these products are from ‘real everyday people’? Do you personally know ALL the people in the photos? Have you seen ALL of them in real life? Do you know the photos being referred to?

        How do you know the products do work? …. the obvious rhetoric ‘They worked for me and my family?’. Where is the independent scientific evidence that demonstrate that each specific product is effective. Don’t parrot about the ingredients, l am talking of the product as a whole? How do you know if these non-certified products actually contain the ingredients listed on the labels?

        Your defensive answer show signs of indoctrination and brainwashing at its worst.

        • Hi Amos..I can’tell you all the pictures you find are legit because I do not know everyone who have posted however I know it works because of people I know that have had great results. I was extremely skeptical when I heard about this product so I totally understand how you feel but what I found was this stuff actually worked. The product is more of a technology and that technology does have lots of research. If you would like to see some of the research I would be happy to send it to you. Hope this helps.

    • Not sure what you mean? I stated my thoughts on this company objectively, I do not try to ‘call anyone out on bad things’ unless there is a valid reason for it. If there is, I state this clearly. In other words, I call it like I see it.

      • I tried the night time product and I was impressed. I am an Esthetician and this product absolutely works, The only thing I don’t care for is the autoship. I hate to be obligated every month. If I could buy this as needed I would be all over it. Tryied to check out the company and even called them but Nobody ever contacts me.. Too bad..

        • Susan, the company recently changed the autoship requirements, and prices, on their customer loyalty program. You can now purchase as and when you need. The Customer Loyalty site is


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