Avoid The My Laptop Lifestyle SCAM, There Is No Website!

The sales video portrays what most people want, an easy way to make tons of money and live a care free lifestyle. I get it, who doesn't want that!

Unfortunately, this system is a 100% scam and I will prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt in this review. Yep, I actually paid for this crap.

Full Review

I have to admit, this scam made me kinda angry. The reason being, they are clearly targeting people that do not know how making money with a website works.

I personally make money building and ranking websites online so I knew before I even paid for this that it was full of it.

Nevertheless, I threw a couple of bucks their way to show you guys proof and I will objectively show you why I call this a scam so you know where I'm coming from.

What Is My Laptop Lifestyle?​

The sales video spits out a bunch of hype about making lots of money quickly... blah blah. They go as far as to guarantee you will make $150 by tonight:

Sales Page Hype

They also show income proof of a real Paypal account which was a nice touch. No doubt, the folks behind this scam do have decent sized bank accounts. From scamming people. There is no possible way they have made this income with this system because there is NO system as I will show you.

The Upsells

Once I paid the $1.95 to access this I was immediately taken to a page trying to sell me all kinds of addittional products. There were 3 upsells in total as shown below...

Upsell 1 ($97)

Apparently, you need to pay these guys almost 100 bucks to submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

FACT: Submitting a website to Google, Yahoo and Bing is quite literally a 2 minute job for me, and as a newbie it'd probably take you about 5-10 minutes. Really? Yes. It's that drop dead simple these days that a 5 year old could it. I am not exaggerating here. If you are reading this review, you can easily submit your site to the search engines that matter. My point, you don't need to pay them $97 for such a basic task.

I also found it funny how they start the upsell video by saying "your website is currently under construction and our team is busy with the design and technical elements as we speak". See screenshot below:

Deceptive Marketing

I promise you, there is nothing under construction.

Upsell Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0gIYl0t7B4

Upsell 2 ($199)

In this upsell they are asking for almost 200 bucks to submit your website to the "top 750 web directories around the world". The truth is, this is an old tactic that is rarely used these days. According to some SEO experts, it does still have merit to a point IF you choose the most high quality and relevant directories. I get tons of free visitors to my sites each month and I have NEVR done this, so it sure as heck isn't necessary.

We have NO way of knowing which directories they are going to submit the site to either which makes it a bad choice to buy. Given the large number of directories they say they are going to submit your site to, they probably intend on submitting it to as many free directories as possible. Meaning, this would take them all of a few minutes and won't help your website rank.

Upsell Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIWAXZeDOWw

Upsell 3 ($27 per month)

This is a vague coaching program where they say they will "make sure you succeed". Not a bad price for coaching, although after everything I have seen to this point I seriously doubt it holds any value whatsoever. Call me skeptical. 

Upsell Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNWcZX8qzf

Inside The Members Area

Once I got past all of that nonsense I landed in the members area. You are first greeted with a short welcome video with no voice, just text and some background music. It briefly shows you to complete the 3 steps below the video and was overall useless. I'll show you what each step contains.

Step 1 (Buy More Stuff)

In the video they said they had a 'design team' working on building my website... apparently not. This step tells you to click on the button to 'setup' your website. 

Step 1

After clicking the button I was taken to a sales video for a company called Servr Cloud which is a web hosting company. This is were things went from bad to worse. The video tells you that they will build you a free money making website and give you everything you need to get up and running. Kinda like what the last guy said and I what I thought I'd already paid for.

This eventually leads to them asking you for $97 for a domain name registration for just ONE year! That is absolutely out of this world crazy. I was speechless when I saw this:

Servr Cloud Domain Name Price

FACT: You could register a domain name at NameCheap.com for just under $8 per year or any number of registrars for less than $15 per year. I am not kidding, have a look.

So, after all the hype and stories they have told us, they do NOT even give you a website! They simply link you to a company they are affiliated with that charges insane prices for domain names and who provide some mystery website with it that is probably just a cookie cutter template.

If you want hosting on top of this (absolutely essential) this will cost you between $564- $3,324 for 1 year. Again, this is absolutely insane pricing for a new website. Period. You would only pay that if you had a well established site getting TONS of visitors and even then you would choose a much more reputable and established company given how important it is. I would.

FACT: You could go to any legitimate company and get hosting for less than​ $50 for an entire year.

Step​ 2 (Link To a Free Service)

This step is literally just submitting your website to a free website directory called "Entire Web". That's it! You didn't have to buy this crap to do this since anyone can submit their​ site for free.

I haven't used the service myself, but it doesn't look very good based on the reviews and considering it is being recommended by this scam.

Step 3​ (Another Directory Service)

Quite simply, type in your domain name and this tool submits it to almost 2,000 directory services which almost certainly won't help you or your website. Again, this is an OLD strategy that can work IF you go through high quality directories but mass submitting like this is useless. It won't help you rank.

Not only that, after giving it a dummy run it didn't even work!

Is Servr Cloud a Scam?

Looking into this web hosting company a little further and I found the website was registered by a UK based company called SCB Digital Ltd in December of 2015. This company is owned by a guy named Martin Benwell and I was unable to find anything more about this person online. 

Whatever the case, this company is clearly connected to the MyLaptopLifestyle.org scammers because the video starts by saying "congratulations on your order" and clearly ties in with the sales pitch we've just been through. See the screenshot I took below:

Servr Cloud scam

There are no genuine reviews on this company that I could find.

The only review was by an affiliate, or perhaps even the company itself. I won't elaborate on how I know this since that's another article, but the point is, there are no credible reviews to date from real users. Proceed with extreme caution.

What I Liked

  • Nothing

What I Didn't Like

  • Misleading hype about making quick and easy money
  • There is NO website. As in, that was a total lie
  • Charging INSANE amounts of money for basic services 
  • There is NO product and nothing to help you make even so much as $1
  • Nonsense SEO advice- getting ranked is about creating good content!

Final Thoughts

This review may have sounded a little harsh, but when you've seen the sheer number of scams that I have you come to know how they work.​ They have told you that you will be getting a super awesome money making website and after you pay they simply refer you to an overpriced web hosting scheme!

In other words, they have blatantly lied to people about what they are getting.

These con artists are targeting the moms and dads of the world, people who are desperate to make money quickly, the elderly and anyone who doesn't understand making money online or website building. It honestly makes me angry when I see crap like this because I know there are going to be many who fall victim.

The only saving grace is that you could get a refund through the ClickBetter affiliate network. They are good for giving a refund but I cannot speak for the web hosting company and if you buy anything over the phone. These people are likely going to share your information and spam you so you may want to be careful of this.They will likely attempt to sell you more stuff over the phone as well which can make it near impossible to recover your money.

Anyway, I hope this review has been helpful and shown you what to expect on the inside. There are honest and legitimate ways to make money online but unfortunately, this isn't one of them.


16 thoughts on “Avoid The My Laptop Lifestyle SCAM, There Is No Website!”

  1. Got a letter in the mail today which look like a check from Orem Utah. You go to a video and they wanted $49.

    Funny they’re sending out junk mail to sell you a business to make money online?!

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “moderating” comments?

      I post every single comment that comes through my blog, except if it:

      1) Attacks another person in a discriminatory manner
      2) Is a SPAM/ self promo comment
      3) Totally irrelevant to the content on the page

      I generally do not allow links to be posted inside comments if they unless they link to a valuable resource on a related topic. In other words, if someone comes on here and tries to self promote with their affiliate link, not on. That is something that the majority of good blogs would not allow either. It adds no value and does not help my readers.

      In the vast majority cases, comments are approved. Even the ones that completely disagree with my review/ content. So I am not sure what you are getting at?

  2. These people are part of a growing infectious disease in our culture & society, that are nothing more or less than SCUM.
    They’re just looking to rip-off anyone AT ALL, without a care in the world on who it is they scam, or what they’re doing to most of those people, who are obviously going through desperate times in their lives. And for many of them, and are willing to give most or all of what they have in their pockets, all on a prayer, that this is the one .
    I certainly don’t endorse more government & wish there was less of it in people’s life.
    But I am all for Government stamping out crap like this, even if the legitimate ones, who have nothing to hide, need to be monitored closer.
    OH yeh,
    a little note before I leave here…
    I went to close out this page, and I was suddenly was stopped by a HUGE pop-up window. ODD ! On a page like this one.
    It was one of those you see that are famous for getting you to download something that is full of some type of malware / adware
    IT SAID………
    Do You Want To Get Started Online For Free Right Now?
    (Then gives you two choices) .___ .1.)YES,- LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!____________or

    The first thing I thought was,
    ” If I click yes, it’s gonna bring me to Laptop Lifestyle.

    • I couldn’t agree more, and it’s all done completely anonymously because they can. One of the biggest scams going now is how people are setting up fake news websites featuring “opportunities” that have been endorsed by celebrities and trusted public figures. They prey on people who WANT to believe and who are desperate. It’s disgusting.

      Regarding the latter part of your comment, this is just an exit popup that triggers when someone is finished reading and decides to leave the site. Some websites have popups display while people are in the middle of reading the content. I think that’s annoying, so I set mine to display once people are finished reading the content. Either way, this is a legitimate marketing tool used by many respected websites.

      This does not stop you from leaving this site, and it most certainly does NOT lead you to My Laptop Lifestyle. I can assure you of that. I never promote scams for a quick buck. Period.

      The popup does not require you to download anything either, it simply directs you to a website called Wealthy Affiliate, which allows you to create a free starter account. This is where I learned how to build an online business after years of running around in circles, which is why it’s the main thing I promote on this site. I know first hand it’s legit, and actually works.

      Inside WA, I help get started online for with their own website, and 10 step-by-step lessons on making money with a website. All of which is free of charge, without needing a credit card. There is a Premium option available for $49 a month which is awesome value, but not necessary if you do not feel it’s right for you.

      I hope this clarifies things, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! Cheers

  3. Great review, thanks mate. There are so many of these its exhausting each time I click on a new website its the same bullsh*t! I will check out the link you posted in the first comment. I would love to create a life without sending my youngest to daycare! 2 in school now its the perfect time to set up something! 🙂

    • Hi Carmina, you are welcome!

      Yeah I know what you mean… there’s a lot of junk online unfortunately. The good news is it’s totally possible to create an income, it’s just not as “quick and easy” as a lot of these guys will have you believe. Like any business, it’s just learning, taking action and being persistent. All the best with your endeavours and reach out if you need anything moving forward. Cheers

  4. Great review.

    I had no intention of taking up any offer, but was curious if it was a scam after seeing a Youtube ad. Really well done.

  5. Wow I,m glad I found this site ..I wonder if it was legit this laptop lifestyle. Made me think of the one I got scammed out of 5000.00 dollars when I first started using the internet how you never forget when they make you feel like a fool.. And it was called why dital success from Utah Salt Lake City..that’s why I like checking all reviews on these people it amazeses me how much scamming has be come !! Know wonder you can,t find anything legit any more .seems like a new trend for the years to come it,s getting harder too trust people even if you think they got good intentions.. I geuss that is why they do it .would think they would have a consitous.but thank you very much for the heads up hope they get caught idiots ..thanks tim?

    • Yeah, don’t worry Robert, I literally lost over $10k years ago from one single scam lol.. and that was before I spent years after that (on and off) trying to figure out how to make money online! So, don’t feel stupid, I know how you feel and it’s more common than you might think. The good news is, not everything is a scam and by doing your homework like you are, you will be much better off. Hope it all works out for you moving forward! Cheers

  6. Thanks for the marvellous insight Tim.
    When I saw the mountains of cash ,slick boats etci thought it was very scammy . Just like a million and one other so-called money making sites . It’s mostly B.S.
    What would you recommend as a low start up cost biz that makes a genuine income?

    • Hi Lee, you are welcome and you are spot on about the hype. Whenever something is as overhyped as this it presents a red flag. Unfortunately, it sucks a lot of people in but I am glad you were smart enough to do your homework. Nice work.

      I remember when I was searching for a way to make money online I struggled for so long just to find ONE way that was actually legit. Once I learned from the right people and applied what I had learned, it became a whole different ball game. These days I know of so many ways to make money but I don’t have enough time to do them all! My point being, it’s all about educating yourself and learning from the right people who wan to help you.

      Personally, I never got that education with all of the ‘systems’ I had purchased over the years. I learned what not to do but I never learned how to become a real Internet marketer. The only place that actually helped me was a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This is hands down the best way for beginners to get started online, it’s free to try and the Premium membership is very low cost. I’m not saying it’s the only way but it’s what took me from clueless to making a solid income online doing what I love.

      Like anything though, it is a journey. You can absolutely build a business and make a great income, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s just like any other business so if you are willing to put the work in, you will succeed. I always recommend allowing yourself 3-6 months to get decent results. Some will achieve thier goals sooner, some later.

      Anyway, I hope this helps Lee, and all the best moving forward. Cheers


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