My Inbox Pro Review: Legit Email Marketing Service or Scam?

I came across My Inbox Pro while looking into a different program called Guaranteed Email System, which is also known as GIM System. Both of which are known scams.

Why? They teach people to promote low-quality’ biz ops’ via mass email SPAM.

The reason I decided to look into My Inbox Pro, is because this is the underlying service these programs (and many others) use to SPAM people with.

Read on to see what I found…

My Inbox Pro Review

The company website ( was registered anonymously in April of 2016. There is no information about who owns or runs this company.

However, they do list the following US address: 14090 FM 2920 Suite 300 Tomball, TX 77377.

This address is registered to a company called DE Marketing Inc. which was registered in January of 2011. With David. M. Beeson and Robert Jones listed as President and Vice President respectively.

I did some digging to see what I could find out about DE Marketing, and nothing much turned up at first. However, I did find a listing on the BBB website about a (now defunct) program called My Email Mentor that used the same address…

DE Marketing Inc Complaint

Based on the details of that complaint, My Email Mentor is VERY similar to GIM System. Furthermore, the GIM System website promotes My Inbox Pro to the point you cannot use the system without buying both.

Here’s a snippet of the GIM System refund policy that proves their association:

GIM System My Inbox Pro

They clearly state that “we” will take care of any My Inbox Pro refund requests, which obviously means they have some level of control over My Inbox Pro.

A logical conclusion to draw after considering all of this, is that the same people who run My Inbox Pro, are the same people who run GIM System and it’s various other identical programs. Including the now defunct My Email Mentor.

To summarise, here’s what we know so far:

  • David M Beeson and Robert Jones run DE Marketing Inc, which owns My Inbox Pro
  • My Inbox Pro is connected to known scams such as GIM System and My Email Mentor

When you dig deeper, as I have, here’s what else you’ll find:

  • GIM System heavily promotes a scam called PWM Live
  • PWM Live (AKA Profit With Mike) lists ‘Michael Beeson’ as the owner
  • All of these sites are hosted by the same company called Tierranet Inc.

It goes without saying, that ‘David M Beeson’ (guy who runs My Inbox Pro) and ‘Michael Beeson’ are one and the same person.

Here’s what Michael Beeson is responsible for (that I know of):

  • Guaranteed Email System
  • GIM System
  • Profit With Mike
  • PWM Live
  • My Email Mentor

These are just the one’s I know of, there are likely countless others.

This kind of ‘bait and switch’ tactic is common among scams. Why? Because once complaints start piling up about a particular scam, they need to switch things up to keep it running.

Anyways, let’s take a look at My Inbox Pro itself to see how it stacks up…

What Is My Inbox Pro?

My Inbox Pro is an email marketing service. Commonly referred to as an autoresponder.

In the world of internet marketing, this is a very useful tool. In fact, it’s arguably an essential tool in any online marketers arsenal.

This service allows you to collect emails from people who optin to your list on a capture page, and automatically send out emails. This is used my millions of businesses throughout the globe, mostly as a means of generating profit.

In this case, My Inbox Pro is actually re-selling a service called SendLoop. This is known as ‘white labelling’ and the only reason I discovered this, is because when you go to cancel it becomes clear.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when you try to cancel your My Inbox Pro account:

My Inbox Pro and SendLoop

This is proof that My Inbox Pro is actually ‘white labelling’ SendLoop.

On one hand, this is a good thing because SendLoop appears to be a legitimate company.

On the other hand, the folks at My Inbox Pro are re-selling you the SAME email autoresponder service for almost TWICE the price.

Here’s the SendLoop price of $39 per month for 5,000 subscribers:

SendLoop Pricing

Now here’s the My Inbox Pro pricing for the SAME account:

My Inbox Pro Pricing

There you have it, by reading this review you’ve just saved yourself $40 per month!

How Does This Service Work?

An autoresponder allows you to send an email to thousands of people at once. Either as a ‘one time’ email or as part of an automated followup sequence.

The general idea within online marketing is, rather than sending people straight to a sales page, you collect their email address first. This way, you can continue to market to your list for years to come.

However, if you approach it in a spammy way (sell, sell, sell) then you’re likely to not make much money. You need to actually help people solve an actual problem. So it’s a mutually beneficial relationship between subscriber and email list owner.

In other words, you don’t just promote stuff to your list. You offer value, and promote products you know they will find valuable.

How Does It Compare?

Let’s start with comparable services in this space…

Three very well known email marketing services are MailChimp, GetResponse and Aweber. I’ve used all three of these, and eventually settled on GetResponse. Things change quite quickly in this industry, but as of writing this, it’s the best in my opinion.

Anyways, all of these companies are great. They are well know, trusted and high value driven services. Services I have personally used myself so I can speak from personal experience when I say this.

A 5000 subscriber account will set you back between $49-$50 per month in all three companies.

In the interests of keeping this review brief, here’s what I like about these companies:

  • Their service is powerful, simple to use and reliable
  • Pricing is competitive
  • Support is great
  • They are not associated with any scams

Cool. But what about My Inbox Pro?

Well, for starters, their 5000 subscriber account costs $79 per month which is higher than average. Second, they are just re-selling you another companies services.

Why on earth would you pay almost twice the price?

Regarding SendLoop (the real service they are actually re-selling), the price is fair and the service looks legit. However, I haven’t used it myself and this is the first I’ve heard of it. So I can’t give it a thumbs up or down either way.

Want a Refund? Nope.

One thing I wanted to make bring to your attention, is how this company does not offer refunds.

Here’s a snippet taken directly from their refund policy page:

We appreciate your business, but unfortunately we are unable to process refund requests.

This is a red flag, because most reputable email marketing services offer a no questions asked refund. To be fair, some companies don’t offer refunds, because they give you a free trial.

But in this case, if you buy from My Inbox Pro you won’t get a refund.


I can’t rightfully call this a scam, since the underlying service looks legit.

But here’s why I’m not recommending it to you…

  • The people running My Inbox Pro are not ethical marketers
  • My Inbox Pro is connected to a string of known scams
  • They are re-selling you the same service for almost twice the price as the original

I’m struggling to think of ONE logical reason why anyone would purchase this service above any number of better alternatives. Other than to use it in conjunction with a scam like the GIM System.

This is how they get people to buy. Instead of ethically promoting a good service (which SendLoop might be), they deceive people into a scam (like GIM System) and charge you double the price for it.

If you want to use this autoresponder, I recommend going directly to SendLoop.

7 thoughts on “My Inbox Pro Review: Legit Email Marketing Service or Scam?”

  1. Myinboxpro is not legit, they are definitely a scam 100% of you sign up and they do not deliver good luck getting in touch with them once you do sign up.

    Best to just cancel your credit card altogether.

  2. I want a refund, i am cancelling again. Please return my $38, and unsubscribe me. Email Elite :invoice 000774651.
    Thank You, Carol LaMartina

  3. I have a subscriber list with the above mentioned GIM system and it’s over 20000 yet I get a “commission” of about $3 a day. I’ve sent several tickets to myinbox pro and several emails to PMWlive with no results. I’m not sure what I clicked on to get to this writeup but I’m am so grateful that I did. I will now cancel the billing to MYInboxpro and bookmark this page for future reference. Thank you so much! I’m still trying to make ends meet while in full retirement but maxed out on my credit cards due to this and other scams I’ve stumbled upon in the past 2 years.


  4. Don’t Fully understand, You said don’t pay anything on line as they are scammers.
    I have been scamed tomany times and don’t want to fall in to hands that scam any
    more .Would love to make money but I an 77 yrs old,an need my monies for liveing, as my home an family means to much to. let it go ,I live from month to month,I’m a Disable
    Veit . I spent all my saveings on a reverce mort. an the still wouldn’t do it. i am left with nothen. I cann’t aford to put one penny out on a mabey thing.

    • Hi Denzel,

      It’s totally fine to pay for a quality product or service (including good training) to build your business. In fact, this is to be expected. But you should never be paying to access a ‘home job’.

      So in this case, you’ve got a site that literally charges you double for a product that you can buy straight from the source. Not to mention, it’s connected to a string of known scams. So I recommend avoiding this program.


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