MWR Life Review- Is The Opportunity Really That Great?

MWR Life claims to help people attain financial freedom and live the ‘preferred lifestyle’ with their products and opportunity. That’s a bold claim so I decided to check things out and share what I found with you here in this review.

Like anything, there are pros and cons to consider which I discuss in this review…

Full Review of MWR Life

The company was founded in 2013 as an essential services provider and is now run by CEO Yoni Ashurov. They distribute their service offerings using a network marketing (MLM) business model. They are said to be an alternative to companies like ACN and Ambit Energy. This company currently operates in the US and Canada.

The Products & Services

They have 4 main products on offer that revolve around the idea of saving people money on everyday essentials such as insurance, electronics coverage, legal, vehicle repairs, medical, and even discounts on holidays and dining.

These come in 4 main monthly membership packages as follows:

  1. Life Essentials
  2. Lifestyle Advantage
  3. Electronics Protection
  4. Vehicle Repair Assistance

These packages currently range from $29.97- $49.97 per month. There is a pretty big lack of reviews online from people having used these products so it’s hard to determine at this stage just how great these products are. The life essentials seems to have some pretty good value but the thing with this kind of thing is you are paying a monthly fee for a ‘little bit’ of everything.

I can definitely see the value overall but I think it would depend on the individual as to how worthwhile some of these memberships would really be. I think the best thing to do would be to conduct your own research based on your own individual and family circumstances before making any decisions.

The Business Opportunity

Apparently, MWR stands for ‘My Why is Real’. By branding themselves like this the company is saying that if you have the ‘why’ then they have the ‘how’ to help you fulfill your dreams. They claim to have a simple formula for creating wealth quickly and for the long term and that they are different from other MLM companies.

But is this really the case? To answer this, let’s take a look at the finer details to understand if the company really lives up to these claims.

The Compensation Plan

After watching the video about the compensation plan on their website it was clear these guys really are selling hype. With pictures of cash piles, luxury cars, mansions and yachts it is pretty obvious they are selling people on the hope of becoming rich and financially free.

Overhyped Marketing Material

They also have a really convincing voiceover, some upbeat music and the constant sound of ‘cha-ching’ as the opportunity is explained.

Claims About Financial Freedom

The problem with this kind of marketing is that it only reveals one side of the coin and it gives people unrealistic expectations of what to expect as a newbie coming into network marketing. With a lot of hard work, persistence and the right training these kind of results are absolutely possible. But the fact is these kind of results don’t come easily which is why I’m not a fan of hype like this.

Success with mlm is not about the compensation plan for the most part, it’s about knowing how to build a solid team under you. This particular comp plan works primarily off fixed price incentives rather than percentages which makes it easier to understand and work out your earnings potential.

Ways You Can Earn

There’s 11 different ways you can earn with this company but for the sake of keeping things simple, and not just re-writing the compensation plan, I’ll stick to the core of what is being offered to reps.

Customer Commissions

For a start you will earn a $25 once off bonus for every customer you personally enrol, regardless of which package they sign up for. You also earn a monthly residual of $0.50 for each customer you personally enrol after the first month. As you progress through the leadership ranks you can earn anywhere from $0.25-$8.00 per month on top of that from customers right throughout your organisation, unlimited levels deep.

Team Commissions

This is where you can earn monthly residuals based on your ‘qualified resellers’ 7 levels deep and ranges from $0.50-$3.00.

Team Residual Commission Chart

If you sponsor 3 people (in three separate legs) who each sponsor 3 people, you’ll be eligible for $500 per month. You can also earn 25% commissions on your direct referrals entire pay if you start out as a gold or platinum member.


MWR Life really has a compensation structure with a lot of different bonuses throughout. A lot of them either hinge on achieving things in a relatively short amount of time or don’t really become worthwhile until you reach the upper ranks within the company. While these bonuses can be good they are really not what most people should be relying upon as a main source of income.

Getting Started & Staying Active

To get started will cost you between $99-$499 depending on which package you sign up for. It’s unclear what actual product you are buying out of these packages other than the ability to earn the full extent of the compensation plan. The more you pay, the more you commissions you ‘unlock’ so to speak.

Starter Packages

A lot of the bonuses and incentives are only applicable when you refer gold and platinum members. Staying active requires having a membership with the replicated website known as ‘Biz Center’ which is $30 per month and a maintaining 5 CP’s every month (customer points).

Staying Active Requirements

A certain amount of customer points are associated with each product package and they range from 1 CP to 2 CP’s. In other words, you’ll be paying for services in order to maintain your business every month.

Joining Fee= $299

Staying Active= $1319.28*

* This Includes: ‘Biz Center’ for $30 p/m [2CP’s], the essentials package for $49.97 p/m [2CP’s] and an electronics protection plan at $29.97 per month [1CP]- calculated into one year) to achieve 5 CP’s total.

What I Liked

  • The company provides a reasonable amount of information on the products and opportunity on their website
  • I prefer services like this over health and wellness products which are very common in mlm

What I Didn’t Like

  • The marketing surrounding the opportunity contains a lot of hype
  • They teach the warm market approach (chase family and friends to grow your business)

Final Thoughts

The company seems to have some good services which is an integral part of a good network marketing company and you could certainly create a life-changing income with an opportunity like this. One thing I will say is that you shouldn’t get too caught up in the ‘glitter’ being shown to you within the marketing material as building any business (online or offline) takes time, hard work and dedication.

Perhaps the biggest issue I have with a company like this is how they teach people to build their team, primarily warm market techniques. In other words, chase friends and family to build your organization. That’s just not a good approach in my opinion and it rarely leads to the kind of wealth being portrayed in the sales videos.

Whatever you decide, at least now you have a better idea of what the company is about and can make your own mind up about joining.

15 thoughts on “MWR Life Review- Is The Opportunity Really That Great?”

  1. MWR Life is a scam hidden behind some appearance of legitimacy. Their number 1 guru Catherine Techer was arrested in july 2021 in Andorra and is facing trial for scamming for than 400 victimes for more than 6M euros.

    The way it works :

    Some influencial MWR Life managers can buy a quantity of tokens to MWR Life and then place them in the pyramid for the members of their network. In the example of Teccer, she created a company in Andorra named To The Top and through that company she collected ‘investements’ ranging from 5000 to 100 000 euros, promising a nice monthly income to her investors.

    The money she received was supposed to buy these tokens to MWR Life, but what happened was that she kept most of it, bought some tokens for her own friends and herself. There are traces of a few bank wires to MWR Life in Hong Kong and that’s all.

    When this got public MWR Life said they are not responsible for what some individuals do when using their platform. The problem is that in 2017 the same Catherine Techer did exactly the same scam with MWR Life under the name of another company named Dychoteam. And MWR Life knew everything about it.

    There had been many MWR Life users who alerted the board members of the company about that but they were fired from the platform.

    I myself, alerted the board members again in early 2021 about the doings of Techer, and not even a reply.

    And Techer is not the only one doing this with MWR Life.

    This is the clever way for MWR, because they take the money and reject the responsibility. They created this scheme with some of their most important leaders.

    By the way, Yoni Ashurov, president of MWR Life, has about 10 shell companies in Panam, just saying.

    So yes, MWR Life may look legit, but it’s a huge monsi scheme and a scam.

  2. Hello everyone,

    I didn’t know that MWR provided some car services few years ago.

    However, what I discovered this year when joining the company is beyond expectations just in terms of services.

    Retail price for hotels, cruises, rental cars, resorts…; and more.
    Saving up to 90% on hotels with many advantages for loyalty program.

    I don’t see how a membership for a travel site exclusive service would be more shocking than paying same price monthly for going to a sport club, a library, netflix or else ^^

    My choice is to travel more for less. And we are more than 110000 customers satisfied 🙂

    Have a great day

  3. Good article. I actually stumbled on to this company doing some research. Definitely needed services.

    I am currently involved in a Network Marketing company in the financial arena as well. As far as the comments about “Chasing friends and family”, it’s really about your perspective on the whole “sharing” approach. I’ve shared my services with my warm market ONLY with the idea that I want them to know what I do, don’t care if they take advantage. Point is, a lot of people we all know, including friends and family, need help with their credit and finances. If you believe in your product, PROMOTE it to EVERYONE!

  4. Hi Affiliate UnGuru, thank you for your cool thoughts about the MWR Life opportunity.

    I am supporting Yoni and the European team leaders with the European launch and until now we are doing great!
    Europe has different services and a different compensation plan.
    The main services here in Europe are travel discounts.

    Yet I was made to understand that when people sign in under us with our affiliate links they get the services offered in the country they are from thankx to a country choice menu in the registration procedure.

    With reference to the hype marketing approach I find it very simple. After studying marketing for many many years I have simply resigned at the fact that the mind of average people need to be woken up and almost shocked to get someones attention.

    It is being said by scientists that we marketing geeks need to exaggerate 300% in order to get someones attention! This seems to be the same with dating, in nature and in general…

    Exaggeration is different than lying. The mind needs approximately 7 steps inspiration before making a free willed choice.

    In any way. When you want to find out more about the new ways of making your dream come true with the help of clever internet opportunities look me up on YouTube…YouTube Search: MWR Life Rob Buser

    • Hey Rob,

      Thanks for the heads up on the differences between countries.

      Yeah, I get what you are saying from a marketing perspective, even many legit programs carry some level of hype within their sales pitch. I guess it’s one of those arguments that could go on and on. Assuming the underlying program/ product is legit, I think there’s a balance to be had.

      I also think it depends on the audience. As in, some would watch MWR video and instantly be turned off assuming it’s sketchy (raining money), while others would get super excited.

      There are some programs that avoid using a lot of hype. They position themselves in a certain way, and give people value before asking for money. I promote a company called Wealthy Affiliate which is more about ‘showing’ people how to make money than ‘convincing’ them of anything. Of course, it is about making sales but the approach is different. Along with the business model. If you check it out, you’ll see the main sales page isn’t even really a sales page. It’s more or less a website explaining the process of affiliate marketing and what WA offers. Admittedly, it’s not as exciting as many sales pages, but many who have been burned online find it refreshing because it’s transparent. It shows, rather than tells.

      Other examples include the CopyBlogger membership. They give you a bunch of free training and value first, then ask for money. There’s very little hype, but it works and they are very successful.

      Anyway, I totally get what you are saying, there’s so much noise online you need to grab attention. I just think there are very different ways of going about it. Some more ethical than others. Some more suitable to the offer than others.

      Thanks for your comment Rob, and all the best with your business endeavours! Cheers

  5. I tried MWR Life and got conned into it because Mill mentor told me he was going to place all his extra people under me. Never happened. So I started to work harder on my own. Ended up getting 3 people who all dropped out within a week of joining. The services are not good, I haven’t tried the roadside assistance or anything but common sense tells me, it’s probably shotty. The management changes the compensation plan every couple of weeks. What you wrote here is different than the 3 diff comp plans I had within a month and half of trying MWR.
    If you ask me it’s a complete scam. Definitely one of those MLM businesses that ruins it for all the others.

    The only plus side is since you are a “lifestyle consultant” you can write off different parts of your fancy lifestyle on taxes.

    Oh and the training is aweful and inadequate, you’re exactly right with the warm market comment. This isn’t pampered chef.

    Only join this company if you have a shallow heart, a big network involved in the MLM realm, and are realllllly gifted at sales. Then you have the 3 key ingredients for success with MWR.

    • Hi Kate,

      I will check out their latest comp plan and update this review if need be, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the best moving forward.

  6. Tim thanks for the info, funny thing though, when I read these ‘reviews ‘ you guys always manage to promote your business…just saying. And again, thanks??

    • You are welcome, I’m glad my review was helpful to you 🙂

      There’s nothing wrong with promoting a company you believe in and know is worthwhile, almost every website online monetises their content in one way or another. Even those who don’t recommend a business will be selling ad space or making money in other ways such as through Google Adsense. As long as the core value of the review is good and honest, there is nothing wrong with any of these monetisation strategies.

      I personally work hard to publish the most unbiased and well researched reviews possible so the content stands on it’s own, regardless of what I personally recommend.

      I hope this clarifies things for you and thanks for commenting.

    • Haha, fair enough Simeon. You’d have to take that up with the company though since I am not affiliated with this company in any way.

  7. Well I’m a at home mom here in Chicago and MwR worked for me I actually Love the service and I never paid the monthly fee and I made $500 in my first few days and this company pays out daily I’m happy to share my secret on how to make money or to show you how use the service

    • Hi there,

      I’m glad to hear you are loving things with MWR and that you are making money!

      Hmmm… an MWR affiliate offering to share their “secret” with me. Thanks for the offer but I already make money with my current online businesses and if I was going to join MWR, I would use an internet marketing strategy to attract targeted leads. Either way, I’ll pass on your offer, but thanks all the same.

      I’ve removed your phone number from your comment for spam/ privacy reasons. I’m sure you understand. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • i have recently joined MWR Life and everyone i talk to doesn’t want to get involved, I have sent the video done 3 way calls and still can’t get anyone signed up. any help is appreciated.


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