Making Money With Yahoo Answers: All You Need To Get Started

Update: Yahoo Answers shut down on May 4, 2021. But there are still ways you can make money answering questions online, without using Yahoo Answers.

For example, you can start an affiliate website and use your site to answer questions people in your niche have by creating helpful content. And in the process, you can attract visitors to your website for free and generate affiliate commissions promoting relevant products. Find out more in this free beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing.

Combing through the tens of thousands of purported ways to make money online is not just exhaustive and frustrating, but often futile as well.

There are certainly legitimate ways to make extra cash online in small doses – things like Amazon Turk, crowdsourcing, or small-reward programs that involve answering survey questions.

And these are viable options for folks who are seeking just a little bit of extra money. From transcription services to content mills, people with the tenacity and patience to put in the effort, can earn a small income.

However, for those who are serious about making a profitable, sustainable, and potentially full time income by using the internet, more robust options are a must. Yahoo Answers is one way to get started on the road to creating your online success.

What Is Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers is a community-driven, Q&A platform that allows registered users to ask questions ranging from professional to personal, and receive answers to the questions from other registered users who (ideally) have expertise in whatever field the question is based in.

Other popular sites similar to Yahoo Answers include Quora and Reddit and you’ll find there are a slew of such sites. Some are topic/field/profession specific.

How Do You Get Started?

Having a registered Yahoo! account is obviously the first step but before you can start earning an income, you’re going to need a niche and a website but don’t worry! These are simple things to do that can basically be done for free.

Once you create your account, take some time to browse through the categories, questions, and answers so you can get a better feel for the platform and functions.

Make mental notes of the most popular answers as well. Consider it to be the same thing as touring the building of a new job. You’re getting to know the layout, what works, what doesn’t, who’s popular, who isn’t, etc.

Pick A Niche

What are you trained in and what is your profession? What have you experienced? Is there anything you are passionate about or really interested in?

Since Yahoo Answers has categories that range from sports to relationships to business, there is bound to be at least one that you’re an expert in!

It’s not important if you have an eight-year degree or a GED; what’s important is that you know what you’re talking about because you’re going to establish yourself as an expert in that category.

Be careful not to over- or underestimate your value either.

Because today’s digital marketplace is chock full of people who are seeking valuable and truthful information. Today’s internet users are quite resourceful at cross-referencing so be sure you pick a category you truly know something about.

Build Your Site

Don’t be intimidated! It’s not as bad as it sounds. Even hunt-and-peck typists with very little computer savvy can build a website for free and to earn money using Yahoo answers, having a website is a necessity.

This build on your authority within your niche. Not to mention, it will allow you to get quality free traffic through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

And if you have traffic on your site, you can earn revenue promoting relevant affiliate products. Stuff your audience will find helpful.

Select Your Products

This is where it can become a little bit tricky for those who are new to earning an income online.

Affiliate Marketing is a fabulous opportunity for those who are serious about being an entrepreneur. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the selling of other peoples’ products or services for a commission.

To find great affiliate products to promote, you will need to join a free affiliate program. Something like Amazon Associates or CJ Affiliate By Conversant for example.

Once you have your affiliate links, you will place these on your website. So that once your visitors visit your webpage and click on the affiliate link of the product or service you are promoting, you earn a commission on the sale.

Although it’s not required, it helps immensely if you’re familiar with the product or, at the very least, agree with what you’re promoting. There are many affiliate marketing opportunities on the web but you can work with companies as large as Amazon or smaller, more specific.

The trick is to put in the time to research the things that align with the questions you most want to answer.

Start Answering Questions!

Yahoo Answers works on a point system that is a valuable way to keep track of your activities. This is a really helpful tool to help you analyze what’s working for you personally, and what isn’t.

It’s like a built-in report card from your boss, except you’re the boss!

Scroll through the open questions in your preferred category until you find one that you feel confident in answering.

Now here’s the trick…

You have your site set up and the information on it that establishes you as someone who knows their stuff. So answer the question in such a way that REALLY helps the person. Because doing so builds trust and credibility, which is key.

You also want to include a link to the resource section of your site, which contains your affiliate links.

This is truly the most crucial part.

As you build up your reputation on Yahoo Answers, you’ll receive more and more points but that’s not really where the income comes from. The real income will come from the products/services you have affiliate links for on your website.

Stay Active

Like anything in life, you’re going to get as much out of Yahoo Answers as you put into it so it’s vital to stay active. Participate and monitor daily. Set a schedule if you must. But be sure to stay on top of the topics you’ve selected to answer questions on.

Expand Your Base

You will become more familiar with Yahoo Answers and come to know how simple it is to do (notice, I said “simple” but not “easy”). So from here, you can build additional websites and select more affiliate products or services to promote.

It’s that simple, really.

Once you get the process dialed in, it’s just a matter of scaling up.

Bottom Line

Many people become overwhelmed by words like affiliate marketing and algorithms and analytics. But the truth is, it’s a simple matter of staying on top of your goals, being disciplined with your work, and putting yourself out there.

Some of the most successful people started small and Yahoo Answers is a great way to do that. Breaking into affiliate marketing might seem intimidating but I know from experience that this is the most effective way for serious entrepreneurs to get started.

8 thoughts on “Making Money With Yahoo Answers: All You Need To Get Started”

  1. I haven’t made any more online yet. I failed with my blog twice before, but I want to start another one again. If I could get paid for posting comments, it should be a great start for this year for me. I will join now and see if it works for me. Thank you for the valuable information.

    • You can’t convert the points you earn from Yahoo into dollars.

      The idea is to answer questions helpfully as possible, which will build up your reputation, which will lead to people clicking on the link to your website (in your profile). And when that happens, you’ll have traffic on your site, and when you have traffic you can monetise that traffic through ads or affiliate promotions. So it’s more about using Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your site, where you can then make money.

      Check out this guide to learn more about making money with an affiliate website.


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