Should You Become a Vasayo Distributor? Here’s What You Should Know Before Joining…

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about becoming a Vasayo distributor.

If so, you’ve probably heard how ‘amazing’ the products are and how exciting the business opportunity is. But is this really legit, and if so, will you actually make money?

These are important questions to consider before you join.

So in this article, I’m going to show you what this company is all about, how the opportunity works and what it takes to become a distributor. So you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, before you join.

Sound good? Okay, let’s dive in…

Overview of Vasayo

Vasayo is a network marketing (AKA multilevel marketing) company that specializes in health and wellness products.

The company was founded by Dallin and Karree Larsen in 2016, shortly after leaving MonaVie, a similar (and now defunct) MLM company Dallin Larsen founded in 2005.

Here’s what the Vasayo website says about their products and business opportunity…

While our innovative delivery systems produce superior products, our opportunity delivers freedom for individuals seeking greater autonomy for their work-life balance.

These are some pretty bold claims, and just like every MLM company, they claim to have the best of the best. So it’s important to dig deeper to see if this is really the case.

And as with any MLM company, a good place to start is with the products.

The Vasayo products consist of CBD oils, detox capsules, weight loss powders and other wellness products. All of which fall under the bran “Mircolife Nutritionals”.

Apparently, the company uses  ‘proprietary technology’ to provide “superior absorption using the power of liposomes and enzymes”.

In other words, what makes these products unique is how the ingredients within the products are delivered to your cells.

There’s definitely science behind some of the claims they are making.

For example Lipsomes do apparently increase the absorption and bioavailability of nutritional supplements, which logically would make these products more effective.

But it does pay to proceed with caution here.

Because what I have found is that many MLM companies claim their products are unique, when often they are really just expensive ‘snake oil’.

I guess the best way to find out for yourself is to try the products, before committing to promoting these. This way, you know first hand if these are products you can really stand behind, and build a business around.

Read on to learn how the business opportunity side of things works.

How The Vasayo Business Opportunity Works

The Vasayo business opportunity works on the multilevel marketing business model.

Which means that you can earn by promoting the products and by referring others into the business opportunity itself. In doing so, you can earn commissions commissions when your referrals make sales as well as when you make sales.

The way this works is that when you recruit someone, they go into your ‘downline’. And whenever they recruit someone, they go into your downline and so on.

The end result is a ‘pyramid shaped’ organisation.

Which is one of the main reasons why so many people believe companies like Vasayo are a scam or pyramid scheme.

In some cases that is correct, but not all MLM companies are pyramid schemes.

One of the most important factors in determining if a given MLM company is legit, is how much emphasis is on making product sales, versus mass recruiting.

If all you are doing is recruiting people who recruit people, and the majority of product sales are coming from distributors who just want to ‘qualify’ for commissions, you may be part of a pyramid scheme.

I personally don’t believe Vasayo is such a scheme. Because they do focus on product sales as oppose to mass recruiting and the compensation plan reinforces this.

The compensation plan is the document that outlines the ways you can make money as a distributor. Along with what it takes to qualify to earn each income stream.

In short.. Vasayo pays out 20% commissions on retail sales, and separate commissions for building your team. Exactly how much you can earn with the latter, depends on a number of factors. Such as the size of your downline, your overall sales volume and your affiliate rank.

For a detailed breakdown of the Vasayo compensation plan, read my full review of Vasayo.

Becoming a Vasayo Distributor

In order to become a Vasayo distributor (AKA “Brand Partner”) you first need to find a distributor website.

You can’t actually join by visiting the main company website. Because everything is run through ‘replicated websites’ which are coded to individual distributors. This is to ensure the person who led you to Vasayo in the first place, gets the credit.

One easy way to find such a website is to contact the person who originally brought Vasayo to your attention. They should be willing to point you in the right direction, since it’s in their best interests to do so.

But if you came across this company on your own, you could try searching “join Vasayo” in Google. Which should eventually lead you to a replicated distributor site that you can then join through.

In any case, once you’re on the join page, you first need to select your country, and then add an “Enrollment Kit” to your cart for $49.95.

Enrollment Kit to Join Vasayo

Once you select your enrollment kit, you will be taken to the product order page where you can select products to purchase. You don’t have to buy any products if you don’t want to, but it makes sense if you want to earn money as a distributor.

Because you will need to buy or personally sell 80BV (business volume) worth of product each month to qualify as an “active Brand Partner”. Which equates to a little over $100, depending on which products you purchase.

To complete the signup process, you will need to complete the form, agree to the terms and pay for the enrollment kit and (optionally) your product.

At this point- you are now a Vasayo Brand Partner.

From here, you will need to acquaint yourself with your back office and marketing tools to begin building your business. It might also be worthwhile reaching out to whoever you joined through, to help get you started.


Vasayo is a network marketing company that gives independent distributors (Brand Partners) the ability to sell their nutritional products, and refer others into the business opportunity.

The products appear to be legitimate and the compensation plan is reasonable.

There’s also a good focus on genuine product sales, which means this opportunity is more sustainable than one you would find with a network marketing company focussed on chain recruiting.

So there’s  definitely money to be made here.

But that doesn’t mean you will make tons of money as a distributor…

Unfortunately, most people who join a network marketing company like this fail. They signup, talk to everybody they know, make a few sales at best, then end up buying product each month to stay ‘qualified’, without ever truly growing their business.

I believe this largely comes down to the failure of the ‘warm market’ approach (AKA chasing friends and family). In order to be successful, you really want to learn how to branch out beyond this, by leveraging strategies to generate network marketing leads online.

Your main job as a Brand Partner is essentially driving fresh leads to your replicated site, both to sell products and grow your team. So this is something you really want to get a handle on.

Either way, I hope this article has been helpful and wish you the best of success.

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