Is Get Weekly Checks ( a Scam?

Welcome to my review of Get Weekly Checks.

I came across this site earlier today via an email from “Jenny”. Who said I could make anywhere from $125-450 by tomorrow morning by clicking on the link in the email.

I have no idea who this person is to be honest, since I never gave her my email address to begin with. So this was definitely a SPAM email.

But since I publish a lot of reviews on this site, I decided to take a closer look…

What Is “Get Weekly Checks” All About?

Get Weekly Checks ( is a make money online site, run by an affiliate.

What this means is that the site exists to promote various ‘make money online’ opportunities. So when you visit the site you are ultimately being ‘funneled’ into one offer or another.

And if you end up buying into one of these offers, the person running the site makes a commission off of you. Because they are an affiliate for the company selling the program.

In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing.

This is a legitimate business model where you earn commissions for promoting other companies products and services. However, as I will now explain, the way this particular site works is unethical.

How Does Get Weekly Checks Work?

The way this site works is by first of all sending you out a spammy email. One that arouses your curiosity, enough to convince you to click on the link.

From there, you will land on one of the landing pages on the site. And there are several landing pages on this site (that I found) too. Which one you land on depends on the link you clicked on and other factors.

Here are THREE landing page variations I came across on the website…

Landing Page 1
Landing Page 2
Landing Page 3

As you can see, one page says it’s a “work from home resource”, the other a way to “make fast cash” and the other is apparently a “done for you system”.

The reason there’s so many landing page variations, is because they split test these pages to see what converts best. Just as they also split test different offers.

So depending on which page you land on, and when, you will actually be taken to a different sales page when you ‘follow the prompts’.

For example… the first variation shown above is a short quiz.

And when you answer a few simple questions about how much experience you have and how much money you want to make, you will eventually end up on a sales page.

I went through this process over a dozen times and was continually taken to different offers.

So it’s not worth naming each offer, because the people running this site have the offers on a ‘rotator’. Which means each time you click you see something different. And it also means they can (and do) switch these offers out regularly to see what converts the best.

In any case, I will say that some of these offers are in my opinion scams.

For example, one site being promoted is called Discover The Plan, which is all about a weird online trick. This site is very misleading because it basically tells you that making lots of money will happen at the push of a button.

Which is simply not the reality of how real online business works. This is what scam sites say to make a quick buck at your expense.

Verdict- Is Get Weekly Checks a Scam?

Get Weekly Checks is not exactly a scam, because it’s not even a program. It is an ‘affiliate funnel site’ that promotes various make money online offers.

I normally wouldn’t even review a site like this to begin with. But I did some research and it turns out this site is getting a LOT of traffic (millions of visitors per month).

Which means people are searching to find out what the heck it is (really) all about. So I thought it was worth explaining all of this to help people who are almost certainly confused about what is (really) going on.

Anyways, as much as it may not be a scam in and of itself because you aren’t buying anything, it is all very misleading in my opinion.

Because they are using spammy emails and hyped-up landing pages to promote sketchy ‘get rich quick’ programs.

That is really what it boils down to. There is no ‘work from home job’ as promised, there is just a sales page that tries to convince you to buy. So that the people running this site can make money off of you.

What you decide to do is up to you but I won’t be recommending this site to you, or anything it promotes, considering what I’ve seen.

7 thoughts on “Is Get Weekly Checks ( a Scam?”

  1. To me that doesn’t make any sense the way that Jenny asked me to click and I can make money. On a click of a button she’s telling me that I couldn’t make $1200 Last night when. Never even apply or finalized my registration on anything so how that can happen???

    I didn’t click obviously and I’m assuming the next step would be to ask for a credit card or pay pal account?

    Anything like this as too good to be true it’s usually a scam to me.

    • Spot on, and you are right to be asking yourself those sorts of questions because this is a scam. The only people making money off of it are the people who are running it.

  2. Thanks Tim, I hope this isn’t yet another “if I can do it you can to spin dance of wasted time, effort and energy going nowhere at the speed of ?… I’m sure like many others I’m trying to find my own way and purpose in life. At 42 years old and no gurus, mentors or really anyone that can steer me towards the starting line and only stumbling upon one dishonest, disloyal online scheme, scam or whatever the next no integrity online business model that comes across my email desk or typed into my search engine bar.

    My belief is that if I can only find something that brings me just a little bit of success that I can achieve on my own doing something I don’t even have to necessarily love but just find a little basic satisfaction and purpose at the end of the day my dedication, drive, devotion and energy would be limitless.

    Unfortunately, finding the one idea, person or successful business model/ plan has so far eluded me and doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. Has anyone else come from this stagnate place in their life and overcame it while finding some real life honest success out there?

    • Hi James,

      I feel your frustration, and I have been there myself. The truth is there are legitimate ways to earn money online, you just need to find one that you like and stick with it. That’s what I did. I do affiliate marketing which is a great business model, and while it took me a couple years to really get it going, it was well worth it.

      I show others how to be successful with affiliate marketing in this beginner’s guide.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you Tim for explaining it was very helpful. Looks like they are based in Hong Kong from the address at the bottom of the emails.


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