Is Facebook On Fire a Scam or Real Money Making ‘Loophole’?

How would you like to make an extra $300 per day “fooling around” on Facebook? Better yet, how would you like to bank 500 bucks just for watching the sales video to the end!?

This is exactly what the Facebook on Fire system promises people…

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re skeptical. You know claims like this are often too good to be true, and you want to know if this is just another scam before buying.

Good work, you’ve made a smart choice by reading this review. Here’s the real story…

Facebook On Fire Review

Facebook On Fire is a new system I came across today, that supposedly helps people make money online with Facebook. All you need to do is “post, like and share” as you normally would, to make BIG money.

Post Like and Share to Earn Money With Facebook

The system was created by ‘Joesph Magnum’ who says he discovered “the biggest money making loophole since the internet was invented”.

If you sit through enough of the sales video, the story goes he was a waiter at Prime Grill in the US. There was a meeting after a Tech Crunch event where all the big guns of tech and social media met. He was waiting tables when he saw Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and overheard them talking about a “massive loophole” in their platforms.

So Joseph did what any self respecting ‘ninja waiter’ would do, he slipped his cell phone under their table and recorded their conversation. All without being detected by the hordes of security accompanying Gates and Zuckerberg, I might add.

Anyways, he got his cell back and discovered in the voice recording, a “secret loophole” that allows everyday people to make $300-$1,000’s per day on autopilot.

And because he’s such a good bloke, he’s selling it to ‘100 lucky people’ for only $47! You know, as you do when you’ve discovered a game changing system capable of making millions of dollars at the push of a button…

Is it just me, or does this story sound like complete and utter BS??

I wasn’t able to find any third party information to verify his story, so I guess we’ll just have to take Mr. Magnum’s word for it! Or see it for what it really is… bullshit.

Do Your Really Get $500 After Watching The Video?

In order to get people to watch the sales video to the end, a $500 cash incentive is offered. This is really hammered home right throughout the videos.

Specifically, the first video (stage 1) says that “just by getting to stage 2” we receive $500:

500 For Getting to Stage 2

Well, I got to the second video (stage 2) where I was hoping I’d finally get the $500:

Countdown Timer 500 Dollars

Nope. You’re then told to keep watching the video to the end!

So I spent a good chunk of time watching the video sales pitch (which I can never get back) which included a countdown timer that slowly went down until it reached 0.

Surprise surprise, once it reached zero, there was no $500. Instead, it says you need to buy the $47 system and only then, if you don’t make money within 60 days, you get the moolah.

Here’s the real story about the $500: spend $47 on an sketchy system run by an anonymous marketer, who “might” give you $500 if you don’t make money after 60 days.

I’ve seen this quite a bit on other systems and it’s rarely legit. If it is real, it always comes with some serious strings attached. Such as having to fork out $1,000’s on addittional products to ‘qualify’ as having tried the system ‘properly’.

If you are going to buy into this, forget about the $500. It’s a gimmick.

Are The Testimonials Real? Nope.

One thing that tends to get many people sucked in, is when they see others in a video saying it’s legit. Testimonials are powerful, and an important factor when deciding to buy.

But they’re not much use when they’re fake!

I knew I was looking at a bunch of actors in the video, because I recognised a few of them. So it wasn’t hard to expose this for what it really is.

Take this guy for example, he claims he’s making the big bucks with this system:

Fake Testimonial

This is an outright lie. Here his is on a site called Fiverr promoting his acting services:

Fiverr Actor

Nothing against the actor himself. It’s a job. But it does make you wonder why they need to hire people to pretend they’re making money, right?

I mean, considering Facebook On Fire is such a breakthrough system and all…

Is Facebook On Fire a Scam?

If I was judging it by the sales pitch… I’d call Facebook On Fire a scam. Without a doubt.

But it is possible the underlying program is not an outright scam. I was curious to see what it was really about in any case, so I clicked on the big “Add To Cart” button which would normally take you to the payment screen.

However, the payment screen wasn’t actually working:

Payment Screen Missing

This is either an error on their end, their site has been shut down, or they’ve changed domains again. I say ‘again’ because they use SO many different URL’s across these pages.

For example, the payment screen directs you to ‘’ which is different to the sales page domain. And I also found a complaint on

Facebook On Fire Complaint

This scam report shows that the web address used to promote Facebook on Fire was once ‘­’.

Lastly, I did some digging and found this page through a Google search:

Search Results

Notice how ‘’ is actually promoting the Facebook Freedom System? It also says “copy my $3,456.75 business” which is similar to what FBOF says.

What a tangled mess!

When you look closely, these systems are clearly connected though. My guess is they’re swapping details around to confuse people, which is a common tactic among scams, and something to watch for.

Anyways, because the payment page was down I was unable to buy this program. But to be honest I wasn’t keen on buying this program after what I’d seen anyway. Especially considering what I know about these types of programs from past experience.

Chances are this program is accepting payments under a different URL though. So I encourage you to comment below if you know of another site they’re operating from. This will help to warn others.


Facebook On Fire, or whatever you want to call it, is full of red flags.

You’ve got wild income claims, fake testimonials, and promises of push button wealth. All from a guy who says he’s exploiting a “secret loophole” on Facebook after eavesdropping on a conversation between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

There’s no doubt you can make considerable money with Facebook itself, and with other online marketing strategies. But this is clearly not a legitimate program. It’s just hype.

Buy at your own risk, if you can find the payment screen that is, but there’s no way I can recommend this to you in good conscience.

Important Update (Jan 12th 2018)

Today one of my readers pointed out in a comment that Facebook On Fire is charging people hidden fees beyond the initial $47 one time payment. I did some research to verify this, and it’s true. According to their terms page ( they are charging people a hidden $4.97 fee and after 3 days, another $89.97 fee. Which then becomes a recurring monthly fee of $89.97 until cancelled.

Here’s a screenshot of the terms page…

Hidden Charges Facebook On Fire
Click to enlarge

I checked, and these fees are not mentioned anywhere on the sales or checkout pages at all. Which (in my view) classifies this as a scam and puts your money at risk.

92 thoughts on “Is Facebook On Fire a Scam or Real Money Making ‘Loophole’?”

  1. I paid the $47 and i still cant get it to work … I read this about possible scam and that bites. Im a single mom and extra cash would of been great especially with 2 boys. I never got to do anything with the FB ON FIRE and i am upset i want my money back

    • I’m sorry to hear that Denice. If you can’t get anywhere with their support in terms of getting a refund, maybe try contacting your financial institution to see if they can reverse the charge.

  2. Thanks

    You are amazing for the research that you have done and has help many of us out but doing so….. God bless you …. You didn’t have to do this … But you did..

    You need an award ..

  3. Thanks for the review – I had serious doubts and was not surprised at anything in your report…. except perhaps when you say “Nothing against the actor himself. It’s a job.”
    Well, I’ve got plenty against him – because he’s a lying, cheating scumbag and is just as guilty as those who actually set up the “program”. I imagine that’s not his real photo, but it should at least be checked and an attempt made to track him down and bring these bastards to justice.
    I’ve also seen a lot of other scams over the years and it seems to me that nothing is ever done to punish the perpetrators I know it’s often very difficult to round these guys up, but is that any reason to not even try?

    • You’re welcome Steve, glad you found the review helpful.

      I know what you mean about the acting. I certainly don’t have a lot of respect the actors that do this kind of work, but I guess my point is that it’s arguably ‘less their fault’ than the actual scammers behind crap like this.

      As great as the internet is many respects, it’s rife with scams and there seems no end to it. I personally think the best form of defence is just doing your homework like you are now. This stops you buying on impulse and gives you a lot better chance of buying a legit program. From there, you have the ability to put in the work and build a business that will eventually become profitable.

      Anyways thanks for commenting and all the best moving forward. Cheers

  4. I paid for it and all I got qas a bunch of email(spam) soooo this ia definitly fake and a scam. But im the IDIOT whobpaid for it so shame on me lesson learned

  5. Hello Bishop Jonathan,
    I just joined , a website that you can find the part time jobs without paying anything up front. They will deduct percentage from your payment after you complete the job. I have been submitted my job proposals to about 10 jobs now. But did not get any contract yet. So, I am not sure this website will help you or not?

  6. Praise The LORD…
    GOD Bless Everyone…
    Can Somebody Please Tell Me… What Is A Real, Good, Free, Work From Home Business… For Those Who Have Been Put In A Position To Work From Home…
    Does Somebody Or Anybody Know?
    Please Post It Here!

  7. I have been looking for a work at home system. I got this email and it did not sound right to me. Thank god I do my homework before joining anything. I hate scammers.

  8. I paid $47 for this progam a couple of months ago. My 60 days are up, & I got a phone call. Supposedly for Coaching. I really NEED that, so I set up an appt. with him for 11AM Today!
    It is supposed to be 45-60 minutes , to set up a strategy.
    Wish I had read this SOONER, & I have no way to contact them to CANCEL.
    I, too am a Senior, & very Vulnerable & yes, Naiive.
    What should I do?

    • Hey Sharon, it’s up to you what you do really. But personally I would not go through with the appointment, and contact your financial institution to stop future payments and make them aware of the situation. That’s probably the safest course of action. Hope it works out for you.

  9. I saw this post this morning and decided to spend the time to watch the video( to long and lost my interest, but kept it going to see what all he was going to say. After all he was going to give $500.00 to me if I completely watched the video riiiight . It all sounded pretty good until I heard he was going to charge a fee. That’s when I opened Google in another window and went straight to the BBB. GUESS WHAT SCAMMM. Glad there is the BBB and you to help people make better choices in what and with whom they try to partner up with. Thank you.

    • Hey Nancy, to get a refund you will need to contact them in writing. Going by the recent update though, it seems like hidden charges are going to be coming out right away. In which case it may be worth contacting your financial institution to stop future payments.

      This article on getting your money back from a scam may also help.

  10. And FYI, I was reading their terms of use right before I called for a refund. It states that it is a subscription and you will be charged $89.95 a month for use of the educational tools or whatever. Not having that. Plus it said that the initial fee was only $4.95 and not the $47. I wish scammers would fall into a hole.

    • Thank you for pointing this out, I have updated the review accordingly. This kind of deception takes it to a new level, and is a genuine concern for people who provide their credit card details to these scammers.

  11. I also received an email from a Brianna Mallein-Gerin email address I figured it was spam for sure but I was curious what the product was this time. Like you I wasted too much time watching a video and each time a testimonial came up I knew they were actors but I was still curious. The guy kept saying it was so new. Sure. I’ll bet it is.

    Anyway, i debated on whether I wanted to risk losing the $47 or not so I decided I would put it on a credit card and if I have to fight for a refund later I will. I also had the experience of not being able to log in. I was rerouted to the website, which is really, but I didn’t receive the promised welcome email to get started. When I clicked on the live link, which promises help 24/7 365 days a year, it said help was offline and not available.

    So I decided to call fully thinking that I would not get a real person. In fact I did. She promised to resend the email and if I didn’t get it in 3-5 minutes I should call back. Big surprise when of course i still didn’t receive any emails. So I called back again and told a new person, who sounded the same as the Jackie I had already spoken but acted as if we had never spoken and never gave me her name.

    She also sent the email but I still didn’t get it. She said that if I still haven’t received it in 24 hours to call back. I then said I still needed to access the program I had just purchased so she gave me a temporary user name and password and I was able to get in. So, the whole Facebook on fire thing……according to this three section tutorial on how to post ads and campaigns on your page, pixels are actually called fire. I went through the entire three sections as I was doing other things because who has three hours to sit around. Basically it is a very comprehensive tutorial on managing ads, campaigns, inserting pixels to read demographics, where to put things on your website for greater success, how to create successful marketing campaigns. It absolutely has nothing to do with Facebook paying you anything. Conversions are when you put a pixel into a specific page, for instance the checkout page of your website where people can buy product. And it will show you how much they spent, how much you spent on advertising and all the demographics of the traffic. If I had a company that sold a product this whole education package would have been much more useful. I do not have a business that provides product.

    I am not sure who did the tutorial because of course it was not the Joseph guy. Also, while I was trying to just purchase the $47 product, I was rerouted to at least 4 other programs they wanted me to buy. I wonder if they actually have the proper license to sell these programs as it seems like they are definitely a third party raking in $47 by the thousands. I knew for sure there was no way it could be limited to only 100 people. That is total bs. Sorry for the book but hopefully this information will prove helpful to someone.

    • Thanks for your detailed comment, very much appreciated and will be helpful to people to read 🙂

      Sounds like they’re simply giving you a generic PLR product that does provide some training, but it’s not as advertised. This is common among scam sites. They promise you the world, then sell you something else entirely. Giving you an actual product is really just an attempt to legitimise it and reduce refund rates. By the sounds of it, it won’t help you get started online as a beginner, much less make the ridiculous amounts of money promised in the sales pitch. They know this, which is why they cross promote all kinds of other offers after you buy to get as much money out of you as possible.

      Anyways, thanks again for your comment (I spaced out some of your text just to make it easier for people to read is all). Cheers

  12. I guess you must make a lot of money! If you can do to others what you did to me it probably doesn’t take long to add up. I didn’t sign up for your course or whatever and I’m not quite sure how you got my PayPal account but it definitely wasn’t from me. As soon as I got the email receipt I emailed you and was ignored totally. I have tried several times to protest this and can’t get anyone to respond. I hope you aren’t teaching your newbies to work like this. I have been trying to get my money returned since Oct 20, 2017,

    Patsy Rubenkoenig

    • Hi Patsy,

      I recommend contacting PayPal directly if these people have taken funds from you without your permission. If it’s come through PayPal then you absolutely should be able to get your money back. PayPal is very good in that way. You could also contact the FTC as a further measure.

      All the best with it.

    • Hey Barb,

      That link was just a super long tracking link that redirects people to the same fake news article I’ve mentioned previously ( This is why I removed it from your comment.

      Thanks for sharing all the same though.

  13. Appreciate the review, it saves me a lot of time to deal with them and try to get my money back. I will like to join your site for further reviews. Keep up the good work!!.

  14. I dont even have to go there and know its a scam… heres why
    1. JOES leaving it up for only 2 wks. 2. Only 100 get in. 3. Then theres all the $ thousands testimonials made. 4. WHY ASK FOR MONEY TO GET STARTED… JUST BRING THEM ON AND BOTH MAKES MONEY! What a dumb shit fraud. So who files on this guy… at least reports HIM AND GETS THE JUDGMENT AND PRISON TIME ROLLING! THE TESTIMONIALS NEED TIME TOO! BECAUSE THERE WAS MASTER CARD INVOLVED! SO WHERE ARE YOU ON THIS ONE MASTER CARD… MAYBE YOUR LIABLE TOO? GOOD DAY FOLKS FRIENDS!

  15. A guy named bob Jackson called me and said he heard I was currently looking for a job and told me to go to his site. The site is and it even say in the fine print that it shouldn’t be taken literally and that this website only make money from clicks and people who purchase the program.

    • Yeah that site redirects to the fake news article, which leads into the FBOF scam. You did well to research before getting sucked into it. Thanks for the comment.

  16. I received an email from an unfamiliar person who attached a link that ended up as after scrambling through a few others but also was Facebook on Fire. Thanks Tim for sharing the information of your research, as I researched Google for the legitimacy and came across your article. Thanks!!

  17. I got an email today the URL now is:

    I did not buy anything, I always research first and read the fine print. The fine print actually says this is not a job and Doe snt guarantee you will make any money and that it’s only and educational experience on how to make money……or how to lose it apparently. 😉 thanks for your post!

    • Hey Marisela, thanks for sharing that with us.

      I’ve seen this page before, the URL you gave takes people to their fake news article, which I think really shows just how unethical FBOF really is. There is no need for anyone to market any job or program in this manner, unless you’re trying to trick people into buying a scam.

      I shortened the URL you provided because the long query string at the end makes no difference, the above link still takes you to the exact same page.

      Anyways, thanks again for sharing. Cheers

  18. I got suckered in, and paid the $47 for the program, then got a call from someone wanting to “layout the program” for me, I told him, no I just want a refund, I changed my mind. He told me I could only get a refund if I tried the program out. He wanted to set up an appointment to call back another time. I told him “no thanks”

    • Did you call the number listed? I called and hypothetically I should get a refund in a few days. There is a whole terms and conditions and it says that they have to give you a refund. Plus it’s not a one time fee, but a monthly subscription no one tells you about. I would double check. The number I called was 888-727-0562. Hopefully that will help.

  19. I clicked to purchase and was directed to:

    Like many others, I am struggling financially. So I need to find something that works. Tim, can you explainhow to get started with Affiliate Marketing?


    • Ok thanks, Mike. Appreciate the info.

      For sure, I’m happy to help you out. The first thing you need to know about affiliate marketing, is that it’s not a shortcut to making money quickly. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and effort to get solid results. But if you’re committed it can be very worth your while.

      With that being said, there are 4 main steps when it comes to building an affiliate marketing business…

      1) Choose a niche (something you’re interested in that also has profit potential)

      2) Build a simple website (this is the easy part given the technology we have access to these days)

      3) Get traffic (AKA people) to your site (the best traffic source is search engine traffic because it’s quality, free, and very targeted)

      4) Promote other people’s products and earn commissions (affiliates can sign up to an affiliate network for free and promote pretty much anything you could think of)

      These are the four core foundational concepts that go into a profitable affiliate marketing business. It is actually very simple when you break it down and it can be very lucrative. But again, it does take time and effort to see any worthwhile results. Especially during your first year.

      In terms of getting started, I recommend going through these 10 free step-by-step lessons first.

      This is the exact training I went through when I got started as an affiliate, so I know it works. And you also get 2 free websites so you can follow along with the training and apply what you learn which is cool.

      Anyways, hope this helps and thanks for commenting. Cheers

        • Hey Michelle,

          To get your money back you will likely need to contact the company running FBOF via email or phone. You may also want to contact your financial institution to stop further payments as it seems they are charging hidden fees.

  20. Ive watched video but im real skeptical about this on line buisnesses and dont like to give out my personal bank information so idk it sounds to good to be true for me

  21. I have gotten so many of these emails to work online and I have clicked unsubscribe to them but they still come up. I checked this video out, went to pay but when clicking pay button some screen pop’s up quickly, you can’t read it. So then there is no confirmation if your payment went through. I’m watching my bank account to see if something goes through. I hope not. But truly this is why I do not do online work.

  22. just watched the video… in the beginning it asks for my name and email… now i have 3 more emails similar to this one… total scam!

  23. Thanks for this article! My company recently shutdown , so I’ve been looking for work for last couple months with no success so far. I’m getting very anxious because I want to start working, asap, but not just any ol job. Anyways, I keep getting e-mails, or in this case, texts about “money- making opportunities”, and honestl , I wanted to click and buy, but the clearly bad acting of those so-called clients made me think that I’d better do a search which lead me to your article. .. lol ! So glad I read your article first. Thank you.

    • Hey Shawni, glad to hear you did your homework! Well done. This is really the start of avoiding scams and learning how to build a business online. At first it can seem like a nightmare trying to find something legit. It did for me and many others I know. But by doing your research, and over time, you can find a good training program and learn how to properly build an online business.

      Anyways thanks for commenting, Shawni. And all the best moving forward 🙂 Cheers

  24. So I was on my ohone when my voicemail box blinked even though I didn’t recieve am incoming call. When I checked my voicemail, a perky voice said “congratulations! You’ve been hired!” Then proceeded to direct me to to complete the process to work at home through either facebook or google With a limited number of spots available. Buyer Beware, been there, done that. I just wish the scammers would leave me alone. My number is only out in the wireless world for real employment opportunities.

    • Hey Liz, thanks for sharing. Yeah that page is a fake news page they use to promote this scam, and it’s being running through multiple URL’s too. It’s also the same page they used a while back on a scam called Facebook Bonanza among others.

      Thanks again for sharing. Cheers

  25. I KEEP GETTING AN EMAIL FROM SOMEONE NAMED Corey and the link took me to wakeupto cash! They keep sending emails saying urgently looking for 4 people who regularly use Facebook to make $100- $400 a week!! I don’t have Facebook, but if that was true that’d be pretty awesome!! Figure it was a scam glad I looked into it!! Thanks for your research!!

  26. Hello,

    I found out about Facebook on Fire by a phone call.
    Note, the phone call or number didn’t show up in
    my smart phone.

    Anyway, this is enough proof for me not to even try it.
    Personally, I think the chances of making money online
    or with Facebook are gone. If anybody sees a link, you’ll be
    lucky to get them to click it, then they probably won’t buy
    anything. If they do decide to buy, they will rip off your affiliate
    code, and just go to the website. They might have the money,
    but they don’t have it for YOU. And Facebook is the most unresponsive
    website on the internet. Your lucky to get response to anything you post,
    much less a sales link.

    • Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

      I can understand why you’d feel that way. But the possibility of making money on the internet is far from over. In fact, the opportunities are vast online when you know how and where to look.

      The trouble is, programs like FBOF lead people to believe it’s all going to be “quick and easy”. They sell people what they ‘want to hear’ instead of what actually works. Because hype sells more products. It’s really that simple.

      The reality is, like any worthwhile endeavour, it takes time and consistent effort to get results online. So once you do find a good training program, the key is sticking at it no matter what.

      There are actually many different ways you can make money online too. I personally do affiliate marketing with a website, because it’s simple and it works for me.

      No matter what type of online business you get into though, the fact is that it takes real work to succeed. Anyone telling you different is not trying to help you.

    • Hi Vicoria,

      This is because Facebook on Fire is not a legitimate program. Your best bet, in my opinion, is to get your money back. Before they try to fleece a lot more money out of you.

  27. Hi I experienced the same thing as you, only I got to the sucure payment page and say I had only four minutes to fill out the form and get the fbof system.
    Here the link I got

    • Hi Kenneth,

      The whole ‘timer’ thing is a trick. There is nothing at all limited about this program, they simply do this to get people buying on impulse. Unfortunately, it works. It’s called fake scarcity and it’s VERY common among scams.

      In any case, thank you for reaching out and sharing. Cheers

      • That’s what I thought also , I waited for 45 min to see if the spot would fill up but nothing changed , so I decided to Google ??and I’m glad I did I just save 47 dollars

        • Smart move, Alex. It’s always good to put those things to the test. The whole ‘limited spots’ BS (AKA fake scarcity) is rife within the ‘make money online’ niche. It is highly unethical and definitely something to watch out for. Thanks for chiming in and all the best.

  28. Hi,
    I didn’t want to use my personal credit card in this Facebook on fire so I got a prepaid Visa card and guess what it wouldn’t except it at all.
    I also keep getting emails from different people about this so when I hit reply the name comes up at Josh on all the emails.

  29. I watched the video for facebook on fire as well as the job quitter. They seem like they are the same scam. Don’t waste your money. What I want to know is there any work at home jobs that really work? I need something asap so I can make money for Christmas.

    • Most likely they are, this is actually quite common. The same scammers often run multiple versions of the same scam to see what sucks more people in, and to keep the scam running for longer under different names.

      Personally, I don’t recommend ‘work at home jobs’ as such. Unless they are real jobs, from actual real companies that can be verified. And jobs you do not have to pay money to start.

      I recommend starting an online business with affiliate marketing. The downside to this is that it takes time to get your business into profit, like any business. The plus side is that it’s well worth it if you are committed and put in a consistent effort.

  30. [links removed]

    The first is a payment portal and the last two are aff links. It looks like they bought their own domain, both emails were spam by the way.

  31. Hi, my name is Frederick Varrecchia and I signed up for Facebook on fire and the person who called me was asking me personal information about my credit cards and was rude when I asked him why he needed my personal information about my credit cards. I still don’t know what to do with this business I signed up for cause this guy got me to upset. I’m 65 yrs old and don’t need that. I’m about to ask for a refund. Please call me a.s.a.p. Thank you

      • I can get rich also if thousands of people sent me $47 just because. Too good to be free. If it walk like a duck, quack like a duck, looks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    • I got an email from some one that I got approved…. To down load the system…when I click it when to the page with the ,500 $ free for whaching the video …..if you see the video you get the it’s not true ….stay always from this

  32. I got something from someone called Email Payday. You pay $47.00 for posting for Facebook on fire. I can send you the address if it helps with your research.

  33. I bought this program and paid the $49. Your guy that called me to get info wanted me to give out all my personal financial info. I did not know him from adam and I don’t believe this is how you should do it. He was rude and so I became rude. Sorry for that. But if He can’t understand that a person just doesn’t give info as such to someone out of the blue. Not in this day and age.
    I would like to be able to earn extra dollars and to get a good comfortable retirement. I work hard and will listen to anyone that is not out there trying to get info that I don’t think they need at this point.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with these people Pat, and you are absolutely spot on about not giving out your personal information. You should NEVER give out such personal information to anyone online that you do not fully know and trust.

      That being said, I am NOT the guy behind this junk program. I simply reviewed it. And I do NOT recommend it in any way whatsoever.

      All the best with things, and thanks for your comment! 🙂 Cheers

        • Hey Maria,

          I recommend contacting their support email or check your receipt. If you paid through a third party company then contact them asap. If you’re worried about future hidden charges, which I recently found they are doing, then I personally would contact my bank to cancel future transactions from the same people.

          Hope this helps and all the best.

      • Thanks to all of you who gave me the try facts! I’m a designer, but divorce , with full custody of a 4 year old … call for much more income!

        Thanks Drey

    • First of all, I can’t thank-you enough for sharing your post about FBOF. I got a text from FBOF Saying to me, “I’ll get paid Monthly just for posting on FaceBook & writing my own stories and sharing them. I’m disabled and a “Chef By Trade.”
      So, it’s killing me not to be able to work! I’ve tried numerous programs online when I first was not able to do what I loved anymore which was having my own Catering business.
      When they came out with making money online? I was excited most like everyone else who wants to work from home. And back in those days. didn’t bother Googling to see if these programs to make money online were scams or not. I was vulnerable and naive.
      In the past 12 years? I’ve must have spent over $1,200.00 investing in bogus programs and only once I got my money back! The big kicker back in the day was paying big money for a domain name and buying a name for your own business through a bogus company!
      I was so angry, hurt, felt stupid, wanted to punch the monitor of my PC, etc. Because, I fell for so many lies and gimmicks.
      So, today I get this text from FBOF for only in my County here in Stafford, VA. They said they needed people just from where I live. After reading this text just now? I thought “Could this be real? Is there actually a real money making a program with FaceBook?”
      So, I asked Google if “Making money with this FBOF real or a scam?”
      They also get you big time when they say thing’s like we need people from your area! That’s a great scam line! Then naturally as you said above? The man who claims in the text said, “He makes $3,754.00 a Month by check. This guy said you get paid Monthly. Oh and don’t forget this famous line, “Act quickly all spots will be filled soon!”
      Make money from the comfort of your own home and make your own hours, blah, blah, blah!
      What hurts most of all? I’m disabled I don’t have money coming in each Month like other’s who are on SSD. I could have done that easily. With my M.S. Both my hands have severe nerve damage from the spine. I was misdiagnosed 4 times. I’ve been sickly with the M.S. since November 2016! The Cervical spine has no cartilage left plus the disc degenerated which made me lose 1 -1/2 inches in height.
      I get this text to make money and all I want to do is actually, work part time online and I’ve been looking for anything that I can do with my hands just a few hours-per-day. Nothing but scam after scam!
      These people who are taking money from all of us? They don’t care if your young, older, sickly, disabled, etc. They take advantage of the vulnerable.
      I believe they should all be in prison since it’s no different than robbing us in our own homes!
      I wish there were something we could do to get them all back.
      But I keep remembering in my mind what our Heavenly Father Says,
      “Never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.’”
      So, they’ll get theirs when the time comes. Karma!
      God Bless You All.
      May we all never fall into the traps anymore of these “THIEVES!”
      I can’t thank-you enough for this informative post. We need more people took look out for one another & we need to stick together & always help each other.
      I also noticed on certain beauty advertisements online like, “face serums and beauty creams, etc.” Certain post with wrinkle products for woman & men alike.
      I noticed the woman who replies to these products advertised online?
      While saying how wonderful these creams and or serums work on wrinkles or other types of crep skin products, etc.
      9/10 of the woman replying are the same exact faces I see in so many other beauty products being advertised in other places on the internet.
      Some faces of these women they use? You can’t help but notice it’s the same exact person.
      We are living in a Sue happy Country I’m talking about The USA.
      We don’t have any role models left whatsoever! Jesus is our Role Model.
      It’s a shame how much greed and everyone’s out for themselves nowadays. Not helping their fellow man anymore.
      We never see the good of what people do on the news. Always see the horror. Making us all afraid to just go down the street.
      My Husband got robbed in broad daylight last summer while coming out of Lowes Hardware and Lumber Store. Two men got into his car with him armed has he was getting into his car to come home. They took his wallet made him go to an ATM to see all his balances on credit cards and bank accounts. We have a General Contracting Company for 28 years now. They took all his money from the ATM’S from his credit card s first. Then made him drive to his banks we’re out checking & Savings acct.’s are. One robber stayed at the front door watching my husband while the other stayed in my husband’s car. My husband slipped a note to the teller (whom he knew since he’s always at that bank.) the note he wrote discretely said, “Call the Police!” He didn’t stall at all while getting all our money out of our acct’s. He didn’t want the robbers to get suspicious or to place any of the people in the bank in harm’s way. They got all our Business Acct. Checking Acct, & savings Acct. money.
      They made him drive to the back of the “Walmart shopping plaza store.” After this was over.
      My husband who is 20 years older than I. (We’ve been together 28 yrs.)
      He’s a former retired 23-year Vet. He fought in Vietnam (A Senseless war!)
      He thought this was his last day on earth to see the light since these men didn’t hide their faces from him.
      Both men were in the back seat at this time and told my husband, “Don’t turn around.”
      They both got out of his car & my husband did turn around has soon has the doors shut in the back of his car.
      He said, “They both vanished out of site!” They most likely had a get-away-car parked there somewhere!
      My husband drove immediately to the police here in our County just up the street from where he was.
      My husband said to me,” the robbery isn’t what bothered him compared to what the police did for him.” Nothing!
      He was more hurt with no action taking place. All the cameras from ATM’S and the banks &. lowes store parking lot cameras.
      YET? The police didn’t conversate the videos to catch these armed thieves.
      One week later we got a call from the local police dept. They wanted my husband to come in and they wanted to do a sketch of these what these two robbers looked like.
      I have a wonderful Loving husband. I Thank God we had insurance in the Business Acct. at the bank.
      At least we got our money back with the Insurance.
      Keep watch at all times while entering your vehicle. Like the old saying goes?
      “You never think this will happen to you always to someone else.”
      Not true. You just never know in today’s society.
      Be Safe to all.


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