Easy Cash Concepts – Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]

Today I came across a site called Easy Cash Concepts.

Apparently, this site provides you with a ‘work from home kit’ that enables you to start generating thousands of dollars in income each month. For doing practically nothing.

Sounds too good to be true if you ask me.

But I decided to take a closer look to be sure. And in this review, I’ll show you exactly what I found so you can decide for yourself if it’s legit or a scam.

Easy Cash Concepts Review

The Easy Cash Concepts website (easycashconcepts.com) consists of two main pages. A ‘news article’ and a page that asks for your personal information, in return for access to a ‘digital money machine’.

easycashconcepts.com Website

The first page is enough for me to know this is a scam from the get go. Because I have reviewed 100’s of programs on this site and in that time I’ve seen a LOT of these so called news articles.

Which is how I know the news piece is 100% FAKE.

There are many ways I can prove this. But perhaps the most obvious is how at the very top of the page they disclose that it is really an ‘advertorial’. Which they again confirm in tiny fine print at the bottom of the page.

An advertorial is essentially an article that appears to be real or legitimate, but in reality it has a hidden agenda. In this case, the news article is completely fabricated and designed for ONE purpose and one purpose only- sending you to the next page.

What’s Easy Cash Concepts All About?

According to the Easy Cash Concepts website, this is an easy way to begin making 5 figures per month working from home. All you need to do is
“fill out a short form” and your work from home kit will be mailed to you.

The ‘interview’ (written by alias Amanda Winston), claims that Jamie Taylor from Phoenix is earning $9,000 – $12,000 per month with the system.

She claims you can earn money working with companies like Amazon, Google, Walmart, Delta, Apple.

In reality, Easy Cash Concepts is a fake news article that leads you to an optin page.

Form To Get Personal Information

Nothing is actually being sold here. So the purpose of the second (optin) page is actually to get your personal information.

As you can see from the screenshot, the site is asking for your name, phone number and address. And when you submit this form, nothing happens.

The most concerning thing about this is the complete lack of a privacy policy on the site.

This is a BIG red flag.

When you consider this (along with the shenanigans on the previous page) the agenda here is obvious. These people want your personal information, so they can SPAM you with all kinds of offers down the road.

Not only this, but quite often these sites sell and rent this kind of information to other marketers for a profit. Lead generation is big business online and unfortunately, unethical marketers like this are taking full advantage.

How Does Easy Cash Concepts Really Work?

This site works by luring unsuspecting people into what appears to be a legitimate news article. One where Amanda Winston is interviewing Jamie Taylor about her amazing success in working from home.

However, in reality, this is fake and the true purpose is to convince you to hand over your personal information on the next page.

I know Amanda Winston is an alias because I’ve seen her so called ‘news reports’ many times before. For example on a site called the Lifestyle Tribune which is yet another fake news piece promoting a similar scam.

If you read the above review, you will also see undeniable proof that the ‘comments’ in the comment section are the SAME. And that review was published over a year and a half ago!

So my point is they are generic and completely fake.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen the name ‘Jami Taylor’ on one of these sites though. However, a quick bit of research reveals she is nothing more than a stock photo….

Jamie Taylor
Stock Photo Jamie Taylor
Source: shutterstock.com

In any case, the point of all of this nonsense is to convince you to visit the next page. Which is why (literally) every single link on the page leads you to the second page.

Verdict – Is Easy Cash Concepts a Scam?

Yes, in my opinion, Easy Cash Concepts IS a scam.

I say this because everything about it is completely fake and extremely misleading. The site uses generic news videos and logos, fake characters, a fictional story and a bunch of fake comments (among other things).

All in an effort to get a hold of your personal information.

What appears to be a way for people to start working from home is really just a way for these crooks to get your personal information and SPAM you. Not to mention, very likely sell it to other unethical marketers to make even more money off of you.

What you decide to do is up to you, but there’s no way I will be recommending this to you.

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