Easy Cash Club – Scam or Legit Money Making Software? [Review]

Welcome to my review of Easy Cash Club.

This is a ClickBank product that claims to help you make over $379 per day on complete autopilot, using a “secret money making software”. Even if you’re a total newbie.

Sounds cool. But is this really legit and if so, does it actually work?

Let’s find out…

Easy Cash Club Review

I came across this site (easycash.club) today while surfing the web.

The site is presented by “Steve Johnson”, who says he was a broke software engineer back in the day. Until he created this money making software that turned him into an internet millionaire, practically overnight.

Now he’s sharing this amazing software with you, for just $37.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of ‘make money online’ programs on this blog over the years. So I know when a site is using ‘fluff’ to sell you something, and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

The video is absolutely FULL of “get rich quick” hype.

Rather than explain what you’re actually buying, the video goes on and on about how easy it’s going to be to get rich. And uses a bunch of fake testimonials to ‘prove’ it’s real.

Then there’s the BS about buying “before licenses run out”…

misleading sales hype

This program has been around for several years now, this is just the latest version of it. So there is absolutely NOTHING ‘limited’ about it.

I mention these things because they are the hallmarks of a scam (hype and pressure selling).

For example sites like Cash Sniper, Secret Millionaire’s Club and Secret Millionaire Bot. Which are scams I’ve recently exposed that use the same BS to get your money.

So were’ not off to a good start here based on what I’ve seen on the sales page. But I always like to dig deeper to know for sure if something is legit or not.

So let’s take a closer look at how this works…

How Does Easy Cash Club Work?

First and foremost- completely disregard the sales video.

What you are really buying here, is access to a software that helps you create basic YouTube videos. So that you can upload these and profit from the views you get on your videos.

And when I say ‘basic’, I mean videos that do not contain ANY actual footage.

In short, the software allows you to input some text and generic stock images, which it then uses to create a kind of video ‘slideshow’ video with a robotic voice over.

The idea is then to upload the video to YouTube, where you can then profit with Google Adsense and through affiliate marketing promotions.

In a very general sense, this concept can technically work to earn you money.

As in, you absolutely can earn money by creating YouTube videos that get a decent amount of views. And you can monetize your videos in various ways, including affiliate promos, where you drop an affiliate link in the description for example.

But seriously… nobody is going to watch these videos (lol).

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, with Google being the largest. And (like Google) it’s incredibly smart and only getting smarter. So if you want to actually rank your videos, and get views (AKA traffic), you need to be uploading QUALITY video content, on a regular basis.

You also need to understand the concept of SEO and learn how to properly monetize your videos. At least, if you want to build a successful online business this way.

I don’t do YouTube marketing myself, but I do earn a full time income through my websites, and a large portion of my traffic comes from Google. So I know how this stuff works.

I can safely say that you won’t just be “plugging in” to some ‘magic software’ that brings in millions of dollars on autopilot. That software simply does not exist.

Easy Cash Club does make creating videos ‘easy’, but the quality is very poor. So you are going to have a near impossible time growing any substantial traffic this way, which means you will make very little (if any) ‘cash’ by using this software.

Verdict – Is Easy Cash Club a Scam?

Easy Cash Club isn’t exactly a scam, but it’s far from legitimate either.

On one hand, you pay $37 and get access to a software that helps you create YouTube videos without actually doing any filming. And ClickBank offers a 60 day money back guarantee, which is solid. So in this sense it’s not a scam.

On the other hand, the marketing is extremely misleading in my opinion.

The site uses every trick in the book to convince you that as soon as you buy, you’ll be sitting on easy street, making thousands of dollars using an automated software.

Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can make significant amounts of money with YouTube. But you need to learn the proper processes involved, and even when you do, it takes time and effort to get real results.

So ‘shiny objects’ like this are not helping you.

To be honest I doubt if anybody who uses this software, actually makes any money at all, let alone thousands of dollars per month.

Which is probably why immediately after buying, you are hit with upsell after upsell. These people want to make as much money off of you as humanly possible, before you realize it’s total BS.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending this.

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