Don’t Fall For The ‘WahRev’ Scam- It’s All Fake

It may sound like an easy and exciting way to make money online.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Upon looking at this website (currently located at it became clear they were part of a group of scammers I’ve been exposing for some time now. These guys have tons of websites set up under different names, web addresses and fake personas but they all sell the same thing, a fake income opportunity about ‘posting links’.

They have gone to a lot greater lengths in this one to tone down the hype and establish a higher level of credibility, at least in comparison to some of their other websites I’ve reviewed. Rest assured though, it’s just packaged differently and there’s nothing legit about it.

This same website is currently known as:

  • Wah Edu (

Wah Edu

  • Wah Academy (

Wah Academy

  • Work At Home University or ‘Wah University’ ( When you go to this web address it simply takes you to Wah Edu.

Work At Home University

After all the complaints and people exposing them they continue changing names which is a regular practice with these guys.

I am pointing this out to show you that they are all connected and to explain why that matters, take a look at some of the complaints I found…

This is just 1 of 17 complaints lodged with the BBB:

BBB complaint

There’s also a complaint found at that shows exactly what these guys are all about and there are many more.

It becomes hard for people to identify these as scams given how often they change their names and web addresses, they just keep on publishing these websites.

They Keep On Selling You More Stuff

The first lie they hit you with is that they are providing you with the ‘complete system’ to make money online for only $97.

What actually happens when you sign up is you are taken directly to other products that you ‘need’ to make this work. They are selling you some basic and generic information that you could easily find online for free, nothing more.

Once they’ve put you through the funnel of extra stuff they want you to buy they begin calling you on the number you provided to pressure you into buying much higher ticket products. Since no one is actually making money with this they claim that in order to ‘make this truly work’ you need to keep spending, they are very good at what they do and extremely persistent.

They also spam your email with extra offers that are equally junk and sell your personal info to third parties so that they too can market their crap to you.

After looking up the phone number they use for ‘support’ I found multiple reports of people being repeatedly called and harassed by them to buy more products.

Phone number reports

Getting A Refund

Unfortunately actually getting support from these guys is very difficult because they focus their attention on selling rather than offering genuine support.

Many people have reported not being able to obtain a refund from this and other websites associated with these scammers so be careful if you buy.

Privacy Risk

Some of the other things to be aware of with this website is that there is a potential risk of having your personal information rented, shared and sold to third parties.

Here is a snippet taken directly from their privacy policy:

We may use your information in our e-mail marketing, telemarketing, text messaging, and direct mail marketing programs. We may also transfer your personally identifiable information trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business…

I’ve reviewed many of these near identical sites, and they have a track record of spamming and selling people’s info so other people can spam you. This is what they do.

When you sign up you are giving them a lot of your personal and financial information and with their track record I can assure you this is very risky. These days, personal information is being sold online by the boatload. If you don’t trust them, be very cautious about giving them your details.

Final Thoughts

I’ve seen a ton of these websites and I expose as many of them as possible. Why? As someone who does make money online, I know beyond any shadow of doubt that “posting links” is not a job, nor a real business. It’s BS.

These people have built an empire of scam sites that prey on people who don’t know any better. It’s disgusting.

You can create a legitimate online business, but anyone telling you it’s going to be ‘quick and easy’ to make money posting is likely trying to take advantage of you, and I recommend exercising extreme caution.

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