Is Clicks Dealer a Scam or Will You Really Earn Money With Their Ad Banners?

Clicks Dealer is a new site that claims to help you make money with advertising banners.

According to the website (, the idea is to purchase ad banners on their platform, which run on third party websites. And supposedly earn you money.

They also say you can profit by referring people to the platform through your affiliate link.

There seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding this right now, and many people wondering if it’s legit or just another scam. So I decided to take a closer look to find out for sure either way.

Read on to see exactly what I found before you buy.

Clicks Dealer Review

I actually came across Clicks Dealer by mistake, through a totally unrelated site I was looking into called ‘Gemin Software System’.

On that page, we are told that a Google engineer named “Brandon Lewis” discovered a secret way to make money. Now he’s showing people how to make over $97k per month with the system.

In short, the sales page for GSS is complete and utter BS. A quick bit of research reveals this is a sketchy site that has been running under different names for a while now.

Clicks Dealer Platform

In any case, this is the site that led me into Clicks Dealer in the first place.

When I filled out the box it took me straight to the Clicks Dealer platform ( where apparently I had an account.


This is a really odd way to promote something. Nothing in the previous video relates to what you get within Clicks Dealer.

Safe to say I was totally confused about what I was getting myself into at that point.

Not a good start so far.

Anyways, I do like to give programs the benefit of the doubt either way. So I took the time to research the platform further, so I could see what it was really about.

What Is Clicks Dealer About?

According to the website, Clicks Dealer is an “advertising marketplace” that allows people to “participate in the online advertising ecosystem”.

In reality, Clicks Dealer is all about getting you to purchase their ad banners…

Clicks Dealer Marketplace Banner Ads

These ad banners are supposedly published on third part websites. So when you buy, your hoping to earn money when people click on them, while on those third party sites.

The website also says you can earn by selling these ad banners back to others within the ‘marketplace’. And by referring people to Clicks Dealer itself.

Read on to see how all of this works in detail…

How This Platform Works

The website does a very poor job of explaining how this actually works. There are many details left out which they really should be disclosing before asking for your money.

And it looks that way on purpose.

My guess is so that you are eager to speak with your ‘account manager’ to make sense of everything.

However, the account manager is probably just a sales rep. Who’s SOLE task is convincing you to buy as much stuff as possible within the platform.

Anyways, I’ll now walk you through the FOUR main aspects of the platform. This way you have a much better idea as to what this is about and how it works before buying.

Activating Your Account (costs more than you think)

In order to get started you need to activate your account. Which involves giving these people your money.

The funny part about this, is that they don’t even tell you how much you need to deposit. They just say ‘select an amount’. And they also show the various ‘packages’ to the right, which again have no dollar amounts.

Activating Account Packages

In any case, there are five packages in total.

Each comes with more of a ‘matching bonus’, which is a match of your deposit to a set percentage. And each gives you longer access to your account manager.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different packages:

  • Bronze – 20% Matching Bonus
  • Silver – 50% Matching Bonus and account manager for 1 month
  • Gold – 75% Matching Bonus and account manager for 3 months
  • Platinum – 100% Matching Bonus and account manager for life
  • Diamond – 200% Matching Bonus and ‘VIP mentoring’

Since there was no way to know the cost of these packages, I had to dig deeper. Which is when found this within their terms page:

To apply for the Issuance of Banners, a User must, at a minimum, purchase a basic package for $250 –

So the minimum amount is $250 to activate your account. And I’m assuming this buys you a ‘bronze package’.

And it seems this is just the beginning of the real costs you’re up for…

Through my research I found a review of Banner Bit which appears to be very similar. People have reported losing $1,000’s to BannerBit and say the gold membership on that site was $5,000!

Here’s what one person had to say…

They are now doing it through Similar asking for investment of $5000US to join gold membership with additional 7,500 bonus allowing you to buy and sell banners to make 2000-4000 per month from home. aLL LIES..

Banner Bit looks very much like a scam. And considering how similar it is to Clicks Dealer, this may not be any better. Either way, the true costs for these packages could very well run into the thousands of dollars.

Buying Ad Banners

Once you deposit at least $250 you can buy an ad banner within the ‘marketplace’ tab. The costs of these banners range from as low as $25 to over $1000 from what I could see.

The banners come in a variety of ‘verticals’ such as:

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Beauty
  • Kids
  • Crypto

There’s also a ‘VIP’ and World Cup banner section, along with a packages of banners that cost as much as $25,000.

You can either buy or bid on banners…

Bid or Buy ad banners

If you hit ‘buy’, you have literally 7 seconds to hit ‘cancel’ before you automatically commit to buying. Assuming you have money in your Clicks Dealer account.

If you hit ‘bid’ then you essentially just bid on the item and win or lose at expiry. Similar to eBay.

Earning Revenue From Ad Banners You Purchase

The whole point of doing any of this, is to earn revenue from your ad banners.

According to the terms and conditions:

Once a marketer purchases a banner placement, he or she will generate revenue from each and every click that the banner receives.

So these banners supposedly exist on third party sites. And when people click on them, you earn money.

This is really where the whole thing comes unstuck too.

It is possible to earn money placing banners on your own site, or other sites. Yes. But large companies like the ones they claim to be working with, do not ‘sell their banner ads’ at all.

So this is complete and utter nonsense.

For starters, you can’t even verify this before you buy. So how are you meant to know if they banner will actually be getting traffic?

Second, companies like these work through credible affiliate programs and advertise using Google Adwords. Publishers (those who own the site) earn when people buy something through those links or per click if it’s a Google ad.

Seriously guys, do your homework on this. You will see what I mean.

This is not a real way to earn at all.

Selling Your Ad Banners

The other way you can earn is to put these same banners back up for sale through the same marketplace. It is actually more likely to earn money this way, since it’s just members buying and selling within the platform.

Based on what I’ve seen however, I doubt anyone’s even getting paid.

Referring Others to Clicks Dealer

The company claims to be paying you $1000 to refer people to the platform…

Fake Referral Program

As someone who earns a full time income doing affiliate marketing, I can safely say this is TOTAL BS. No company is paying you $1000 to refer someone for free. Period.

The only way you’d earn that is if the people you refer bought a high enough package. And if people are buying packages just to promote them to others, this would qualify as a recruiting scheme.

It’s not wrong to refer people to earn commissions. Not at all. But there is a problem when there’s no real products involved.

Who’s Running The Show?

There are a number of red flags here, that you are going to want to know about.

First of all, the website does not disclose who is behind it. Which, for a company asking for $10,000’s from you, is rather alarming.

Secondly, the company running this is supposedly Clicks Revenue LTD. Who gives the following address on their website…

Clicks Revenue LTD Company Address

Funny, because they share this exact same office with 41 other companies…

Sharing Address With Other Companies

So unless I am missing something, they are not giving people their real operating address. Visit the link above to see for yourself.

Third, they are using an anonymous domain registration. Which is not always a bad thing in and of itself. But it is in this context. It is when the people asking for your money are clearly hiding their true identity.

Fourth, the women in the introduction and tutorial videos are paid actresses…

Introduction Video
Tutorial Video

Here they are on a site called Fiverr, offering the acting services for cheap…

Actor Fiverr
Fiverr Actress

This is yet another way they are hiding their identity. So as for who’s really running this company,  I can’t say. It’s anyone’s guess.

Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?

Click Dealers is very likely a scam based on what I’ve seen. I can’t say for sure since I never gave them my money, nor do I have any desire to do so.

But logic and experience with these sites tells me it’s not legitimate.

I mean, they promote the platform with a scammy sales funnel to begin with. Then once you’re inside, they provide very little information about how it actually works. You need to contact your ‘account manager’ who is more than likely a telemarketer.

More importantly, legitimate companies do not sell their banner ads, and they do not work with shady sites like this at all. They have a brand and reputation to protect.

So I very much doubt if anyone is making money with these banner ads. And I certain no one is getting paid $1000 per referral. Those referrals would need to be buying more than what you are earning.

To top it off, we have the negative reviews from people who’ve lost thousands of dollars to Banner Bit. A very similar site that operates in the same way.

So every sign points towards this being a scam.

Identity Theft- a Very Real Concern

One thing I want to mention here is the very real risk of identity theft. In my opinion, giving these people your personal information presents an enormous risk.

In order to withdraw your earnings from this platform, you must ‘verify’ you account.

Which means sending in the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Bank statement or utility bill
  • Front and back of your credit card

Here’s a screenshot from the Clicks Dealers website to show you proof:

Verify Account Process

This is a BIG red flag. Because you should never need to provide this sort of information to earn money online. Period.

If this doesn’t send alarm bells ringing, then I don’t know what will. I would never even consider doing this unless I 100% trusted the company. Which I definitely do not in this case.

By submitting these documents folks, you are giving these people EVERYTHING they need to commit identity theft. Literally.

This is just plain dangerous.

I’m not saying for sure this will happen of course. Since I would never give them this information in the first place. So I can’t know for sure.

But you would want to hope these people are 100% honest and ethical or you are in trouble if you give them this information. Without a doubt.

And from what I’ve seen, they are not running things above board.

So if you have given them this info, and have concerns, then I recommend contacting the FTC immediately. Along with your financial institution.


There is absolutely no way I can recommend this to you in good conscience.

What you decide to do is up to you though. Hopefully this review has given you the insight you need to make an informed decision either way.

22 thoughts on “Is Clicks Dealer a Scam or Will You Really Earn Money With Their Ad Banners?”

  1. There’s nothing or nobody in the U.S.A. that can do anything to help or retrieve. You’re best on your own like I’m going to do. They are out of the U.S.

    • I can understand your frustration Willaim, I’d be pissed too if these scammers stole money from me, but please refrain from posting comments that incite violence (hence why the last part of your comment was removed). Thank you for commenting.

  2. I placed some money and the documents relating to being”given” the “bonus” is that to get ANY benefit you have to get a return over x 10 times the bonus before you get any profit.
    This is impossible and effectively by accepting this ” free” bonus you are effectively making it absolutely impossible to ever make money.
    I threatened them with reporting to Kroll Investigations and they gave me back 30% of the money.

  3. I am in Tasmania. (the bottom end of Australia) 12 months ago, a close family friend of ours sent these people or scum. $80.000-00 . Then they were on the phone to him wanting him to go to his bank and collect his new credit card worth a further $10.000-00 . The day that arrived, he was talked into giving them the card details and of course the card was cleaned out by them.A total of $90.000-00 gone within about a week. Left him with $15 in his account. They are still in contact with him trying to get his new details out of him. The bank did at one stage got $13.000-00 back but that was all and of course left him with a credit card debit. Which someone else had to pay for him. He is a 70 year old man with brain damage. they are nothing but scum.

    • WTF. I am so sorry to hear this, that is an insane amount of money to lose.

      I haven’t revealed this until now, but a while ago I was emailed by these scum bags, or someone working with them. They asked me to take my review down for $5,000. I obviously didn’t because I would never do that that. But I also knew if they were offering me this much money (and a couple other blogger I know) then the people they are scamming must be losing a LOT more. Stories like yours confirm this.

      Again, so sorry to hear this and I hope justice is bought about. I highly recommend you contact the FTC.

      I know you’re in Australia, but these scammers are no doubt targeting people in the US too, so by sharing your friends story with them, they may be able to help catch these pricks.

  4. When I invested there was no information on this company. I attempted to perform due dilligence but information was very scant. I have lost approximately $40,000 AUD due to this scam. I am a very unhappy customer. All their claims are false. Its a shame this information was available earlier.

  5. Linda have you contacted your financial institutions and better buisness burea just wondering what your success was I have invested a bunch of money and have been in for over six months and havnt been able to get any profit s back just excuses I have ment all requirements they have gave me to be able to withdrawal and just get one excuse after the other I’m getting ready to see if there’s a federal cyber crimes division. Or anti scam organization to get them shit down I have all kinds of records voice recordings account downloads day to day I currently have about 500 banners still active.

  6. What ever you do do not get involved with this company. This company has been a nightmare. I can tell you in detail that this company is a scam. I have been trying to get my refund since August and to top it off they have a way to screw you out of the money you put in. Stay way away from them take it from me. I told them in the past when people do me wrong that karma comes to see them so they will go under!!!!

  7. This company is a scam!!! I have had nothing but trouble with this company, I have been trying to get a refund since August. I have never in my life have had such aggravation with someone or company. If you are involved with them get out because it is a rip-off. They got me for $2700 . I still have not gotten anywhere in getting my refund which is only 1,350 in it’s own is a big ripoff Advise do not get involved with this company and by the why it is a company that is out of the country and you speak with people in London not America. I wish I had never gotten involved with them

  8. Hi everyone.

    While Tim raises some valid points, which would usually scare off many people, I have checked the Scam Alert websites, and there is nothing of note on any that convinces me this company is bogus.

    The SCAM websites are the ultimate authority (outside government departments) on what constitutes a scam, so because there are no reports on them that I have found, I am comfortable in looking at this company.

    Just a couple of things, the company has $ 500,000.00 packages now, and it says referrals will attract a commission OF UP TO $1000, so that does not look bad at all. $1000 commission for that is 0.2%
    If I was to attract some heavy hitter who purchased that size package, I would expect a bigger commission than 0.2%. It is about percentages.
    Tim would well know that some merchants grant up to 75% commission or even more, to their affiliates, a section of the internet pool that Tim is obviously involved in.
    So, in that light, 75% of $500,000 would be a commission paid of $375,000, which would quickly put the company (Clicksdealer) out of business.

    As for the Verification process, this is in line with International Anti Money Laundering laws.
    A Clicksdealer needs to validate exactly who they are, because then it is their bank account that any withdrawal can only go in to once you are fully verifiied.
    This safeguards both the Clicksdealer and the Company.

    Serious Jail time can be incurred by both company and dealer if they are found guilty of Money Laundering, or association with it.

    There are other things that I could elaborate on, but let us wait and see….

    • There are many authority scam review sites that have warned against ClicksDealer and the sites it is essentially a clone of, such as BannerBit.

      Anyone who spends $500k on this honestly… I cannot even begin to describe how sorry I feel for that person. In my opinion, and with common sense, this is absolutely a scam.

  9. Thanks Tim!!! Very insightful. An aquintance is already signed up and unfortunately stands to loose quite a bit. This is the leverage I needed to bring him back to his senses before it’s too late.

  10. This company is a scam. They look like they are making you money then they don’t pay. They make all kinds of excuses. They tried to bully me into giving them $5000 to flip banners during soccer playoffs. If they can really do this why aren’t they investigating their own money?!! They don’t need me! Here’s the kicker. When I enlarged the ads they were from 2017! How can you make $ from an old ad? You can’t. If it was so easy to make $ from viewing an ad, we would all be rich. This no brainer is a scam.

    • Hi Caitlin,

      I can’t offer you advice. But what I can say is that it might pay to contact the FTC and your financial institution. That’s what I’d do myself.

  11. Thank you for your information. I would never give out my information to a stranger over the phone or on line. These people really think Americans are a ridiculous people. The man that called me at midnight was aggressive
    And there was a lot of background noise. Whose to say it’s a company in this country. I absolutely report these scheisters every chance I get. Good work! Thank you for your help.


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