Click Click Cash – Scam or Legit System? [Honest Review]

Welcome to my review of Click Click Cash.

I cam across this site today ( which claims you can earn $1,000’s per day with a special ‘cashflow website’. All it takes is a few clicks and you’ll be making money.

Sounds like a scam to me, but let’s take a closer look to find out for sure…

Click Click Cash Review

As with most sites I review, I came across this one via a spammy email some random person sent me who was trying to promote this.

The site makes all sorts of wild claims from the get go.

Such as “you are making money just by watching the video” and that “pre-existing cashflow websites will be hand delivered to you by the end of this video”.

Josh, the guy in the video, basically says you’ll be making money hand over fist as soon as you buy. And it’s apparently going to be super easy to profit. Because he claims all you need to do is “legally steal my profit punching, money exploding websites” which do all the work for you.

You just need to check your stats to make sure the money is coming in.

Anyways, he then provides numerous testimonials to ‘prove’ this is real:

Fake Testimonial 1
Fake Testimonial 2
Fake Testimonial 3

But these are FAKE testimonials and I knew this from the moment I saw them. Because I’ve seen these same ACTORS before on other sales pages promoting similar “get rich quick” offers. I don’t expect you to just take my word for it though, so here’s proof…

Fiverr Actor
Fiverr Actor
Fiverr Actors

As you can see, the testimonials are fake. These people haven’t made so much as a single dime with this system. Let alone the thousands of dollars they claim to be making each month.

I also want to address what is perhaps the biggest lie of all- the one about how you are supposedly making money while you are watching the video.

This is complete and utter bullshit. Period.

There is no ‘cashflow website’ and you are not making money while watching the video. This is nothing more than pure hype and it’s extremely misleading.

Read on to see how this really works…

How Does Click Click Cash Work?

The way this site works is like many other ‘systems’ I review.

They lure you in with a SPAM email and once you’re on the site, you are presented by a super ‘hypey’ video that claims you’re gonna get rich with the system, doing practically nothing.

The real goal is to get you to fork out $37 AND more money on all the upsells after you buy.

And the site uses practically every trick in the book to convince you to do this. From massively exaggerated income claims, to fake testimonials and claims of push button success.

I see this same routine all the time since I’ve reviewed 100s of programs on this site over the past few years.

This site is no different, except it’s a little worse since it claims you are getting access to a “pre-existing money making site” and that apparently you’re making money just by watching the video.

First of all, I earn a full time income online doing affiliate marketing, with a website. Which is how I know beyond any shadow of doubt, that there is no such thing as a pre-existing money making site.

Second, you are not making money as you watch the video. And even if you were (which you’re not) then why would he need to charge you $37 if you’ve already made many times this just by watching the video?

It makes zero sense.

Anyways, safe to say that the ENTIRE sales pitch is BS. Every word of it.

And if you do decide to buy, what you’re really getting access to is some generic, outdated training on ‘making money online’. Stuff you could easily learn yourself for free by reading a good blog or two.

And what’s worse is that you are immediately hit with $100’s in upsells after buying.

This is how the people who run this site make their money off of you. The initial price is just to ‘get you in the door’, their intention is to continue selling you more and more stuff once you’re a member.

Not to mention, you have to give your full name and email to even buy to begin with. Which means you are going to be hit with SPAM from both the person who is selling you this crap AND their marketing buddies.

And surprise surprise, these emails are all about getting you to buy more stuff!

Verdict – Is Click Click Cash a Scam?

Yes, Click Click Cash is a scam in my opinion.

This site uses extremely misleading hype and false promises to convince you to spend $37. And then immediately asks you for even more money after you buy.

You have not made any money watching the sales pitch, you are not getting access to a money making website and quite honestly, I doubt you will make ANY money at all by purchasing this.

This is a classic example of a site taking advantage of unsuspecting newbies who are just trying to figure out a legit way to create an income online.

In reality, the only people making money with this, are the one’s selling it to you. And they are making that money at your expense.

It is possible to create a profitable online business with a website, I have done this myself. But it takes time, effort and persistence. You need proper tools, training and support to build a real business.

Either way, suff like this is not going to help you.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending this.

2 thoughts on “Click Click Cash – Scam or Legit System? [Honest Review]”

  1. Thanks for your expose. You may be interested how my wife and I made our money, although it wasn’t a six-figure income like yours: We were traveling notaries, going to people’s home, mostly, with mortgage refinance papers, mostly, and notarizing certain signatures and making sure the rest of the paperwork was correct, then shipping the completed set back to the title company or lending institution. We were extremely busy as the interest rates dropped 2009 thru 2017, when we retired from this business. In 2010, we did 700 real estate closings in one year, and all in one county, putting 40,000 miles on my car alone!! AND anybody can do it, not a lot of startup cash, just a computer, a printer & supplies.


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