Review: Read Before Sharing Your Link!

I discovered today, which is a new site that claims to help you make money sharing links on social media.

Apparently, you just signup and share your link to earn money for every click you receive, and for everyone who creates a free account through your link.

The site also claims you can make money by completing “simple tasks”.

Sounds cool, but is this site for real?

No, this is not a legitimate way to earn money. In reality, this site exists to harvest your personal information and convince you to (unknowingly) spread the scam via social media.

Read on for the full review to learn more.

What Is About? presents itself as an easy way for the average person to make money. Just share your link and complete simple tasks to earn easy money.

The site claims that, after signing up and getting your unique referral link, you will earn $1 per click on your link and $5 for every person who creates a free account through your link.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s really going on here.

If people click on your link and/ or someone creates an account through your link, you will see the “money” in your account go up. So it “appears” as though you’re earning.

But nobody ever gets paid what they are owed.

In the following sections, I am going to explain exactly why I say this and how I know that this is a fake income opportunity with a hidden agenda.

Let me explain…

How This Site Really Works

The website claims that you can just signup, share your link, complete simple tasks and begin making money.

How Works According to site

If you do signup, it appears as though you instantly received a welcome bonus of $25.

And if share your link (or just click on it yourself), it looks like you are earning real money. Every time someone clicks on your link and/ or joins through your link, your earnings increase.

Earnings Inside Members Area

The same goes for when you refer people who create an account.

In any case, when it comes time to withdraw, you are left hanging.

And this is when the reality of this site hits home.

You do all the work of getting clicks and referrals, but never actually get paid a cent. Because the whole thing is a charade.

The real agenda here is to get you to signup and convince you that you are “earning”, so that you refer your friends and others on social media to join.

And unfortunately, this works.

As a result of the “free and easy money” lure and the social media aspect, sites like this tend to go viral quite quickly.

People signup and start sharing their links, thinking they are earning money. When in reality, they are unknowingly inviting people to join a scam.

This is what this whole is about and how it works- by getting you to signup and excited about earning, so you refer as many people as possible.

And as a result, spread this site right throughout social media sites like Facebook.

How Does Profit Off of You, If It’s Free?

Good question.

And this is exactly the sort of question you should be asking yourself.

Here’s why they are doing this and how they profit off of you:

Firstly, they are building a massive “sucker list” of people they can SPAM. Because when you signup, you are required to provide your full name and email, which is how they obtain this information. And they earn when you buy stuff through their SPAM email links.

Second, they sell your contact information for a profit. Which is common practice on sites like this and given the complete lack of a privacy policy (anywhere) on the site, this is very likely.

Third, they profit when you complete the “tasks” in the members area. These tasks do not actually lead to genuine profits. But rather lead you down the “rabbit hole” of answering lots of questions, signing up for trial offers and the like. Which ultimately never leads to you making any real money.

Lastly, and most alarmingly, sites like this can potentially profit off of you by committing identity theft. Because when you give them your full name and email, and create a password to login (many people use the same passwords for multiple online accounts), they can use that information to attempt to gain access to other accounts you hold.

In the next section, I am going to explain (in detail) exactly how I know this stuff. As in, why what I am telling you here is something you should carefully consider before sharing your link.

4 Reasons Why This Site Is NOT Legitimate

  1. The income claims are completely false
  2. This is an old scam, rehashed (and I’ll prove it)
  3. The testimonials are 100% fake
  4. No information about who’s running the show

The income claims are completely false

I earn a full time income online doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions promoting other companies products. And also involves getting paid to refer people to free sites.

Which is how I KNOW first hand, that this is NOT how referral marketing works.


No legitimate company is paying you $1 per click on your link for random clicks. An amount which actually changed to $2 once I logged into the members area I might add. Nor are they paying you $5 per referral who does nothing but create a free account.

There are real companies that pay you for leads, yes.

But to be paying you this amount, they would be vetting everything a LOT more.

There would be stipulations on the country your referrals are coming from, they would need to be more qualified leads and there would need to be an actual product being sold in the members area for them to recoup these insane referral costs.

It simply doesn’t make sense.

Which means they are clearly targeting unsuspecting people who have no idea how online marketing really works. Because people who understand marketing will know that this is BS.

I also want to mention that the whole “complete tasks to earn $10 to $50 per task” is nonsense. The overwhelming majority of “simple task” sites earn you between $1 to $2 per hour (at best).


And the “tasks” this site gives you aren’t even real tasks! They are “chances to win prizes” which is a complete waste of time:

Task Wall Inside CashLoad Members Area

It is simply not worth participating in any of these “tasks” if you are wanting to actually earn money online.

The reality of participating in this is spending hours answering questions, jumping through hoops, joining other sites and completing trial offers (in some cases paid subscriptions), and come out earning very little.

This is an old scam, rehashed (and I’ll prove it)

This is probably the most important section in my review.

Because I can prove (beyond any shadow of doubt) that this site is similar to known scams I have reviewed.

For example, sites like Notion Cash.

Before this, Notion Cash was the latest of these scams I exposed.

And in my review of Notion Cash I did exactly what I did in this review. Explained what it is, how it works, and why it’s not legit.

At first, despite what I wrote, many people were still hopeful it was legit and they would get paid. However, after a while, when it was clear nobody was getting paid, the comments began pouring in. Countless people claiming they did not receive any money.

This is when people begin to catch on- when they don’t get paid.

Anyways, to further prove what I am saying has merit, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) itself issued a warning about Notion Cash which I link to in my full review of Notion Cash.

I highly recommend you read the above review before doing anything else.

You’ll be glad you did.

The testimonials are 100% fake

One common tactic I see across virtually every scam site I come across, is the use of fake testimonials. This is an essential component of luring people into a scam because it makes the scam appear real, since “real people” are seeing results.

CashLoad Testimonials

But given how many reviews I’ve done, it’s easy for me to spot fakes. Which is exactly what these are. Each one of the people featured in these “testimonials” are really just stock photos:

Fake Testimonial Stock Photo Proof 1
Image source:
Fake Testimonial Stock Photo Proof 2
Image source:
Fake Testimonial Stock Photo Proof 3
Image Source:

You could argue that the actual copy within the testimonials is possibly real.

But literally anyone could have written that stuff. And given what I know about these sites, scams in general, and the fact they use stock photos, that’s a very likely scenario.

No information about who’s running the show

The last point I want to make is that there is ZERO information about who’s behind this site.

The site gives you a “headquarters” address in NYC, as you can see in this screenshot taken from the CashLoad site:

Generic Contact Information

However, after doing some digging, I found this:

Wordpress Theme Default Contact Information

This is exactly the same address on a WordPress theme preview from Colorlib.

So the address is using as their “headquarters”, is really just the “dummy information” the theme creators use to present the default theme.

In other words, it’s not a real address.

It’s just dummy text to present a WordPress theme.

Also worth mentioning is that there is no information on the site itself about who’s running the show. And they are using an anonymous domain registration.

This is not how legitimate companies, claiming to provide you with a legitimate income opportunity, operate.

Literally anyone could be running this site, from anywhere in the world.

Think about it.

Conclusion- Is This a Legit Way to Make Money?

No, is NOT a legitimate site. Nor does it provide you with a real way to earn money with social media.

Instead, this is a scam site that lures people in under false pretenses. Claiming that you can “earn by sharing your link” and so forth. Which simply is not true.

The real agenda here is getting you to signup, provide your personal information and share this scam with everyone you know on social media.

And in doing so, you (unknowingly) spread the scam.

Despite my saying this, many people will still join and promote this. Hoping it’s legit. But eventually, it will become clear, as with all the other variations of this scam, that nobody gets paid.

As such, there is simply no way I could recommend this to you.

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