Big Commission Blueprint Review: Should You Buy?

Big Commission Blueprint is the start of a high ticket affiliate marketing system run by Dean Holland that, once qualified, allows you to earn big commissions.

You are taught some great fundamentals concepts and given an overview of what's involved. However, there's some things you should know before diving in.

Read on for the full review.

What Is Big Commission Blueprint?

The original version of BCB was launched back in 2014, which was the version I originally reviewed. This is the latest version dubbed 'Elite' and there's been some big changes to the sales material, the members area and the core product itself, which is primarily why I decided to take another look.

So, what is it?

Basically, BCB is a 'done for you' high ticket affiliate marketing system where you are shown how to promote the same products you buy. Once you qualify for earning commissions on these products and have the sales funnel in place, your main goal is to send as much traffic (people) to it as possible.

BCB was created by a well known internet marketer named Dean Holland who runs a company called Internet Profits LTD out of the UK.​

According to Dean, he started out trying to make money online but like many, failed a bunch of times until he finally started figuring things out. He reveals this and other insights into his journey in an 'interview' style video presentation inside the members area.

His story sounded pretty legit to me.

Dean Holland

Dean Holland

As in, he didn't say he was broke and then "magically started making millions from one trick" or any of that BS. No. He said he struggled for years, and eventually found a way to start making money, and built upon that success over time to get to where he is today. Cool.

Upsells After Buying​

After paying the 20 bucks, you are sent through a series of 3 upsells which is pretty standard stuff:

Upsell #1 (Pre-Recorded Training Videos for $197): This consists of 8 training videos from one of Dean's live coaching events which apparently go for over 10 hours in length. If you click past this the price will drop to $99 but you miss out on some bonuses, not sure what those are though.

Upsell #2 (Social Media Training): This product is called 'Social Loop Traffic' and the price wasn't shown, but it was probably revealed somewhere in the sales video. I didn't feel like sitting though the entire sales pitch to find out what it was, and you can't click the 'Add to Cart' button to find out either, unless you want to be automatically billed. I didn't.

Upsell #3 (Affiliate Club for $47 per month): This allows you to promote BCB and the above 3 upsells as an affiliate. You also get some addittional tools and training, and access to the monthly live coaching webinars. If you skip past this, you get offered $5 trial access for 2 weeks which is nice.

BCB Upsells

One thing worth mentioning, is how all of these products come with 30 day money back guarantee. I do like this as it reduces the level of risk to you, and those you refer if you promote this.

Inside The Members Area​

Once inside, the first thing you get is an invite to register for a 'live webinar' event and to join Dean's Facebook group. You are also shown how to contact support which is helpful I thought. To access your product you need to go back to your emails and retrieve your login info they send you.

The BCB Training Modules

There are 11 video training modules in total which are quite lengthy and Dean does a good job of explaining the concepts in a way anyone can understand.

Module 1
Module 7
Module 2
Module 8
Module 3
Module 9
Module 4
Module 10
Module 5
Module 11
Module 6

Module 1: BCB System Explained

This module starts off by showing you the number of sales Dean's company is making and leads into explaining the concept of a high ticket sales funnel.

What the heck is a 'high ticket sales funnel' about?

Basically, you start by collecting a persons email address with a capture page. Once they signup, they are automatically sent onto a sales page for a low priced product (say $20). If they buy this low priced product, they will then land on addittional sales pages for addittional, higher priced products known as upsells. Over the course of time, these upsells can run into the $10,000's.

Although this concept is not new in itself, it is a proven model. Dean's system really does hit this business model from all angles though, which makes it potentially quite powerful.

Specifically, there are 5 types of products this system uses as part of it's sales funnel:

  1. Free product to give away in return for someone's email address (like an eBook or report)
  2. Low priced 'front end' product (like BCB)
  3. Upsell products (like the ones listed above)
  4. Monthly membership product for recurring commissions (like the Affiliate Club)
  5. High Ticket Offers (like iPro)
Sales Funnel Example

Basically, the exact system you are going through is what you are being shown to promote.

When I first started out online, I was naturally very skeptical of this kind of 'upselling' model because I'd been ripped off left, right and centre by the guys who pushed them.

However, I will admit that thinking all upselling is 'unethical' is not very balanced. These days, I tend to take a more balanced viewpoint on the matter. In my opinion, upselling is legitimate IF:

  • The upsell is actually worth buying and represents good value for money
  • You don't need the upsell in order to do what the original product was supposed to do
  • The marketing for the upsells is done in a transparent and ethical manner

Why does it work so well?

The reason this is such an effective model, is because once a customer has already purchased something from you, and had a good experience, they are much more likely to purchase from you again, and again. This is not the only way to make money online, but it absolutely works.

In order to participate in selling the high ticket products though, you must actually buy them yourself. Dean is very open about the costs involved and what you get for each purchase though, once inside the members area there is nothing 'hidden' from you about the system or how it works.

Module 2: Creating Your Number

This is something you don't see very often in an internet marketing product, the importance of developing the right mindset, and setting measurable goals for yourself.

He first talks about deciding on the type of life you want, and why you want it. He then shows you how to get these goals on paper and break down the cost of living this life, so you know how much you need to earn to achieve these things. You also get a 'work sheet' to make it easier.

I personally liked this and I think it's a great exercise for anyone wanting to achieve anything worthwhile in life or business. It's obviously part of the sales process, but it's still a good exercise to do either way.

Module 3: Your Personal Income Blueprint

This is where Dean gets into the numbers and shows you how you can achieve your income goals by promoting his products as an affiliate. As in, how many sales of each type of products (front end, upsells, recurring and high ticket etc) in order to achieve your dream income.

So, you get your goals down in module 2 and line it up with the affiliate opportunity in this module.

Module 4: The Free Affiliate Account

In this module Dean gives you the opportunity to promote BCB as a free 'basic' affiliate. This level pays out $10 per BCB sale that you make. This allows people to get started promoting this system without paying out more money to start with which is good, but it's not really the best way to go either.

BCB Free Basic Affiliate

To truly leverage this system, you absolutely must upgrade since the only reason this system is worth anything, is due to the high ticket sales funnel you are promoting. If you remain a basic affiliate, you'll miss out on the higher tiered sales, even if people you refer actually do upgrade.

For example: if you refer someone and they buy an iPro membership, you won't get paid that commission unless you are at that level yourself. But you'd get paid $10 because they purchased BCB through your affiliate link.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, you can still promote this for free and earn $10 commissions. But short of upgrading, it's not a very attractive affiliate opportunity.

Module 5: The Affiliate Club ($47 per month)

The 'Affiliate Club' costs $47 per month and gives you addittional training, tools and support, along with qualifying you to earn higher commissions. This gives you a higher commission on the sale on the BCB product itself, recurring commissions on this membership level, and commissions on the 3 upsells.

Affiliate Club Member

Personally, I wouldn't be messing around trying to promote this system without (at the very least) being at this level. This is realistically the base line membership you should consider.

Module 6: iPro Platinum Affiliates ($1,997)

Like the last membership level, upgrading to this level gives you more training, coaching and earning capacity. Dean describes this as a 'done for you' system which gives you everything you need to succeed within his system. This unlocks every income stream except the next one I'm about to explain.

iPro Platinum License Partner
iPro Logo

The cost of becoming an iPro partner is $1,997 and if someone you refer into BCB, upgrades their account to become an iPro Partner, you will make a $1000 commission. The cool thing about this is you don't actually have to "sell" it yourself, the system does this for you once you refer someone.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you get a heap of addittional value training and coaching at this level which (in reality) should be the primary reason anyone upgrades to this in the first place.

Module 7: iPro Masters Membership ($4,997)

This is the highest of all levels within the system. As an 'iPro Masters' member you are eligible to earn $2,500 commissions on anyone you refer who upgrades to this same membership level.

iPro Masters License Partner

This also qualifies you for weekly coaching and personal support from Dean Holland himself, along with other top earners. Dean also shows you a '100 customer' breakdown of what he says is the average income for affiliates at each level if they make 100 sales on the front end.

100 Customer Test

It goes without saying, your ultimate goal with this system is to upgrade all the way to this level, which will cost you over $7,000 in total (including BCB itself) plus $47 per month. Again, you don't have to start at this level and Dean is very transparent about all of these costs within the course.

Module 8: Traffic Training Basics

Dean talks about the difference between targeted traffic and un-targeted traffic and provides some useful examples to illustrate this. Understanding this concept is key and will help you get a grasp on your primary objective with this system.

Why? Well, you've got the sales funnel so your main objective is to send targeted traffic to that funnel.

He then talks about free vs paid traffic and the pros and cons of each.

Free Traffic

Free traffic takes time, but can be well worth it in the long run. I personally get this kind of traffic through website marketing, so I can safely say it works. And it works well. You can build a ton of highly targeted traffic for zero dollars this way and it can last for years based on a single effort.

Dean shows you one method of getting free traffic, posting content and answering questions inside the Warrior Forum. The idea is to have a link in your bio which leads people to the start of your BCB sales funnel, your email capture page. I haven't tried this method, but I know it can work. Slowly. The key is to give people real value and not just become another spammer. No one likes a spammer.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic on the other hand, is instant and very scalable. This is the primary type of traffic Dean teaches you in this system and (I'm assuming) what he mainly teaches throughout the higher levels of training. Dean recommends using solo ads which is sending emails to other people's email list.

I'm not a big user of solo ads, but I have tried them with Udimi. I found you can get decent results IF you choose the right vendors and use a capture page before sending the traffic to a sales page.

He also mentions how iPro Partners get access to a 'secret list' of vendors and training on solo ads which could be very worthwhile, since he says he spends 5 figures monthly on this type of traffic.

Module 9: Making Your First Sale

Dean revisits the "Warrior Forum" strategy and mentions building a website and linking to this in your bio, although there is no 'nuts and bolts' training on actually doing this. This module is basically telling you to focus on one or two traffic methods, and stick to them rather than getting sidetracked.

Module 10: Scaling Income

Talks about re-investing your income back into paid traffic and outsourcing to grow your business, which is good advice. You are trying to build a business, so re-investing your profits is a good idea.

He then provides some examples of ways to outsource your efforts as you progress.

Module 11: Completion Bonus

This module pretty much re-caps the contents of the modules and talks about the journey ahead by upgrading your membership. It caps off with another testimonial video for iPro.

Final Thoughts​

Regarding the $20 BCB product itself, I think it's a great introduction and overview into the system and it really gets people into the right mindset to succeed with it moving forward. You get some great insights into the different types of products you can promote as one of his affiliates, training about sales funnels, some good mindset and goal setting training and some basic tips on getting traffic.

However, if all you did was buy BCB and nothing more you are not likely to make much money.

Why do I say this?

As Dean openly explains in BCB, you only earn upsell commissions, recurring commissions and high ticket commissions if you upgrade to the various levels yourself. As a basic (free) affiliate, you will receive your affiliate link for the sales video page and the ability to earn $10 commissions when someone buys. That's it. You don't get an email capture page which is an essential part of the start of the sales funnel, and your income potential is low. If you tried to make money just sending paid traffic to the sales page as a free affiliate, you are highly unlikely to achieve anything worth talking about.

The training you are provided with inside of BCB itself is good, but there's not a lot of "nuts and bolts" training to actually go out and make any of this stuff work as a beginner. As in, topics like getting traffic, creating a capture page, and setting up an autoresponder are not covered in much detail. These things are essential to making any money at all with this system.

My point being, if all you do is buy BCB you won't get the "how to" element of making the system work.

It's at the iPro Platinum level where the true power of this system is unleashed. This is where you get detailed traffic training, coaching and the resources you need to promote this system and make the kind of income most people are looking for with something like this.

Again, I have not purchased iPro so I cannot say for sure how good it is. If the testimonials are anything to go by and if Dean's word counts, it could be amazing. The cool thing is you do get the 30 day money back guarantee on this so it's not a huge risk in that sense. If I do buy it, I'll update you guys here.

Whichever membership you buy, you are going to need to either spend time building free traffic, or be willing to invest into a paid traffic source to promote this. This is your main objective with a system like this so it matters.

So Tim, what do you personally think about this system?

I think if you have some experience and know a bit about online marketing, you could potentially start with the 'Affiliate Club' membership and see how it goes. Not a huge risk, and could be worthwhile if you know how to setup a capture page and an autoresponder. Although if I was personally going to promote this, there's no way I'd come in at any less than the iPro Platinum level. You are missing out on sales and valuable resources such as tools and coaching if you do.

That's it! If you've read this far.. well done. This is one of my longer reviews but I really wanted to make sure I covered this program in as much detail as possible to help you make an informed decision about buying. Whatever you decide, I hope this review has been helpful! Cheers


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