Avoid The ‘Net Income Source’ Scam- It Won’t Help You…

It’s a great thing you are trying to earn an income online and I commend you for taking action, it’s also great that you are doing your homework. Doing research like this is absolutely vital to avoiding the many scams floating around the web in this day and age.

You see, literally anyone with the marketing ‘know how’ can present something to look legit and gain your trust… but what’s beneath the surface?

What is this program really all about and what is the history of the people behind it?

Let me show you….

Why Net Income Source Is a Scam

The first thing I want to point out are the red flags associated with scam websites like this, after reviewing a lot of income opportunities you come to know what’s real and what’s fake.

#1 Same Program, Many Different Identities

Based on the style of promotion, the description of their program and the tactics they are using I am confident this is part of a string of fake websites all promoting the same thing… a link posting scam.

They make it sound as if after signing up you are getting access to cutting edge training that will see you making your slice of billions of dollars quickly and easily. This is very deceptive and misleading.

The only legitimate way to build a business ‘posting links’ is called affiliate marketing which is a $4 billion plus per year industry. This actually IS totally legit but there is no such thing as a ‘get paid to post links’ job I can assure you.

Here’s how the Net Income Source program works if you even get access to your account:

  • Give them your sensitive information and pay money for something you could easily find online for free
  • Sign up to various affiliate programs to get your unique affiliate links
  • Pay big money for advertising space to place your banners or text links that are coded with your unique affiliate link
  • When people click on your ads and make a purchase, you get paid a commission
  • The company and their partners will constantly hound you to buy more products and training programs to ‘really achieve success’. This will be tempting since you aren’t making any money and desperately want to succeed
  • You’ll probably turn to spamming people on social media, forums and anywhere else you can to get people clicking on your links. This will get your social accounts shut down and give you a bad reputation for life thus ending your Internet career very quickly
  • You’ll contact support to get help and/ or a refund but will find this extremely difficult to impossible
  • Like most, you’ll contact your bank to cancel your card and become very disappointed and disillusioned with the whole thing, which is probably the worst thing of all

What is the legitimate and profitable way to do affiliate marketing?

  1. Choose a niche (target a specific group of people looking for something)
  2. Build a website (this is way easier than you think)
  3. Get free traffic (website visitors)
  4. Make money (the exciting part!)

This actually works, since it’s a real business it takes time and effort though I won’t lie to you. If you have the motivation and desire to succeed you can do this- learn more here.

#2 The Websites They Create To Promote This Program

I haven’t yet located the websites linking to this one but I am certain there’s a fake news site floating around showcasing a struggling mother’s rags to riches story or using some other tactic to trick people into clicking through to this program.

I’ve seen them all and I continue calling these stupid websites out every time I find them. I won’t go into detail but if you click on the link above you’ll see what I am talking about, they’re all completely fake, deceptive and very misleading.

No legitimate business would ever use tactics like this to promote something trustworthy and genuine.

#3 The Hype & Limited Information

Any time you see big wads of cash and overhyped income claims you should listen to that inner voice telling you this sounds too good to be true… that’s because it is!

They do not provide any real information on what you are going to be doing but rather focus on ‘convincing’ you to join with stimulating cues and text.

#4 Way Too Much Personal Information Being Requested

One thing these guys are always doing is getting a lot of your personal information before you even find out what on earth you will be doing or if it’s really legit.

Personal Information They want

There are countless examples of people being hit with call after call after call by these people and those they sell your information to.

It’s all in an effort to convince you to spend more and more money, not help you succeed.

People have also reported signing up to this and after realising they’ve been scammed try and contact support to get a refund and stop future payments. Unfortunately their support is almost non-existent and it is extremely hard to obtain a refund.

People are resorting to cancelling their cards in an effort to make the charges stop.

#5 Fake Testimonials

The shiny testimonials they use are obviously stock photos (as they even admit) and there is no reason at all for this. Their names are also fake, in fact nothing about them is real whatsoever. These people are always using fake comments and testimonials to try and gain your trust and get you to buy.

Here’s what their own disclaimer says at the bottom of the page where almost no one reads…

Click to enlarge

More trust equals more sales for them. Don’t buy into it because anyone can fake this kind of thing these days and they are preying on people that don’t know this.

Final Thoughts

If you value your time, money and sanity then I strongly recommend NOT signing up to this as it will likely cost you a lot of money and end in bitter frustration. Their sales team is relentless and are definitely not above board in the way they run things.

The information they are selling you can be found anywhere online for free and they are not giving you genuine support to build a legitimate business.

Don’t let these fakers derail you from making money online because it really is possible and you can do this if you listen to the right people.

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